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2008978-0-7879-9630-7James L. Overholt · Nancy H. Aaberg · James LindseyMath Stories For Problem Solving Success: Ready-to-Use Activities Based on Real-Life Situations, Grades 6-12
  ''978-0-7879-9632-1Andrew RazeghiThe Riddle: Where Ideas Come From and How to Have Better Ones
2005978-0-7879-9633-8Catherine SnowKnowledge to Support the Teaching of Reading: Preparing Teachers for a Changing World
2007978-0-7879-9634-5Linda Darling-Hammond · John Bransford · Pamela LePage · Karen Hammerness · Helen DuffyPreparing Teachers for a Changing World: What Teachers Should Learn and Be Able to Do
2008978-0-7879-9639-0Marilee Strong · Mark PowelsonErased: Missing Women, Murdered Wives
  ''978-0-7879-9646-8William J. Rothwell · H. C. KazanasMastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systematic Approach
2007978-0-7879-9648-2Steven T. HuntHiring Success
  ''978-0-7879-9649-9Karl E. Weick · Kathleen M. SutcliffeManaging the Unexpected: Resilient Performance in an Age of Uncertainty
2008978-0-7879-9650-5Katherine S. McKnight · Mary ScruggsThe Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom: Using Improvisation to Teach Skills and Boost Learning
2007978-0-7879-9652-9Tracy GaryInspired Philanthropy: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy
2009978-0-7879-9658-1Ajay PangarkarThe Trainer's Balanced Scorecard +WEB
2008978-0-7879-9659-8Andrew AbelaAdvanced Presentations by Design: Creating Communication That Drives Action
  ''978-0-7879-9661-1LuAnn Irwin · Renie McClayThe Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences: Your Planning Resource of Useful Tips and Techniques
2008978-0-7879-9662-8Sharon L. BowmanTraining from the Back of the Room!
  ''978-0-7879-9664-2G. Colarelli O'ConnorGrabbing Lightning: Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation
  ''978-0-7879-9665-9Ronald E. Riggio · Ira Chaleff · Jean Lipman-BlumenThe Art of Followership: How Great Followers Create Great Leaders and Organizations
2009978-0-7879-9666-6Wayne R. DavisExecuting Change in the Organization: The Consultant's Toolkit
2008978-0-7879-9667-3Beth OlshanskyThe Power of Pictures: Creating Pathways to Literacy through Art, Grades K-6
  ''978-0-7879-9668-0Irvin D. YalomStaring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death
  ''978-0-7879-9675-8David T. ConleyCollege Knowledge: What It Really Takes for Students to Succeed and What We Can Do to Get Them Ready
2009978-0-7879-9679-6Terrence E. Deal · Kent D. PetersonShaping School Culture: Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises
2009978-0-7879-9680-2Kent D. PetersonThe Shaping School Culture Fieldbook, 2nd Edition
2008978-0-7879-9683-3Will ManciniChurch Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, and Create Movement
2007978-0-7879-9684-0Sam M. IntratorStories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teacher's Heart, Paperback Reprint: Honoring the Teacher's Heart
  ''978-0-7879-9686-4Parker J. PalmerThe Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life, 10th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-0-7879-9687-1Parker J. PalmerThe Courage to Teach Guide for Reflection and Renewal, 10th Anniversary Edition
2008978-0-7879-9688-8Phyllis BlumbergDeveloping Learner-Centered Teaching: A Practical Guide for Faculty
  ''978-0-7879-9691-8Neil G. Kotler · Philip Kotler · Wendy I. KotlerMuseum Marketing and Strategy: Designing Missions, Building Audiences, Generating Revenue and Resources
  ''978-0-7879-9695-6edward-b-fryJohn Wiley And Sons The Reading Teacher's Word-A-Day, Softcover
2008978-0-7879-9696-3Parker J. PalmerThe Promise of Paradox: A Celebration of Contradictions in the Christian Life
  ''978-0-7879-9703-8Michael Gurian · Barbara AnnisLeadership and the Sexes: Using Gender Science to Create Success in Business
2007978-0-7879-9706-9CRQ (Conflict Resolution Quarterly)Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Volume 24, Number 3, Spring 2007 (J-B MQ Single Issue Mediation Quarterly)
  ''978-0-7879-9717-5Ellen Finkelstein · Pavel SamsonovPowerPoint for Teachers: Dynamic Presentations and Interactive Classroom Projects (Grades K-12)
  ''978-0-7879-9721-2Peggy S. MeszarosSelf-Authorshp Advnc Grwth 109
2009978-0-7879-9729-8Bernard S. MayerStaying with Conflict: A Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes
2008978-0-7879-9730-4Michael Gurian · Kathy Stevens · Kelley KingStrategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Elementary Level: A Workbook for Educators
  ''978-0-7879-9731-1Michael Gurian · Kathy Stevens · Kelley KingStrategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Secondary Level: A Workbook for Educators
2009978-0-7879-9732-8Michael GurianSuccessful Single-Sex Classrooms: A Practical Guide to Teaching Boys & Girls Separately
2009978-0-7879-9733-5George S. McClellan · Jeremy StringerThe Handbook of Student Affairs Administration: (Sponsored by NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education)
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2007978-0-7879-9736-6Elaine BiechPfeiffer Book of Successful 2e
2017978-0-7879-9739-7Emilia BagiellaBiostatistics in Public Health Practice
2008978-0-7879-9745-8Claudyne WilderPoint, Click and Wow!: The Techniques and Habits of Successful Presenters
2007978-0-7879-9746-5Not AvailableLeadership Challenge Facilitator's Guide Set
  ''978-0-7879-9749-6Abby SeixasFinding the Deep River Within: A Woman's Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life
2008978-0-7879-9750-2Steven BergerFundamentals of Health Care Financial Management: A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities
2007978-0-7879-9752-6George C. HalvorsonHealth Care Reform Now!: A Prescription for Change
2008978-0-7879-9755-7Joan M. Harwell · Rebecca Williams JacksonThe Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook: Ready-to-Use Strategies and Activities for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
2009978-0-7879-9760-1Jie-Qi Chen · Seana Moran · Howard GardnerMultiple Intelligences Around the World
2007978-0-7879-9761-8Donald B. Kraybill · Steven M. Nolt · David L. Weaver-ZercherAmish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy
2008978-0-7879-9763-2Pam Walker · Elaine WoodHands-On General Science Activities With Real-Life Applications: Ready-to-Use Labs, Projects, and Activities for Grades 5-12
  ''978-0-7879-9764-9Judith MuschlaThe Math Teacher's Problem-a-Day
2010978-0-7879-9775-5Douglas A. HicksMoney Enough: Everyday Practices for Living Faithfully in the Global Economy
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2007978-0-7879-9809-7Freada Kapor KleinGiving Notice: Why the Best and Brightest are Leaving the Workplace and How You Can Help them Stay
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