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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-7871-0007-0Janet DaileyThe Proud and the Free
  ''978-0-7871-0076-6LaVyrle SpencerSweet Memories (Super Sound Buys)
1996978-0-7871-0105-3Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Ultimate Classics)
1997978-0-7871-0108-4Charles Dickens · Paul ScofieldThe Old Curiosity Shop
1994978-0-7871-0123-7Terry BrooksElf Queen of Shannara
1995978-0-7871-0130-5Anne McCaffreyThe White Dragon
  ''978-0-7871-0169-5Jack HigginsWrath of the Lion
1994978-0-7871-0175-6Bailey WhiteNative Air
  ''978-0-7871-0190-9Bailey WhiteAmong the Mushrooms
  ''978-0-7871-0191-6   ''A Bailey White Thanksgiving - Selected Stories from NPR's Bailey White
1995978-0-7871-0229-6Lilian Jackson BraunCat Who Blew the Whistle
1995978-0-7871-0248-7Daniel Manus PinkwaterSnarkout Boys & the Avocado of Death
  ''978-0-7871-0270-8Mark McCornackMcCormack: On Negotiating
1996978-0-7871-0278-4Ellis PetersThe Summer of the Danes
1995978-0-7871-0291-3More of the Best of Science Fiction and Fantasy
  ''978-0-7871-0295-1Mark H. McCormackOn Negotiating
  ''978-0-7871-0301-9LaVyrle SpencerHome Song
1994978-0-7871-0339-2Faye D. ResnickNicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted
1995978-0-7871-0345-3Bailey WhiteSomething Old, Something New: A Collection of Stories and Essays
  ''978-0-7871-0362-0Phillip BorsosFar from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog
1995978-0-7871-0369-9Bailey WhiteAn Interesting Life: Selections from the Bestselling Book "Mama Makes Up Her Mind"
  ''978-0-7871-0373-6Ellis PetersThe Heretic's Apprentice: The Sixteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfae
1996978-0-7871-0375-0   ''Potter's Field
1994978-0-7871-0376-7   ''Brother Cadfael's Penance: The Twentieth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
1996978-0-7871-0404-7Terrie Maxine Frankel · Joanne Parrent · Jennie Louise FrankelYou'll Never Make Love in This Town Again
  ''978-0-7871-0469-6Annie ReinerThe Long Journey of the Little Seed
1995978-0-7871-0492-4David ChasmanEverything I Ever Needed to Know About Succeeding in Hollywood I Learned from My Pit Bull
1996978-0-7871-0500-6Annie ReinerThe History of Christmas
  ''978-0-7871-0501-3Alexandre DumasTen Years Later: The Vicomte De Bragelone: The Three Musketeers
1995978-0-7871-0522-8Margaret Maldonado Jackson · Richard HackJackson Family Values: Memories of Madness
1996978-0-7871-0525-9Vincent T. BugliosiThe Phoenix Solution: Getting Serious About Winning America's Drug War
  ''978-0-7871-0544-0John E GardnerCold Fall
1995978-0-7871-0553-2LaVyrle Spencer · Loryn LocklinSpring Fancy
1996978-0-7871-0561-7Sun-tzuThe Art of War
1996978-0-7871-0562-4Joey Adams · Robert W. CabellJoey Adams' Complete Encyclopedia of Laughter
1995978-0-7871-0567-9Brian VanDeMark · Joseph Campanella · Robert McNamaraIn Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam
1996978-0-7871-0574-7Stephanie Beacham · Harvey Fierstein · Elliott Gould · Joel Grey · Kevin McCarthy · Vanessa Redgrave · Jean StapletonAesop's Fables: The Peacock's Complaint/the Ape & the Fox
1995978-0-7871-0579-2Michael Knox · Mike WalkerThe Private Diary of an O.J. Juror: Behind the Scenes of the Trial of the Century
  ''978-0-7871-0580-8Michael KnoxThe Private Diary of an O.J. Juror: Behind the Scenes of the Trial of the Century
1996978-0-7871-0585-3Stephanie Beacham · Gabriel Byrne · Minnie Driver · Samantha Eggar · Colm Meaney · Roger Rees · Julian Rsands · David WarnerThe Poetry of William Butler Yeats
