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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-7897-0000-1Russell L. Jacobs · Lowell Mauer · Stephen PottsVisual Basic 4 by Example: The Easiest Way to Learn How to Program
  ''978-0-7897-0001-8Ewan Grantham · Robin Hohman · Yvonne Johnson · Bill Lawrence · Gordon Meltzer · Benjamin Frank Miller · Gregory J. Root · Clayton WalnumKiller Windows 95
1997978-0-7897-0002-5John PrestonWindows 3.1 Smartstart (Im)
1995978-0-7897-0003-2Wendy Jean GabrielLotus 1-2-3 for Windows release 5 SmartStart instructor's manual
1997978-0-7897-0004-9John PrestonWordPerfect 6.1 for Windows SS Im: Disk Only
1999978-0-7897-0007-0Que EducationQuattro Pro 6 for Windows Smartstart (Smartstart (Oasis Press))
  ''978-0-7897-0008-7Samantha PenWordperfect 6.1 for Windows (SmartStart)
1995978-0-7897-0009-4Wendy Jean GabrielLotus 1-2-3 for Windows Release 5: Smartstart (Smartstart (Oasis Press))
1999978-0-7897-0010-0John PrestonWindows 3.1 Smartstart
  ''978-0-7897-0011-7Tom FarrellParadox 5 for Windows Smartstart
1994978-0-7897-0012-4Michael MillerEasy Internet
  ''978-0-7897-0013-1Trudi ReisnerEasy Microsoft Office
1994978-0-7897-0014-8Que's Computer Users Dictionary
1995978-0-7897-0015-5Robert GryphonUsing Odbc 2: Special/Book and Cd Rom
1994978-0-7897-0016-2Bill EagerUsing the World Wide Web
  ''978-0-7897-0017-9William J. Orvis · Susan PlumleyUsing Microsoft Office 4.2 for the Macintosh
  ''978-0-7897-0018-6Markus W. PopeQue's Bbs Directory
1995978-0-7897-0020-9Marianne PyraUsing Internet Relay Chat
1994978-0-7897-0021-6Mary Ann Pike · Peter Kent · Kamran HusainUsing Mosaic
  ''978-0-7897-0023-0Dave Gibbons · David Fox · Alan WestenbroekUsing E-Mail
  ''978-0-7897-0041-4Que CorporationEasy Microsoft Office Bundle
1994978-0-7897-0042-1Que CorporationEasy Lotus SmartSuite Bundle
  ''978-0-7897-0043-8   ''Microsoft Office Visiref Bundle
  ''978-0-7897-0044-5   ''Lotus SmartSuite Bundle
1995978-0-7897-0053-7QueSm Computers in Your Future I/
1999978-0-7897-0054-4Computers in Your Future
1995978-0-7897-0055-1Marilyn Meyer · Roberta BaberComputers in Your Future: Study Guide
  ''978-0-7897-0057-5Using Soundblaster (Special Edition Using)
1996978-0-7897-0058-2Ques Using Windows 95 (Multimedia Special Edition)
1994978-0-7897-0059-9Charles A. WoodUsing Powerbuilder 4/Special Edition/Book and Cd-Rom (Using ... (Que))
1995978-0-7897-0060-5Clayton WalnumDungeons of Discovery: Writing Dazzling Windows Games With Wing/Book and Cd
1994978-0-7897-0061-2Roger JenningsUnveiling Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0072-8Steve Potts · Clayton WalnumUsing Borland C++ 4.5, Special Edition/Book and Disk (Programming Series)
1995978-0-7897-0073-5Steve PottsVisual Basic 4 Expert Solutions/Book and Cd-Rom
1994978-0-7897-0074-2Laura AcklenQue's First Look at Windows '95
1995978-0-7897-0075-9Miriam LiskinVisual Foxpro Expert Solutions/Book and Cd-Rom
1995978-0-7897-0076-6Michael P. AntonovichUsing Visual Foxpro 3.0 for Windows/Book and Disk (Using ... (Que))
  ''978-0-7897-0077-3Mary Ann PikeUsing the Internet
1994978-0-7897-0078-0Gene Steinberg · John StroudUsing America Online
  ''978-0-7897-0079-7Michael MillerUsing Compuserve
1995978-0-7897-0080-3Joyce J. Nielsen · Catherine ParkersonThe Word for Windows 95 (Visual Quick Reference)
  ''978-0-7897-0081-0Trudi ReisnerEasy Word 7 for Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0082-7Ed TileySpecial Edition Using Clipper/Book and Disk
