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2009978-0-7945-2462-3Fiona Watt · Rebecca Gilpin · Leonie Pratt · Anna Milbourne · Ruth Brocklehurst · Stephanie Turnbull · Ben Denne50 Things to Make and Do
  ''978-0-7945-2463-0Fiona Watt · Rebecca Gilpin · Anna Milbourne · Rosie Dickins · Ruth Brocklehurst50 Things to Draw and Paint (50 Things to Make and Do)
  ''978-0-7945-2464-7Fiona Watt · Rebecca Gilpin · Leonie Pratt · Anna Milbourne · Ruth Brocklehurst · Ben Denne50 Rainy Day Activities (50 Things to Make and Do)
  ''978-0-7945-2469-2Anna Claybourne · Gillian Doherty · Rebecca TreaysThe Usborne Encyclopedia of Planet Earth
  ''978-0-7945-2475-3Jessica GreenwellAnimal Sticker Book (Sticker Books)
2009978-0-7945-2478-4Anne Millard · Patricia VanagsThe Usborne Book of World History
2010978-0-7945-2479-1Jo LitchfieldAnimals (Usborne Very First Words)
2009978-0-7945-2485-2Heather AmeryFirst Hundred Words In English
  ''978-0-7945-2489-0Sarah Courtauld · Katie DaviesThe Usborne Art Sticker Book
  ''978-0-7945-2490-6Catriona ClarkeReptiles (Usborne Beginners: Level 2)
  ''978-0-7945-2493-7Emma Helbrough1001 Bugs to Spot (1001 Things to Spot)
  ''978-0-7945-2501-9Jessica GreenwellShapes (Sticker Books)
2009978-0-7945-2502-6Sarah CourtauldOwls (Usborne First Reading: Level 4)
  ''978-0-7945-2505-7Fiona WattThat's Not My Frog... (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2506-4Jessica Greenwell · Cecilia Johansson · Hanri Van Wyk · Francesca AllenAnimal Coloring Book (Sticker Coloring Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2507-1Emily BoneShips (Usborne Beginners: Level 2)
  ''978-0-7945-2511-8Fiona WattThat's Not My Puppy: Its Coat Is Too Hairy (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
2009978-0-7945-2512-5Jessica GreenwellFarm Coloring Book (Sticker Coloring Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2514-9Anna Milbourne1001 Things to Spot in the Town
  ''978-0-7945-2517-0Lee Wildish · Barry GibsonNoisy Zoo (Busy Sounds Board Book)
  ''978-0-7945-2519-4Lucy BowmanSticker Dolly Dressing Bridesmaids
  ''978-0-7945-2525-5Lesley Sims · Laure FournierHow Zebras Got Their Stripes (Usborne First Reading: Level 2)
2009978-0-7945-2527-9Kirsteen Rogers · Laura Howell · Alastair Smith · Phillip Clarke · Corinne HendersonThe Usborne Science Encyclopedia
2011978-0-7945-2529-3Michelle BatesThe Midnight Horse (Sandy Lane Stables)
2009978-0-7945-2530-9Michelle BatesHorse in Danger (Sandy Lane Stables)
  ''978-0-7945-2534-7Gillian DohertyWind-Up Plane Book
2010978-0-7945-2537-8Susannah LeighDream Pony (Sandy Lane Stables)
  ''978-0-7945-2539-2Michelle BatesA Horse for the Summer (Sandy Lane Stables)
2009978-0-7945-2541-5Megan CullisBats (Usborne Beginners Nature)
  ''978-0-7945-2542-2Rosie DickensThe Usborne Book of Famous Paintings
2010978-0-7945-2544-6Fiona WattPolar Bears (Usborne Touchy-feely Board Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2547-7Lucy Bowman · Louie StowellSticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Long Ago
2010978-0-7945-2550-7Fiona WattMonster Doodles
  ''978-0-7945-2554-5Rob Lloyd JonesFlip Flap Cars (Flip Flap Board Books)
2011978-0-7945-2557-6Alex FrithSubmarines (Discovery)
2010978-0-7945-2576-7Jessica GreenwellUnder the Sea (Usborne Lift and Look Board Books)
2009978-0-7945-2581-1Emily BonePenguins (Usborne Beginners)
