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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-8037-4289-5Yerby FJudas, My Brother
1974978-0-8037-4346-5Muriel FeelingsJambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book
  ''978-0-8037-4414-1Olga LeyKeep moving: easy workouts for figure control
1978978-0-8037-4425-7Jack L RubinsKaren Horney: Gentle rebel of psychoanalysis
1981978-0-8037-4490-5Robert J CainWhole lotta shakin' goin' on: Jerry Lee Lewis
  ''978-0-8037-4748-7Mildred D. TaylorLet the Circle Be Unbroken
1980978-0-8037-4752-4Bruce D ClaytonLife after doomsday: A survivalist guide to nuclear war and other major disasters
1974978-0-8037-4816-3Arnold DobrinA Life for Israel: The Story of Golda Meir.
1979978-0-8037-4826-2Andrew SinclairJohn Ford A Biography
1975978-0-8037-4916-0John BellairsThe Figure in the Shadows (Lewis Barnavelt)
1985978-0-8037-4962-7Liesel Moak SkorpenMandy's Grandmother
1975978-0-8037-4972-6Alice SchickThe Peregrine Falcons
  ''978-0-8037-5065-4John D. FitzgeraldThe Great Brain Does It Again
  ''978-0-8037-5066-1John D. FitzgeraldThe Great Brain Does It Again
1976978-0-8037-5349-5Benjamin S FrankDr. Frank's No-Aging Diet
1975978-0-8037-5452-2Mildred D. TaylorSong of the Trees
1985978-0-8037-5531-4John D. FitzgeraldMe and My Little Brain (Great Brain)
1973978-0-8037-5535-2Robert LudlumThe Matlock Paper
1976978-0-8037-5711-0Muriel FeelingsMoja Means One
1975978-0-8037-5758-5Denny McLainNobody's perfect
1969978-0-8037-5819-3John D. FitzgeraldMore Adventures of the Great Brain
1975978-0-8037-5920-6Robert Ludlum · Michael ShepherdThe Road to Gandolfo: A Novel
1980978-0-8037-6003-5Melody MartinMrs. Kamali would like to speak to you about Cloud: Notes from a California classroom
1980978-0-8037-6032-5W. T TylerThe man who lost the war
1975978-0-8037-6089-9Verna AardemaWhy Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears: A West African Tale
  ''978-0-8037-6318-0PughThe Adventures of Yoo-lah-teen
1977978-0-8037-6454-5Terry HughesThe Battle of the Atlantic
1965978-0-8037-6531-3F. YerbyOdor of Sanctity
1978978-0-8037-6866-6John VarleyThe Persistence of Vision (Quantum Science Fiction)
1980978-0-8037-6996-0Robert H. Allshouse · Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-GorskiiPhotographs for the Tsar: The Pioneering Color Photography of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II
1977978-0-8037-7368-4Nancy ReynoldsRepertory in Review: 40 Years of the New York City Ballet
1974978-0-8037-7403-2John D. FitzgeraldThe Return of the Great Brain
1985978-0-8037-7413-1   ''The Return of the Great Brain
1980978-0-8037-7478-0Angeline GoreauReconstructing Aphra: A social biography of Aphra Behn
1979978-0-8037-7504-6Ellen FrankfortRosie: The investigation of a wrongful death
1974978-0-8037-7532-9Robert LudlumThe Rhinemann exchange
1980978-0-8037-7711-8Orson Scott CardSongmaster (A Quantum novel)
  ''978-0-8037-7739-2Joan D. VingeThe Snow Queen
1975978-0-8037-7803-0Sanford SiegalDr. Siegal's natural fiber permanent weight-loss diet
1981978-0-8037-8283-9Michael WilkersonSomeone cry for the children: The unsolved Girl Scout murders of Oklahoma and the case of Gene Leroy Hart
1976978-0-8037-8557-1Walter TerryTed Shawn, father of American dance: A biography
1968978-0-8037-8682-0Mercer MayerThere's a Nightmare in My Closet
1973978-0-8037-8722-3Jon KimcheThere Could Have Been Peace: The Untold Story of Why We Failed With Palestine and Again With Israel
1974978-0-8037-8822-0Richard CondonWinter Kills
1978978-0-8037-9039-1James PoolWho financed Hitler: The secret funding of Hitler's rise to power, 1919-1933
1980978-0-8037-9175-6Orson Scott CardUnaccompanied Sonata & Other Stories
1981978-0-8037-9469-6Lucy StoneLoving Warriors: Selected Letters of Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell, 1853 to 1893