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1993978-0-7881-0279-0Dennis KuxIndia and the United States: Estranged Democracies, 1941-1991
  ''978-0-7881-0354-4Petroleum Geology of the Devonian & Mississippian Black Shale of Eastern North America
1994978-0-7881-0687-3Alan Donnelly Mep · Heidi UlrichPartners for Prosperity: The Group of Seven and the European Community
  ''978-0-7881-0695-8Jim CourterDefense Base Closure & Realignment Commission: Report to the President
2004978-0-7881-0999-7Not AvailableFinal Evaluation Of The Results Of Eurotra: A Specific Programme Concerning The Preparation Of The Development Of An Operational Eurotra System For Machine Translation
1991978-0-7881-1208-9   ''Scenes from an Unfinished War: Low Intensity Conflict in Korea 1966-1969
2004978-0-7881-1233-1William E. BurrPlanning For The Fiber Distributed Data Interface
1994978-0-7881-1259-1Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending: Policy Statement
2004978-0-7881-1387-1Barbara LiebAchieving World Class Standards: The Challenge For Educating Teachers
1994978-0-7881-1433-5Richard WitherspoonPresident's List of Articles Which May Be Designated or Modified As Eligible Articles for Purposes of the U.s. Generalized System of Preferences
  ''978-0-7881-1630-8Not AvailableWorld Ocean Atlas: 1994 Salinity
  ''978-0-7881-1631-5   ''World Ocean Atlas: 1994 Oxygen
1994978-0-7881-1640-7Not AvailableA Consumer's Guide to Intelligence
1995978-0-7881-1818-0William R. FailsMarines & Helicopters, 1962-1973
  ''978-0-7881-1830-2DIANE PublishingAmericans with Disabilities Act: Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Transportation Facilities, and Transporation Vehicles
  ''978-0-7881-2075-6Giovanni RantucciGeological Disasters in the Philippines: The July 1990 Earthquake and the June 1991 Eruption of Mount Pinatubo
  ''978-0-7881-2100-5John W. KitzmillerTelevision Picture Tubes and Other Cathode-Ray Tubes: Industry and Trade Summary
1990978-0-7881-2153-1Jr. John G. MeyerCompany Command: The Bottom Line
1995978-0-7881-2248-4Wayne F. CascioGuide to Responsible Restructuring
1994978-0-7881-2340-5Alfred D. WilhelmThe Chinese at the Negotiating Table: Style & Characteristics
  ''978-0-7881-2504-1Robert P. Grathwol · Donita M MoorhusAmerican Forces in Berlin: Cold War Outpost 1945 1994
2004978-0-7881-2590-4M. HulotNuclear S&T: State-of-the-art Review On Technology For Measuring And Controlling Very Low Level Radioactivity In Relation To Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
1994978-0-7881-2591-1Not AvailableStatistical Abstract of the United States 1995: The National Data Book
1995978-0-7881-2592-8   ''Statistical Abstract of the United States 1995: The National Data Book
1994978-0-7881-2593-5Rima Kasubaite-Binder · Elise Sprunt SheffieldDestination: Lithuania
1996978-0-7881-2624-6Wendy SnyderEmpowering Families, Helping Adolescents: Family-Centered Treatment of Adolescents Withlcohol, Drug Abuse, & Mental Health Problems
2004978-0-7881-2630-7Michael Kantor1996 Trade Policy Agenda And 1995 Annual Report Of The President Of The U.s. On The Trade Agreements Program
1995978-0-7881-2794-6Not AvailableWood Pelletization Source Book: A Sample Business Plan for the Potential Pellet Manufacturer
1995978-0-7881-2824-0Janet R. Daly BednarekThe Enlisted Experience: A Conversation With the Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force
  ''978-0-7881-2829-5Frank N. Schubert · Theresa L. KrausThe Whirlwind War: The United States Army in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (Cmh Pub, 70-30)
2001978-0-7881-2927-8Messages From Water - 2 vol's
1996978-0-7881-2969-8Geraline C. Lin · Lynda ErinoffAnabolic Steroid Abuse
1989978-0-7881-2970-4David ShafferPrevention of Mental Disorders, Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Children and Adolescents
1994978-0-7881-2990-2Patricia A. DeusterThe Navy Seal Nutrition Guide