2010978-0-7945-2586-6Fiona WattPenguins (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
2009978-0-7945-2587-3Susanna DavidsonThe Princess and the Pea
  ''978-0-7945-2589-7Russell PunterStories of Mermaids (Usborne Young Reading)
2010978-0-7945-2592-7Anne CivardiGoing to the Dentist (Usborne First Experiences)
  ''978-0-7945-2603-0Fiona WattThat's Not My Baby (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
2009978-0-7945-2611-5Gillian Doherty1001 Things to Spot on the Farm
2010978-0-7945-2612-2Jessica GreenwellFarm Animals (Lift and Look Board Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2613-9Usborne Publishing LtdThings That Move (Usborne Very First Words)
2009978-0-7945-2615-3Katie Daynes1001 Things to Spot in the Sea
2010978-0-7945-2626-9Lisa MilesThe Usborne Book of Astronomy and Space
2010978-0-7945-2628-3Mary Sebag-montefiore · Barry AblettUsborne Illustrated Stories from Dickens
2009978-0-7945-2629-0Kirsteen Rogers · Laura Howell · Alastair Smith · Phillip Clarke · Corinne HendersonThe Usborne Science Encyclopedia (Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia)
2010978-0-7945-2633-7Helen Davies · Francoise HolmesFrench Dictionary for Beginners (Usborne Beginners Dictionaries)
2011978-0-7945-2642-9Fiona WattThe Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas
2009978-0-7945-2645-0Felicity ParkerBig Machines to Spot (Usborne Spotter's Cards)
2010978-0-7945-2647-4Stella BaggottBaby's Very First Touchy-Feely Book (Usborne Touchy-Feely Board Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2653-5Stella Baggott · Barry GibsonBaby's Very First Noisy Book (Usborne Baby's Very First)
  ''978-0-7945-2657-3Paul NichollsWind-Up Race Cars (Usborne Wind-Up Books)
2011978-0-7945-2658-0Jessica GreenwellUsborne First Sticker Book Christmas (First Sticker Books)
2010978-0-7945-2660-3Fiona Watt · Rosalinde BonnetSing-Along Christmas Carols (Baby Board Books with CD)
  ''978-0-7945-2664-1Sam Taplin50 Optical Illusions (Usborne Activity Cards)
  ''978-0-7945-2669-6Felicity BrooksPlanes (Usborne Lift and Look)
2011978-0-7945-2670-2Edc Publishing50 Things to Spot at the Airport (Usborne Spotter's Cards)
2010978-0-7945-2673-3Sam TaplinThe Usborne Book of Little Stories for Bedtime
2010978-0-7945-2674-0Louie Stowell · Eva MuszynskiBrer Rabbit Down the Well (Usborne First Reading: Level 2)
  ''978-0-7945-2675-7Emily Bone · Leonie PrattRecycling Things to Make and Do (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-2682-5Russell Punter · David SempleThere Was a Crooked Man (Usborne First Reading: Level 2)
  ''978-0-7945-2683-2Heather AmeryStories from Around the World
  ''978-0-7945-2687-0Sam Chandler · Caroline Spatz · Anna LuraschiUsborne Illustrated Stories for Christmas
2011978-0-7945-2688-7Jane Bingham · Fiona Chandler · Sam TaplinThe Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (With Internet Links)
2010978-0-7945-2692-4Caroline YoungGreat Animal Search (Great Searches)
2010978-0-7945-2693-1Dan CrispAirport (Usborne Sticker Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2694-8Jessica GreenwellBuilding Sites (Usborne Sticker Book)
  ''978-0-7945-2697-9Candice Whatmore · Rachel WellsUsborne My First Christmas Coloring Book (Sticker Coloring Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2698-6Gillian Doherty · Anna Claybourne · Susanna DavidsonThe Usborne Geography Encyclopedia: With Complete World Atlas