1994978-0-7897-0083-4Que Corporation · Peterson · Que Development Group · Kinney · Gordon McComb · QueUsing WordPerfect 6.1 F/Windows (Using ... (Que))
1995978-0-7897-0084-1Ron PersonUsing Word for Windows 95 (Special Edition Using)
1995978-0-7897-0085-8Eric Maloney · Joshua C. NossiterUsing Word for Windows 95
1994978-0-7897-0086-5Bill BruckUsing Novell Groupwise 4
1996978-0-7897-0087-2Peter HazlehurstUsing Sybase System XI (Special Edition Using)
1994978-0-7897-0088-9Barry Nance · Lenny BailesUsing Os/2 Warp
1995978-0-7897-0089-6Bill BruckUsing Novell Perfectoffice 3 (Using ... (Que))
  ''978-0-7897-0090-2Que Development GroupUsing MS SQL Server/Book and Disk
  ''978-0-7897-0091-9Ed BottUsing Microsoft Office 4 (User-friendly reference)
  ''978-0-7897-0092-6Ed BottUsing Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0093-3Clayton Walnum · Gerald R. RoutledgeUsing Your PC
1995978-0-7897-0094-0Todd StaufferUsing Your Mac
  ''978-0-7897-0095-7Gerry Routledge · Gerald R RoutledgeUsing DOS
1994978-0-7897-0096-4Bill EagerUsing the Internet
1996978-0-7897-0097-1Peter Hazlehurst · Stephen Wynkoop · Scott L. WarnerUsing Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
1995978-0-7897-0098-8Clint HicksVisual Basic Cd Tutor: Interactive Multimedia Seminar-In-A-Box!/With Workbook
  ''978-0-7897-0099-5Craig Goren · Michael MeyersVisual Basic 4 Enterprise: Client/Server Development
  ''978-0-7897-0100-8Jack, Jr. TackettUsing Linux: Special Edition/Book and Cd-Rom (Special Edition Using)
1996978-0-7897-0101-5Richard Skrinde · Matthew BennetSpecial Edition Using Oracle 7.1/Book and Compact Disk
1995978-0-7897-0102-2SchwartauQue's Guide to Information Privacy
  ''978-0-7897-0103-9Charles A. WoodUsing Watcom SQL/Special Edition/Book and Cd (Special Edition Using Watcom SQL)
1995978-0-7897-0104-6Linda Hefferin · Laura AcklenWordperfect 6.1 for Windows Essentials (Essentials (Que Paperback))
  ''978-0-7897-0105-3Donna Matherly · Susan Plumley1-2-3 For Windows Release 5 Essentials (Essentials (Que Paperback))
  ''978-0-7897-0106-0Donna MatherlyParadox 5 for Windows: Essentials (Essential Series)
  ''978-0-7897-0107-7John PrestonQuattro Pro 6 for Windows Essentials (Essential Series)
  ''978-0-7897-0108-4Linda Hefferin · Laura AcklenWord 6 for Windows Essentials (Essentials (Que Paperback))
1995978-0-7897-0109-1Donna M. MatherlyExcel for Windows 95: Essentials (Essentials (Que Paperback))
  ''978-0-7897-0110-7Donna M. Matherly · Shelley O'HaraAccess 2: Essentials for Windows (Essential Series)
  ''978-0-7897-0111-4Joshua C. NossiterUsing Excel for Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0112-1Ron PersonUsing Excel for Windows 95 (Special Edition Using)
978-0-7897-0113-8Essentials Windows 3.1 B&d I/M Sup (Essentials (Que Software))
1997978-0-7897-0114-5John PrestonWord 6 for Windows (Im) (Essentials (Que Software))
1995978-0-7897-0115-2MATHERLYSm Excel 5 Windows Essentials
1997978-0-7897-0116-9John Preston · Donna M. MatherlyAccess 2 for Windows Im (Essentials (Que Paperback))
  ''978-0-7897-0117-6John PrestonWorks 3 for Windows Im (Essentials (Que Paperback))
1997978-0-7897-0118-3John PrestonWordPerfect 6.1 for Windows Im (Essentials (Que Paperback))
  ''978-0-7897-0119-0Professor of Philosophy John Preston · Que Corporation1-2-3 for Windows R 5 IMM (Essentials (Que Paperback))
1995978-0-7897-0120-6MATHERLYEssentials Paradox 5 Windows B&d I/M Sup
978-0-7897-0121-3Quattro Pro 6 for Windows (Im): With Disk
1995978-0-7897-0122-0Joe WilliamsEntertainment on the Net
