Omnigraphics Inc

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-7808-1634-3Angela L. WilliamsStress-Related Disorders Sourcebook, 5th Ed. (Health Reference)
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  ''978-0-7808-1650-3OmnigraphicsGastrointestinal Disorders Sourcebook (Health Reference)
2018978-0-7808-1652-7Angela L. WilliamsAsthma Sourcebook, 5th Ed. (Health Reference)
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2018978-0-7808-1656-5Angela L. WilliamsAutism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Sourcebook, 4th Ed. (Health Reference)
  ''978-0-7808-1659-6Jerome ClarkThe UFO Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed.
  ''978-0-7808-1661-9Retail Sales ConnectGift, Housewares & Home Textiles Buyers
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  ''978-0-7808-1663-3   ''Men's & Boys' Wear Buyers 2019 (Men's and Boy's Wear Buyers)
2018978-0-7808-1664-0Retail Sales ConnectWomen's & Children's Wear Buyers 2019 (Women's and Children's Wear Buyers)
  ''978-0-7808-1665-7   ''Independent Sales Representatives & Multi-Line Showrooms
  ''978-0-7808-1666-4OmnigraphicsHeadquarters USA 2019, 41st Ed.
  ''978-0-7808-1667-1   ''Toll-Free Phone Book USA 2019, 23rd Ed.
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2018978-0-7808-1669-5Rich's Business DirectoriesRocky Mountain High Technology Directory 2019
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2019978-0-7808-1693-0Angela WilliamsPregnancy and Birth Sourcebook, 4th Ed. (Health Reference)
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2019978-0-7808-1701-2Angela WilliamsEar, Nose, and Throat Disorders Sourcebook, 3rd Ed. (Health Reference Series)
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2019978-0-7808-1723-4Angela WilliamsRespiratory Disorders Sourcebook, 5th Ed. (Health Reference Series)
2019978-0-7808-1725-8Angela WilliamsFitness and Exercise Sourcebook, 6th Ed. (Health Reference Series)
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  ''978-0-7808-1745-6   ''Headquarters USA 2020
2019978-0-7808-1746-3Angela WilliamsToll Free Directory 2020 (Toll Free Phone Book USA)
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2019978-0-7808-1755-5Angela WilliamsWomens & Childrens Wear Buyers 2020 (Women's and Children's Wear Buyers)
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2020978-0-7808-1784-5Angela L. WilliamsCancer Survivorship Sourcebook
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