  ''978-0-7945-2704-4Ruth Brocklehurst1001 Animals to Spot (1001 Things to Spot)
2000978-0-7945-2706-8Jane Bingham · Fiona Chandler · Sam TaplinThe Last 500 Years (Usborne World History)
2011978-0-7945-2707-5Fiona Watt365 Things to Draw and Paint (Activity Books)
2009978-0-7945-2708-2Stephen Cartwright · Laura HowellChristmas Sticker Storybook (Farmyard Tales)
2010978-0-7945-2709-9Usborne Publishing LtdUsborne Very First ABC
2010978-0-7945-2724-2Caroline YoungThe Big Bug Search (Great Searches)
  ''978-0-7945-2728-0Felicity BrooksConstruction Sites (Usborne Lift and Look Board Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2730-3Conrad MasonDinosaurs (Usborne First Reading: Level 3)
  ''978-0-7945-2731-0Gillian Doherty1001 Things to Spot Long Ago
  ''978-0-7945-2746-4Rosie Dickins · Mari GriffithThe Usborne Introduction to Art
2010978-0-7945-2752-5Helen Edon · Kate WoodwardScience Activities (Usborne Science Activities)
2012978-0-7945-2753-2Susan Meredith · Clare HickmanThe Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions: Internet-linked (World Cultures)
2010978-0-7945-2754-9Anthony MarksRomans: Internet Linked (Illustrated World History)
  ''978-0-7945-2758-7Sue MongredienOliver Moon and the Potion Commotion
  ''978-0-7945-2759-4Sue MongredienOliver Moon's Summer Howliday
  ''978-0-7945-2760-0   ''Happy Birthday Oliver Moon
  ''978-0-7945-2761-7Henry BrookMoby Dick (Usborne Classics Retold)
2010978-0-7945-2762-4Fiona WattThat's Not My Lion...(Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2763-1Jo LitchfieldColors (Usborne Very First)
  ''978-0-7945-2764-8Minna LaceyThe Usborne Big Book of Big Machines (Big Book of Machines)
  ''978-0-7945-2788-4Fiona WattUsborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Coloring
  ''978-0-7945-2789-1Stephanie TurnbullEssential Atlas of the World (Usborne Internet-Linked Children's World Atlas)
2010978-0-7945-2791-4Sarah KhanThe Usborne Little Book of Horses and Ponies
  ''978-0-7945-2795-2Fiona WattAnimal Doodles (Usborne Activity Cards)
  ''978-0-7945-2800-3Catherine-Anne MacKinnonEaster Stencil Cards
  ''978-0-7945-2805-8Paul DowswellFirst Encyclopedia of Space (First Encyclopedias)
  ''978-0-7945-2806-5Fiona WattTravel Doodles
2010978-0-7945-2807-2Sam TaplinTricky Words to Spell (Usborne Better English)
  ''978-0-7945-2812-6Emily BoneThe Solar System (Usborne Beginners)
  ''978-0-7945-2813-3Lisa Jane GillespieDigging Up History (Usborne Beginners)
  ''978-0-7945-2818-8Katie DaynesThe Story of Toilets, Telephones & Other Useful Inventions (Young Reading Series 1 Gift Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2819-5Fiona WattSticker Dolly Dressing Movie Stars (Usborne Activities)
2010978-0-7945-2820-1Fiona WattThat's Not My Tiger (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2826-3L. Frank BaumThe Wizard of OZ (Usborne Young Reading)
  ''978-0-7945-2827-0Tony BremnerThe Usborne Book of Knowledge
  ''978-0-7945-2831-7Stella BaggottAround the World Sticker Book (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-2833-1Fiona ChandlerThe Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
2010978-0-7945-2835-5Louie StowellWind-up Pirate Ship (Wind-up Books)
2011978-0-7945-2836-2Sam TaplinGrammar & Punctuation (Usborne Better English)