1995978-0-7871-0610-2Lilian Jackson BraunThe Cat Who Said Cheese
  ''978-0-7871-0612-6LaVyrle Spencer · David DukesThat Camden Summer
1997978-0-7871-0620-1Dove's Audiobook of Virtues: A Library of Moral Learning
1996978-0-7871-0634-8Leslie T. GiblinHOW TO HAVE CONFIDENCE AND POWER IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE: Unabridged Edition
1995978-0-7871-0643-0Stephen KingDolores Clairborne: Version Completa En LA Voz De Elsa Cardenas
1996978-0-7871-0652-2Elizabeth Peters · Mary Jo Catlett · Richard Gilliland · Jill Larson · Linda Lavin · Loryn Locklin · Meredith Macrae · Lois NettletonMalice Domestic 1: An Anthology of Original Mystery Stories
  ''978-0-7871-0668-3Rodney BarkerDancing With the Devil: Sex, Espionage and the U.S. Marines: The Clayton Lonetree Story
  ''978-0-7871-0677-5Jack AndersonInside the NRA: Armed and Dangerous--An Expose
1996978-0-7871-0680-5Curtis MayfieldPoetic License: In Poem and Song
  ''978-0-7871-0682-9Vincent T. BugliosiThe Phoenix Solution: Getting Serious About Winning America's Drug War
  ''978-0-7871-0685-0Arthur JanovWhy You Get Sick and How You Get Well: The Healing Power of Feelings
  ''978-0-7871-0687-4Judith Kennedy · Alan Abrahamson · Judith Spreckels · Tracy KennedyMistrial of the Century: A Private Diary of the Jury System on Trial
  ''978-0-7871-0707-9Annie ReinerThis Nervous Breakdown Is Driving Me Crazy: A Collection of Short Stories
1996978-0-7871-0712-3Robert B. ParkerChance
  ''978-0-7871-0730-7Faye D. Resnick · Jeanne V. BellShattered: In the Eye of the Storm
  ''978-0-7871-0773-4Eric Root · Dale Crawford · Raymond StraitThe Private Diary of My Life With Lana
1997978-0-7871-0860-1Brian Lane · Bill SuffCat and Mouse: Mind Games With a Serial Killer
1996978-0-7871-0890-8Edward De BonoLateral Thinking: Creativity Step-By-Step
  ''978-0-7871-0903-5James GradyWhite Flame: A Novel
  ''978-0-7871-0904-2Mark H. McCormackOn Selling
1996978-0-7871-0905-9Mark H. McCormackOn Managing
  ''978-0-7871-0918-9Armanda Cooley · Carrie Bess · Marsha Rubin-Jackson · Willie Cravin · Tracy Hampton · Jeanette Harris · Tracy Kennedy · Michael KnoxMadam Foreman: A Rush to Judgement?
  ''978-0-7871-0920-2Max BarclayRed Mercury: A Novel
1995978-0-7871-0936-3Judith Cummings · Stefan RudnickiColin Powell and the American Dream: The Reluctant Hero
1996978-0-7871-0943-1Sun-tzuThe Art of War
  ''978-0-7871-0991-2Annie ReinerDancing in the Park
  ''978-0-7871-1004-8Mark H. McCormackMark H. McCormack on Managing
1996978-0-7871-1023-9Raymond ChandlerMandarin's Jade & Other Stories
  ''978-0-7871-1033-8Richard HackWhen Money Is King: How Revlon's Ron Perelman Mastered the World of Finance to Create One of America's Greatest Business Empires, and Found Glamour, Beauty, and the High Life in the Bargain
1997978-0-7871-1035-2Joanne Parrent · Bruce W. CookOnce More With Feeling
1996978-0-7871-1040-6Marva CollinsValues: Lighting the Candle of Excellence: A Practical Guide for the Family
  ''978-0-7871-1042-0Eric Idle · Edward LearThe Quite Remarkable Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat
1997978-0-7871-1044-4Ike Turner · Nigel CawthorneTakin' Back My Name: The Confessions of Ike Turner
1996978-0-7871-1046-8Barry Kaye · Rhonda MorsteinLive Rich
1997978-0-7871-1063-5Scott WalterIvanhoe
1996978-0-7871-1068-0Jane AustenEmma (Ultimate Classics)
  ''978-0-7871-1081-9Victor HugoThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
1997978-0-7871-1107-6Douglas AdamsDirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
1996978-0-7871-1119-9Bailey WhiteOstrich Farmer and Other Stories
