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1969978-0-8047-0002-3Jones William OManioc in Africa
1923978-0-8047-0003-0LeRoy AbramsAn Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States: Washington, Oregon, and California, Vol. 1: Ophioglossaceae to Aristolochiaceae, Ferns to Birthworts
1944978-0-8047-0004-7   ''An Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States: Washington, Oregon, and California, Vol. 2: Polygonaceae to Krameriaceae, Buckwheats to Kramerias
1951978-0-8047-0005-4Leroy AbramsAn Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States: Washington, Oregon, and California, Vol. 3: Geraniaceae to Scrophulariaceae, Geraniums to Figworts
1960978-0-8047-0006-1LeRoy Abrams · Roxana Stinchfield FerrisIllustrated Flora of the Pacific States Volume 4
2007978-0-8047-0007-8Alberto Chong · Florencio López de SilanesInvestor Protection and Corporate Governance: Firm-level Evidence Across Latin America (Latin American Development Forum)
  ''978-0-8047-0008-5Jamie L. BronsteinCaught in the Machinery: Workplace Accidents and Injured Workers in Nineteenth-Century Britain
1926978-0-8047-0009-2Lewis Madison Termin · Bird Thomas BaldwinMental and Physical Traits of a Thousand Gifted Children (Genetic Studies of Genius: Vol 1)
  ''978-0-8047-0010-8Catharine M. CoxEarly Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses (Genetic Studies of Genius Series)
1930978-0-8047-0011-5Barbara S. Burks · Dortha W. Jensen · Lewis M. TermanThe Promise of Youth: Follow-up Studies of a Thousand Gifted Children. (Genetic Studies of Genius Volume III)
1947978-0-8047-0012-2Lewis Terman · Melita OdenThe Gifted Child Grows Up: Twenty-five Years' Follow-up of a Superior Group (Genetic Studies of Genius, Vol. 4)
1959978-0-8047-0013-9   ''The Gifted Group at Mid-Life: Thirty-five Years' Follow-up of the Superior Child
2007978-0-8047-0014-6Thomas WeberOur Friend "The Enemy": Elite Education in Britain and Germany before World War I
  ''978-0-8047-0015-3John Alexander WilliamsTurning to Nature in Germany: Hiking, Nudism, and Conservation, 1900-1940
1960978-0-8047-0016-0Arnold KramishAtomic Energy in Soviet Union
1961978-0-8047-0017-7John Hunter-ThomasFlora of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California a Manual of the Vascular Plants
1960978-0-8047-0018-4Arthur F. WrightThe Confucian Persuasion (Stanford Studies in the Civilizations O)
  ''978-0-8047-0020-7W.D. GramppManchester School of Economics
1960978-0-8047-0021-4First Stanford SymposiumMathematical Methods in the Social Sciences
  ''978-0-8047-0022-1Drake PAmiable Renegade
1961978-0-8047-0023-8Robert P. Browder · A. F. KerenskyThe Russian Provisional Government 1917: Documents
1936978-0-8047-0024-5John C. MillerSam Adams: Pioneer in Propaganda
1994978-0-8047-0025-2John C. MillerSam Adams: Pioneer in Propaganda
1960978-0-8047-0026-9Hugins WalterJacksonian Democracy and the Working Class: A Study of the New York Workingmen's Movement, 1829-37
1967978-0-8047-0027-6Walter HuginsJacksonian Democracy and the Working Class: A Study of the New York Workingmen's Movement, 1829-37
1962978-0-8047-0028-3Tipei NicholaeTheory of Lubrication with Applications to Liquid and Gas-Film Lubrication
2008978-0-8047-0029-0Andrew L. OrosNormalizing Japan: Politics, Identity, and the Evolution of Security Practice (Studies in Asian Security)
1960978-0-8047-0030-6Wilbur Ray LymanThe Memoirs of Ray Lyman Wilbur
1961978-0-8047-0031-3C. HsuehHuang Hsing and the Chinese Revolution
2008978-0-8047-0032-0Richard M. SchefflerIs There a Doctor in the House?: Market Signals and Tomorrow's Supply of Doctors (Stanford General Books)
1960978-0-8047-0033-7W. McCordOrigins of Alcoholism
