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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-8044-0186-9Alexander Gode · Hugh E. BlairInterlingua;: A grammar of the international language,
1972978-0-8044-0188-3Alexander GodeInterlingua-English: A Dictionary of the International Language
1958978-0-8044-1085-4Howard Kennedy BealeThe Critical Year: A Study of Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction
1984978-0-8044-2005-1David R. AndersonRex Stout (Recognitions)
1986978-0-8044-2011-2Melvyn P BarnesDick Francis
1981978-0-8044-2022-8André BazinFrench cinema of the occupation and resistance: The birth of a critical esthetic
1971978-0-8044-2027-3Franz BaumerFranz Kafka (Modern Literature Monographs)
1977978-0-8044-2028-0Lowell A. BangerterHugo Von Hofmannsthal
1980978-0-8044-2031-0George Joseph BeckerRealism in Modern Literature
1986978-0-8044-2055-6Carol BillmanThe Secret of the Stratemeyer Syndicate: Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and the Million Dollar Fiction Factory (Recognitions)
1980978-0-8044-2083-9No AuthorThe Lost tradition: Mothers and daughters in literature
1986978-0-8044-2119-5David CastronovoThornton Wilder (Literature & Life)
  ''978-0-8044-2123-2Christopher C. DahlLouis Auchincloss (Literature & Life)
1975978-0-8044-2128-7Richard M. CookCarson McCullers (Modern Literature Monographs)
1978978-0-8044-2135-5Marlies K. Danziger · Wendell Stacy JohnsonThe Critical Reader: Analyzing and Judging Literature
1983978-0-8044-2138-6Josephine DonovanNew England Local Color Literature: A Women's Tradition
1985978-0-8044-2143-0Arnold E. DavidsonJean Rhys (Literature & Life)
1982978-0-8044-2203-1Jean Fiedler · Jim MeleIsaac Asimov (Recognitions)
1979978-0-8044-2204-8Virginia FloydEugene O'Neill: A World View
1985978-0-8044-2206-2   ''The Plays of Eugene O'Neill: A New Assessment (Literature & Life)
1982978-0-8044-2219-2Lester D FriedmanHollywood's image of the Jew (Ungar film library)
1980978-0-8044-2231-4David GeherinSons of Sam Spade
  ''978-0-8044-2256-7Johann Wolfgang Von GoetheEternal Feminine: Selected Poems of Goethe (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8044-2258-1Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe · Charles E. PassageGoethe's Plays (English and German Edition)
1988978-0-8044-2300-7Leslie HalliwellThe Dead That Walk: Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy and Other Favorite Movie Monsters
1973978-0-8044-2351-9John Edward HardyKatherine Anne Porter (Modern Literature Monographs)
1980978-0-8044-2426-4Wayne L JohnsonRay Bradbury
1974978-0-8044-2484-4Karl KrausThe last days of mankind;: A tragedy in five acts
1983978-0-8044-2520-9Joan LidoffChristina Stead (Literature & Life)
1988978-0-8044-2546-9Robert Emmet LongJames Thurber (Literature & Life)
  ''978-0-8044-2640-4Rhoda B. NathanKatherine Mansfield (Literature & Life)
1978978-0-8044-2665-7Barry N. OlshenJohn Fowles
1987978-0-8044-2687-9Michael PowellRed Shoes
1985978-0-8044-2688-6Klaus PhillipsNew German Filmmakers: From Oberhausen Through the 1970s (UNGAR FILM LIBRARY)
1979978-0-8044-2743-2Eric RohmerHitchcock, the first forty-four films (Ungar film library)
1981978-0-8044-2811-8Egon SchwarzPoetry and politics in the works of Rainer Maria Rilke
1978978-0-8044-2819-4Richard ShaleAcademy awards: An Ungar reference index: with the 50th anniversary winners and nominees (Ungar film library)
1989978-0-8044-2821-7Paul SkenazyJames M. Cain (Literature & Life)
1969978-0-8044-2847-7Gerhard SzczesnyThe case against Bertolt Brecht,: With arguments drawn from his Life of Galileo
1984978-0-8044-2941-2Frederick UngarAustria in Poetry and History: Bilingual (Anthology of Austrian Literature) (English and German Edition)
1984978-0-8044-2957-3Edward WagenknechtThe Tales of Henry James (Literature & Life)
1983978-0-8044-2959-7Edward WagenknechtThe Novels of Henry James (Literature and Life Series)
1985978-0-8044-2994-8Richard E. ZiegfeldStanislaw Lem
1987978-0-8044-3024-1Roger AllenModern Arabic Literature (Library of Literary Criticism)
1981978-0-8044-3135-4Leonard KleinEncyclopedia of World Literature in the Twentieth Century (Encyclopedia of World Literature in the Twentieth Century, A)
1983978-0-8044-3148-4   ''Encyclopedia of World Literature in the Twentieth Century
1961978-0-8044-4703-4I. P. NatansonTheory of Functions of a Real Variable, Vol. 1
1983978-0-8044-5424-7Leslie Gerber · Margaret McFaddenLoren Eiseley (Literature & Life)
1965978-0-8044-5595-4Corliss, LamontThe Philosophy of Humanism.