2010978-0-7945-2842-3Fiona Watt · Anna Milbourne · Rosie DickensUsborne Art Ideas Big Book of Things to Draw
  ''978-0-7945-2853-9Rosie HeywoodThe Great Dinosaur Search (Great Searches)
  ''978-0-7945-2859-1Rob Lloyd Jones · Alan MarksThe Story of Robin Hood
  ''978-0-7945-2861-4Kate NeedhamThe Great Undersea Search (Great Searches)
  ''978-0-7945-2878-2Fiona WattThat's Not My Monster
2010978-0-7945-2891-1Kate DaviesUsborne Books Sticker Dressing Knights
2011978-0-7945-2898-0Candice Whatmore · Lizzie Barber20 Christmas Cards to Color: With Envelopes
  ''978-0-7945-2899-7Kimberly GreeneMy Sister's a Pop Star
  ''978-0-7945-2900-0Kimberly GreeneFame Game and Me (My Sister's a Pop Star)
  ''978-0-7945-2901-7   ''My Life on TV (My Sister's a Pop Star)
  ''978-0-7945-2911-6Katie DaviesSticker Dressing Sports (Sticker Activity Books)
2011978-0-7945-2915-4Fiona WattPirate Sticker Book (Sticker Activity Books)
2010978-0-7945-2918-5   ''The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Coloring for Christmas (Activity Books)
2011978-0-7945-2927-7Sam TaplinZoo (Usborne First Sticker Book)
  ''978-0-7945-2931-4Fiona WattSticker Dolly Dressing Dancers
  ''978-0-7945-2941-3   ''Pull-Back Busy Bug Book
  ''978-0-7945-2948-2Anne CivardiThe Complete Book of First Experiences
2010978-0-7945-2951-2Fiona WattChristmas Sticker Book (Activity Books)
2011978-0-7945-2952-9Fiona WattChristmas Things to Draw (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-2961-1Sarah CourtauldImpressionists Sticker Book (Art)
  ''978-0-7945-2963-5Fiona WattLots of Things to Find and Color (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-2967-3Kirsteen RogersPatterns Coloring Book (Coloring Books)
  ''978-0-7945-2968-0Emily BoneSticker Dolly Dressing Around the World
2011978-0-7945-2977-2Emily BoneHelicopters
  ''978-0-7945-2980-2Edc PublishingBrain Puzzles (Usborne Activity Cards)
  ''978-0-7945-2981-9Sarah KhanMath Puzzles
  ''978-0-7945-2982-6Simon Tudhope · Sarah KhanNumber Puzzles (Activity Cards - Puzzle Cards)
  ''978-0-7945-2983-3Sarah KhanPicture Puzzles (Usborne Activity Cards)
2011978-0-7945-3000-6Felicity BrooksTake Turns, Max and Millie (Toddler Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3002-0Anna MilbourneHow Big Was a Dinosaur? (Picture Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3003-7Fiona WattSticker Dolly Dressing Sportsgirls
  ''978-0-7945-3005-1Conrad MasonSee Inside Ships (An Usborne Flap Book)
  ''978-0-7945-3006-8Sam TaplinThe Usborne Book of Sleepytime Stories (Baby Board Books)
2011978-0-7945-3009-9Louis StowellSticker Dressing Soldiers (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-3010-5Rachel WellsThat's Not My Dinosaur (That's Not My Coloring Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3011-2   ''That's Not My Farm (That's Not My Coloring Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3024-2Fiona WattFairies (Usbourne Touchy-Feely)
  ''978-0-7945-3027-3Felicity Brooks · Fiona Chandler · Phillip Clarke · Anna Claybourne · Liz DalbyThe Usborne Intenet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia (Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia)
2011978-0-7945-3034-1Fiona WattTrucks (Usborne Touchy-Feely)
  ''978-0-7945-3036-5Sue MongredienOliver Moon and the Dragon Disaster
  ''978-0-7945-3037-2   ''Oliver Moon and the Nipperbat Nightmare
  ''978-0-7945-3038-9   ''Oliver Moon and the Broomstick Battle