1961978-0-8047-0034-4Kariel Henry SThe Decline of American Pluralism
  ''978-0-8047-0035-1Henry KarielDecline of American Pluralism
  ''978-0-8047-0036-8Wasserstrom Richard aThe Judicial Decision: Toward a Theory of Legal Justification
  ''978-0-8047-0037-5Richard A. WasserstromThe Judicial Decision: Toward a Theory of Legal Justification
1960978-0-8047-0038-2Patrick Suppes · Richard C. AtkinsonMarkov Learning Models for Multiperson Interactions
1961978-0-8047-0039-9Kelvin NormanA Troubled Eden: Nature and Society in the Works of George Meredith
2007978-0-8047-0040-5Takeshi MatsudaSoft Power and Its Perils: U.S. Cultural Policy in Early Postwar Japan and Permanent Dependency (Cold War International History Project)
1961978-0-8047-0041-2Dyke VanPolitical Science
1968978-0-8047-0042-9Vernon Van DykePolitical Science: A Philosophical Analysis
1960978-0-8047-0043-6Richard A. WebsterCross and the Fasces: Christian Democracy and Fascism in Italy
1962978-0-8047-0044-3Arthur F. Wright · Denis TwitchettConfucian Personalities (Stanford Studies in the Civilizations of Eastern Asia)
1969978-0-8047-0045-0Arthur F. Wright · Denis TwitchettConfucian Personalities
1978978-0-8047-0047-4Orrille G., Jr. BrimPersonality and Decision Processes: Studies in the Social Psychologies of Thinking.
1962978-0-8047-0049-8Felix M. KeesingThe Ethnohistory of Northern Luzon
1961978-0-8047-0050-4Amin BananiThe Modernization of Iran, 1921-1941
1972978-0-8047-0052-8John PercevalPerceval's Narrative: A Patient's Account of His Psychosis, 1830-32
1961978-0-8047-0053-5Sigmund DiamondCasual View of America the Home Letters of Salomon De Rothschild 1859 1861
1962978-0-8047-0054-2Savitskii E MThe Influence of Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Metals and Alloys
1961978-0-8047-0057-3Gerald J. LiebermanTables of the Hypergeometric Probability Distribution
1962978-0-8047-0058-0Stanley G. PayneFalange
1961978-0-8047-0059-7S. G. PayneFalange a History of Spanish Fascism
1961978-0-8047-0060-3E. ProsserDrama and Religion in the English Mystery Plays a re
  ''978-0-8047-0061-0Gimbel JohnA German Community Under American Occupation, Marburg, 1945-52
  ''978-0-8047-0062-7Schramm WilburTelevision in the Lives of Our Children
2010978-0-8047-0063-4Saadia Pekkanen · Paul Kallender-UmezuIn Defense of Japan: From the Market to the Military in Space Policy
1961978-0-8047-0064-1Wilbur SchrammTelevision in the Lives of Our Children
1980978-0-8047-0066-5NewAnglican and Puritan: the Basis of Their Opposition, 1558-1640
1961978-0-8047-0067-2Herbert MorrisFreedom and Responsibility: Readings in Philosophy and Law
1962978-0-8047-0068-9Jack GoodyDeath, Property and the Ancestors: A Study of the Mortuary Customs of the Lodagaa of West Africa
1976978-0-8047-0070-2H. J. ForstmanWord and Spirit Calvin's Doctrine of Biblical Author
1961978-0-8047-0071-9Rutherford AndrewByron: A Critical Study
  ''978-0-8047-0072-6Andrew RutherfordByron: A Critical Study
1962978-0-8047-0073-3Chalmers A. JohnsonPeasant Nationalism and Communist Power the Emergence
  ''978-0-8047-0074-0Chalmers A. JohnsonPeasant Nationalism and Communist Power: The Emergence of Revolutionary China, 1937-1945
2008978-0-8047-0075-7Wendy LarsonFrom Ah Q to Lei Feng: Freud and Revolutionary Spirit in 20th Century China
1961978-0-8047-0076-4Birnbach MNeo-Freudian Social Philosophy
2008978-0-8047-0078-8Martin HägglundRadical Atheism: Derrida and the Time of Life (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics)
1967978-0-8047-0079-5Mildred B. Hoover · Hero & Ethel RenschHistoric Spots in California
1937978-0-8047-0081-8Anatole Gregory MazourFirst Russian Revolution, 1825 the Decembrist Move
