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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-8019-0010-5Lynn C, etc. DennyHandbook of Butane-propane Gases
1973978-0-8019-0098-3Daniel RhodesStoneware and Porcelain
1959978-0-8019-0147-8Harold T. GlennAutomobile Power Accessories
1967978-0-8019-0161-4Robert D BuckleyA basic guide to lettering,
1953978-0-8019-0162-1John B. KennyCeramic Sculpture: Methods and Processes
1949978-0-8019-0163-8John B. KennyThe Complete Book of Pottery Making
1957978-0-8019-0165-2Daniel RhodesClay and Glazes for the Potter
1983978-0-8019-0166-9Oppi UntrachtEnamelling on Metal
1975978-0-8019-0187-4Lloyd GoodrichEdward Hopper
1977978-0-8019-0369-4Frank EliscuSculpture: Techniques in Clay, Wax, Slate
1965978-0-8019-0370-0Bernard. GuthBe Your Own Television Repairman: How to Repair Your Own Transistor Portables.
1971978-0-8019-0430-1Lelande QuickGemcraft How to Cut and Polish Gemstones
1972978-0-8019-0435-6Robert Von NeumannDesign and Creation of Jewelry
2000978-0-8019-0457-8BowenHot Rod Angels
  ''978-0-8019-0465-3R. ThomasMetalsmithing for the Artist-Craftsman
1963978-0-8019-0474-5John B. KennyCeramic Design.
  ''978-0-8019-0490-5M. AllardRug Making: Techniques and Design
1962978-0-8019-0624-4Kay KinneyGlass Craft: Designing, Forming, Decorating
1972978-0-8019-0651-0Walter B. Gibson · Morris N. YoungHoudini's Fabulous Magic
1961978-0-8019-0684-8Ivan T. SandersonAbominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life: Story of Sub-humans on Five Continents from Early Ice Age to Today
1988978-0-8019-0782-1Chilton Book Company · Chilton Automotives EditorialFord Pickups, 1987-1988
1962978-0-8019-0829-3August DerlethConcord Rebel: A Life of Henry D. Thoreau
1971978-0-8019-0837-8Robert SilverbergLost Cities and Vanished Civilizations
1970978-0-8019-0900-9Harold W., Tom Allen and William Young McCormickShadows in the Sea: the Sharks, Skates and Rays
1963978-0-8019-0964-1Lelande QuickThe Book of Agates and Other Quartz Gems
1988978-0-8019-1032-6George PeperGolf In America First One Hundred Years
1971978-0-8019-1056-2Optometric Practice Management
2000978-0-8019-1058-6Glenn HtGlenn's Auto Troubleshooting Guide
  ''978-0-8019-1118-7PorgesEdgar Allan Poe
1970978-0-8019-1234-4Charles H HapgoodThe Path of the Pole
1964978-0-8019-1245-0Sidney WeintraubIntermediate Price Theory
1963978-0-8019-1277-1Daniel J. FoleyChristmas the World Over: How the Season of Joy and Goodwill is Observed and Enjoyed by Peoples here and Everywhere
1970978-0-8019-1278-8Ivan T SandersonMonkey Kingdom: An Introduction to the Primates
1964978-0-8019-1307-5Joe BrennanFrog-suited Fighters
1969978-0-8019-1319-8William Peirce RandelThe Ku Klux Klan: A Century of Infamy
1971978-0-8019-1344-0Harold T GlennFiat Repair and Tune-up Guide
  ''978-0-8019-1346-4   ''Renault Repair and Tune-up Guide
