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2013978-0-7844-1321-0Jr. Ph.D. Steven L. JonesUrban Public Transportation Systems 2013:
  ''978-0-7844-1322-7ASCEMinimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, Standard ASCE/SEI 7-10
2014978-0-7844-1323-4Craig DavisInternational Efforts in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering: Proceedings of the Sixth China-Japan-US Trilateral Symposium on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (Tclee Monograph Series)
  ''978-0-7844-1325-8American Society of Civil EngineersGuideline for Condition Assessment of the Building Envelope: (Standards - Asce/Sei)
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2017978-0-7844-1331-9American Society of Civil EngineersAsce Standard, ANSI/Asce/Ewri, 45-16, 46-16, 47-16: Standard Guidelines for the Design of Urban Stormwater Systems (Standards - ANSI/Asce/ewri)
2014978-0-7844-1332-6Ph.D., P.E. Jenny Liu · Ph.D. Peng Li · Ph.D., P.E. Xiong Zhang · Ph.D., P.E. Baoshan HuangClimatic Effects on Pavement and Geotechnical Infrastructure:
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  ''978-0-7844-1334-0Building Rating Security CommitteeBuilding Security Rating System: Checklists to Assess Risks, Consequences, and Security Countermeasures (ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice (MOP) 128))
  ''978-0-7844-1335-7P.E., S.E., F.SEI Glenn R. Bell · P.E. Matt A. CardStructures Congress 2014:
2014978-0-7844-1336-4Ph.D., P.E. Yong Bai · Ph.D. Xiuli Du · Ph.D., P.E. Pei-Sung Lin · Ph.D., P.E. Wei-Chou Virgil Ping · Ph.D., P.E. Endi Zhai · Ph.D. Yilei HuangChallenges and Advances in Sustainable Transportation Systems: Plan, Design, Build, Manage, and Maintain
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  ''978-0-7844-1347-0Xila Liu · A. H-S. AngSustainable Development of Critical Infrastructure:
  ''978-0-7844-1348-7American Society of Civil EngineersSeismic Design of Piers and Wharves: (Standards - Asce/Copri)
2014978-0-7844-1349-4III, Dr. of Eng., P.E. J. S. Templeton · P.E. Alan G. Young · P.E., S.E. Joseph KallabyOffshore Technology in Civil Engineering: Hall of Fame Papers from the Early Years
  ''978-0-7844-1350-0Horizontal Directional Drilling Design Guideline Task Committee · P.E. Eric R. Skonberg · P.E. Tennyson M. MuindiPipeline Design for Installation by Horizontal Directional Drilling: (Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice)
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2014978-0-7844-1358-6Amiy Varma · Geoffrey D. Gosling · Ph.D.T & DI Congress 2014: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
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2014978-0-7844-1368-5Task Committee on Recent Advances in Canal Automation of the Irrigation Delivery and Drainage Systems Committee of the Irrigation and Drainage Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCECanal Automation for Irrigation Systems (ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice (MOP)131)
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2015978-0-7844-1378-4Permeable Pavements Task CommitteePermeable Pavements
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2015978-0-7844-1383-8Ph.D., P.E., R.A. Thomas E. BoothbyEngineering Iron and Stone: Understanding Structural Analysis and Design Methods of the Late 19th Century (Asce Press)
978-0-7844-1384-5Official Register 2015
2015978-0-7844-1385-2Kenny C. S. Kwok · Melissa D. Burton · Ahmad K. AbdelrazaqWind-induced Motion of Tall Buildings: Designing for Habitability
2015978-0-7844-1386-9Edited by Zhongyin Guo · Baoshan Huang · Zhongren WangAccess Management Theories and Practices
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978-0-7844-1428-6Official Register 2016
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  ''978-0-7844-1437-8   ''Tensile Membrane Structures
978-0-7844-1438-5Brian Brenner 3-Book Set
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978-0-7844-1446-0INCA Engineering 4 Book Set
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2016978-0-7844-1455-2American Society of Civil EngineersBridges 2017 Wall Calendar
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2017978-0-7844-1489-7American Society of Civil EngineersCost of Maintaining Green Infrastructure
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  ''978-0-7844-1494-1ASCE PressBridges 2018 Calendar
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2019978-0-7844-1503-0   ''Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide (Standard ASCE/G-I 53-19) (Standards)
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  ''978-0-7844-1515-3   ''Wind Engineering for Natural Hazards
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