1966978-0-8047-0082-5Anatole G. MazourThe First Russian Revolution, 1825
1961978-0-8047-0083-2Adelman IrmaTheories of Economic Growth and Development
1961978-0-8047-0084-9Adelman IrmaTheories of Economic Growth and Development
  ''978-0-8047-0085-6Paul KecskemetiUnexpected Revolution Social Forces in the Hungarian
1965978-0-8047-0087-0Norman E. WhittenClass, Kinship, and Power in an Ecuadorian Town
1962978-0-8047-0089-4G. E. Britnell · V. C. FowkeCanadian Agriculture in War & Peace, 1935 - 1950
1965978-0-8047-0090-0Francis S. JohnsonSatellite Environment Handbook
1961978-0-8047-0091-7Cole MargaretThe Story of Fabian Socialism
  ''978-0-8047-0092-4   ''The Story of Fabian Socialism
1966978-0-8047-0096-2Lev D. BeklemishevProvability, Computability and Reflection, Volume 44 (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics)
1962978-0-8047-0097-9Wesley TrimpiBen Johnson's Poems: A Study of the Plain Style
1963978-0-8047-0098-6Krasovsky Nikolai NStability of Motion: Applications of Lyapunov's Second Method to Differential Systems and Equations with Delay
1962978-0-8047-0099-3Kenneth J. Arrow · Samuel Karlin · Herbert ScarfStudies in Applied Probability and Management Science
  ''978-0-8047-0100-6Willis Frank RoyThe French in Germany
  ''978-0-8047-0102-0Pearson LionelPopular Ethics in Ancient Greece
1963978-0-8047-0104-4Baron Samuel HPlekhanov: The Father of Russian Marxism
1971978-0-8047-0105-1Samuel H. BaronPlekhanov: The Father of Russian Marxism
1963978-0-8047-0108-2Joseluis RomeroA History of Argentine Political Thought
1968978-0-8047-0109-9Jose Luis Romero TorresHistory of Argentine Political Thought
1964978-0-8047-0111-2Paul Oskar KristellerEight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance
1962978-0-8047-0112-9Havran Martin JosephThe Catholics in Caroline England
1962978-0-8047-0114-3C. DrekmeierKingship and Community in Early India
1981978-0-8047-0115-0Leon GoureThe Siege of Leningrad
1962978-0-8047-0116-7Joan H. Criswell · etc.Mathematical Methods in Small Group Processes
  ''978-0-8047-0117-4Douglas H. Lawrence · Leon FestingerDeterrents and Reinforcement: The Psychology of Insufficient Reward (Study in Psychology)
1970978-0-8047-0119-8Professor of History and American Studies Don E FehrenbacherPrelude Greatness Lincoln-1850
1962978-0-8047-0120-4Don E. FehrenbacherPrelude to Greatness: Lincoln in the 1850’s
  ''978-0-8047-0121-1Packer Herbert LEx-Communist Witnesses: Four Studies in Fact Finding- A Challenging Examination of the Testimony of Whittaker Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, Louis Budenz, and John Lautner
  ''978-0-8047-0122-8Triska Jan FTheory
1961978-0-8047-0124-2Edmund C. JaegerDesert Wildlife
1962978-0-8047-0125-9Laurence A. ManningBibliography of the Ionosphere
1966978-0-8047-0126-6Andrus J RussellTrade
1967978-0-8047-0128-0Payne Stanley GPolitics and the Military in Modern Spain
1962978-0-8047-0131-0Leon FestingerA Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
  ''978-0-8047-0134-1Eugen WeberAction Francaise: Royalism and Reaction in Twentieth-Century France
1969978-0-8047-0135-8Eugen Joseph WeberAction Francaise: Royalism and Reaction in Twentieth-century France
1963978-0-8047-0136-5Carl F. ChristMeasurement in Economics: Studies in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics in Memory of Yehuda Grunfeld
1963978-0-8047-0137-2H. Bruce FranklinThe Wake of Gods: Melville's Mythology
1967978-0-8047-0138-9H. Bruce FranklinWake of Gods: Melville's Mythology
1964978-0-8047-0139-6Daalder HCabinet Reform in Britain
1962978-0-8047-0140-2SzegoStudies Math Analyis
1967978-0-8047-0141-9John McKay CammettAntonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
