Benjamin Cummings

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1998978-0-8053-0004-8Michael G. Barbour · Jack H. Burk · Wanna D. Pitts · Frank S. Gilliam · Mark W. SchwartzTerrestrial Plant Ecology (3rd Edition)
2007978-0-8053-0005-5Robert UmansIntroduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
2000978-0-8053-0006-2John SuchockiConceptual Chemistry: Understanding Our World of Atoms and Molecules
2001978-0-8053-0007-9CampbellEssential Biology
2002978-0-8053-0008-6ReuterBiology Nasta School Edition
2001978-0-8053-0009-3Neil A. Campbell · Jane B. ReeseBiology. 6th Edition
2002978-0-8053-0012-3Elaine Nicpon MariebEssentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology
2003978-0-8053-0013-0Neil A. Campbell · Lawrence G. Mitchell · Jane B. Reece · Martha R. TaylorBiology: Concepts & Connections
1991978-0-8053-0020-8I. Edward AlcamoFundamentals of microbiology
  ''978-0-8053-0021-5Instr Man Fund Microbiol 3e /Alcamo
  ''978-0-8053-0022-2I. Edward AlcamoFundamentals of Microbiology
  ''978-0-8053-0023-9   ''Laboratory fundamentals of microbiology
  ''978-0-8053-0031-4MetzelaarTool Hands On/no Sft
1990978-0-8053-0033-8Tools + WP 5.1 /Capron/metz
1990978-0-8053-0040-6H.L. CapronComputers: Tools for an Information Age
  ''978-0-8053-0041-3H. L. Capron · Harriet L. CapronI/GD Computers
  ''978-0-8053-0042-0CapronStudy Guide to Computer Tools
  ''978-0-8053-0043-7Harriet L. Capron · Frank WondolowskiTest Bank Computers
1987978-0-8053-0050-5Modern Kaluza-Klein Theories
1990978-0-8053-0051-2D.M. EtterStructured Fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists
  ''978-0-8053-0052-9Dolores M. EtterStructured FORTRAN 77 for Engineers & Scientists
1990978-0-8053-0053-6Dolores M. Etter · D. M. EtterQuizbank Struc Fortran77
  ''978-0-8053-0054-3D.M. EtterFortran 77 Programme Software
  ''978-0-8053-0060-4Al Kelley · Ira PohlA Book on C: Programming in C
  ''978-0-8053-0061-1KelleySoftw to Book on C 2e
  ''978-0-8053-0062-8Al Kelley · Ira PohlA Book on C: Programming in C
2006978-0-8053-0069-7Alan C. Lacy · Douglas N. HastadMeasurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science (5th Edition)
2005978-0-8053-0074-1Benjamin CummingsInterActive Physiology (R) Digestive System Institution Version
2006978-0-8053-0075-8Benjamin Cummings · Katja HoehnInteractive Physiology 9-system Suite - The Best Way To Learn The Hardest Part of A & P (Student Version 1.0)
2006978-0-8053-0076-5Pearson Education IncInteractive Physiology 9-System Suite
2007978-0-8053-0078-9Jay Withgott · Scott BrennanEssential Environment Student Access Kit: The Science Behind the Stories (CourseCompass)
1991978-0-8053-0086-4Greg AndrewsConcurrent Programming: Principles and Practice
1992978-0-8053-0088-8AndrewsSR Programming Language: Concurrency Pract
978-0-8053-0089-5LimMAC Pascal
1991978-0-8053-0091-8Grady BoochObject oriented design with applications (Benjamin/Cummings series in Ada and software engineering)
978-0-8053-0094-9Anatomy & Physiology
1980978-0-8053-0102-1Ralph Abraham · Jerrold E. Marsden · Tudor Ratiu · Richard CushmanFoundations of Mechanics: 2nd Edition
1989978-0-8053-0105-2Elaine N. MariebHuman Anatomy and Physiology
  ''978-0-8053-0109-0Elaine Nicpon MariebHuman Anatomy & Physiology
  ''978-0-8053-0111-3   ''Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual: Fetal Pig Version (Benjamin/Cummings Series in the Life Sciences)
  ''978-0-8053-0112-0Elaine N. MariebHuman Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual, Cat Version
  ''978-0-8053-0113-7Elaine Nicpon MariebS/M Cat&pig Hum Anat&phy
1969978-0-8053-0117-5J. Frank AdamsLectures on Lie groups (Mathematics lecture note series)
1989978-0-8053-0118-2Robert A. ChaseThe Bassett Atlas of Human Anatomy
