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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-0-8048-4384-3Daniel TudorA Geek in Korea: Discovering Asian's New Kingdom of Cool
2016978-0-8048-4386-7Paul GreenwayJourney Through Bali & Lombok
2014978-0-8048-4392-8Gershon Ben KerenKrav Maga: Real World Solutions to Real World Violence - Disrupt . Damage . Destroy . Disengage
  ''978-0-8048-4400-0Claudia Saw Lwin Robert · Win Pe · Wendy HuttonThe Food of Myanmar: Authentic Recipes from the Land of the Golden Pagodas
  ''978-0-8048-4403-1Daniel C. BeardAmerican Boy's Handy Book
  ''978-0-8048-4406-2Lydia ChenFun with Chinese Knotting: Making Your Own Fashion Accessories & Accents
2015978-0-8048-4419-2Ronald G. KnappThings Chinese: Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles
2017978-0-8048-4438-3Madhumita Mehrotra · Sunita Mathur Narain · Sunita Narain MathurHindi for Beginners: A Guide to Conversational Hindi (Audio Disc Included)
2014978-0-8048-4444-4Roxana WatersonThe Living House: An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia
  ''978-0-8048-4451-2Morten StrangeA Photographic Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia: Including the Philippines and Borneo
2014978-0-8048-4452-9Morten StrangePhotographic Guide to the Birds of Thailand
  ''978-0-8048-4453-6Tuttle PublishingOrigami Paper - Hokusai Prints - Large 8 1/4" - 48 Sheets: Tuttle Origami Paper: High-Quality Origami Sheets Printed with 8 Different Designs: Instructions for 6 Projects Included
2015978-0-8048-4458-1Daniel Tudor · James PearsonNorth Korea Confidential: Private Markets, Fashion Trends, Prison Camps, Dissenters and Defectors
  ''978-0-8048-4466-6Chawadee NualkhairThailand's Best Street Food: The Complete Guide to Streetside Dining in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Other Areas
  ''978-0-8048-4467-3Nani Park · Robert J. FouserHanok: The Korean House
2016978-0-8048-4469-7Matthew B. ChristensenA Geek in China: Discovering the Land of Alibaba, Bullet Trains and Dim Sum
2015978-0-8048-4476-5Tim HanniganA Brief History of Indonesia: Sultans, Spices, and Tsunamis: The Incredible Story of Southeast Asia's Largest Nation
2014978-0-8048-4480-2Tuttle PublishingOrigami Paper - Geisha Prints - Large 8 1/4" - 48 Sheets: Tuttle Origami Paper: High-Quality Origami Sheets Printed with 8 Different Designs: Instructions for 6 Projects Included
2015978-0-8048-4482-6Soohee KimKorean Flash Cards Kit: Learn 1,000 Basic Korean Words and Phrases Quickly and Easily! (Hangul & Romanized Forms) (Audio-CD Included)
  ''978-0-8048-4493-2Eriko SatoLearning Japanese Kanji Practice Book Volume 1: (JLPT Level N5 & AP Exam) The Quick and Easy Way to Learn the Basic Japanese Kanji
2014978-0-8048-4498-7Ross King · Jaehoon YeonElementary Korean: Second Edition (Audio CD Included)
2015978-0-8048-4504-5Jiedson R. Domigpe · Nenita Pambid DomingoElementary Tagalog Workbook: Tara, Mag-Tagalog Tayo! Come On, Let's Speak Tagalog!
2015978-0-8048-4511-3Joan SuyenagaIndonesian Children's Favorite Stories
  ''978-0-8048-4524-3Jonathan Crichton · Pieter KosterEnglish Made Easy Volume One: A New ESL Approach: Learning English Through Pictures
2016978-0-8048-4525-0Jonathan Crichton · Pieter KosterEnglish Made Easy Volume Two: A New ESL Approach: Learning English Through Pictures
2015978-0-8048-4541-0Laura ArmitageLet's Learn Korean Kit: 64 Basic Korean Words and Their Uses (Flashcards, Audio CD, Games & Songs, Learning Guide and Wall Chart)
2017978-0-8048-4576-2Shigeru OsukaJapanese for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction to Medical Japanese (Audio CD Included)
  ''978-0-8048-4581-6Boye Lafayette De MenteTuttle Japanese Business Dictionary Revised Edition
2015978-0-8048-4599-1Kristy HarrisScrapbook Asian Style!: Create One-of-a-kind Projects with Asian-inspired Materials, Colors and Motifs
2016978-0-8048-4617-2Patrizia ValsecchiUltimate Wrap Bracelets Kit: Instructions to Make 12 Easy, Stylish Bracelets (Includes 600 Beads, 48pp Book; Closures & Charms, Cords & Video Tutorial)
  ''978-0-8048-4643-1Rudolf Smend · Donald HarperBatik, Traditional Textiles of Indonesia: From The Rudolf Smend & Donald Harper Collections
  ''978-0-8048-4662-2Phan Van GiuongTuttle Pocket Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-English English-Vietnamese
2016978-0-8048-4666-0Reiko WashizawaPatchwork Quilted Bags: Totes, Purses and Accessories
2017978-0-8048-4671-4William MatsuzakiBeginning Japanese Phrases Language Practice Pad: Learn Japanese in Just a Few Minutes Per Day! (JLPT Level N5 Exam Prep) (Tuttle Practice Pads)
  ''978-0-8048-4680-6Soyeung Koh · Gene BaikEssential Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary: Speak Korean with Confidence!
