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1993978-0-7734-9314-8Bertil H. Van BoerGustav III and the Swedish Stage: Opera, Theatre, and Other Foibles: Essays in Honor of Hans Astrand
  ''978-0-7734-9315-5John J. CareyThe Christian Argument for Gays and Lesbians in the Military: Essays by Mainline Church Leaders
  ''978-0-7734-9319-3Christopher NouryehTranslation and Critical Study of Ten Pre-Islamic Odes: Traces in the Sand
  ''978-0-7734-9321-6Christopher ChaffinOlympiodorus of Thebes and the Sack of Rome: A Study of the Historikoi Logoi, With Translated Fragments, Commentary and Additional Material
  ''978-0-7734-9324-7Frank H. WallisPopular Anti-Catholicism in Mid-Victorian Britain
1993978-0-7734-9328-5Edelgard E. DubruckAspects of Fifteenth-Century Society in German Carnival Comedies: Speculum Hominis
  ''978-0-7734-9331-5Gertrudis Gomez De Avellaneda Y ArteagaSab
1994978-0-7734-9336-0Franklin H. Littell · Alan L. BergerWhat Have We Learned?: Telling the Story and Teaching the Lessons of the Holocaust: Papers of the 20th Anniversary Scholars' Conference
1992978-0-7734-9339-1Rob Isbister · Peter StandishA Concordance to the Works of Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986): T-Z
1994978-0-7734-9347-6Paul AnisefLearning and Sociological Profiles of Canadian High School Students: An Overview of 15 to 18 Year Olds and Educational Policy Implications for Dropou
1993978-0-7734-9352-0Charles E. WilsonFrom Bastogne to Bavaria With the Fighting Fourth Armored Division 1944-1945: Scenes from the War and Holocaust
  ''978-0-7734-9357-5Calvin Augustine PaterKarlstadt As the Father of the Baptist Movements: The Emergence of Lay Protestantism
  ''978-0-7734-9372-8Jack Martin BalcerA Prosopographical Study of the Ancient Persians Royal and Noble, C. 550-450 B.C.
1992978-0-7734-9380-3Rob Isbister · Peter StandishA Concordance to the Works of Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986): M-P
1993978-0-7734-9383-4Charles E. WilsonFrom Bastogne to Bavaria With the Fighting Fourth Armored Division 1944-1945: Scenes from the War and Holocaust
1994978-0-7734-9424-4Jonathan ShiffVenetian State Theater and the Games of Siena 1595-1605: The Grimani Banquet Plays
1992978-0-7734-9443-5Joyce Sparer AdlerDramatizations of Three Melville Novels: With an Introduction on Interpretation by Dramatization
  ''978-0-7734-9449-7Hans LundText As Picture: Studies in the Literary Transformation of Pictures
1992978-0-7734-9454-1Muhammas FaridThe Memoirs and Diaries of Muhammad Farid, an Egyptian Nationalist Leader
  ''978-0-7734-9455-8Rachel Bromwich · D. Simon EvansGlossary to Culhwch Ac Olwen
  ''978-0-7734-9480-0Steven L. JacobsRaphael Lemkin's Thoughts on the Nazi Genocide: Not Guilty?
  ''978-0-7734-9492-3William J. WilliamsThe Wilson Administration and the Shipbuilding Crisis of 1917: Steel Ships and Wooden Steamers
  ''978-0-7734-9499-2Rosemary Chapman · Nicholas HewittPopular Culture and Mass Communication in Twentieth-Century France
1992978-0-7734-9505-0Ian GermaniJean Paul Marat, Hero and Anti-Hero of the French Revolution
  ''978-0-7734-9516-6G. Jan ColijnThe Netherlands and Nazi Genocide: Papers of the 21st Annual Scholars' Conference
  ''978-0-7734-9538-8Marianna E. VogelzangMesopotamian Epic Literature: Oral or Aural?
  ''978-0-7734-9539-5Peter MilwardAn Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna in English and American Literature
  ''978-0-7734-9553-1James Biser WhiskerThe Militia
1992978-0-7734-9554-8Jennifer Hosten-CraigThe Effect of a North American Free Trade Agreement on the Commonwealth Caribbean
  ''978-0-7734-9570-8Anna MakolkinSemiotics of Misogyny Through the Humor of Chekhov and Maugham
  ''978-0-7734-9576-0Ronald GestwickiA Life-Study of Franz Kafka 1883-1924: Using the Intensive Journal Method of Ira Progoff
1993978-0-7734-9584-5Carolyn Worman SurThe Feminine Images of God in the Visions of Saint Hildegard of Bingen's Scivias
1992978-0-7734-9588-3G. C. OosthuizenEmpirical Studies of African Independent/Indigenous Churches
  ''978-0-7734-9593-7Erich W. SchauflerElias Canettis Autiobiographie in Der Deutschen Presse
  ''978-0-7734-9602-6Joel J. SokolskyFifty Years of Canada-United States Defense Cooperation: The Road from Ogdensburg
1991978-0-7734-9644-6Alan L. BergerBearing Witness to the Holocaust, 1939-1989
1991978-0-7734-9648-4K. Lawson Younger · William W. HalloThe Biblical Canon in Comparative Perspective
1994978-0-7734-9663-7Plinio PrioreschiA History of Medicine: Greek Medicine
1991978-0-7734-9683-5Ronald SimkinsYahweh's Activity in History and Nature in the Book of Joel
  ''978-0-7734-9762-7Philip DesindJewish and Russian Revolutionaries Exiled to Siberia, 1901-1917
  ''978-0-7734-9783-2William L. UrbanDithmarschen, a Medieval Peasant Republic
1992978-0-7734-9807-5James W. DeardorffThe Problems of New Testament Gospel Origins: A Glasnost Approach
  ''978-0-7734-9824-2Marion Ann TaylorThe Old Testament in the Old Princeton School
  ''978-0-7734-9837-2Matthew W. RobertsExport Processing Zones in Jamaica and Mauritius: Evolution of an Export-Oriented Development Model
1993978-0-7734-9838-9Richard E. MezoA Study of B. Traven's Fiction: The Journey to Solipaz
1991978-0-7734-9870-9Robert WestBobby Sands: Irish Rebel: A Self-Portrait in Poetry and Polemics Issued on the 10th Anniversary of His Death
1992978-0-7734-9878-5David RessThe Burundi Ethnic Massacres, 1988
1991978-0-7734-9898-3James Oliver GumpThe Formation of the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa, 1750-1840
1991978-0-7734-9923-2Donald S. CastroThe Argentine Tango As Social History, 1880-1955: The Soul of the People
1992978-0-7734-9964-5Madan M. GopalPolitics, Race, and Youth in Guyana
1990978-0-7734-9982-9Ben N. ArdThe Sexual Realm in Long-Term Marriages: A Longitudinal Study Following Marital Partners over Twenty Years
  ''978-0-7734-9995-9Franklin H. LittellThe German Church Struggle and the Holocaust
  ''978-0-7734-9997-3Donald G. Jones · Russell E. RicheyAmerican Civil Religion