2004978-0-7881-3054-0Not AvailablePennsylvania Elementary Energy And Environment Science Activities
1994978-0-7881-3076-2Margarita E. Conkright · Syndey Levitus · Timothy P. BoyerWorld Ocean Atlas: 1994 Nutrients
  ''978-0-7881-3077-9Sydney Levitus · Timothy P. BoyerWorld Ocean Atlas: 1994 Temperature
1997978-0-7881-3186-8Newt GingrichPresidential Determination Regarding Certification of the 32 Major Illicit Narcotics Producing and Transit Countries
2004978-0-7881-3259-9Not AvailableHandbook On Soviet Ground Forces
1978978-0-7881-3267-4Bill MauldinMud & Guts: A Look at the Common Soldier of the American Revolution
1990978-0-7881-3275-9Not AvailableMerrill's Marauders: February to May, 1944
2004978-0-7881-3290-2   ''Costs And Effectiveness Of Prostate Cancer Screening In Elderly Men
2004978-0-7881-3348-0Not AvailableAviation System Capital Investment Plan 1996
1988978-0-7881-3373-2Jeffrey S. TillerHome Energy Projects: An Energy Conservation Guide for Do-It-Yourselfers
1997978-0-7881-3427-2Dorothy J. PerkinsJapan Goes to War: A Chronology of Japanese Military Expansion
1996978-0-7881-3510-1James G. HershbergThe Cold War in Asia
1998978-0-7881-3628-3William J. Zielinski · Thomas E. KuceraAmerican Marten, Fisher, Lynx, and Wolverine: Survey Methods for Their Detection
978-0-7881-3908-6Common Sense Government: Works Better and Costs Less: National Performance Review (3rd Report)
1997978-0-7881-4008-2Walter R. IwaskiwEstonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Country Studies
2004978-0-7881-4057-0Jonathan Bachman · Steve Brown · Jay R. CherlowBureau Of Reclamation: An Assessment Of The Environmental Impact Statement On The Operations Of The Glen Canyon Dam
1999978-0-7881-4116-4Susan YarnellSouthern Appalachians: History of the Landscape
1996978-0-7881-4201-7Frank G. & Delbert Wiens HAWKSWORTHDwarf Mistletoes: Biology, Pathology, & Systematics
1992978-0-7881-4279-6E. Fuller Torrey · Joan Stieber · Jonathan EzekielCriminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill: The Abuse of Jails As Mental Hospitals
1996978-0-7881-4281-9Not AvailableNational Science Education Standards
1994978-0-7881-4333-5Donna Y. FordThe Recruitment & Retention of African-American Students in Gifted Education Programs: Implications & Recommendations
1996978-0-7881-4462-2Intelligence Threat Handbook
1959978-0-7881-4496-7Leo P. Brophy · Wyndham D. Miles · Rexmond C. CockraneThe Chemical Warfare Service: From Laboratory to Field: The Technical Services
1998978-0-7881-4525-4Dorothy PerkinsSamurai of Japan: A Chronology from Their Origin in the Heian Era, 795-1185 to the Modern Era
1996978-0-7881-4528-5Oscar NewmanCreating Defensible Space
  ''978-0-7881-4568-1William C. Fischer · Melanie Miller · Cameron M. Johnston · Jane K. SmithFire Effects Information System: User's Guide
1995978-0-7881-4593-3Bob AldrichABC's of Afv's: A Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles
1997978-0-7881-4625-1Lawrence W. Sherman · Denise Gottfredson · Doris Mackenzie · John EckPreventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn'T, What's Promising
  ''978-0-7881-4641-1Not AvailableCatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
1996978-0-7881-4665-7Lester W. GrauBear Went over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan
1989978-0-7881-4722-7Not AvailableHispanics in America's Defense
1997978-0-7881-4800-2Curtis PeeblesHigh Frontier: The U.S. Air Force and the Military Space Program
  ''978-0-7881-4805-7J. Clarence Davies · Jan MazurekRegulating Pollution: Does the U.S. System Work
1996978-0-7881-4857-6Par Eriksson · Nils Marius Rekkedal · Wegger StrommenIntelligence in Peace Support Operations: A Joint Report by the Swedish and Norwegian Defence Research Establishments
1997978-0-7881-5007-4John, Jr. MillerGuadalcanal: The First Offensive, the U. S. Army in Ww II
  ''978-0-7881-5094-4Nuala Ni DhomhnaillThe Astrakhan Cloak