  ''978-0-7871-1125-0Stephen Jay Gould · Efrem, Jr. ZimbalistFull House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
1998978-0-7871-1129-8William ShakespeareThe Children's Shakespeare
1997978-0-7871-1133-5Robert B. Parker · Burt ReynoldsSmall Vices
1996978-0-7871-1143-4Larry Flynt · Kenneth RossUnseemly Man
1996978-0-7871-1178-6Larry Flynt · Kenneth RossAn Unseemly Man: My Life As Pornographer, Pundit and Social Outcast
1997978-0-7871-1200-4LaVyrle SpencerSmall Town Girl
  ''978-0-7871-1224-0Traditional TalesFairy Tale Collection
  ''978-0-7871-1234-9Edward De BonoTeach Your Children to Think
1996978-0-7871-1259-2C. E. CrimminsMadonna and Child: A Maternally Hip Baby Book: A Parody
1997978-0-7871-1274-5Mark H. McCormackOn Negotiating
1999978-0-7871-1307-0Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray
1997978-0-7871-1352-0Lilian Jackson BraunThe Cat Who Tailed a Thief
1998978-0-7871-1374-2Dale Jakes · Connie Jakes · Clint RichmondFalse Prophets: The Firsthand Account of a Husband-Wife Team Working for the FBI and Living in Deepest Cover With the Montana Freemen
1997978-0-7871-1397-1Josephine HartSin
1998978-0-7871-1424-4Mark H. McCormackOn Selling
1997978-0-7871-1432-9McKinley Lee Jr. · Frank B. WilliamsChosen by Fate: My Life Inside Death Row Records
  ''978-0-7871-1462-6Stephen George · Arnold Weimerskirch · Lloyd BochnerTotal Quality Management: The New Management Model (Portable MBA Series)
  ''978-0-7871-1541-8Dave Madden · Loretta Swit · Efrem, Jr. ZimbalistCatholic Digest's Christmas: True Stories of the Holiday
1997978-0-7871-1612-5Dominick DunneAnother City, Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir
  ''978-0-7871-1645-3Stephen Jay GouldQuestioning the Millennium
1998978-0-7871-1675-0Robert B. ParkerSudden Mischief: A Suspense Novel
1997978-0-7871-1676-7LaVyrle SpencerThen Came Heaven
  ''978-0-7871-1694-1Peter DonnellyDiana: A Tribute to the Peoples
1998978-0-7871-1757-3Philip K Y Young · John J. McAuleyThe Portable MBA in Economics: Insights from the Experts at the Best Business Schools: Shows How to Apply Economics to Business Decision Making (Portable MBA Series)
  ''978-0-7871-1763-4Pete HamillNews Is a Verb: Journalism at the End of the Twentieth Century (Library of Contemporary Thought)
  ''978-0-7871-1807-5Donald H. WolfeThe Last Days of Marilyn Monroe
1998978-0-7871-1828-0Patch Adams · Maureen MylanderGesundheit: Bringing Good Health to You, the Medical System, and Society Through Physician Service, Complementary Therapies, Humor, and Joy
1999978-0-7871-1838-9Mark H. McCormackOn Communicating
  ''978-0-7871-1841-9Orson Scott CardPrentice Alvin (Tales of Alvin Maker)
  ''978-0-7871-1857-0Stephen Jay GouldRocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life (Library of Contemporary Thought)
  ''978-0-7871-1866-2Jay McInerneyThe Business & Other Stories
  ''978-0-7871-1948-5Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1999978-0-7871-2006-1Owen ParryFaded Coat of Blue
  ''978-0-7871-2022-1Sidney SheldonMorning Noon and Night
  ''978-0-7871-2043-6Lillian Jackson BraunCat Who Tailed a Thief
  ''978-0-7871-2138-9George Barris · P. ConnellyMarilyn
  ''978-0-7871-2153-2Sara ParetskyDeadlock
1999978-0-7871-2259-1Laura Berman FortgangTake Yourself to the Top: The Secrets of America's #1 Career Coach
  ''978-0-7871-2262-1William J. CaunitzChains of Command
  ''978-0-7871-2270-6Martin Harry GreenbergFirst to Fight
  ''978-0-7871-2357-4Shirley JacksonThe Haunting of Hill House
1998978-0-7871-8011-9Morris R. ShechtmanThe Internal Frontier: Creating the Personal Transformations That Lead to Success