2000978-0-8019-1367-9McCartTrial by Jury: a Complete Guide to the Jury System
1973978-0-8019-1378-5Bernard WilliamsTest yourself!: A handbook of self-analysis, based on modern psychology
1964978-0-8019-1398-3Fayne PORTEROur Indian Heritage
2000978-0-8019-1407-2V.H. GaddisInvisible Horizons True Mysteries of the Sea
1964978-0-8019-1410-2J EptingOphthalmic Mechanics and Dispensing
978-0-8019-1433-1Harold GlennGlenns Triumph Repair and Tuneup
1965978-0-8019-1434-8Harold T. GlennGlenn's Volvo Repair and Tune Up Guide
1970978-0-8019-1673-1Sidney WeintraubKeynesian Theory of Employment Growth and Income Distribution
2007978-0-8019-2805-5Contiki ToursContiki Vacations for 18-35 Year Olds: USA & Canada 07-08: $1 Million Ustoa Travelers Assistance Program
2011978-0-8019-3980-8The Biochar Debate: Charcoal's Potential to Reverse Climate Change and Build Soil Fertility (Schumacher Briefings)
1996978-0-8019-3982-2Air Pollution: Its Origin and Control 3th (third) Edition
1997978-0-8019-3984-6Bram StokerDracula [Unabridged]
2000978-0-8019-3985-3Dracula 3th (third) Edition
1994978-0-8019-3987-7The Scarlet Letter 3th (third) Edition
1965978-0-8019-5001-8D. J. FoleyGardening by the Sea
1971978-0-8019-5043-8Chilton's Repair and Tune-Up Guide for the MG: MGB, MGC, MG Midget, MG 1100, Austin America, Sprite (Mk. IV/Midget Mk. III), Identifcation, Specifications- Illustrated Plus 7-Color Peel-Away Insert.
1966978-0-8019-5069-8Kent WilcoxsonChains of Fire: The Story of Volcanoes
1965978-0-8019-5074-2Morse PeckhamMan's Rage for Chaos: Biology, Behavior and the Arts
1965978-0-8019-5077-3Frank HerbertDune
1971978-0-8019-5082-7Harold T. GlennForeign Car Repair Manual
  ''978-0-8019-5083-4Harold T GlennJaguar Repair and Tune-up Guide
  ''978-0-8019-5084-1Harold T. GlennMercedes-Benz Repair and Tune-up Guide
  ''978-0-8019-5085-8Harold T GlennSunbeam Hillman Repair and Tune-up Guide
1965978-0-8019-5088-9Frank W LaneThe Elements Rage: The Extremes of Natural Violence
1966978-0-8019-5089-6Charles H. HapgoodMaps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age
  ''978-0-8019-5096-4Charles FraceLast Chance on Earth: A Requiem for Wildlife
1970978-0-8019-5097-1Milton ViorstGreat Documents of Western Civilization
1971978-0-8019-5108-4Harold T. GlennAlfa Romeo Repair and Tune-up Guide
1972978-0-8019-5119-0S Howard BartleyHuman Organism as a Person (Principles of optometry)
1970978-0-8019-5121-3Merrill J AllenVision and highway safety (Principles of optometry series)
1970978-0-8019-5122-0Max SchaperoDictionary of Visual Science
1969978-0-8019-5126-8Rosemary SpragueGeorge Eliot: A Biography
1980978-0-8019-5132-9Kin PlattSinbad and Me
2000978-0-8019-5147-3GlennGlenn's Auto Repair Manual 1967
1971978-0-8019-5153-4Ocee RitchMotorcycle Troubleshooting Guide
1966978-0-8019-5154-1Ocee RitchChilton's Honda Repair and Tune-Up Guide.