1977978-0-7897-0128-2Marcy Mager · Michael MagerThe Chocolate Cookbook (Paperback 1977 Printing, TW3469)
1995978-0-7897-0130-5Donna M. Matherly · Suzanne WeixelWorks 3 for Windows Essentials (Essential Series)
  ''978-0-7897-0131-2Elaine J. MarmelEasy Excel for Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0132-9Cathy KennyExcel for Windows 95: Visual Quick Reference
  ''978-0-7897-0133-6Laura AcklenWindows 3.1 (Essential Series)
1995978-0-7897-0134-3Kate Gregory · Jim Mann · Tim ParkerUsing Usenet Newsgroups
  ''978-0-7897-0136-7Keith Johnson · Philip Baczewski · Melody ChildsUsing Gopher
  ''978-0-7897-0137-4Dick Oliver · Paul De GrootInternet Graphics Gallery
  ''978-0-7897-0138-1John Toohey · Edward B. ToupinBuilding Ocxs
  ''978-0-7897-0139-8Michael Regelski · Clayton Walnum · William BrandonBuilding Multimedia Applications With Visual Basic 4/Book and Cd-Rom
1996978-0-7897-0140-4Gordon McComb · Laura Acklen · Gabrielle NemesSpecial Edition Using Corel Wordperfect 7
1996978-0-7897-0141-1Joshua C. NossiterUsing Corel Wordperfect 7
  ''978-0-7897-0142-8E. MaloneyUsing 1-2-3 for Windows 95
1997978-0-7897-0143-5Joyce Nielsen · Janice Snyder · Elaine Marmel · Brian Underdahl · Shane Devenshire · Sue Plumley · Bruce Lill · Stan DohertyUsing 1-2-3 97: Special Edition (Using ... (Que))
1996978-0-7897-0144-2Andy ShafranEasy 1-2-3 for Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0145-9Trudi ReisnerEasy Wordperfect for Windows 95
1995978-0-7897-0146-6Rick Winter · Patty Winter · Roger Jennings · Jeff BankstonUsing Microsoft Office for Windows 95 (Special Edition Using)
  ''978-0-7897-0149-7Sue Plumley · Elaine Marmel · Lisa BuckiUsing Word Pro 96 for Windows 95 (Special Edition Using)
1996978-0-7897-0175-6Nancy StevensonUsing Word Pro for Windows 95
1995978-0-7897-0176-3Ed BottUsing Microsoft Office for Windows 95
  ''978-0-7897-0177-0Vb 4 Windows Api Programming/Book and Compact Disk
1995978-0-7897-0178-7Dee-Ann Leblanc · Robert LeblancUsing Eudora
1996978-0-7897-0179-4George GoleyCreating Visual Foxpro 3 for Windows Applications/Book and Compact Disk
1995978-0-7897-0180-0Forrest Houlette · David Fullerton · Mike Groh · Steven Ellis White · Jeff CumminsBuilding Ole Applications With Visual Basic 4
1996978-0-7897-0181-7Craig Zacker · Paul Doyle · Christa Anderson · Darren Mar-Elia · Alexia Prendergast · Robert Thompson · Kevin Makela · Michele PetrovskyUpgrading and Repairing Networks
1995978-0-7897-0182-4David Gunter · Steven Burnett · Gregory L. Field · Lola Gunter · Thomas Klejna · Shankar Lakshman · Alexia Prendergast · Mark C. ReynoldsClient/Server Programming With RPC and DCE
  ''978-0-7897-0183-1Gregory J. Root · John Wiley Nelson · Michael Marchuk · Mark Davidson · Alan Westenbroek · Rob CimaWindows 95 Connectivity: Easy Networking for Everybody
  ''978-0-7897-0184-8Roger JenningsUsing Access for Windows 95 Special Edition
  ''978-0-7897-0185-5Bob SchneiderUsing Access 95
1996978-0-7897-0187-9Dan Gastieger · Robert Weberg · Andy ShafranSpecial Edition Using Lotus Smartsuite for Windows 95
1995978-0-7897-0188-6David Cook · Deborah SellersLaunching a Business on the Web
  ''978-0-7897-0189-3ArnesioUsing Gupta Sqlwindows 5/Book and Compact Disk (Special Edition Using)
1996978-0-7897-0190-9Ben ClarkClient/Server Database Performance Tuning/Book and Disk
1995978-0-7897-0191-6Allen L. Wyatt · Gordon McComb · Martin R. WyattWindows 95 Preview User's Guide
