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1991978-0-8032-9419-6Dan L. ThrappEncyclopedia of Frontier Biography, Volume 2: G-O
  ''978-0-8032-9420-2Dan L. ThrappEncyclopedia of Frontier Biography, Volume 3: P-Z
1992978-0-8032-9423-3George Edgar TurnerVictory Rode the Rails: The Strategic Place of the Railroads in the Civil War
1994978-0-8032-9424-0John W. ThomasonJeb Stuart
  ''978-0-8032-9425-7Walter H. TaylorGeneral Lee: His Campaigns in Virginia, 1861-1865
1972978-0-8032-9426-4Thomas Henry TibblesStanding Bear and the Ponca Chiefs
1995978-0-8032-9427-1Rick TelanderHeaven Is a Playground
1996978-0-8032-9428-8Isaiah TrunkJudenrat: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe under Nazi Occupation
  ''978-0-8032-9429-5David F. TraskThe War with Spain in 1898
1997978-0-8032-9431-8Allen W. TreleaseIndian Affairs in Colonial New York: The Seventeenth Century
  ''978-0-8032-9432-5Leo TolstoyThe Gospel in Brief (Texts & Contexts)
1998978-0-8032-9433-2Henry W. ThomasWalter Johnson: Baseball's Big Train
1998978-0-8032-9435-6Raymond TallisIn Defence of Realism
  ''978-0-8032-9436-3Heidi Thomann TewarsonRahel Levin Varnhagen: The Life and Work of a German Jewish Intellectual (Texts and Contexts)
1999978-0-8032-9437-0John TolandBattle: The Story of the Bulge
  ''978-0-8032-9440-0Dennis TedlockFinding the Center: The Art of the Zuni Storyteller, Second Edition
2000978-0-8032-9441-7Georgia Lee TatumDisloyalty in the Confederacy
2003978-0-8032-9450-9Lyonel TrouillotStreet of Lost Footsteps
2002978-0-8032-9451-6John TolandNo Man's Land: 1918, The Last Year of the Great War (World War I)
2003978-0-8032-9452-3Mark Twain · David KettererTales of Wonder (Bison Frontiers of Imagination)
2004978-0-8032-9453-0Rick TelanderHeaven Is a Playground
  ''978-0-8032-9454-7Ron ThomasThey Cleared the Lane: The NBA's Black Pioneers
  ''978-0-8032-9455-4Richard TregaskisInvasion Diary
2004978-0-8032-9456-1Richard TregaskisX-15 Diary: The Story of America's First Space Ship
  ''978-0-8032-9457-8Mark TredinnickA Place on Earth: An Anthology of Nature Writing From North America and Australia
2005978-0-8032-9458-5Paul TillichThe New Being
2008978-0-8032-9459-2Lyonel TrouillotChildren of Heroes (French Voices)
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2017978-0-8032-9549-0Harry GambleContesting French West Africa: Battles over Schools and the Colonial Order, 1900-1950 (France Overseas: Studies in Empire and Decolonization)
1981978-0-8032-9550-6Robert M. UtleyFrontiersmen in Blue: The United States Army and the Indian, 1848-1865
1984978-0-8032-9551-3Robert M. UtleyFrontier Regulars: The United States Army and the Indian, 1866-1891
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1990978-0-8032-9556-8Gregory J. W. UrwinCuster Victorious: The Civil War Battles of General George Armstrong Custer
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1991978-0-8032-9558-2Robert M. UtleyBilly the Kid: A Short and Violent Life
1995978-0-8032-9559-9Melvin I. UrofskyAmerican Zionism from Herzl to the Holocaust
  ''978-0-8032-9560-5Douglas UngerLeaving the Land
1998978-0-8032-9561-2Robert M. UtleyCuster and the Great Controversy: The Origin and Development of a Legend
2002978-0-8032-9562-9Gregory J. W. UrwinFacing Fearful Odds: The Siege of Wake Island
2004978-0-8032-9564-3Robert M. UtleyAfter Lewis and Clark: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific
2019978-0-8032-9587-2Kevin KokomoorOf One Mind and Of One Government: The Rise and Fall of the Creek Nation in the Early Republic (New Visions in Native American and Indigenous Studies)
2018978-0-8032-9592-6International Quilt Study Center & MuseumAmerican Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760-1870: The International Quilt Study Center and Museum Collections
1984978-0-8032-9601-5Stanley VestalWarpath: The True Story of the Fighting Sioux Told in a Biography of Chief White Bull (Bison Book S)
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1992978-0-8032-9610-7Frank VandiverJubal's Raid: General Early's Famous Attack on Washington in 1864
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1998978-0-8032-9617-6   ''Dodge City: Queen of Cowtowns
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1999978-0-8032-9620-6Gisela von Arnim GrimmThe Life of High Countess Gritta Von Ratsinourhouse (European Women Writers)
1999978-0-8032-9621-3Gerald VizenorManifest Manners: Narratives on Postindian Survivance
2000978-0-8032-9622-0Gerald VizenorFugitive Poses: Native American Indian Scenes of Absence and Presence (Abraham Lincoln Lecture)
2001978-0-8032-9624-4Irene S. VernonKilling Us Quietly: Native Americans and HIV/AIDS
2005978-0-8032-9625-1Freya von MoltkeMemories of Kreisau and the German Resistance
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2006978-0-8032-9634-3Jules VerneThe Meteor Hunt: The First English Translation of Verne's Original Manuscript (Bison Frontiers of Imagination)
2008978-0-8032-9635-0   ''The Golden Volcano: The First English Translation of Verne's Original Manuscript (Bison Frontiers of Imagination)
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1988978-0-8032-9723-4   ''The Trampling Herd: The Story of the Cattle Range in America
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1994978-0-8032-9764-7Richard WagnerReligion and Art
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2005978-0-8032-9848-4   ''The Fall of the Shell: The Pelbar Cycle, Book Four (Beyond Armageddon) (Bk. 4)
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