1967978-0-8019-5155-8   ''Chilton's Yamaha Repair and Tune-up Guide: Performance & Mechanical Specifications, Scramblers, Racers
1970978-0-8019-5156-5   ''Suzuki Repair and Tune-up Guide
1966978-0-8019-5184-8Walter B., LarewAutomatic Transmissions
1970978-0-8019-5185-5Glenn FryGeometrical Optics
  ''978-0-8019-5194-7Seon and Robert ManleyIslands: Their Lives, Legends, and Lore (First Edition with Dust Jacket, Very good)
1969978-0-8019-5201-2Jeanne G. and Donald Treganowan WeeksRugs and Carpets: of Europe and the Western World
1966978-0-8019-5203-6E. B. WestonAutomobile Engineering Drawing for Technical Student
1967978-0-8019-5204-3Adrian A. ParadisThe Hungry Years: The Story of the Great American Depression
1970978-0-8019-5208-1Joseph H WherryAutomobiles of the World
1967978-0-8019-5209-8Herbert LozierThe car of kings: The Mercedes 'K' and 'S'
  ''978-0-8019-5220-3Joseph H. WherryThe Alfa Romeo story
1968978-0-8019-5221-0Charlotte EricksonFreezer Cook Book
1967978-0-8019-5224-1W. B. LarewCarburetors and Carburetion
  ''978-0-8019-5230-2Harold T. GlennAutomobile Engine Rebuilding and Maintenance
1970978-0-8019-5235-7Deric ReginCulture and the Crowd: A Cultural History of the Proletarian Era
1969978-0-8019-5236-4I. P. FildermanContact Lens Practice and Patient Management
1968978-0-8019-5239-5Randolph R. BarrThe Automobile Electrical System
  ''978-0-8019-5241-8Leo G. SandsElectronics Handbook for the Electrician
1970978-0-8019-5242-5Leo G Sands · G Geoffrey TelletVery High Frequency-Frequency Modulated Marine Radio
1970978-0-8019-5243-2Fred M Link · Leo G SandsPortable FM Radiotelephones
  ''978-0-8019-5245-6Ocee RitchTriumph Motor Cycle Repair and Tune-up Guide
2000978-0-8019-5246-3Ritch OChilton's Harley-Davidson Repair and Tune-Up Guide
1970978-0-8019-5247-0Ocee RitchItalian Motorcycle Repair and Tune-up Guide
  ''978-0-8019-5249-4   ''Japanese Motorcycle Repair and Tune-up Guide
1971978-0-8019-5250-0Rudi BleshCombo U.S.A.
1967978-0-8019-5251-7Herbert LozierModel Making.
1971978-0-8019-5256-2Les BarryGetting Started in Photography
1989978-0-8019-5258-6Robert W. Swedberg · Harriet W. SwedbergAmerican Clocks and Clockmakers
1969978-0-8019-5263-0Elsdon Coles SmithAmerican Surnames
1970978-0-8019-5265-4Inge DeutschkronBonn and Jerusalem;: The strange coalition
  ''978-0-8019-5266-1Mary Stetson ClarkePioneer Iron Works
1968978-0-8019-5269-2Kin PlattBoy Who Could Make Himself Disappear
1967978-0-8019-5292-0Charles Reginald JacksonHow to Buy a Used Car
  ''978-0-8019-5294-4Harriet Janis · Rudi BleshCollage: Personalities, Concepts and Techniques
1967978-0-8019-5300-2David EwenLeonard Bernstein; A Biography for Young People.
1968978-0-8019-5301-9Walter B., LarewIgnition Systems
1970978-0-8019-5303-3Ocee RitchBSA Motor Cycle Repair and Tune-up Guide
  ''978-0-8019-5305-7Wellington LongNew Nazis of Germany
1968978-0-8019-5308-8Ronald M. WeiersLicensed to Kill: The Incompetent American Motorist and How He Got That Way
1970978-0-8019-5310-1Melvin T. RichertHow to Control Auto Body Sheet Metals
  ''978-0-8019-5311-8Will HenryMaheo's Children: The Legend of Little Dried River
1989978-0-8019-5312-5Alan Petretti · Allan PetrettiPetretti's Coca Cola Collecting
1968978-0-8019-5313-2Stanley RichardsBest Short Plays, 1968
1970978-0-8019-5314-9Michael R. CzinkotaHow to Select, Install and Service Air Conditioners
  ''978-0-8019-5315-6Arthur C AnsleyManufacturing Methods and Processes
  ''978-0-8019-5316-3Howard JarmyMechanical Designs of Small Precision Mechanisms
1973978-0-8019-5318-7Carla. KennyThe Art of Paper MAchE
1968978-0-8019-5319-4Winthrop Neilson · Frances NeilsonSeven Women: Great Painters
1957978-0-8019-5320-0Monroe J Hirsch · Ralph E WickOptometric Profession
1968978-0-8019-5322-4Kin PlattBoy Who Could Make Himself Disappear
1970978-0-8019-5337-8John Milton · Marvin L. GaskillRepair and Tune-up Guide for the Porsche
1968978-0-8019-5338-5John Milton · Walter KominikChilton's Repair and Tune-up Guide for the Datsun
1971978-0-8019-5339-2Jeffrey W. HallingerRepair and Tune-up Guide for the Toyota
1970978-0-8019-5340-8Robert W PrehodaSuspended Animation: The Research Possibility That May Allow Man to Conquer the Limiting Chains of Time
1968978-0-8019-5344-6Emil E. BrodbeckMovie and Videotape Special Effects
1968978-0-8019-5350-7Frederic. SchulerFlameworking: Glassmaking for the Craftsman.