  ''978-0-8048-4689-9Kiki DeereJourney Through the Philippines: An Unforgettable Journey from Manila to Mindanao
  ''978-0-8048-4695-0Yoshiko TsukioriStylish Wraps Sewing Book: Ponchos, Capes, Coats and More - Fashionable Warmers that are Easy to Sew
  ''978-0-8048-4710-0Tim HanniganA Geek in Indonesia: Discover the Land of Balinese Healers, Komodo Dragons and Dangdut
2018978-0-8048-4711-7   ''Journey Through Indonesia: An Unforgettable Journey from Sumatra to Papua
2017978-0-8048-4724-7Cornelius C. KublerBasic Mandarin Chinese - Speaking & Listening Textbook: An Introduction to Spoken Mandarin for Beginners (DVD and MP3 Audio CD Included)
2017978-0-8048-4726-1Cornelius C. KublerBasic Mandarin Chinese - Reading & Writing Textbook: An Introduction to Written Chinese for Beginners (6+ hours of MP3 Audio Included)
  ''978-0-8048-4730-8Sue DiCiccoAdventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum
2016978-0-8048-4731-5Willard A. HannaA Brief History Of Bali: Piracy, Slavery, Opium and Guns: The Story of an Island Paradise
  ''978-0-8048-4734-6Victor HarrisCutting Edge: Japanese Swords in the British Museum
  ''978-0-8048-4735-3Alan Scott PateNingyo: The Art of the Japanese Doll
  ''978-0-8048-4736-0A. L. SadlerJapanese Architecture: A Short History (Tuttle Classics)
2016978-0-8048-4739-1Brian AshcraftJapanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How Teenage Girls Made a Nation Cool
  ''978-0-8048-4745-2Tess MallosComplete Mediterranean Cookbook: [Over 270 Recipes]
  ''978-0-8048-4750-6Carolyn SchulzCreative Beaded Jewelry: 33 Exquisite Designs Inspired by the Arts of China, Japan, India and Tibet
  ''978-0-8048-4751-3Jill Stovall · Scott Wasserman Stern · Florence TemkoFabrigami: The Origami Art of Folding Cloth to Create Decorative and Useful Objects
  ''978-0-8048-4755-1Lafcadio HearnGlimpses of Unfamiliar Japan: Two Volumes in One (Tuttle Classics)
2017978-0-8048-4760-5Joel SternOrigami City Kit: Fold Your Own Cars, Trucks, Planes & Trains!: Kit Includes Origami Book, 12 Projects, 40 Origami Papers, 100+ Stickers and City Map
2017978-0-8048-4765-0Gershon Ben KerenKrav Maga Tactical Survival: Personal Safety in Action. Proven Solutions for Real Life Situations
2016978-0-8048-4775-9Nobuo SatoWrite Your Name in Japanese Kanji: Convert any personal name or surname to the kanji of your choice: Kanji for over 300 personal names and over 5,000 kanji variations
  ''978-0-8048-4785-8Don CunninghamSamurai Weapons: Tools of the Warrior
2018978-0-8048-4815-2Boye Lafayette De MenteKorean Mind: Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture
2017978-0-8048-4818-3Kee Ming-YuetPeranakan Chinese Porcelain: Vibrant Festive Ware of the Straits Chinese
  ''978-0-8048-4820-6Sun TzuThe Art of War: Bilingual Chinese and English Text (The Complete Edition)
  ''978-0-8048-4844-2LaLilliMakeupNail Art Kit: The Easy Way to Creative Nails
  ''978-0-8048-4867-1Daniel Fletcher · Sleiman AziziThe Art of Life and Death: Lessons in Budo From a Ninja Master
2017978-0-8048-4871-8Rebecca OtowaAt Home in Japan: A Foreign Woman's Journey of Discovery
  ''978-0-8048-4873-2Takayuki Kosaki · Walter WagnerAuthentic Recipes from Japan (Authentic Recipes Series)
  ''978-0-8048-4875-6Lydia ChenChinese Knotting: Creative Designs that are Easy and Fun!
  ''978-0-8048-4888-6Patrick W. GalbraithThe Moe Manifesto: An Insider's Look at the Worlds of Manga, Anime, and Gaming
  ''978-0-8048-4890-9Ronald G. KnappThe Peranakan Chinese Home: Art and Culture in Daily Life
2017978-0-8048-4897-8Paul McGillick Ph.DThe Sustainable Asian House: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines
  ''978-0-8048-4902-9Emiko TakahashiHandmade Bags In Natural Fabrics: Over 60 Easy-To-Make Purses, Totes and More
2018978-0-8048-4909-8Laurence MatthewsMandarin Chinese Characters Fast Finder: Find the Character You Need in a Single Step!