1989978-0-8053-0120-5Elaine Nicpon MariebHuman Anatomy & Physiology
  ''978-0-8053-0122-9Elaine Nicpon-MariebHuman Anatomy and Physiology (The Benjamin/Cummings series in human anatomy and physiology)
1998978-0-8053-0124-3Elaine Nicpon MariebHuman Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide
1969978-0-8053-0127-4Arthur W AdamsonUnderstanding physical chemistry
1980978-0-8053-0128-1Arthur W. AdamsonUnderstanding Physical Chemistry
1996978-0-8053-0129-8Mario F. TriolaElementary Statistics
1981978-0-8053-0131-1Leon L. Ablon · Sherry Blackman · Helen B. Siner · Anthony GiangrassoOperations on Numbers [Steps in Mathematics Modules #1]
  ''978-0-8053-0132-8Leon J. Ablon · Sherry Blackman · Helen B. Siner · Anthony GiangrassoOperations on Polynomials [Steps in Mathematics Modules #2]
  ''978-0-8053-0133-5L.J. AblonSteps in Mathematics: Modules: Linear Equations and Lines
  ''978-0-8053-0134-2Leon J. Ablon · Sherry Blackman · Helen B. Siner · Anthony GiangrassoFactoring and Operations on Algebraic Fractions, 2nd Edition (Steps in Mathematics Modules, No. 4)
1981978-0-8053-0135-9Leon J. Ablon · Sherry Blackman · Helen B. Siner · Anthony GiangrassoQuadratic Equations and Curves [Steps in Mathematics Modules #5]
1980978-0-8053-0136-6Leon J. AblonProgram rationale and tests (Series in mathematics modules)
1989978-0-8053-0137-3Gerard J. Tortora · Berdell R. Funke · Christine L. CaseI/GD Microbiology
1988978-0-8053-0138-0Perry B. HackettAn Introduction to Recombinant DNA Techniques: Basic Experiments in Gene Manipulation
1989978-0-8053-0139-7George F. Luger · William A. StubblefieldArtificial Intelligence and the Design of Expert Systems (The Benjamin/Cummings series in artificial intelligence)
1981978-0-8053-0140-3Leon Ablon · Sherry BlackmanSteps in Math: Modules 1-5
1989978-0-8053-0141-0Gerard J TortoraMicrobiology: An introduction (Benjamin/Cummings series in the life sciences)
1988978-0-8053-0142-7Bryan T. Preas · Michael LorenzettiPhysical Design Automation of Vlsi Systems
1989978-0-8053-0143-4J. Glenn BrookshearTheory of Computation: Formal Languages, Automata, and Complexity
  ''978-0-8053-0144-1BROOKSHEARInstr Man Formal Languages
  ''978-0-8053-0145-8Ramez Elmasri · Shamkant B. NavatheFundamentals of Database Systems
  ''978-0-8053-0146-5Ramez A. Elmasri · Shamkant B. NavatheI/G Fndmtls Database Sys
  ''978-0-8053-0147-2LUGERArt Intell Disk 2e*
1989978-0-8053-0148-9Gerard J. Tortora · Berdell R. Funke · Christine L. CaseStudy Guide for Microbiology: An Introduction
  ''978-0-8053-0149-6Ted R JohnsonLaboratory experiments in microbiology (Benjamin/Cummings series in the life sciences)
  ''978-0-8053-0152-6Dianne R HalesAn invitation to health: Taking charge of your life
  ''978-0-8053-0154-0Dianne R. HalesI/R/G Invitation to Hlth
  ''978-0-8053-0155-7Dianne R. Hales · Christopher CookeInvitation to Health
1989978-0-8053-0158-8Gerard J. Tortora · Berdell R. Funke · Christine L. CaseI/GD Brief Lab Manual
2007978-0-8053-0163-2Elaine N. MariebAnatomy & Physiology: Study Guide
2006978-0-8053-0173-1John A. SuchockiCourseCompass Student Access Kit for Conceptual Chemistry
1987978-0-8053-0177-9George S. AlmasiHighly Parallel Processing (The Benjamin/Cummings series in computer science and engineering)
1990978-0-8053-0182-3Robert E. Seaver · William N., Jr. ThomasTechdisk Student Laboratory Manual and Workbook: To Accompany the Technical Mathematical Series by Allyn J. Washington
  ''978-0-8053-0190-8Robert CrooksOur sexuality
  ''978-0-8053-0191-5Robert Crooks · Karla BaurI/M Our Sexuality
  ''978-0-8053-0192-2Lauren Kuhn · Robert Crooks · Karla BaurStudy Guide for Our Sexuality (Robert Crooks/Karla Baur) 4th edition