1970978-0-8019-5352-1Ocee RitchMustang Repair and Tune-up Guide
  ''978-0-8019-5355-2Steven E SummerElectronic Sensing Controls
  ''978-0-8019-5356-9Charles J VlahosFundamentals of Numerical Control
1981978-0-8019-5358-3Daniel RhodesKilns: Design, Construction, & Operation.
1968978-0-8019-5360-6David, EwenThe Story of America's Musical Theater.
1970978-0-8019-5361-3Bill AdlerIsrael: A Reader
  ''978-0-8019-5362-0Seon ManleyIslands: their lives, legends, and lore
1969978-0-8019-5364-4Raymond C. GuntherRefrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Cold Storage: Principles and Applications
1970978-0-8019-5365-1John F BuddExecutive's Primer on Public Relations
  ''978-0-8019-5373-6ChiltonVolkswagen All Types and Models
1970978-0-8019-5374-3James R GreggHow to Communicate in Optometric Practice
1968978-0-8019-5375-0Ann Roe RobbinsSeven Ingredients Cook Book
1970978-0-8019-5379-8Jack Berens · Stephen BerensUnderstanding and Troubleshooting Solid-state Electronic Equipment
  ''978-0-8019-5381-1Alex UlmannSebring Story (Sebring S)
1968978-0-8019-5383-5Walter B., LarewFluid Clutches and Torque Converters
1970978-0-8019-5385-9Repair and Tune-up Guide for the Opel
  ''978-0-8019-5395-8Repair and Tune-up Guide for the Volvo
  ''978-0-8019-5397-2Tad BurnessCars of the Early Twenties
1969978-0-8019-5399-6Ray Grant. ToepferThe Beat of a Distant Drum.
1970978-0-8019-5403-0John Milton · Ronald M. WeiersRepair and Tune-up Guide for the M. G.
1969978-0-8019-5404-7Adrian A. ParadisTwo Hundred Million Miles a Day.
1970978-0-8019-5406-1Louis O FosterUnderstanding Financial Statements and Corporate Annual Reports
1969978-0-8019-5408-5Rosemary SpragueImaginary Gardens: A Study of Five American Poets
1970978-0-8019-5409-2Mable MillerMichael Faraday and the Dynamo
1969978-0-8019-5412-2Ted. Falcon-BarkerShark Cage Under the Red Sea.
1971978-0-8019-5413-9Fred E. Inbau · Marvin E. AspenCriminal Law for the Police
1972978-0-8019-5414-6Fred Edward InbauEvidence law for the police (Inbau law enforcement series)
1970978-0-8019-5415-3Fred and Marvin Aspen InbauCRIMINAL LAW FOR THE LAYMAN
1972978-0-8019-5417-7Fred E. Inbau · etc.Scientific Police Investigation (Inbau law enforcement series)
1969978-0-8019-5419-1Andre A. MoenssensFingerprints And The Law
  ''978-0-8019-5424-5Stanley RichardsBest Short Plays, 1969
1970978-0-8019-5425-2Paul A, etc. . MurphyAuto Repair Manual
1968978-0-8019-5428-3Wayne FloydHow to Retouch & Spot Negatives & Prints
1971978-0-8019-5436-8Harold F GuillandEarly American folk pottery
1982978-0-8019-5441-2Paul OliverThe Story of the Blues
1969978-0-8019-5444-3Brian Richard. BoylanThe New Heart.