1986978-0-8044-5636-4David A. LoewCallas: As They Saw Her
1982978-0-8044-5774-3Jack RaymondShow Music on Record: From the 1890s to the 1980s
1986978-0-8044-5803-0Dick RileyThe (New) Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie
1984978-0-8044-6009-5David R AndersonRex Stout
1972978-0-8044-6083-5Chretien de TroyesYwain: The Knight of the Lion
1979978-0-8044-6084-2Chretien de Troyes · Robert William Ackerman · Frederick W. Locke · Carleton W. CarrollYwain, the Knight of the Lion (Milestones of Thought) (English and Old French Edition)
1975978-0-8044-6087-3Richard M. CookCarson McCullers
1954978-0-8044-6093-4Herrlee Glessner CreelThe Birth of China: A Study of the Formative Period of Chinese Civilization
1959978-0-8044-6094-1Gene and Brown, Rowland (director George cukor) FowlerWhat Price Hollywood? (R.K.O.Classic Screenplays)
1984978-0-8044-6117-7Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich's ABC
1983978-0-8044-6121-4Alfred DoblinBerlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf
1981978-0-8044-6125-2Fyodor DostoevskyThe Grand Inquisitor (Milestones of Thought)
1985978-0-8044-6135-1Richard FleischerThe Narrow Margin (Rko Classic Screenplays)
1976978-0-8044-6181-8A. GodeFrench at Sight
1985978-0-8044-6186-3Johann Wolfgang von GoetheEgmont: A tragedy in five acts
1972978-0-8044-6241-9Alexander GodeAnthology of German poetry through the 19th century,: In English translations with the German originals
1985978-0-8044-6313-3Philip G. EpsteinMad Miss Manton (R.K.O.Classic Screenplays)
2000978-0-8044-6366-9Karl KrausLast Days of Mankind
1990978-0-8044-6377-5Corliss LamontThe Illusion of Immortality
  ''978-0-8044-6379-9   ''The Philosophy of Humanism
1988978-0-8044-6382-9Thomas Paine · Thomas JeffersonPaine and Jefferson on Liberty (Milestones of Thought)
1958978-0-8044-6387-4LaoziTao Teh King: Nature and Intelligence
1984978-0-8044-6412-3Mark LeveneArthur Koestler
1981978-0-8044-6617-2Timothy O'ReillyFrank Herbert
1984978-0-8044-6648-6Klaus PhillipsNew German Filmmakers: From Oberhausen Through the 1970s
1985978-0-8044-6698-1Jean RenoirThis Land Is Mine
  ''978-0-8044-6790-2Mark SandrichCarefree (Rko Classic Screenplays)
1981978-0-8044-6862-6Norma SiebenhellerP.D. James
1980978-0-8044-6877-0Bernard C. And Rubin, Stanley, re: Josef Von Sternberg SchoenfeldMacao
1986978-0-8044-6948-7Ralph Waldo EmersonEmerson on Transcendentalism (Milestones of Thought)