1977978-0-8053-0202-8Werner O. Amrein · etc.Scattering Theory in Quantum Mechanics (Lecture notes and supplements in physics ; 16)
  ''978-0-8053-0203-5Werner O. Amrein · etc.Scattering Theory in Quantum Mechanics (Lecture notes and supplements in physics ; 16)
1990978-0-8053-0211-0Robert L. Crooks · Karla BaurOur Sexuality
1992978-0-8053-0212-7Robert Crooks · Karla BaurOur Sexuality
1993978-0-8053-0216-5Sanford LopaterInstructor's Guide to Accompany Our Sexuality
978-0-8053-0217-2Lauren KuhnStudy Guide to Accompany Our Sexuality, 5th Ed. - Lauren Kuhn - Paperback
1984978-0-8053-0219-6W AndersonBasic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics (Frontiers in Physics, 55)
1984978-0-8053-0220-2P W AndersonBasic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics (Frontiers in Physics)
1971978-0-8053-0222-6Curtis B. Anderson · J.L. HawesBasic Experimental Chemistry
1976978-0-8053-0229-5P.w. AndersonConcepts In Solids
1988978-0-8053-0242-4Walter SavitchAn Introduction to the Art & Science of Programming: Turbo Pascal Edition
1989978-0-8053-0243-1Mark G. SobellA Practical Guide to the Unix System
1991978-0-8053-0244-8Carol Batini · Stefano Ceri · Shamkant B. NavatheConceptual Database Design: An Entity-Relationship Approach
  ''978-0-8053-0245-5Lincoln Taiz · Eduardo ZeigerPlant Physiology (Benjamin/Cummings series in the life sciences)
1992978-0-8053-0246-2William HeidcampExperimental Cell Biology: Laboratory Manual
1989978-0-8053-0247-9Ian S. Butler · John F. HarrodInorganic Chemistry: Principles and Applications
  ''978-0-8053-0248-6Ian Butler · John HarrodSolutions Manual to Problems in Inorganic Chemistry: Principles and Applications
1993978-0-8053-0249-3Paolo Atzeni · Carlo Batini · Valeria De AntonellisRelational Database Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction
  ''978-0-8053-0253-0R. Kent Nagle · Edward B. SaffFundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
1989978-0-8053-0254-7R Kent NagleFundamentals of Differential Equatio Edition
  ''978-0-8053-0255-4Edward B. Saff · Kent R. NagleI/G Fund Diff Equations
1989978-0-8053-0256-1NagleSol Man Fund Diff Equat 2e
1988978-0-8053-0260-8MaruzenHGS Molecular Structure Model Organic Chemistry Set
1991978-0-8053-0264-6J.Glenn BrookshearComputer Science: An Overview (The Benjamin/Cummings series in computer science)
978-0-8053-0265-3Computer Science: An Overview
1989978-0-8053-0271-4TRIOLAElem Stat 4e Sup 37631
  ''978-0-8053-0272-1Mario F. TriolaI/G Elementary Statistcs
  ''978-0-8053-0273-8Donald Kenneth MasonStudent solutions manual to accompany Elementary statistics
1998978-0-8053-0278-3Mario F. TriolaMinitab Manual to Accompany Elementary Statistics 4/E
  ''978-0-8053-0284-4   ''STATS Minitab Package
1990978-0-8053-0285-1C. J. Savant · Martin S. Roden · Gordon L. CarpenterElectronic Design: Circuits and Systems
1991978-0-8053-0286-8Gordon L CarpenterInstructor's guide to accompany Electronic design circuit and systems
  ''978-0-8053-0289-9SAVANTP Spice Solutions Manual to Electronic Design: Circuits and Syste
1968978-0-8053-0291-2Emil Artin J. TateClass Field Theory
2006978-0-8053-0296-7Richard WolfsonEssential University Physics with MasteringPhysics (2 Vol. Set and Student Access Kit)
2005978-0-8053-0297-4Benjamin CummingsAnatomy 360
1989978-0-8053-0302-5David StamperBusiness Data Communications
1989978-0-8053-0303-2David A. StamperI/G Busns Data Commnctns
  ''978-0-8053-0304-9David A. StamperBusiness Data Communications
2007978-0-8053-0308-7Randy HarrisModern Physics (2nd Edition)
1979978-0-8053-0310-0Francisco Jose AyalaEvolving: The Theory and Processes of Organic Evolution