1969978-0-8019-5445-0Thelma R. NewmanPlastics As an Art Form
1971978-0-8019-5451-1Jay Elihu GreeneSchool personnel administration
1969978-0-8019-5460-3Robert L. SargentAutomobile Sheet Metal Repair
  ''978-0-8019-5463-4Frank EliscuDirect Wax Sculpture
  ''978-0-8019-5464-1Chilton Book Company. Automotive Editorial Dept.Chilton's Repair and Tune-Up Guide: Jaguar
1971978-0-8019-5465-8ChiltonRepair & Tune Up Guide Peugeot
1969978-0-8019-5466-5Ocee. RitchChilton's Motorcycle Carburetion Systems.
1969978-0-8019-5467-2Ocee. RitchChilton's Motorcycle Electrical Systems.
1970978-0-8019-5469-6John MiltonRepair and Tune-up Guide for the Renault
  ''978-0-8019-5472-6Tyler WhittleThe plant hunters: Being an examination of collecting, with an account of the careers & the methods of a number of those who have searched the world for wild plants
1969978-0-8019-5484-9Kin PlattMystery of the Witch Who Wouldn't
  ''978-0-8019-5487-0David, EwenDavid Ewen Introduces Modern Music: A History and Appreciation--From Wagner to the Avant-Garde.
1970978-0-8019-5488-7Dorothy Valentine SmithStaten Island; gateway to New York
  ''978-0-8019-5495-5Steven S. BatesFundamentals for the Optometric Assistant
1971978-0-8019-5496-2Ronald M WeiersRepair and Tune-up Guide for the Austin Healey
1970978-0-8019-5497-9John MiltonRepair and Tune-up Guide for the Sunbeam Hillman
1969978-0-8019-5498-6Louis William SteinwedelThe Mercedes-Benz Story [Chilton's Sebring Series]
1971978-0-8019-5499-3Darrell B. CarterInterdisciplinary Approach to Learning Disorders
1979978-0-8019-5501-3Grammar for Journalists
1970978-0-8019-5502-0Bela G. LiptakInstrument Engineers' Handbook
  ''978-0-8019-5507-5Richard CrabbBirth of a Giant: The Men and Incidents that Gave America the Motorcar
1971978-0-8019-5508-2Olaf A JohnsonDesign of machine tools,
1969978-0-8019-5509-9Robert. LaskowBright Future Careers With Computers
1970978-0-8019-5512-9Marthe GrossThe Possible Dream: Ten Who Dared
1969978-0-8019-5514-3Frances CavanahJenny Lind's America
1969978-0-8019-5516-7k kutschA Concise Biographical Dictionary of Singers; From the Beginning of Recorded Sound to the Present
1970978-0-8019-5519-8Bela G LiptakInstrument Engineers' Handbook, Vol.2: Process Control
  ''978-0-8019-5520-4ChiltonChiltons American Cars Vw 1970
  ''978-0-8019-5524-2Stanley RichardsBest Short Plays, 1970
  ''978-0-8019-5525-9Allen AndrewsThe royal whore, Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine
1971978-0-8019-5526-6Raymond C GuntherLubrication
  ''978-0-8019-5527-3Andre A. MoenssensFingerprint Techniques (Inbau law enforcement series)
1970978-0-8019-5528-0Adrian A ParadisThe economics reference book
1970978-0-8019-5529-7Adrian A. ParadisThe Economics Reference Book
  ''978-0-8019-5530-3Wilbert H SteinkampHow to sell and market industrial products,