  ''978-0-8047-0142-6Cammett J MAntonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
1962978-0-8047-0143-3Morgan GlennSoviet Administrative Legality: The Role of the Attorney General's Office
1966978-0-8047-0145-7James E. SheridanChinese Warlord the Career of Feng Yu-Hsiang
  ''978-0-8047-0146-4James SheridanChinese Warlord: The Career of Feng Yu-Usiang
1963978-0-8047-0147-1J.Clagett TaylorPolitical Development of Tanganyika
1978978-0-8047-0148-8Lincoln E. MosesTables of Random Permutations
1963978-0-8047-0149-5Ryan L VRoger Ascham
1967978-0-8047-0150-1M. ZetterbaumTocqueville and the Problem of Democracy
1963978-0-8047-0152-5Werner WarmbrunnDutch Under German Occupation: 1940-1945
  ''978-0-8047-0154-9H. L. A. HartLaw, Liberty, and Morality (Harry Camp Lectures at Stanford University)
1969978-0-8047-0155-6Richard ButwellU Nu of Burma
1963978-0-8047-0156-3Schwab Charles Gustav Charles Charles CharlesJames Gibbons Huneker: Critic of the Seven Arts
1965978-0-8047-0162-4TietzBehavior of Metals
1964978-0-8047-0163-1Forrest Shreve · Ira L. WigginsVegetation and Flora of the Sonoran Desert
  ''978-0-8047-0166-2Skinner Elliott PThe Mossi of the Upper VOLTA: Political Development of the Sudanese People
1963978-0-8047-0167-9Leon N. LindbergPolitical Dynamics of European Economic Integration
1964978-0-8047-0169-3Grubel Herbert GWorld Monetary Reform Plans and Issues
1966978-0-8047-0170-9John PaddockAncient Oaxaca: Discoveries in Mexican Archeology and History
1967978-0-8047-0171-6Sadaie FujiwaraFujiwara Teika's `Superior Poems of Our Time': A Thirteenth-Century Poetic Treatise and Sequence
1963978-0-8047-0173-0FestingerSocial Pressures
1983978-0-8047-0174-7Leon Festinger · Stanley Schachter · Kurt BackSocial Pressures in Informal Groups: A Study of Human Factors in Housing
1964978-0-8047-0176-1J.W. HulseThe Forming of the Communist International
1966978-0-8047-0177-8Robert WohlFrench Communism in the Making, 1914-1924
1963978-0-8047-0179-2Brzezinski Zbigniew KAfrica and the Communist World
1967978-0-8047-0180-8Zbigniew BrzezinskiAfrica and the Communist World
1964978-0-8047-0181-5AtkinsonStudies in Mathematical Psychology
1963978-0-8047-0182-2Derek TraversiShakespeare: The Roman Plays
1963978-0-8047-0183-9Michelangelo BuonarrotiLetters of Michelangelo: Complete in Two Volumes
1964978-0-8047-0184-6John J. JohnsonContinuity and Change in Latin America
  ''978-0-8047-0185-3John J. JohnsonContinuity and Change in Latin America
  ''978-0-8047-0186-0Ernst B. HaasBeyond the Nation State Functionalism and Internationalism
  ''978-0-8047-0187-7Ernst B. HaasBeyond the Nation-State: Functionalism and Interntional Organization
1963978-0-8047-0188-4Klaus Hermann DanielMultistage Inventory Models & Techniques
1964978-0-8047-0190-7Gordon WrightRural Revolution in France: The Peasantry in the Twentieth Century
1968978-0-8047-0191-4Gordon WrightRural Revolution in France: Peasantry in the Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-8047-0193-8Alba VictorPolitics and the Labour Movement in Latin America
1964978-0-8047-0194-5ReissNeural Theory and Modeling: Proceedings of the 1962 Ojai Symposium
1964978-0-8047-0195-2Roger G. Barker · Paul V. GumpBig School, Small School: High School Size and Student Behavior
  ''978-0-8047-0196-9Charles GibsonThe Aztecs Under Spanish Rule: A History of the Indians of the Valley of Mexico, 1519-1810
  ''978-0-8047-0198-3John J. JohnsonMilitary and Society in Latin America
1966978-0-8047-0199-0   ''The Military and Society in Latin America
1964978-0-8047-0200-3HofstadterNucleon Structure
1963978-0-8047-0201-0David Starr JordanThe Genera of Fishes and A Classification of Fishes