1989978-0-8053-0311-7Larry KerschbergProceedings of the Second International Conference on Expert Database Systems (Benjamin/Cummings series in database systems and applications)
1980978-0-8053-0312-4Francisco Jose Ayala · J.A. KigerModern Genetics (The Benjamin/Cummings series in the life sciences)
  ''978-0-8053-0313-1Francisco Ayala · John KigerModern Genetics
1982978-0-8053-0315-5Francisco Jose AyalaPopulation and Evolutionary Genetics: A Primer (Benjamin/Cummings Series in the Life Sciences)
1984978-0-8053-0316-2Francisco Jose Ayala · John A. KigerModern Genetics (The Benjamin/Cummings series in the life sciences)
  ''978-0-8053-0317-9Francisco Jose Ayala · John A. KigerModern Genetics (Solutions Manual)
1999978-0-8053-0318-6CampbellBio Bio Place 12 Math
1997978-0-8053-0319-3   ''National Biology
1984978-0-8053-0320-9Francisvo J. and Kiger John A. Jnr. AyalaModern Genetics (Benjamin/Cummings Series in the Life Sciences)
1991978-0-8053-0321-6Paul Helman · Robert VeroffIntermediate Problem Solving and Data Structures: Walls and Mirrors (The Benjamin/Cummings Series in Computer Science)
1991978-0-8053-0322-3HelmanInstructors Manual to Intermediate Problem Solving and Data Structures
  ''978-0-8053-0323-0HelmanSoftw Interm Prob Solv 2e
1994978-0-8053-0325-4I. Edward AlcamoFundamentals of Microbiology (Benjamin/Cummings Series in the Life Sciences)
  ''978-0-8053-0326-1Lab Man Fund Microbiol 4e /Alcamo
978-0-8053-0327-8Stud Guide Fund Microbiol 4e /Alcamo
1994978-0-8053-0328-5I. Edward AlcamoInstructor's Manual and Test Bank for Fundamentals of Microbiology Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-8053-0329-2AlcamoTransp Fund Microbiol 4e
1988978-0-8053-0330-8James AllenNatural Language Understanding
  ''978-0-8053-0331-5James AllenInstr Man Natural Lang Underst /Allen (Benjamin/Cummings series in computer science)
1988978-0-8053-0332-2AllenUnderstanding Language Software
1994978-0-8053-0334-6James AllenNatural Language Understanding (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-8053-0336-0Edward I. AlcamoNaugatuck Valley Community Technical College Bundle (Fundamentals of
  ''978-0-8053-0337-7Edward AlcamoFundamentals of Microbiology 4th
1978978-0-8053-0340-7Forrest L BarkerMathematics for electronics
978-0-8053-0344-5AlcamoTest Softw 3.5" Fund Microbio
2006978-0-8053-0347-6Bradley W. CarrollAn Introduction to Modern Galactic Astrophysics And Cosmology
  ''978-0-8053-0348-3Dale A. Ostlie · Bradley W. CarrollAn Introduction to Modern Stellar Astrophysics
  ''978-0-8053-0349-0Dee Unglaub SilverthornCourseCompass(TM) Student Access Kit for Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach
978-0-8053-0359-9Beekman · RATHSWOLInstructor's Manual to Accompany Computer Confluence Business
1980978-0-8053-0360-5Richard BellmanAnalytic Number Theory: An Introduction (Mathematics lecture note series ; 57)
1994978-0-8053-0370-4Rebecca Donatelle · Christine Snow-Harter · Anthony WilcoxWellness: Choices for Health & Fitness
  ''978-0-8053-0371-1DONATELLEInstr Man Testb Wellness
1994978-0-8053-0372-8DONATELLETransp Wellness
1969978-0-8053-0377-3Benjamin DInternational Physics and Astronomy Directory, 1969-70
  ''978-0-8053-0378-0W. A. BenjaminInternational Physics & Astronomy Directory 1969-70
1978978-0-8053-0379-7Arthur BeiserPhysics
  ''978-0-8053-0380-3Arthur BeiserPhysics: Solutions manual
1982978-0-8053-0381-0Arthur BeiserPhysics
  ''978-0-8053-0382-7   ''Physics
  ''978-0-8053-0383-4John WardSolving Physics Problems With Problems from Beiser's Physics
1986978-0-8053-0384-1Arthur BeiserPhysics
  ''978-0-8053-0385-8Arthur S. BeiserPhysics
1987978-0-8053-0386-5Arthur BeiserInstructor's Guide for Modern Technical Physics Fifth Edition
1990978-0-8053-0390-2Rick Billstein · Shlomo Libeskind · Johnny W. LottA Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