1994978-0-7881-5105-7Ed VulliamySeasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia's War
1991978-0-7881-5108-8Adel Darwish · Gregory AlexanderUnholy Babylon: The Secret History of Saddam's War
1993978-0-7881-5115-6William J. BroadStar Warriors: A Penetrating Look into the Lives of the Young Scientists Behind Our Space Age Weaponry
1993978-0-7881-5117-0Jack WomackElvissey: A Novel of Elvis Past & Elvis Future
1994978-0-7881-5162-0David CohenDay in the Life of Israel
1997978-0-7881-5167-5Billy Smith · Marty Lacker · Lamar Fike · Alanna NashElvis Aaron Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia
1993978-0-7881-5177-4Alvin Toffler · Heidi TofflerWar and Anti-War: Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century
1991978-0-7881-5267-2Ellen PaulAdoption Choices: A Guidebook to National & International Adoption Resources
1990978-0-7881-5292-4Barbra Buckner HigginbothamOur Past Preserved: A History of American Library Preservation, 1876-1910
1996978-0-7881-5325-9James Park SloanJerzy Kosinski: A Biography
1998978-0-7881-5347-1Joline GodfreyNo More Frogs to Kiss: 99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls
1993978-0-7881-5416-4Randy ShiltsConduct Unbecoming: Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Military - Vietnam to the Persian Gulf
1990978-0-7881-5439-3John SmytheHome Resource Manual: American Express Presents
1998978-0-7881-5472-0Jillian BeckerHitler's Children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Terrorist Gang
  ''978-0-7881-5511-6Christmas HumphreysZen Buddhism
1995978-0-7881-5514-7Benjamin NetanyahuFighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic And International Terrorism
1991978-0-7881-5572-7Ann-Marie BivansMiss America: In Pursuit of the Crown
1993978-0-7881-5581-9Alice Walker · Pratibha ParmarWarrior Marks: Female Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of Women
1994978-0-7881-5597-0Timothy SeverinChina Voyage: Across the Pacific by Bamboo Raft
  ''978-0-7881-5635-9Lisa Angowski RogakTime Off from Work: Using Sabbaticals to Enhance Your Life While Keeping Your Career on Track
1995978-0-7881-5773-8Susan A. GreenfieldJourney to the Centers of the Mind: Toward a Science of Consciousness
1996978-0-7881-5775-2Herbert Benson · Marg StarkTimeless Healing: The Power and Biology of Belief
  ''978-0-7881-5777-6John FeinsteinCivil War: Army Vs. Navy: a Year Inside College Football's Purest Rivalry
  ''978-0-7881-5778-3Bill BradleyTime Present, Time Past: A Memoir
1995978-0-7881-5793-6Fred MoodyI Sing the Body Electronic: A Year With Microsoft on the Multimedia Frontier
1998978-0-7881-5809-4Michael JordanThe Encyclopedia of Gods: Over 2,500 Deities of the World
1992978-0-7881-5821-6Helen FisherAnatomy of Love: A Natural History of Monogamy, Adultery and Divorce
1993978-0-7881-5836-0Anthony · (With Foreword by Theodore L. Eliot · Jr. · U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan · 1973-78 ArnoldTHE FATEFUL PEBBLE: AFGHANISTAN'S ROLE IN THE FALL OF THE SOVIET EMPIRE
1996978-0-7881-5854-4David E. KyvigExplicit and Authentic Acts: Amending the U.S. Constitution 1776-1995
1992978-0-7881-5892-6Joanne Miller · Susan Jaderstrom · Leonard KrukProfessional Secretaries International Complete Office Handbook: The Definitive Reference For Today's Electronic Office
1991978-0-7881-5946-6Francis MasonI Remember Balanchine: Recollections of the Ballet Master by Those Who Knew Him
1996978-0-7881-5981-7Seth GodinThe Encyclopedia of Fictional People: The Most Important Characters of the 20th Century
1996978-0-7881-6004-2Robin BakerSperm Wars: The Science of Sex
1997978-0-7881-6042-4Steven D. StarkGlued to the Set: The 60 Television Shows and Events That Made Us Who We Are Today
  ''978-0-7881-6046-2Roy Boehm · Charles W. SasserFirst Seal
1993978-0-7881-6057-8Barbara KingsolverPigs in Heaven
1997978-0-7881-6072-1Teresa Wiltz · Andre WalkerAndre Talks Hair!