1974978-0-8047-0202-7P. Herbert Leiderman · David ShapiroPsychobiological Approaches to Social Behaviour
1965978-0-8047-0203-4William H. Friedland · Carl G. RosbergAfrican Socialism
1964978-0-8047-0204-1William H. Friedland · Carl G. RosbergAfrican Socialism
  ''978-0-8047-0205-8Festinger LeonConflict
  ''978-0-8047-0206-5LarmourFrench Radical Party
1964978-0-8047-0207-2Poleman Thomas TThe Papaloapan Project: Agricultural Development in the Mexican Tropics
  ''978-0-8047-0209-6HannaBenjamin Franklin
1971978-0-8047-0210-2Chalmers JohnsonInstance of Treason: Ozaki Hotsumi and the Sorge Spy Ring
1964978-0-8047-0212-6Rutherford AndrewKipling's Mind and Art: Selected Critical Essays
  ''978-0-8047-0213-3Rutherford aKipling's Mind and Art: Selected Critical Essays
  ''978-0-8047-0214-0Stone JuliusLegal System and Lawyers' Reasoning
1965978-0-8047-0215-7Stone JuliusHuman Law and Human Justice
  ''978-0-8047-0217-1Kurt SteinerLocal Government in Japan
1967978-0-8047-0219-5Samuel H. BaronThe Travels of Olearius in Seventeenth-Century Russia
1965978-0-8047-0221-8MostofskyStimulus Generalization
1966978-0-8047-0222-5Rue John EMao Tse-Tung in Opposition, 1927-1935 (Hoover Institute Publications)
1965978-0-8047-0223-2Cho-Yun HsuAncient China in Transition (Civilization of East Asia Study)
1965978-0-8047-0224-9Cho-Yun HsuAncient China in Transition: An Analysis of Social Mobility, 722-222 B.C.
  ''978-0-8047-0226-3Martin WaltAuroral Phenomena: Experiments and Theory
1964978-0-8047-0227-0Wilbur Lang SchrammMass Media and National Development: The Role of Information in the Developing Countries
1971978-0-8047-0228-7Wilbur SchrammMass Media and National Development: The Role of Information in the Developing Countries
1964978-0-8047-0229-4Patricia ThomsonSir Thomas Wyatt and His Background
1966978-0-8047-0230-0David NivisonThe Life and Thought of Chang Hsueh-ch'eng (1738-1801)
1967978-0-8047-0232-4Lois M. StolzInfluences on Parent Behavior (Study in Psychology)
1966978-0-8047-0233-1Otto Erich DeutschMozart: A Documentary Biography
1951978-0-8047-0236-2Howe IrvingSherwood Anderson
  ''978-0-8047-0237-9Irving HoweSherwood Anderson
1966978-0-8047-0238-6Bello Jose MariaA History of Modern Brazil
1968978-0-8047-0240-9Jose Maria BelloA History of Modern Brazil, 1889-1964
  ''978-0-8047-0241-6Willis F RegFrance
1964978-0-8047-0243-0Brice, Jr. HarrisUnited States and the Italo-Ethiopian Crisis
1965978-0-8047-0244-7C.F. BrandShort History of British Labour Party
1966978-0-8047-0247-8Edinger Lewis JKurt Schumacher: A Study in Personality and Political Behaviour
1965978-0-8047-0248-5Frank Edward ManuelShapes of Philosophical History
  ''978-0-8047-0249-2Frank E ManuelShapes of Philosophical History
1965978-0-8047-0250-8Blum RichardHealth and Healing in Rural Greece
  ''978-0-8047-0253-9Robert W. AndersonParty Politics in Puerto Rico
  ''978-0-8047-0254-6Milorad M. DrachkovitchMarxism in the Modern World
1967978-0-8047-0255-3Milorad M. DrachkovitchMarxism in the Modern World
1977978-0-8047-0257-7William L. Rivers · B. GreenbergKennedy Assassination and the American Public: Social Communication in Crisis
1966978-0-8047-0258-4Bader William BAustria Between East and West 1945-1955
1965978-0-8047-0259-1Frank CancianEconomics and Prestige in a Maya Community: The Religious Cargo System in Zinacantan
1969978-0-8047-0260-7Frank CancianEconomics and Prestige in a Maya Community: The Religious Cargo System in Zinacantan
1965978-0-8047-0261-4Robert R. SearsIdentification and Child Rearing
1967978-0-8047-0262-1Liu James T COu-Yang Hsiu: An Eleventh Century Neo-Confucianist (Civilization of East Asia Study)