  ''978-0-7945-3039-6Alastair Smith · Howard Allman · Fiona JohnsonThe Usbonre Big Book of Science Experiments
2014978-0-7945-3041-9Various · Alex Frith · Louie StowellIllustrated Norse Myths (Illustrated Stories)
2011978-0-7945-3043-3Rachel FirthUsborne First Encyclopedia of Science (Internet-Linked)
2011978-0-7945-3046-4Kirsteen Rogers · Laura Howell · Alastair SmithThe Usborne Science Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-7945-3048-8Ben DenneFirst Encyclopedia of Seas & Oceans (Usborne First Encyclopedia)
2009978-0-7945-3049-5Heather Amery · Jenny Tyler · Linda EdwardsGreek Myths for Young Children
2011978-0-7945-3050-1Ray GibsonI Can Draw Animals (Playtime Series)
  ''978-0-7945-3052-5Jessica GreenwellUnder the Sea (Usborne First Sticker Book)
  ''978-0-7945-3060-0Fiona ChandlerFirst Encyclopedia of the Human Body (First Encyclopedias)
  ''978-0-7945-3068-6Felicity BrooksTime for Bed, Max and Millie (Toddler Books)
2011978-0-7945-3070-9Heather AmeryThe Little Book of Train Stories (Farmyard Tales Readers)
  ''978-0-7945-3071-6Stefano Tagnetti · Fiona WattPull-Back Busy Car Book (Pull-back Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3086-0Fiona WattThat's Not My Tractor (Usborne Touchy-feely Board Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3087-7Hazel Maskell1001 Things to Spot on Vacation
  ''978-0-7945-3092-1Fiona WattThat's Not My Dragon
2011978-0-7945-3093-8Sue MongredienOliver Moon and the Spell Off
  ''978-0-7945-3094-5   ''Oliver Moon's Fangtastic Sleepover
2011978-0-7945-3095-2Sue MongredienOliver Moon and the Monster Mystery
  ''978-0-7945-3105-8Fiona WattSticker Dolly Dressing Weddings: Royal Wedding Special Edition
  ''978-0-7945-3112-6Emily BoneTrains (Usborne Beginner's)
  ''978-0-7945-3118-8Rosalinde Bonnet · Laura Hammonds · Keith FurnivalBedtime (Very First Words)
  ''978-0-7945-3120-1Fiona WattThat's Not My Snowman... (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
2011978-0-7945-3121-8Fiona WattSports Sticker Book (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-3130-0Sam TaplinSanta First Sticker Book (Usborne First Sticker Books)
2012978-0-7945-3134-8Emily BoneSticker Dolly Dressing Costumes & Parties
2011978-0-7945-3155-3Rachel WellsThat's Not My... Coloring Book Christmas
2012978-0-7945-3165-2Kate DaviesSticker Dressing Pirates
2011978-0-7945-3178-2Fiona WattPull-Back Busy Santa Book (Pull-Back Books)
  ''978-0-7945-3184-3Kirsteen RogersThe Usborne Christmas Patterns to Color
2014978-0-7945-3236-9Lucy BowmanMarket (Usborne First Sticker Book)
2012978-0-7945-3253-6Emily BoneSticker Dolly Dressing Dream Jobs
  ''978-0-7945-3254-3Fiona WattSticker Dolly Dressing Shopping Girls (Usborne Activities)
  ''978-0-7945-3281-9Emily BoneEarthquakes and Tsunamis (Beginner's Science)
2012978-0-7945-3282-6Rob Lloyd JonesLook Inside Space (Look Inside (Usborne))
  ''978-0-7945-3303-8Fiona WattSticker Dolly Dressing Back to School
  ''978-0-7945-3313-7   ''Sticker Dolly Dressing Travel [With Sticker(s)]
2013978-0-7945-3317-5Stella BaggottBaby's Very First Noisy Nursery Rhymes (Baby's Very First Noisy Book)
  ''978-0-7945-3334-2Sam TaplinNoisy Orchestra
  ''978-0-7945-3386-1Stella BaggottBaby's Very First Touchy-Feely Lift the Flap Playbook (Baby's Very First Board Book)
2013978-0-7945-3402-8James MacLaineWolves (Usborne Beginners)