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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-7924-1194-9Shirley MacLaineDancing in the Light
1987978-0-7924-2147-4Christopher NickensBrando a Biography in Photographs
  ''978-0-7924-2164-1Edward JablonskiGershwin a Biography
1988978-0-7924-2517-5Joel NorrisSerial Killers: The Growing Menace
1987978-0-7924-4100-7Martin Katahn · Terri KatahnThe Rotation Diet Cookbook
1986978-0-7924-4108-3Peter LauritzenVenice Preserved
978-0-7924-4668-2Freaky Deaky
1991978-0-7924-4679-8Clive CusslerTreasure (Dirk Pitt Adventure)
  ''978-0-7924-4837-2William R. CorsonWidows
  ''978-0-7924-4877-8David AttenboroughAtlas of the Living World
  ''978-0-7924-4911-9Peter WydenWall: The Inside Story of Divided Berlin
1990978-0-7924-5006-1Gus WylieThe Encyclopedia of New Photography
1989978-0-7924-5010-8Douglas ManningThe Paintings of Matisse
1989978-0-7924-5013-9Jerry ScuttsSupersonic Aircraft of Usaf
  ''978-0-7924-5017-7Joe SawardThe World Atlas of Motor Racing
  ''978-0-7924-5051-1Walt Disney Productions · Ernest L. Thayer · ThayerCasey at the Bat (Walt Disney's American Classics)
  ''978-0-7924-5052-8Walt Disney ProductionsThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Walt Disney's American Classics)
  ''978-0-7924-5053-5   ''Walt Disney's Johnny Appleseed
1989978-0-7924-5054-2Walt Disney ProductionsDavy Crockett (Walt Disney's American Classics)
  ''978-0-7924-5055-9Disney StaffBrer Rabbit in the Briar Patch (Walt Disney's American Classics)
  ''978-0-7924-5056-6UnknownPaul Bunyan (Walt Disney's American Classics)
1990978-0-7924-5062-7Sally Strugnell, and Alison Jewell HannI PenroseFlavor of New England
1989978-0-7924-5065-8Takashi Kijima · Yoshio UdagawaOrchids: Wonders of Nature
1990978-0-7924-5086-3Mike McCarthyPorsche
1989978-0-7924-5087-0John S. BowmanVietnam War: Day by Day
1990978-0-7924-5107-5Ken GreenwaldThe Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Based on the Original Radio Plays by Dennis Green and Anthony Boucher
  ''978-0-7924-5132-7Michel LaclotteLarousse Dictionary of Painters
  ''978-0-7924-5170-9CassielEncyclopedia of Black Magic
1990978-0-7924-5172-3Kevin BlickLotus Esprit Turbo (Supercars)
  ''978-0-7924-5192-1Barbara RogersGalapagos: The Enchanted Isles
1991978-0-7924-5283-6Nhl Hockey the Official Book of the Game
  ''978-0-7924-5285-0The Nba Official Encyclopedia of Basketball
  ''978-0-7924-5298-0Laurie SwimQuilting (World of Crafts)
  ''978-0-7924-5310-9Michael Ian ShamosPool
2002978-0-7924-5326-0Paul MoorhouseDali (Mallard Fine Art Series)
1990978-0-7924-5328-4David LoshakMunch (Mallard Fine Art Series)
1990978-0-7924-5329-1Tim MarlowEgon Schiele (Mallard Fine Art Series)
  ''978-0-7924-5398-7Jerry D. LewisGreat Baseball Stories
  ''978-0-7924-5415-1Arthur Conan DoyleThe Original Illustrated Strand Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-0-7924-5428-1Paddy SladeEncyclopedia of White Magic
  ''978-0-7924-5444-1Klastorin and HibbinBack to the Future: Official Book
1991978-0-7924-5450-2Ron GaulartOver 50 Years of American Comic Books
1991978-0-7924-5451-9Mary Ann CopelandSoap Opera History
1990978-0-7924-5455-7Walt Disney ProductionsLittle Hiawatha (Walt Disney's American Classics)
  ''978-0-7924-5457-1   ''Pecos Bill (Walt Disney's American Classics)
1991978-0-7924-5464-9Michael CoddNative Americans: The Life and Culture
  ''978-0-7924-5514-1Peter DormerThe Illustrated Dictionary of 20th Century Designers
1992978-0-7924-5521-9Judith ClarkeThe Illustrated History of Art
  ''978-0-7924-5546-2Annie McGarryThe Honeymooners
1991978-0-7924-5547-9Donald FoxLegend of Zorro
  ''978-0-7924-5556-1W. DavisTrivia of the Civil War
1991978-0-7924-5606-3Sylvia J. Czerkas · Stephen A. CrerkasDinosaurs: A Global View
  ''978-0-7924-5626-1John MooreJane's American Fighting Ships of the 20th Century
  ''978-0-7924-5627-8Michael J. H. TaylorJane's American Fighting Aircraft of the 20th Century
  ''978-0-7924-5663-6Thomas E. MailsThe Mystic Warriors of the Plains
1993978-0-7924-5691-9Joshua B. FederGangsters: Portraits in Crime
1992978-0-7924-5778-7Carl LoweThree Centuries of Jewish Life in America
  ''978-0-7924-5803-6Edward R. RicciutiWwf Wrestling: The Official Book
1995978-0-7924-5839-5Diane Maurer-Mathison · Jennifer PhilppoffDecorative Paper
1995978-0-7924-5848-7Gilles NeretF. Leger
1993978-0-7924-5850-0Stanley Weston · Steven FarhoodThe Ring: Boxing: The 20th Century
1991978-0-7924-8125-6Malcolm BullSeeking a Sanctuary: Seventh-Day Adventism and the American Dream
1992978-0-7924-8424-0Harold CoyleBright Star