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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-7972-0003-6R C. Doenges · W D. HammanAdequacy of machinery investment allowance
  ''978-0-7972-0004-3Arminius ArcherThe Relevance of Inflation-Adjusted Income Figures for Share Investment Decisions (Occasional paper)
1983978-0-7972-0008-1Urban-rural interaction in South Africa
  ''978-0-7972-0009-8Die Presidentsraad en plaaslike regering =: The President's Council and local government (Afrikaans Edition)
  ''978-0-7972-0010-4C. M EliasAn historical review of the supply of housing for urban Africans in the Cape Peninsula 1900-1982 (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
  ''978-0-7972-0011-1Frederik Jacobus Van ZylUniversele opvolging in die Suid-Afrikaanse erfreg (Annale / Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Reeks B) (Afrikaans Edition)
1983978-0-7972-0012-8Die Rol van die universiteit in nie-formele voortgesette, gemeenskaps- en volwassene-onderwys =: The role of the university in non-formal continuing, community, and adult education (Afrikaans Edition)
  ''978-0-7972-0020-3National atlas of South West Africa (Namibia) =: Nasionale atlas van Suidwes-Afrika (Namibië)
  ''978-0-7972-0021-0J.F. HumanA realistic industrial strategy for South Africa
1984978-0-7972-0022-7Theo HefferTrade unions: Threat or challenge? (Occasional paper)
1982978-0-7972-0023-4Marius Johannes De WaalDie moontlikheid van besitsherstel as wesenselement vir die aanwending van die mandament van spolie (Annale / Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Reeks B) (Afrikaans Edition)
1984978-0-7972-0029-6E DostalThe future of South Africa: A survey among leaders of the major South African institutions (Occasional paper)
  ''978-0-7972-0042-5   ''Future perspectives on South African education (Business series)
1985978-0-7972-0046-3J Du PreezBesprinkeling as doopvorm?: ʼn studie oor die modus van die sakrament van die Christelike doop (Annale / Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Reeks B) (Afrikaans Edition)
1986978-0-7972-0058-6C. J GroenewaldGemeenskapsontwikkeling op plase in die Wes-Kaap (Geleentheidspublikasie) (Afrikaans Edition)
  ''978-0-7972-0060-9J. A GrobbelaarThe aging of the South African population: Implications for business (Business series)
1986978-0-7972-0061-6Strategies for the future of South Africa (Business series)
  ''978-0-7972-0063-0Long-term economic growth and inflation in South Africa (Business series)
  ''978-0-7972-0064-7Servaas Van der BergForecasts of inter-racial income distribution to the year 2000 (Business series)
  ''978-0-7972-0065-4S. P CilliersPatterns of migration and settlement in rural South Africa (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
  ''978-0-7972-0069-2H. L ZietsmanPopulation census atlas of South Africa =: Bevolkingsensusatlas van Suid-Afrika (Publikasie)
1986978-0-7972-0083-8J. F. de V GraaffThe present state of urbanisation in the South African homelands and some future scenarios (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
  ''978-0-7972-0094-4University of StellenboschJaarboek 1987
  ''978-0-7972-0110-1Ou hoofgebou, ʼn eeu oud (Afrikaans Edition)
1987978-0-7972-0112-5Philip NelDie USSR en suidelike Afrika: Aspekte van beleid (Navorsingsverslag) (Afrikaans Edition)
  ''978-0-7972-0119-4Perspectives on the political future of South Africa (Business series)
  ''978-0-7972-0139-2J LeverTowards a deracialised labour force: Industrial relations and the abolition of the job colour bar on the South African gold mines (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
1987978-0-7972-0159-0L. A HillAn overview of the South African financial services with special reference to the banking sector (Business series)
  ''978-0-7972-0160-6Andre WesselsAn overview of the AIDS disease (Business series)
1988978-0-7972-0201-6Gemeenskapsverhoudinge en verhoudingsorganisasies in die Wes-Kaap: 'n ondersoek deur die Studiegroep vir die Bevordering van Gesonde Gemeenskapsverhoudinge (Afrikaans Edition)
1989978-0-7972-0215-3Cecile Le RouxSpil Plus 13: On the Interface of Morphology and Syntax
  ''978-0-7972-0234-4E DostalThe long-term future of education in South Africa (Occasional paper ; no. 15)
  ''978-0-7972-0235-1W. J BreytenbachThe ANC: Future prognosis (Socio-political environment)
  ''978-0-7972-0236-8S. P CilliersManaging rapid urbanisation (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
1989978-0-7972-0250-4Into Africa: Afrikaners in Africa reflect on "coming home"
1990978-0-7972-0263-4Theuns EloffGovernment, justice, and race classification
  ''978-0-7972-0265-8The Option for inclusive democracy: A theological-ethical study of appropriate social values for South Africa
  ''978-0-7972-0268-9Friedrich Albert PonelisHistoriese klankleer van Afrikaans (Annale / Universiteit van Stellenbosch) (Afrikaans Edition)
  ''978-0-7972-0271-9J. F. de V GraaffFarm schools in the western Cape: A sociological analysis (Occasional paper)
  ''978-0-7972-0273-3Jeremy SeekingsSurvey of residential and migration histories of residents of the shack areas of Khayelitsha (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