1996978-0-7881-6078-3David E. Fisher · Marshall Jon FisherTube: The Invention of Television
1997978-0-7881-6080-6Tom BowerNazi Gold: The Full Story of the Fifty-Year Swiss-Nazi Conspiracy to Steal Billions from Europe's Jews and Holocaust Survivors
1995978-0-7881-6082-0Steven J. ZalogaInside the Blue Berets: A Combat History of Soviet & Russian Airborne Forces, 1930-1995
2000978-0-7881-6084-4Amy VangsgardHit of the Party: The Complete Planner for Children's Theme Birthday Parties
1996978-0-7881-6101-8Rita BuchananShaker Herb and Garden Book
1995978-0-7881-6156-8Bob GreeneRebound: The Odyssey of Michael Jordan
1994978-0-7881-6160-5Kathleen McCue · Ron BonnHow to Help Children Through a Parent's Serious Illness
1995978-0-7881-6161-2Evelyn Tribole · Elyse ReschIntuitive Eating: A Recovery Book for the Chronic Dieter, Rediscover the Pleasures of Eating and Rebuild Your Body Image
  ''978-0-7881-6169-8Sheri ReynoldsThe Rapture of Canaan
1996978-0-7881-6185-8Al FrankenRush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations
1994978-0-7881-6195-7Penny RichPractical Aromatherapy: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Choosing, Massaging, and Relaxing With Essential Oils
1997978-0-7881-6252-7Sophy BurnhamEcstatic Journey: The Transforming Power of Mystical Experience
1996978-0-7881-6285-5Covert Bailey · Ronda GatesSmart Eating: Choosing Wisely, Living Lean
1997978-0-7881-6314-2Elisabeth Kubler-RossThe Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying
1996978-0-7881-6336-4Paul D. ColfordHoward Stern: King of All Media: The Unauthorized Biography
1997978-0-7881-6358-6Craig R. Lundahl · Harold A. WiddisonEternal Journey: How Near-Death Experiences Illuminate Our Earthly Lives
1994978-0-7881-6375-3Ronald L. Krannich · Caryl Rae KrannichDynamite Salary Negotiations
1997978-0-7881-6408-8Peter Morrissey · James YoungFigure Skating School: A Professionally Structured Course from Basic Steps to Advanced Techniques
1999978-0-7881-6422-4Allen Weinstein · Alexander VassilievHaunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America - The Stalin Era
1988978-0-7881-6456-9Timothy JacobsHistory of the Pennsylvania Railroad
1974978-0-7881-6459-0Robin HallettAfrica Since 1875: A Modern History
1997978-0-7881-6483-5Larry J. Siever · William FruchtNew View of Self: How Genes and Neurotransmitters Shape Your Mind, Your Personality, and Your Mental Health
1999978-0-7881-6493-4Amber GraysonA Dictionary of Baby Names
1994978-0-7881-6497-2Erik Jan ZurcherTurkey: A Modern History
1997978-0-7881-6561-0Patricia GarfieldThe Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts
1996978-0-7881-6613-6Christopher Darden · Jess WalterIn Contempt
  ''978-0-7881-6629-7John BurdettA Personal History of Thirst
  ''978-0-7881-6697-6Chandler BurrA Separate Creation: The Search for the Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation
1996978-0-7881-6735-5Paul BergnerHealing Power of Garlic: The Enlightened Person's Guide to Nature's Most Versatile Medicinal Plant
1999978-0-7881-6746-1Carol H. KrinskyContemporary Native American Architecture: Cultural Regeneration and Creativity
1996978-0-7881-6750-8Judith StaceyIn the Name of the Family: Rethinking Family Values in the Postmodern Age
1995978-0-7881-6757-7Robert A. F. ThurmanEssential Tibetan Buddhism
1997978-0-7881-6758-4Barney HoskynsBeneath the Diamond Sky: Haight-Ashbury 1965-1970
1994978-0-7881-6760-7Nancy ZiemanSewing Express
1999978-0-7881-6775-1Peggy NoonanSimply Speaking: How to Communicate Your Ideas With Style, Substance & Clarity
1992978-0-7881-6824-6Lloyd PercivalThe Hockey Handbook
1988978-0-7881-6836-9Shana AlexanderThe Pizza Connection: Lawyers, Money, Drugs, Mafia
1996978-0-7881-6839-0Orr KellyFrom a Dark Sky: The Story of U.S. Air Force Special Operations
  ''978-0-7881-6857-4Al RiesFocus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It
2000978-0-7881-6935-9Scott O'Grady · Jeff CoplonReturn With Honor