2017978-0-8048-4913-5Kay Morrissey ThompsonThe Art and Technique of Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting: Japanese ink painting as taught by Ukao Uchiyama
2018978-0-8048-4933-3Daniel TudorAsk a North Korean: Defectors Talk about Their Life Inside the Worldaes Most Secretive Nation
2017978-0-8048-4934-0Hidetaka Nishiyama · Richard C. BrownKarate The Art of Empty-Hand Fighting: The Classic Work on Traditional Japanese Karate
2018978-0-8048-4942-5Marvin GapultosPulutan! Filipino Party Recipes: Street Foods and Small Plates from the Philippines
  ''978-0-8048-4956-2Eriko SatoContemporary Japanese Workbook Volume 2: Practice Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Japanese
2017978-0-8048-4960-9Andrew VigarBeautiful Women Japanese Prints Coloring Book: WomenÆs Fashion & Lifestyle in Japanese Art
  ''978-0-8048-4967-8Felix AbtA Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom
  ''978-0-8048-4968-5Ronald G. KnappChinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past
2017978-0-8048-4970-8Karen MazurkewichChinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques
  ''978-0-8048-4973-9Dan FreeEarly Japanese Railways 1853-1914: Engineering Triumphs That Transformed Meiji-era Japan
  ''978-0-8048-4976-0Erin ClarkItty Bitty Crocheted Critters: Amigurumi with Attitude!
  ''978-0-8048-4981-4Ronald WheelerThe Power of Shaolin Kung Fu: Harness the Speed and Devastating Force of Southern Shaolin Jow Ga Kung Fu [DVD Included]
  ''978-0-8048-4983-8Stephen TurnbullThe Samurai Swordsman: Master of War
2017978-0-8048-4984-5Kristy HarrisScrapbook Asian Style!: Create One-of-a-kind Projects with Asian-inspired Materials, Colors and Motifs
  ''978-0-8048-4986-9Violette RoomStylish Remakes: Upcycle Your Old T's, Sweats and Flannels into Trendy Street Fashion Pieces
978-0-8048-4987-6Stylish Skirts: 23 Easy-to-Sew Designs to Flatter Every Figure
2017978-0-8048-4989-0Ronald G. KnappThings Chinese: Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles
  ''978-0-8048-4990-6Lori O'ConnellJiu-Jitsu Strategies and Tactics for Self-Defense
  ''978-0-8048-5000-1Bruce LeeBruce Lee Words of the Dragon: Interviews and Conversations 1958-1973
2018978-0-8048-5008-7Darrell Max CraigDrawing the Samurai Sword: The Japanese Art of Swordsmanship; Mastering the Ancient Art of Iaijutsu
  ''978-0-8048-5028-5Gershon Ben KerenExtreme Survival: The Krav Maga Solution to Active Shooter, Carjacking and Home Invasion Situations
2018978-0-8048-5037-7Tuttle PublishingColors of Asia: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book for Calm and Creativity
  ''978-0-8048-5038-4Lydia ChenComplete Book of Chinese Knotting: A Compendium of Techniques and Variations
  ''978-0-8048-5040-7Faith E GorskyEdible Mosaic: Middle Eastern Fare with Extraordinary Flair [Middle Eastern Cookbook, 80 Recipes]
  ''978-0-8048-5044-5Lanling XiaoxiaoshengThe Golden Lotus Volume 1: Jin Ping Mei (Tuttle Classics)
  ''978-0-8048-5045-2   ''The Golden Lotus Volume 2: Jin Ping Mei (Tuttle Classics)
2018978-0-8048-5046-9Nani ParkHanok: The Korean House
  ''978-0-8048-5053-7Donald RichieJapanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People
  ''978-0-8048-5055-1Christal WhelanKansai Cool: A Journey into the Cultural Heartland of Japan
  ''978-0-8048-5061-2Carol Selva RajahMalaysian Cooking: A Master Cook Reveals Her Best Recipes
  ''978-0-8048-5063-6Okakura KakuzoMeditations on Tea: A Coloring Book to Soothe the Soul
2018978-0-8048-5065-0Felicitas TitusOld Beijing: Postcards from the Imperial City
  ''978-0-8048-5073-5Erin ClarkAdorable Amigurumi - Cute and Quirky Crocheted Critters: Voodoo Maggie's - Create Your Own Marvelous Menagerie with These Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  ''978-0-8048-5112-1Laura C MartinHistory of Tea: The Life and Times of the World's Best Loved Drink
  ''978-0-8048-5126-8Boutique-Sha501 Enchanting Embroidery Designs: Irresistible Stitchables to Brighten Up Your Life
  ''978-0-8048-5130-5Jennifer M AranasFilipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Flavors
2018978-0-8048-5132-9Marcia Iwatate · Kim UnsooKorea Style
1989978-0-8048-7021-4James Self · Nobuko HiroseJapanese Art Signatures
1991978-0-8048-7023-8Darrell Max CraigIAI: The Art Of Drawing The Sword