1996978-0-7897-0205-0Derek Anderson · Alan BarkanUsing Borland Paradox 7 for Windows 95 and Windows Nt, Special Edition (Special Edition Using)
1995978-0-7897-0206-7Ward R. HittOptimizing Visual Basic 4/Book and Disk
1996978-0-7897-0208-1Cynthia Morgan · Sue Sloan · David PlotkinUsing Lotus Approach 96, Special Edition: Version 96 for Windows 95 (Special Edition Using)
1995978-0-7897-0209-8Clayton WalnumBuilding Windows 95 Applications With Visual Basic 4
1995978-0-7897-0210-4David M. Chandler · Bill Kirkner · Jim MinatelRunning a Perfect Web Site
  ''978-0-7897-0211-1Que Corporation · Ernst · Warren ErnstUsing Netscape
  ''978-0-7897-0212-8Mary Ann Pike · Scott BerkunUsing the Internet with Your Mac Special Edition
  ''978-0-7897-0213-5Paul Robichaux · Brady Merkel · Markus PopeBuilding Internet Applications With Visual C++/Book and Cd-Rom
  ''978-0-7897-0214-2Michael MarchukBuilding Internet Applications With Visual Basic/Book and Cd-Rom
1995978-0-7897-0230-2QueTech 1310 - S.W.T.S.U
  ''978-0-7897-0233-3   ''Gwynedd-Mercy College Bundle #
  ''978-0-7897-0235-7Que CorporationUsing Pipeline/Book and Disk
  ''978-0-7897-0236-4Tom SavolaUsing Html (Special Edition Using)
  ''978-0-7897-0237-1Tk5105.7 · Will Sadler · Andrew BerendtsUsing Internet E-Mail Special Edition
1995978-0-7897-0238-8Mary Ann Pike · Noel EstabrookUsing Ftp
  ''978-0-7897-0239-5Que Development GroupSpecial Edition Using Wordperfect 5.1 & 5.1+ for DOS
  ''978-0-7897-0240-1Bob TempleSports on the Net
  ''978-0-7897-0241-8Suzanne WeixelUsing Sidekick
  ''978-0-7897-0242-5William EagerNet.Search/Quickly Find Anything You Need on the Internet: How to Quickly Find Anything You Need on the Net
1995978-0-7897-0243-2Ron Person · Lorry Laby · Brady P. MerkelWeb Publishing With Word for Windows/Book and Disks
  ''978-0-7897-0246-3David ClarkInternet Essentials (Essential Series)
  ''978-0-7897-0247-0Ralph DuffyIntroduction to Programming With Visual Basic
  ''978-0-7897-0250-0Bill Eager · Mary Ann Pike · David ChandlerUsing the World Wide Web and Mosaic/Book and Cd-Rom (Special Edition Using)
1996978-0-7897-0251-7Roger JenningsUsing Windows Nt Server Special Edition (Special Edition Using)
1995978-0-7897-0252-4Robin Schreier HohmanUsing Cello/Book and Disk
  ''978-0-7897-0253-1Larry Schumer · Chris NegusUsing Unix/Special Edition (Special Edition Using)
1995978-0-7897-0254-8Lori L. JaworskiUsing Act! 2.0 for Windows
1996978-0-7897-0255-5Bill Kirkner · Mike O'Mara · Jim O'Donnell · Richard Careaga · Eric Richardson · Geoff Mulligan · Jose Diaz · Eric LaddRunning a Perfect Netscape Site
1997978-0-7897-0257-9John Preston · Jean S. InsingaPersonal Computing (Essentials (Que Paperback))
1995978-0-7897-0258-6Mary Kelly · Suzanne WeixelMicrosoft Office Professional Essentials (Essential Series)
1996978-0-7897-0259-3QueComputers in Your Future Transparencies
1997978-0-7897-0265-4Roger JenningsSpecial Edition Using Windows Desktop Video
1995978-0-7897-0266-1Michael McKelvyUsing Visual Basic
  ''978-0-7897-0267-8Clint HicksUsing C
  ''978-0-7897-0268-5Greg M. PerryVisual Basic for Cobol Programmers/Book and Disk
1996978-0-7897-0269-2Jeff WebbUsing Excel Visual Basic for Applications, Special Edition
1995978-0-7897-0270-8Bruce Hallberg · Lisa Wagner · Faithe WempenUsing Your Modem
1996978-0-7897-0271-5SherrardIntro Programming Visual Basic
1995978-0-7897-0272-2Robert L. Weberg · Derek S. AndersonUsing Os/2 Lotus Smartsuite (Special Edition Using)
  ''978-0-7897-0273-9INSINGASm Personal Computing Essentia