1990978-0-7972-0300-6Afrikaners tussen die tye (Afrikaans Edition)
  ''978-0-7972-0310-5J. A GrobbelaarForecasts of the South African population for the period, 1985-2020 (Occasional paper. Business series)
1991978-0-7972-0328-0H. L ZietsmanGeographical information systems and their applicability to metropolitan regional authorities: The Western Cape Regional Services Council (Publication ... Analysis, University of Stellenbosch)
  ''978-0-7972-0350-1The contribution of technology to long-term economic welfare in South Africa (Business series)
1992978-0-7972-0361-7Jeremy SeekingsSouth Africa's townships 1980-1991: An annotated bibliography (Occasional paper / University of Stellenbosch. Dept. of Sociology)
  ''978-0-7972-0389-1Rolf JeltschBarriers to the accuracy of explicit three-time-level difference schemes for hyperbolic equations (Annale)
  ''978-0-7972-0410-2Genetic engineering in ethical perspective
1992978-0-7972-0411-9Philip NelFear, norms, and leadership: Lessons from Yugoslavia (Research report)
  ''978-0-7972-0423-2H. J KotzeTransitional politics in South Africa: Attitudes of opinion-leaders (Research report)
1993978-0-7972-0424-9P. van der P Du ToitCivil society, democracy and state-building in South Africa (Research report)
  ''978-0-7972-0428-7Mission report: Public administration in eastern and southern Africa
1992978-0-7972-0429-4Health care as human right
1993978-0-7972-0449-2Prof. M. J. de Vries (Afrikaans Edition)
1995978-0-7972-0470-6Meyer : Theron : Van Rooyen [editors]Public and development management
1993978-0-7972-0471-3A negotiated democracy in South Africa?: A survey of attitudes towards political, economic, and social transformation (Research report)
1994978-0-7972-0472-0W. J BreytenbachBargaining in northsouth politics: Policy options for a "new South Africa" (Research report)
  ''978-0-7972-0473-7Public administration in post-apartheid South Africa: Papers presented at the 3rd Winelands Conference held at the University of Stellenbosh, 1991
  ''978-0-7972-0503-1Liezl L Van ZylGeregtigheid en gesondheidsorg: 'n filosfies-etiese beoordeling van teorieë oor distributiewe geregtigheid, met spesiale verwysing na die ... van Stellenbosch) (Afrikaans Edition)
1994978-0-7972-0509-3Janis Van der WesthuizenPolitical science in South Africa: A biographical directory
  ''978-0-7972-0513-0The political economy of South Africa's relations with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank: Papers presented at a workshop
  ''978-0-7972-0515-4I. J Van der MerweLanguage in South Africa: Distribution and change
1995978-0-7972-0537-6Rudolf P BothaThe world of language: A Carrollinian canvas (SPIL)
  ''978-0-7972-0541-3The importance of children's participation in physical and sporting activities: Proceedings of 7th International Rainbow Week Symposium, 3-10 December 1995, Cape Town, South Africa
1996978-0-7972-0547-5Parliamentary dynamics: Understanding political life in the South African parliament: papers presented at a conference ...held at the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town, during August 1995
  ''978-0-7972-0555-0B. B HaldenwangForecasts of the [name of province, South Africa] population, 1991-2026 (Occasional paper)
1996978-0-7972-0563-5Challenges in change
  ''978-0-7972-0616-8Land reform in the Western Cape: What is it for? how will it happen? (Occasional paper)
  ''978-0-7972-0619-9S. B BekkerCulture and development in South Africa: A case study addressing tenure and common property systems in the Durban functional region (Occasional paper / Department of Sociology)
1997978-0-7972-0671-7Albert Van ZylFinancing the provinces in South Africa (Occasional papers)
1999978-0-7972-0732-5J. A HeeseSuid-Afrikaanse geslagregisters =: South African genealogies
  ''978-0-7972-0773-8S. B BekkerA strategic social analysis of the South African wine industry (Occasional paper)
2000978-0-7972-0775-2Francois Theron · Ervin SchwellaThe State of Public and Development Management in South Africa
  ''978-0-7972-0777-6Pedro W CrousPhytopathogenic fungi from South Africa
2000978-0-7972-0785-1James R. AdairInductive Method for Reconstructing t Illustrated by an Analysis of 1 Samuel 3
  ''978-0-7972-0786-8Good governance for people: Policy and management
  ''978-0-7972-0827-8J. JacobsInvestigating High School Curricula Regarding Land Reform and Associated Environmental Issues: Grade 9 as a Cape Town Pilot Study
  ''978-0-7972-0831-5Proceedings of a Graduate Workshop on Internal Migration: Department of Sociology, University of Stellenbosch, 17 and 18 November 2000 (Occasional paper)
2002978-0-7972-0887-2Frank and Galen Marquis PolakA Classified Index of the Minuses of the Septuagint Pt. 2: The Pentateuch (CATSS Basic Tools 5)
2001978-0-7972-0893-3C VenterDie invloed van die Anglo-Boereoorlog (1899-1902) op die Stellenbosse gemeenskap (Universiteit Stellenbosch, Annale)
2004978-0-7972-1021-9Die Brink-Familie Van Suid-Afrika: N Geslagregister Van 1737 Tot Die Hede

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