1994978-0-7881-6940-3Barbara VictorVoice of Reason: Hanan Ashrawi and Peace in the Middle East
1990978-0-7881-6942-7Rosemary FootSubstitute for Victory: The Politics of Peacemaking at the Korean Armistice Talks
1997978-0-7881-6943-4Richard F. HellerCarbohydrate Addicted Kids: Help Your Child or Teen Break Free of Junk Food and Sugar Cravings -- For Life
1992978-0-7881-6945-8Linda Hunt AntonNever to Be a Mother: A Guide for All Women Who Didn't -- Or Couldn't -- Have Children
1993978-0-7881-6946-5Craig R. WhitneySpy Trader: Germany's Devil's Advocate and the Darkest Secrets of the Cold War
1994978-0-7881-6989-2Lloyd Dobyns · Clare Crawford-MasonThinking About Quality: Progress, Wisdom, and the Deming Philosophy
1997978-0-7881-6994-6Thomas E. RicksMaking the Corps: 61 Men Came to Paris Island to Become Marines
978-0-7881-7015-7Safety & Health Requirements Manual: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1994978-0-7881-7027-0Frank FreidelPresidents of the United States of America
1999978-0-7881-7028-7Margaret B. KlapthorThe First Ladies
1997978-0-7881-7053-9Albert GoreBusinesslike Government: Lessons Learned from America's Best Companies
1996978-0-7881-7125-3A. H. HodgesRecord of the Special Chemical Hazards Workshop: March 11-12, 1996, Australian Emergency Management Institute
1993978-0-7881-7147-5Daniel L. Mahr · Nino M. RidgwayBiological Control of Insects and Mites: An Introduction to Beneficial Natural Enemies and Their Use in Pest Management
  ''978-0-7881-7189-5Barry LeonardLeukemia: A Research Report
1997978-0-7881-7299-1Cumulative Impact of Environmental Regulations on the U.S. Petroleum Refining, Transportation & Marketing Industries
  ''978-0-7881-7325-7John C. ChapinTop of the Ladder: Marine Operations in the Northern Solomons
1996978-0-7881-7387-5Rafeeuddin Ahmed · Jamsheed Marker · J. E. Connor · Jean-Claude Milleron · Ibrahim GambariUnited Nations 21: Better Service, Better Value, Better Management, Progress Report of the Efficiency Board to the Secretary-General
1998978-0-7881-7666-1Joe N. BallardThe History of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1996978-0-7881-8046-0Arlen SpectorAllegations of a CIA Connection to Crack Cocaine Epidemic: Hearings Before the Select Committee on Intelligence of the United States Senate One ... Second Session on Allegations of a CIA co
  ''978-0-7881-8186-3Stages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicles (NASA SP-4206) (The NASA History Series)
1995978-0-7881-8206-8Jeffrey Lynn Pope · Leonid E. KondratiukArmor-Cavalry Regiments: Army National Guard Lineage
1995978-0-7881-8222-8Barry LeonardNicotine In Cigarettes And Smokeless Tobacco Products Is A Drug And These Products Are Nicotine Delivery Devices Under The Federal Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act: Appendices
1998978-0-7881-8274-7James NoelNuclear Waste: Further Actions to Increase the Use of Innovative Cleanup Technologies
1993978-0-7881-8286-0G. E. Ricketts · R. D. Scoggins · D. L. Thomas · L. H. Thompson · T. R. CarrManagement Guidelines for Efficient Sheep Production
1998978-0-7881-8326-3Gregory W. Pedlow · Donald E. Welzenbach · J. Kenneth McDOnaldCia And The U-2 Program, 1954-1974
1992978-0-7881-8379-9Not AvailableBibliography On Treatment Of Gunshot And Blast Injuries, 1984-1990
1999978-0-7881-8394-2John C. HansenAssisted Living: Quality-Of-Care and Consumer Protection Issues in Four States
  ''978-0-7881-8395-9Rosamond R. DewartHealth Information for International Travel: 1999
  ''978-0-7881-8513-7Jonathan Y. Richmond · Robert W. McKinneyBiosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
1998978-0-7881-8970-8Robert D. NewberrySpace Doctrine for the 21st Century
1997978-0-7881-9068-1Jim CarltonApple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders
1994978-0-7881-9138-1J.P. KenyonThe Wordsworth Dictionary of British History
2000978-0-7881-9157-2Virginia WoolfMrs. Dalloway
  ''978-0-7881-9159-6MachiavelliThe Prince
