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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-8024-8953-1Erwin W. LutzerOprah, Miracles, and the New Earth: A Critique
2007978-0-8024-8982-1Lisa McKayMy Hands Came Away Red
1998978-0-8024-9015-5Joseph M. StowellThe Weight of Your Words: Measuring the Impact of What You Say
1997978-0-8024-9016-2Kenneth O. GangelTeam Leadership In Christian Ministry: Using Multiple Gifts to Build a Unified Vision
1988978-0-8024-9037-7R.K. Harrison · Howard F. VosNew Unger's Bible Dictionary
1984978-0-8024-9049-0Merrill F. F. Unger · Gary LarsonNew Unger's Bible Handbook
2005978-0-8024-9056-8Merrill F. UngerThe New Unger's Bible Handbook
1999978-0-8024-9057-5Stanley GundryLove Them In: The Life and Theology of D L Moody
2006978-0-8024-9066-7Merrill F. UngerThe New Unger's Bible Dictionary
  ''978-0-8024-9079-7Paul N. BenwareUnderstanding End Times Prophecy: A Comprehensive Approach
1999978-0-8024-9082-7Mark I. BubeckPreparing for Battle: A Spiritual Warfare Workbook
2000978-0-8024-9089-6John E. FuderA Heart For the City: Effective Ministries to the Urban Community
1992978-0-8024-9091-9Robertson McQuilkinUnderstanding and Applying the Bible
2009978-0-8024-9092-6Robertson McQuilkinUnderstanding and Applying the Bible: Revised and Expanded
2005978-0-8024-9100-8John FuderA Heart for the City: Effective Ministries to the Urban Community
2009978-0-8024-9131-2John E. Fuder · Noel CastellanosA Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry
1995978-0-8024-9146-6John H. ArmstrongA View of Rome: A Guide to Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Roman Catholics
1985978-0-8024-9159-6Patricia St.JohnRunaway
1989978-0-8024-9171-8Alberta HawseVinegar Boy
2004978-0-8024-9176-3Erwin W.. Lutzer · Erwin W. W.. LutzerThe Truth About Same Sex Marriage: 6 Things You Need to Know About What's Really at Stake
2010978-0-8024-9177-0Erwin W. LutzerThe Truth About Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Things You Must Know About What's Really at Stake
1994978-0-8024-9238-8Larry BurkettThe Word On Finances
1995978-0-8024-9239-5Michael Scott HortonWhere in the World is the Church; A Christian View of Culture andYour Role in It
1992978-0-8024-9265-4Robert L. ThomasRevelation 1-7 Exegetical Commentary (Wycliffe Exegetical Commentary)
1995978-0-8024-9267-8Robert L. ThomasRevelation 8-22 Exegetical Commentary (Wycliffe Exegetical Commentary)
1997978-0-8024-9348-4Richard R. Dunn · Mark H. Senter III · Marta Elena Alvarado · Gwyn Belden Baker · Scott Benson · Dewey Bertolini · Wesley Black · Paul BorthwickReaching a Generation for Christ: A Comprehensive Guide to Youth Ministry
1991978-0-8024-9414-6Irvine RobertsonWhat The Cults Believe
  ''978-0-8024-9418-4Merrill F. UngerWhat Demons Can Do to Saints
1974978-0-8024-9496-2Marjorie A. CollinsWho Cares About the Missionary?
2007978-0-8024-9538-9Howard G. Hendricks · William D. HendricksLiving By the Book Workbook: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible
1973978-0-8024-9561-7J. Herbert KaneWinds of change in the Christian mission
1980978-0-8024-9562-4F. Deauville WalkerWilliam Carey
1990978-0-8024-9695-9Charles Pfeiffer · Everett HarrisonThe Wycliffe Bible Commentary
1975978-0-8024-9697-3Charles F. Pfieffer · John Rhea · Howard F. VosThe Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia (2 Volume Set)
1982978-0-8024-9842-7Moishe RosenY'shua: The Jewish Way to Say Jesus
2006978-0-8024-9843-4John MacArthurThe MacArthur New Testament Commentary (31 Volume Set)
  ''978-0-8024-9861-8Tia McCollorsZora's Cry
2008978-0-8024-9862-5Tia McCollorsThe Truth About Love
2009978-0-8024-9863-2   ''The Last Woman Standing
2007978-0-8024-9911-0DiAnn MillsWhen the Nile Runs Red