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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-7860-2873-3William W. Johnstone · J.A. JohnstoneBloodshed of Eagles
  ''978-0-7860-2876-4William W. JohnstoneA Town Called Fury (A Town Callled Fury)
  ''978-0-7860-2878-8William W. Johnstone · J.A. JohnstoneJudgement Day (A Town Callled Fury)
  ''978-0-7860-2879-5   ''Cutthroat Canyon (Sidewinders)
  ''978-0-7860-2882-5William W. JohnstoneBlackfoot Messiah (Preacher/First Mountain Man)
2011978-0-7860-2883-2William W. JohnstoneForty Guns West (Preacher/First Mountain Man)
2014978-0-7860-2884-9John Douglas · Mark OlshakerLaw & Disorder:: Inside the Dark Heart of Murder
2011978-0-7860-2890-0Kevin O'BrienThe Next To Die
2012978-0-7860-2893-1M. William PhelpsIf Looks Could Kill
  ''978-0-7860-2898-6William W. Johnstone · J.A. JohnstoneThe Brothers O'Brien
  ''978-0-7860-2924-2Burl BarerHead Shot
  ''978-0-7860-2925-9Lyn RiddleOverkill
  ''978-0-7860-2929-7Joe MckinneyMutated (Dead World)
2012978-0-7860-2987-7Kevin O'BrienKilling Spree
  ''978-0-7860-2988-4Gregg OlsenA Wicked Snow
2013978-0-7860-3019-4John GilstrapHigh Treason (Jonathan Grave)
  ''978-0-7860-3120-7William W. Johnstone · J.A. JohnstoneThe Butcher of Bear Creek (Sidewinders)
  ''978-0-7860-3142-9Alan Le MayThe Searchers
  ''978-0-7860-3158-0Kevin O'BrienUnspeakable
2013978-0-7860-3180-1Marc CameronState of Emergency (A Jericho Quinn Thriller)
2014978-0-7860-3182-5Marc CameronTime of Attack (A Jericho Quinn Thriller)
2012978-0-7860-3184-9J N WilliamsonDark Masques
2014978-0-7860-3246-4M. William PhelpsObsessed
2012978-0-7860-3276-1William W. JohnstonePreacher's Justice (Preacher/First Mountain Man)
2013978-0-7860-3287-7Ryan LockwoodBelow
2012978-0-7860-3317-1Joe MckinneyFlesh Eaters
2013978-0-7860-3414-7Sue RussellLethal Intent
  ''978-0-7860-3425-3Philip CarloThe Nightstalker
  ''978-0-7860-3427-7Charles A. Crenshaw · Jens Hansen · J. Gary ShawJFK Has Been Shot
2014978-0-7860-3493-2Robert K. TanenbaumEchoes of my Soul
  ''978-0-7860-3514-4Owen WisterThe Virginian
2016978-0-7860-3522-9Brandon BoyceStorm's Thunder
2015978-0-7860-3529-8Marc CameronBrute Force (A Jericho Quinn Thriller)
  ''978-0-7860-3540-3A.J. TataForeign and Domestic (A Jake Mahegan Thriller)
2017978-0-7860-3542-7A.J. TataThree Minutes to Midnight (A Jake Mahegan Thriller)
2016978-0-7860-3571-7William W. Johnstone · J.A. JohnstoneA Time For Vultures (Flintlock)
2016978-0-7860-3704-9Larry McShaneChin: The Life and Crimes of Mafia Boss Vincent Gigante
2015978-0-7860-3911-1Edward KleinBlood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas
2016978-0-7860-3940-1Michael HiebertDream With Little Angels
2017978-0-7860-4008-7William W. Johnstone · J.A. JohnstoneHell's Gate (Flintlock)
  ''978-0-7860-4032-2   ''Twelve Dead Men (Those Jensen Boys!)
  ''978-0-7860-4042-1   ''Powder Burn (A Will Tanner Western)
  ''978-0-7860-4063-6   ''The Jensen Brand
2018978-0-7860-4202-9Charles G. WestNo Justice in Hell (A John Hawk Western)
2008978-0-7860-7968-1William W. JohnstoneSurvival in the Ashes