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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-0-7684-5106-1T. D. Jakes · Cora Jakes ColemanVictory: Having the Edge for Success in the Battlegrounds of Life
  ''978-0-7684-5109-2Bill Johnson · Brandon WaldenThe King's Way of Life
  ''978-0-7684-5110-8Bill Johnson · Brandon WaldenThe King's Way of Life
2019978-0-7684-5111-5Michael L. BrownOur Hands are Stained with Blood: The Tragic Story of the Church and the Jewish People
978-0-7684-5115-3The Seer Realms: Discerning Unseen Realities to Unlock Prophetic Mysteries
2018978-0-7684-5120-7Nate KruppBible Studies for Soul Winners [Revised Edition]
2019978-0-7684-5133-7Elmer TownsThe Bible by Jesus: A Modern Paraphrase by Elmer L. Towns
  ''978-0-7684-5135-1Kevin ZadaiSupernatural Finances: Heaven's Blueprint for Blessing and Increase
  ''978-0-7684-5139-9Bill JohnsonThe Way of Life: Experiencing the Culture of Heaven on Earth
2020978-0-7684-5142-9Ana WernerThe Warrior's Dance: A Seer's Guide to Victorious Spiritual Warfare
2019978-0-7684-5146-7Jennifer LeClaireVictory Decrees: Daily Prophetic Strategies for Spiritual Warfare Victory
2019978-0-7684-5150-4Jermaine Francis · Rebecca FrancisActivating the Gift of Prophecy: Your Guide to Receiving and Sharing what God is Saying
  ''978-0-7684-5155-9Mark Stibbe100 Bible Verses That Will Change Your Life: It's Time to Encounter the Father's Love
2020978-0-7684-5157-3Ryan JohnsonHow to Contend for Your Miracle: How Supernatural Encounters and Faith Work Together to Bring Answered Prayers
2019978-0-7684-5161-0Mario MurilloVessels of Fire and Glory: Breaking Demonic Spells Over America to Release a Great Awakening
2020978-0-7684-5167-2Angeletta GilesTake Authority Over Autism: Conquering Autism Through the Power of God's Word
  ''978-0-7684-5171-9Emma StarkThe Prophetic Warrior: Operating in Your True Prophetic Authority
  ''978-0-7684-5175-7Katherine RuonalaSupernatural Freedom: Overcoming the Greatest Barriers to Fulfilling Your Destiny
  ''978-0-7684-5179-5Wanda AlgerMoving from Sword to Scepter: Rule Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God
2019978-0-7684-5187-0Adrian BealeKingdom Mysteries: Hidden in Plain Sight: Your Invitation to Access and Release Heaven's Provision
2019978-0-7684-5191-7Josh Axe · Jordan Rubin · Ty BollingerThe Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine
2020978-0-7684-5194-8Joanna AdamsClosing the Door to Demons: Deliverance Strategies to Staying Free
2019978-0-7684-5223-5Larry Sparks · Emma Stark · Jeremiah Johnson · Lana Vawser · Robert Henderson · David Balestri · Ana Werner · Hank KunnemanProphetic Words for 2020
2021978-0-7684-5227-3Thom GardnerLife Repurposed: Bringing Glorious Treasure out of the Wounds, Hurts, and Pain of the Past
2020978-0-7684-5231-0Candice SmithymanReleasing Heaven: Creating a Supernatural Environment Through Heavenly Encounters
  ''978-0-7684-5236-5Dian LaytonKeep On Keepin' On: Helping Kids to Never Give Up!
  ''978-0-7684-5238-9Percy BurnsGlorious Freedom: How to Experience Deliverance through the Power and Authority of Jesus
  ''978-0-7684-5242-6Phil HopperThe Weapons of Our Warfare: Using the Full Armor of God to Defeat the Enemy
2019978-0-7684-5247-1Elmer L. TownsThe 90-Minute Bible Summary
  ''978-0-7684-5259-4Don Nori Sr. · Thom GardnerSeeing the Invisible: 90 Days of Experiencing the Passion, Presence, and Purpose of God
2020978-0-7684-5265-5Bill Dennington · Robert HendersonBreaking the Strongholds of Iniquity: A New Testament Guide to Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline
2020978-0-7684-5345-4Christy JohnstonDeploying Prophetic Prayer: Releasing Heaven's Solutions for Your Home, Family, and Nation
2019978-0-7684-5386-7Jennifer LeClaireThe Seer Dimensions: Activating Your Prophetic Sight to See the Unseen
2020978-0-7684-5404-8Kevin ZadaiReceiving from Heaven: Increasing Your Capacity to Receive from Your Heavenly Father
  ''978-0-7684-5415-4Lana VawserI Hear the Lord Say "New Era": Kingdom Strategies for Entering Prophetic Fulfillment
  ''978-0-7684-5477-2Jeremiah JohnsonJudgment on the House of God: Cleansing and Glory is Coming
  ''978-0-7684-5502-1David BalestriMarketplace Miracles: Supernatural Strategies for Releasing Signs and Wonders in Your Workplace
2000978-0-7684-6000-1Tommy TenneyThe Daily Chase