978-0-8053-0391-9Instructors Manual to a Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics F
1990978-0-8053-0392-6Dan Dolan · Jim WilliamsonMathematics Activities for Elementary School Teachers: A Problem Solving Approach
1983978-0-8053-0400-8James J. BullEvolution of Sex: Determining Mechanisms
2006978-0-8053-0402-2Bradley W. Carroll · Dale A. OstlieAn Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-8053-0405-3Richard Wolfson · Eric AyarsStudent Solutions Manual Volume 2 for Essential University Physics
1989978-0-8053-0410-7Walter J. SavitchTurbo PASCAL 4.0/5.0: An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming (Benjamin/Cummings series in structured programming)
1989978-0-8053-0411-4Walter SavitchTurbo Pascal 4.0-5.0: An Introduction to the Art & Science of Programming
1988978-0-8053-0412-1Bryan T. Preas · Michael J. LorenzettiPhysical Design Automation of Electronic Systems
1989978-0-8053-0413-8Savitch WalterTurbo Pascal 4.0-5.0: An Introduction to the Art & Science of Programming
  ''978-0-8053-0415-2Walter SavitchTurbo PASCAL 4.0/5.0 an Introduction to Art and Science of Programming
1990978-0-8053-0416-9Walter J SavitchVersion 5.5/6.0 supplement for Turbo Pascal, an introduction to the art and science of programming
1991978-0-8053-0417-6Walter J. SavitchTurbo Pascal 4.0/5.0: An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming (Benjamin/Cummings Series in Structured Programming)
1993978-0-8053-0418-3   ''Turbo Pascal 7.0 (4th Edition)
1987978-0-8053-0420-6Daniel E. Atkinson · Steven G. Clarke · Douglas C. Rees · David BarkleyDynamic Models in Biochemistry: A Workbook of Computer Simulations Using Electronic Spreadsheets
1993978-0-8053-0421-3SAVITCHTestbank to Turbo Pascal 7.0 4e
  ''978-0-8053-0423-7SAVITCHInstructor's Guide to Turbo Pascal 7.0
1998978-0-8053-0428-2George BeekmanComputer Confluence Exploring Tomorrows Technology Business Edition 2nd Edition in Bundling Program
1967978-0-8053-0432-9Thor Bak · J. LichtenbergFunctions of One and Several Real Variables (Mathematics for Scientists)
978-0-8053-0434-3Computer Confluence Business Edition Book Alone
2007978-0-8053-0435-0Campbell · Reece · SimonCampbell Media Manager with Visual Guide 2007 Edition (Comes with the Quick Reference Guide and 12 CD/DVDs)
  ''978-0-8053-0437-4TimberlakeInstructor Solutions Manual General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
2006978-0-8053-0439-8Reece, Taylor, Simon CampbellVisual Guide to the Campbell Media Manager for Biology: Concepts and Connections: Version 1.1
1990978-0-8053-0440-4Nancy E. Miller · Charles G. PetersenFile Structures With Ada (Benjamin Cummings Series in Computer Science)
  ''978-0-8053-0442-8MillerInstructors Manual to File Structures in Ada
1993978-0-8053-0443-5George S. Almasi · Allan GottliebHighly Parallel Computing (The Benjamin/Cummings Series in Computer Science and Engineering)
2006978-0-8053-0447-3Reece CampbellBiology - Media Manager CD v. 1.1 Set (Biology)
1965978-0-8053-0451-0Carl Johan BallhausenMolecular orbital theory: An introductory lecture note and reprint volume (Frontiers in chemistry)
1980978-0-8053-0452-7Carl J. Ballhausen · Harry B. GrayMolecular Electronic Structures: An Introduction
1989978-0-8053-0461-9CapronMicrocomputers with Software
1989978-0-8053-0462-6Ralph E. Duffy · Harriet L. CapronI/G Microcmptr Applctns
  ''978-0-8053-0463-3M. A WebsterMicrocomputer exercises: WordPerfect/dBase III plus/Lotus 1-2-3
  ''978-0-8053-0466-4H. L. Capron · Ralph E. DuffyUsing Microcomputers: A Complete Introduction
  ''978-0-8053-0467-1Instr Suppl Bag Microcomputers /Capron

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