1997978-0-7897-0274-6John Preston · Mary KellyMicrosoft Office Pro (Im) (Essentials (Que Software))
978-0-7897-0275-3Essentials Internet B&d I/M Sup (Essentials (Que Paperback))
1995978-0-7897-0276-0Suzanne WeixelIBM PC DOS and Microsoft windows user's guide
  ''978-0-7897-0277-7Clayton Walnum3-D Graphics Programming With Opengl/Book and Disk
1995978-0-7897-0278-4Gene SteinbergUsing America Online (Special Edition Using)
  ''978-0-7897-0279-1Jim MinatelEasy World Wide Web With Netscape
  ''978-0-7897-0280-7Nancy Stevenson · Michael O'Mara · Bill KirknerSpecial Edition Using Compuserve
1996978-0-7897-0281-4Travis HubbardPowerbuilder Cd Tutor: The Interactive Multimedia Seminar-in-a-box
1995978-0-7897-0282-1Richard BirmeleReligion on the Net
  ''978-0-7897-0283-8Que Development GroupUsing Internet Works/Book and Disk
1996978-0-7897-0284-5Ed Toupin · Russ JacobsSpecial Edition Using Borland C++
1995978-0-7897-0285-2Dee-Ann Leblanc · Richard J. LeblancInternet CD Tutor
  ''978-0-7897-0286-9Bill MannPolitics on the Net
1995978-0-7897-0287-6Que Development GroupUsing Internet Chameleon
  ''978-0-7897-0288-3Joshua C. NossiterUsing Excel 5 for Windows (The User-Friendly Reference)
  ''978-0-7897-0289-0Nancy StevensonUsing Word 6 for Windows (The User-Friendly Reference)
  ''978-0-7897-0290-6Larry Schumer · Chris NegusUsing Unix
1996978-0-7897-0291-3Dottie Natal · Erik ReitanUsing Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook 4 (Special Edition Using)
1995978-0-7897-0292-0Bruce HallbergUsing Os/2 Warp/the User-Friendly Reference
  ''978-0-7897-0293-7Joshua C. NossiterUsing Wordperfect 6.1 for Windows
1995978-0-7897-0295-1Steve BainUsing Coreldraw! 6 for Windows 95: Special Edition (Special Edition Using)
1993978-0-7897-0313-2Ross · SiverbergStaples - Using MS-DOS 6.2
1995978-0-7897-0321-7Scott MuellerUpgrading and Repairing Pcs 5ED (5th ed. Book and CD.)
  ''978-0-7897-0322-4Que Development GroupQue's 1996 Computer Buyer's Guide (QUE'S (YEAR) COMPUTER HARDWARE BUYERS GUIDE)
  ''978-0-7897-0323-1Michael Miller · Que Development GroupUsing Prodigy (User-Friendly)
  ''978-0-7897-0324-8Suzanne Weixel · Gerald R. Routledge · Michael O'MaraUsing Windows 3.11 (The User-Friendly Reference)
1996978-0-7897-0325-5E Boonin · Elizabeth Boonin · Elisabeth BooninUsing Excel Visual Basic for Applications
1995978-0-7897-0326-2Phil Feldman · Roger Jennings · Barry Seymour · Bob EidsonUsing Visual Basic 3/Book and Cd (Programming Series)
  ''978-0-7897-0327-9Que Development GroupUsing Wordperfect DOS
978-0-7897-0340-8AccentConcepts Interactive Tutor Win
1996978-0-7897-0341-5QueSm Computers in Your Future Bi
978-0-7897-0344-6AccentConcepts Interactive Tutor MAC
1995978-0-7897-0345-3Yvonne JohnsonUsing Visual dBASE 5.5: Special Edition (Special Edition Using)
1996978-0-7897-0346-0Victor RasputnisPowerbuilder 4 Expert Solutions/Book and Cd-Rom
1995978-0-7897-0347-7Que Development GroupVisual Foxpro Client/Server Development/Book and Cd-Rom
1995978-0-7897-0348-4Ron PersonUsing Word for Windows: Special Edition (Special Edition Using)
  ''978-0-7897-0349-1QueUsing Microsoft Office
978-0-7897-0350-7Using Access 2 for Windows with CD-ROM
1995978-0-7897-0351-4Ron PersonUsing Excel for Windows Special Editio
  ''978-0-7897-0356-9Bryan Pfaffenberger · Dave WallQue's Computer & Internet Dictionary
  ''978-0-7897-0357-6John NelsenUsing Microsoft Bob
  ''978-0-7897-0358-3James McCordUninstalling Windows Applications
1997978-0-7897-0360-6Que Development GroupSpecial Edition Using Quarterdeck Normandy