1993978-0-7881-9161-9Walter W. SkeatThe Concise Dictionary of English Etymology
1992978-0-7881-9201-2R. Craig NationBlack Earth Red Star A History of Soviet Security Policy 1917-1991
1995978-0-7881-9231-9Leanda de Lisle · Peter StanfordCatholics & Their Houses
1989978-0-7881-9245-6Kim ''Howard'' JohnsonFirst 20 Years of Monty Python
1995978-0-7881-9250-0Debra WaterhouseWhy Women Need Chocolate: Eat What You Crave to Look Good & Feel Great
1998978-0-7881-9358-3William J. BennettChildren's Book of America
  ''978-0-7881-9374-3Ronna Lichtenberg · Gene StoneWork Would Be Great If It Weren't for the People: Ronna and Her Evil Twin's Guide to Making Office Politics Work for You
1996978-0-7881-9431-3Gina MarantoQuest for Perfection: The Drive to Breed Better Human Beings
1998978-0-7881-9452-8J. R. WorsleyClassical Five-Element Acupuncture: The Five Elements and the Officials
1997978-0-7881-9472-6Leonard WolfBlood Thirst: 100 Years of Vampire Fiction
1998978-0-7881-9491-7Wendy HoldenShell Shock: The Psychological Impact of War
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1997978-0-7881-9522-8David WeitzmanOld Ironsides: Americans Build a Fighting Ship
1998978-0-7881-9540-2Debra WaterhouseOutsmarting the Midlife Fat Cell: Winning Weight Control Strategies for Women over 35 to Stay Fit Through Menopause
1995978-0-7881-9542-6Tracy ThompsonThe Beast: A Reckoning With Depression
2002978-0-7881-9586-0Timothy J. KnabA War of Witches: A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs
1996978-0-7881-9603-4Andy Lakey · Paul Robert WalkerAndy Lakey: Art, Angels, and Miracles
1999978-0-7881-9627-0Loretta Gerson · Silvia Mazzola · Venetia MorrisonRome: A Guide to the Eternal City
1997978-0-7881-9640-9Ed RuggeroThe Academy: A Novel of West Point
1996978-0-7881-9677-5Frank J. SullowayBorn to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives
1997978-0-7881-9699-7Casey KellarThe Natural Beauty & Bath Book: Nature's Luxurious Recipes for Body and Skin Care
1997978-0-7881-9732-1Paula S. FassKidnapped: Child Abduction in America
1996978-0-7881-9817-5J. S. DorianAbove and Beyond: 365 Meditations for Transcending Chronic Pain and Illness
1998978-0-7881-9850-2Steven Heller · Louise FiliBritish Modern: Graphic Design Between the Wars
1999978-0-7881-9871-7Doug GarrIBM Redux: Lou Gerstner and the Business Turnaround of the Decade
1997978-0-7881-9878-6Gerald ImberThe Youth Corridor: A Renowned Plastic Surgeon's Revolutionary Program for Maintenance, Rejuvenation and Timeless Beauty
1999978-0-7881-9882-3Michael HiltzikDealers of Lightning: XEROX-PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age
1998978-0-7881-9888-5Avril Hart · Emma TaylorFans
2001978-0-7881-9905-9Willa Cather · Georgine MilmineThe Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science
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1998978-0-7881-9917-2Marilee StrongA Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain
1999978-0-7881-9924-0Doris Wild HelmeringSense Ability: Expanding Your Sense of Awareness for a Twenty-First-Century Life
  ''978-0-7881-9937-0Henry KissingerYears of Renewal
1996978-0-7881-9949-3Fannie FarmerThe Original Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book: The Boston Cooking School
1994978-0-7881-9958-5Mae Rockland TupaNew Work of Our Hands: Contemporary Jewish Needlework & Quilts
1996978-0-7881-9964-6Dave ThomasSctv: Behind the Scenes
2001978-0-7881-9966-0Timothy HarperLicense to Steal: The Secret World of Wall Street Brokers and the Systematic Plundering of the American Investor
1995978-0-7881-9977-6Andrew H. VachssBatman: The Ultimate Evil
1996978-0-7881-9981-3Donald Dewey · Nicholas AcocellaBall Clubs: Every Franchise, Past and Present, Officially Recognized by Major League Baseball
1993978-0-7881-9982-0Christopher P. AndersenJagger Unauthorized
1995978-0-7881-9992-9Robert Jay Lifton · Greg MitchellHiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial