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2005978-0-7644-1303-2Johnny Baker · Steve Collins · Kevin DraperThe Prayer Path: A Christ-centered Labyrinth Experience
2001978-0-7644-1310-0Group PublishingThe Prayer Path: A Christ-Centered Labyrinth Experience Participant Guides
2005978-0-7644-1935-5FaithWeaver FriendsMusic & Memory Leader Guide: Fall 2005
1997978-0-7644-2001-6Nanette GoingsIncredible Edible Bible Fun: Making God's Word Memorable With Easy Recipes Children Can Do
1998978-0-7644-2013-9Michael D. WardenExtraordinary Results from Ordinary Teachers
2016978-0-7644-2019-1Group PublishingYou Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less
1997978-0-7644-2022-1   ''Show Me! Devotions for Leaders to Teach Kids
  ''978-0-7644-2024-5   ''Pray & Play Bible for Young Children
  ''978-0-7644-2025-2Jennifer Root WilgerThe Safe and Caring Church Nursery
  ''978-0-7644-2030-6Karl LeuthauserQ and A
2009978-0-7644-2031-3Josh Hunt · Larry MaysDisciple-Making Teachers
1998978-0-7644-2037-5Debbie GowensmithYoung Adult Faith-Launchers
  ''978-0-7644-2040-5GroupHands-On Service Ideas for Children's Ministry
1998978-0-7644-2045-0Lois KefferClip & Tell Some More Bible Stories
2009978-0-7644-2048-1Ben F. Freudenburg · Rick LawrenceThe Family-Friendly Church
1998978-0-7644-2050-4Lois KefferSunday School Specials 4
2009978-0-7644-2052-8GroupQuick Children's Sermons 2: Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?
1998978-0-7644-2053-5Jack CrabtreeBetter Safe Than Sued: Keeping Out of Trouble in Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2059-7Lori NilesBible Story Games for Preschoolers
  ''978-0-7644-2067-2Helen Turnbull · Jan KerschnerBible-Time Crafts Your Kids Will Love
  ''978-0-7644-2070-2Marian Hope Moreland · Richard MorelandInstant Christmas Pageant: The Not So Silent Night
  ''978-0-7644-2072-6Ivy BeckwithQuick Relief for Children's Ministry Leaders
1999978-0-7644-2076-4Karl Bastian · K. Christie Bowler · LA Dona Hein · Jerry Hull · Rick Osborne · Janet TeitsortThe Ultimate Bible Guide for Children's Ministry: Helping Kids Make the Bible Their Lifetime Friend
1999978-0-7644-2081-8Dennis McLaughlin · Lana Jo McLaughlinFoodFun(tm) Devotions for Children's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2089-4Group PublishingThe Gigantic Book of Games for Youth Ministry, Volume 2
  ''978-0-7644-2090-0Lori Haynes Niles · Kim SikesThe Warm and Wonderful Church Nursery
  ''978-0-7644-2091-7Scott LarsonAt Risk: Bringing Hope to Hurting Teens
  ''978-0-7644-2095-5Group PublishingInstant Skits for Children's Ministry
1999978-0-7644-2105-1Group PublishingAmazing Science Devotions for Children's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2113-6   ''The Gigantic Book of Games for Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2125-9Jody Capehart · Lori Haynes NilesTouching Hearts, Changing Lives: Becoming a Treasured Teacher
2000978-0-7644-2133-4Michael D. WardenExperiencing God in Worship: Perspectives on the Future of Worship in the Church from Today's Most Prominent Leaders
1999978-0-7644-2151-8Leonard I. SweetAquachurch
2000978-0-7644-2153-2Group PublishingSunday School Attendance Boosters: 165 Fresh and New Ideas
  ''978-0-7644-2189-1Margaret R. Hinchey · I. Shelby Andress · Jennifer Griffin-WiesnerStrategic Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2194-5Dave Rahn · Terry LinhartContagious Faith: Empowering Student Leadership in Youth Evangelism
2000978-0-7644-2197-6Group PublishingGroupBuilder Games and Activities for Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2215-7Jolene L. Roehlkepartain · Eugene C. RoehlkepartainPrescription for a Healthy Church: Ministry Ideas to Nurture Whole People
2001978-0-7644-2216-4Group PublishingFamily Builder Games for Parents and Youth
2000978-0-7644-2218-8   ''Believe It or Not: Bible Studies for Youth Ministry
2001978-0-7644-2219-5Katrina Arbuckle · Amy SimpsonJump Starters: 100 Games to Spark Discussions
  ''978-0-7644-2223-2Jolene L. RoehlkepartainTippy Towers & Boo Blankets: Bible Play for Tiny Tots
  ''978-0-7644-2224-9Group PublishingKids' Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments: Thirteen Lessons on Right and Wrong
2000978-0-7644-2225-6Group PublishingI Can Make It Myself!: Bible Story Crafts for Preschoolers
  ''978-0-7644-2227-0Bo BoshersDoing Life With God
2001978-0-7644-2228-7Bo Boshers · Kim AndersonDoing Life with God 2: Real Stories Written by Students
2000978-0-7644-2230-0Bob LatchawInstant Christmas Pageant: Operation Baby King
  ''978-0-7644-2236-2Gary Rosberg · Barbara RosbergImproving Communication in Your Marriage (Homebuilders Couples Series)
  ''978-0-7644-2237-9Dennis RaineyBuilding Your Marriage (Homebuilders Couples Series)
2001978-0-7644-2239-3Robert Lewis · David BoehiBuilding Teamwork in Your Marriage (Homebuilders Couples Series)
2000978-0-7644-2240-9Bob Horner · Jan HornerResolving Conflict in Your Marriage (Family Life Homebuilders Couples (Group))
2009978-0-7644-2241-6Ron BlueMastering Money in Your Marriage (Family Life Homebuilders Couples (Group))
2000978-0-7644-2243-0Group PublishingGrowing Together in Christ (Family Life Homebuilders Couples (Group))
2001978-0-7644-2245-4   ''Overcoming Stress in Your Marriage (Family Life Homebuilders Couples (Group))
2002978-0-7644-2256-0Bryan BelknapBlockbuster Movie Illustrations: Over 160 Clips for Your Ministry!
2001978-0-7644-2257-7Tom Clegg · Warren BirdLost in America: How Your Church Can Impact the World Next Door
  ''978-0-7644-2258-4Jim KochenburgerThe Top 20 Messages for Youth Ministry
2001978-0-7644-2291-1Group PublishingThe Ultimate Book of Preteen Games
  ''978-0-7644-2295-9N/AThe Preschool Worker's Encyclopedia of Bible Teaching Ideas C: New Testament
  ''978-0-7644-2296-6Group PublishingQuick Children's Messages 3: Did Adam and Eve Have Bellybuttons (Quick Children's Sermons)
  ''978-0-7644-2297-3Michael Slaughter · Warren BirdUnlearning Church: Just When You Thought You Had Leadership All Figured Out
  ''978-0-7644-2301-7Group PublishingFaith Metaphors: 50 Interactive Object Lessons for Youth Ministry
2001978-0-7644-2305-5Group PublishingJust Add Puppets: 20 Instant Puppet Skits for Children's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2306-2   ''An Unstoppable Force: Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind
2002978-0-7644-2345-1Dave Stone · Rick Rusaw60 Simple Secrets Every Pastor Should Know
2001978-0-7644-2347-5Handt HansonMission-Driven Worship: Helping Your Changing Church Celebrate God
  ''978-0-7644-2352-9Cindy Hansen · Bob LatchawInstant Christmas Pageants: The Mouse's Tale
2002978-0-7644-2354-3Bryan BelknapUltimate Skits: 20 Parables for Driving Home Your Point
2001978-0-7644-2355-0Group PublishingThe Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry
2002978-0-7644-2356-7Les, III ParrottThe Comprehensive Guide to Youth Ministry Counseling
2001978-0-7644-2357-4Dave StoneKeeping Your Head Above Water: Refreshing Insights for Church Leadership
2002978-0-7644-2358-1Group PublishingGo Deeper Retreats: 12 Life-Changing Weekends for Youth Ministry
2001978-0-7644-2383-3   ''Movie Clips for Kids: Faith-Building Video Devotions
2003978-0-7644-2385-7Steve L. Case · Kelli B. TrujilloOver-The-Top Games for Youth Ministry
2002978-0-7644-2386-4Scott Larson · Karen FreeCity Lights: Ministry Essentials for Reaching Urban Youth
2001978-0-7644-2389-5Craig JutilaLeadership Essentials for Children's Ministry: Passion, Attitude, Teamwork, Honor
2002978-0-7644-2390-1Group PublishingKids' Travel Guide to the Fruit of the Spirit
  ''978-0-7644-2395-6   ''The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for Children
  ''978-0-7644-2397-0George Gallup · D. Michael LindsayThe Gallup Guide: Reality Check for 21st Century Churches
2001978-0-7644-2402-1Donna L. Alexander · Barbie Murphy · Lori Haynes Niles · Jan Kershner · Bonnie TempleService Projects Preschoolers Can Do
2002978-0-7644-2407-6Group PublishingChildren's Ministry That Works (Revised and Updated): The Basics and Beyond
2002978-0-7644-2419-9David ChowNo More Lone Rangers: How to Build a Team-Centered Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2425-0Preteen Worker's Encyclopedia of Bible-Teaching Ideas
  ''978-0-7644-2426-7Group PublishingThe Top 13 Questions About God: Intense Discussions for Youth Ministry
2002978-0-7644-2434-2Group PublishingJesus Loves Me!: 13 Lessons Introducing Preschoolers to God
  ''978-0-7644-2450-2Ron MartoiaMorph! The Texture of Leadership for Tomorrow's Church
  ''978-0-7644-2452-6David P. GallagherSenior Adult Ministry in the 21st Century: Step-By-Step Strategies for Reaching People over 50
2006978-0-7644-2454-0Bryan BelknapBlockbuster Movie Illustrations: The Sequel
2002978-0-7644-2458-8Group PublishingInstant Puppet Skits: 20 Stories From People Who Met Jesus
  ''978-0-7644-2459-5   ''Quick Children's Sermons 4: Did Samson Eat Spinach
  ''978-0-7644-2511-0Charles ColsonWarm-Ups and Wrap-Ups: 101 Great Ideas for Small Groups (Family Life Homebuilders Couples (Group))
2009978-0-7644-2514-1Group PublishingPray & Play Bible 2: For Young Children
2003978-0-7644-2524-0   ''Kids' Travel Guide to the Lord's Prayer
2002978-0-7644-2525-7Dale Vonseggen · Liz Vonseggen · Group PublishingPuppet Ministry Made Easy
2003978-0-7644-2526-4Group PublishingFun Group Games for Children's Ministry
2003978-0-7644-2527-1Jim Wideman · Group PublishingChildren's Ministry Leadership: The You-Can-Do-It Guide
  ''978-0-7644-2534-9Laurie CastanedaPlayful Songs and Bible Stories for Preschoolers
  ''978-0-7644-2536-3William M. Easum · Dave TravisBeyond the Box: Innovative Churches That Work
  ''978-0-7644-2543-1Group PublishingLively Bible Lessons for Preschoolers
  ''978-0-7644-2547-9Joni Eareckson-TadaSpecial Needs, Special Ministry
2003978-0-7644-2548-6Keith JohnsonTeacher Training on the Go
  ''978-0-7644-2555-4Sherri HarrisChristian Living From A-Z: A Bible Study Project For Women's Groups With Book (Group's Scripture Scrapbooks)
  ''978-0-7644-2620-9Craig JutilaThe Growing Leader: Healthy Essentials for Children's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2621-6Group PublishingThe Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for Preschoolers
  ''978-0-7644-2625-4Tim Stevens · Tony MorganSimply Strategic Stuff: Help for Leaders Drowning in the Details of Running a Church
2003978-0-7644-2626-1Steve Sjogren · Dave Ping · Doug PollockIrresistible Evangelism: Natural Ways To Open Others to Jesus
  ''978-0-7644-2645-2Sherri HarrisFruit Of The Spirit: A Bible Study Project For Women's Groups (Group's Scripture Scrapbooks)
2004978-0-7644-2646-9Group PublishingGod's Good Gifts: A Scrapbooking Bible Study for Women's Groups (Group's Scripture Scrapbooks)
2003978-0-7644-2647-6   ''The Humongous Book of Children's Messages
2004978-0-7644-2650-6Kurt Johnston · Katie EdwardsGo Team: 101 Ideas to Energize Youth Ministry Volunteers
  ''978-0-7644-2661-2Dave Ping · Anne ClippardQuick-to-listen Leaders: Where Life-changing Ministry Begins
  ''978-0-7644-2673-5Group PublishingChildren's Ministry Volunteers That Stick
  ''978-0-7644-2680-3Jeanne Mayo · Group PublishingThriving Youth Groups: Secrets for Growing Your Ministry
2004978-0-7644-2682-7Dave StoneRefining Your Style: Learning from Respected Communicators
  ''978-0-7644-2691-9Larry ShallenbergerInstant Puppet Skits: Big Hairy Issues Kids Face
  ''978-0-7644-2692-6Group PublishingMovie Clips for Kids: The Sequel
  ''978-0-7644-2695-7   ''Kids' Travel Guide to the Armor of God
2004978-0-7644-2696-4Group PublishingThe Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children's Ministry
2009978-0-7644-2697-1Thom SchultzWhy No One Learns Much of Anything in Church and How to Fix It: 10th Anniversary Edition
2004978-0-7644-2699-5Group Pub.Men's Ministry In The 21st Century: The Encyclopedia Of Practical Ideas
  ''978-0-7644-2700-8   ''Women's Ministry In The 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
  ''978-0-7644-2740-4Group PublishingThe Externally Focused Church
  ''978-0-7644-2743-5Alan E. NelsonCreating Messages That Connect: 10 Secrets of Effective Communicators
  ''978-0-7644-2744-2Group PublishingVolunteer Leadership Series (Group's Volunteer Leadership Series)
2004978-0-7644-2745-9Marlene WilsonCreating a Volunteer-Friendly Church Culture (Group's Volunteer Leadership Series)
2005978-0-7644-2756-5Group PublishingSimply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People for Ministry
2004978-0-7644-2757-2Mark L. WaltzFirst Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences In Your Church
2006978-0-7644-2759-6Bryan BelknapGroup's Blockbuster Movie Events: Relevant Retreats and Movie Nights for Youth Ministry
2004978-0-7644-2767-1Group PublishingColoring Creations: 52 Creative Bible Lessons
  ''978-0-7644-2769-5M. Scott Boren · Group PublishingSmall Group Ministry in the 21st Century
2005978-0-7644-2770-1Les ChristieBest-Ever Games for Youth Ministry
2004978-0-7644-2771-8Craig Jutila2-minute Encouragers For Teachers
2005978-0-7644-2801-2Group PublishingYoung Adult Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
2006978-0-7644-2821-0Doug FieldsYouth Leader Training on the Go
2005978-0-7644-2822-7Group PublishingPlugging in Parents: 200 Ways to Involve Parents in Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2823-4Larry ShallenbergerLead the Way God Made You: Discovering Your Leadership Style in Children's Ministry
2009978-0-7644-2832-6Group PublishingEngaging Worship: 20 Blueprints for Experiential Church Services
2005978-0-7644-2836-4Cheri R. Gillard · Mike Nappa · Jeff White · Beth Robinson · Group Pub.Group's Dinner and a Movie: Friendship, Faith, and Fun for Small Groups
  ''978-0-7644-2838-8Teryl Cartwright · Mikal Keefer · Group Pub.More Than A Movie: 20 Fun Specials For Your Children's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-2865-4Tim StevensSimply Strategic Growth: Attracting a Crowd to Your Church
2006978-0-7644-2981-1Bryan BelknapGroup's Blockbuster Movie Illustrations: The Return
2005978-0-7644-3076-3Group PublishingYouth Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
2005978-0-7644-3080-0Group Publishing · Keith JohnsonTakeout Training for Teachers
  ''978-0-7644-3083-1Group PublishingThe Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry
2006978-0-7644-3114-2   ''Chick Flicks: Friendship, Faith, and Fun for Women's Groups
  ''978-0-7644-3152-4Candace McMahan · Jan KershnerGroup's Body-Building Guide to Outreach: Stretching Out to Your Community
  ''978-0-7644-3153-1Group PublishingPastoral Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
  ''978-0-7644-3181-4   ''Emergency Response Handbook for Small Group Leaders
978-0-7644-3236-1Follow Up Foto Frames
2006978-0-7644-3389-4Group PublishingChildren's Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
2007978-0-7644-3399-3   ''Outflow Pastor Kit: 5 Week Study
2007978-0-7644-3400-6Group PublishingOutflow: Small Group Kit
2009978-0-7644-3401-3Group PublishingOutflow: Youth Leader Guide Kit
2007978-0-7644-3402-0   ''Outflow: Childrens Leader Guide Kit
  ''978-0-7644-3404-4Steve Sjogren · Dave Ping · Group PublishingOutflow: outward-focused living in a self-focused world
  ''978-0-7644-3434-1Group PublishingThey Will Know Us by Our Love: Service Ideas for Small Groups
  ''978-0-7644-3436-5John R. CioncaDear Pastor: Ministry Advice from Seasoned Pastors
  ''978-0-7644-3437-2Group PublishingOutreach Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
2006978-0-7644-3438-9   ''The Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: Games: 110 Out-of-This-World Games Kids Love
2006978-0-7644-3439-6Group PublishingThe Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: 110 Totally Awesome Crafts for All Ages
  ''978-0-7644-3440-2   ''The Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: 110 Eye-popping, Jaw-dropping Children's Messages
2007978-0-7644-3446-4   ''Chick Adventures: Wow Events for Women's Groups
  ''978-0-7644-3486-0Alan NelsonMe to We: A Pastor's Discovery of the Power of Partnership
  ''978-0-7644-3487-7Amber Van SchooneveldParty Divas!: 12 Fabulous Parties for Women's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-3504-1Rick LawrenceJesus-Centered Youth Ministry
2007978-0-7644-3506-5Group PublishingColoring Creations 2: 52 Bible Activity Pages
2007978-0-7644-3550-8Group PublishingChildren's Ministry Pocket Guide to Discipline (10-Pack): Quick Tips for a Stress-Free Classroom
  ''978-0-7644-3555-3   ''Discover God Bible Study: Number 2
  ''978-0-7644-3556-0   ''Discover God Bible Study: Number 1
  ''978-0-7644-3563-8Tom Clegg · Warren BirdMissing in America: Making an Eternal Difference in the World Next Door
  ''978-0-7644-3564-5Jonathan McKee · Thomas W. McKeeThe New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer
2008978-0-7644-3567-6Les Parrott · Leslie ParrottMarriage Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
2008978-0-7644-3571-3Nancy Moser · Brenda JoseeThe Sister Circle Handbook: Discover the Joy of Friendship
2007978-0-7644-3574-4Group PublishingGroup's Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-3589-8   ''Field Guide to Neighborhood Outreach
  ''978-0-7644-3601-7   ''The Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas for Children's Ministry
2007978-0-7644-3602-4Group PublishingBig Big God: 13 Amazing Lessons Where Preschoolers Experience God
2011978-0-7644-3625-3   ''Icebreakers Galore!: The Ultimate Game Guide for Girlfriends
2007978-0-7644-3657-4Jody BrolsmaCrafts Galore!: The Ultimate Guide for Girlfriends
  ''978-0-7644-3661-1Linda Crawford · Heather Dunn · Gina LeuthauserGroup's Dinner and a Movie: Friendship, Faith, and Fun for All Ages
  ''978-0-7644-3662-8Group PublishingQuiet Strength: Men's Bible Study
  ''978-0-7644-3665-9Kinner ScottGo Deep! Tailgate Party Kit
  ''978-0-7644-3675-8Group PublishingOn the Spot: No-Prep Devotions for Youth Ministry
2007978-0-7644-3676-5Group PublishingOn the Spot, No-Prep Games for Youth Ministry
2008978-0-7644-3679-6GuideOne Center for Risk ManagementThe Missing Ministry: Safety, Risk Management and Protecting Your Church
  ''978-0-7644-3690-1Dale Hudson · Scott WernerTurbocharged!: 100 Simple Secrets to Successful Children's Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-3695-6Group PublishingDevotions Galore!: Warm-Ups, Wrap-Ups, and Prayers for Women's Groups
2007978-0-7644-3698-7   ''Scary, Gross and Weird Stories from the Bible: Bloody Tent Pegs, Disembodied Fingers, and Suicidal Pigs...the Truths Buried in the Bizzare
2008978-0-7644-3701-4   ''Children's Ministry Pocket Guide to Special Needs (10-Pack): Quick Tips to Reach Every Child
  ''978-0-7644-3709-0Stephanie A. Carney · Linda Crawford · Amy NappaGroup's Dinner and a Movie: Chick Flicks 2: Friendship, Faith, and Fun for Women's Groups
2007978-0-7644-3710-6Brian Diede · Mikal Keefer · Tony Nappa · Michael Van SchooneveldGroup's Dinner and a Movie
2008978-0-7644-3711-3Group PublishingSticky Faith: 52 Family Messages for Big Church
  ''978-0-7644-3735-9Allie Marie Smith · Judy Wardell HallidayHEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living: Your Diet-Free, Faith-Filled Guide to a Fabulous Life
2008978-0-7644-3739-7Kurt Johnston · Kurt Johnson · Scott RubinKurt & Scott's Junior High Adventure
2009978-0-7644-3746-5Group PublishingGroup's Emergency Response Handbook for Disaster Relief (Group's Emergency Response Handbooklet)
2008978-0-7644-3747-2Mark L. WaltzLasting Impressions: From Visiting to Belonging
  ''978-0-7644-3748-9Group PublishingPure Praise: A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship
  ''978-0-7644-3749-6Kyle Petty · Karl LeuthauserThe Driving Force: Living Life at Full Speed (Paperback)
  ''978-0-7644-3787-8Group PublishingHope Lives: Children's Ministry Kit: Take Your Children on a Journey of Restoration
  ''978-0-7644-3788-5   ''Hope Lives: A Journey of Restoration
2008978-0-7644-3813-4Group PublishingThe Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas 2
2008978-0-7644-3828-8Group PublishingThat Makes Two of Us: Lifestyle Mentoring for Women
  ''978-0-7644-3849-3   ''On the Spot: No-Prep Games for Children's Ministry
2009978-0-7644-3862-2   ''Stripped Clean: Down to Nothing But the Cross (Simply for Students)
  ''978-0-7644-3871-4   ''God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally
  ''978-0-7644-3875-2Grant EdwardsPassing the Baton: Guide Your Child to Follow Jesus
  ''978-0-7644-3891-2Jenny Baker · Group PublishingThrough the Bible in 12 Weeks: 12 Lessons to Help Students Navigate the Big Picture
2009978-0-7644-3894-3Greg StierConfident Christian: 6 Lessons on Apologetics for Teenagers
  ''978-0-7644-3896-7Group PublishingTen Tough Things: A Bold Plunge Into the Christian Life
  ''978-0-7644-3898-1Brian Haynes · Group PublishingShift: What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today
  ''978-0-7644-3918-6Tony Dungy · Group PublishingDare to Be Uncommon Leader Pack
  ''978-0-7644-3919-3Tony DungyAn Uncommon Event
2009978-0-7644-3920-9Tony Dungy · Group PublishingDare to Be Uncommon: Men's Bible Study
  ''978-0-7644-3953-7Group PublishingThe Externally Focused Life
  ''978-0-7644-3954-4Rick Rusaw · Eric SwansonThe Externally Focused Life Program Kit (Book & DVD & CD)
  ''978-0-7644-4003-8Eric · Franzke, Gina · Hudson, Dale · Price, Barbara Group Publishing · EcholsTurbocharged!: 100 Simple Secrets to Successful Preschool Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-4004-5Group PublishingThe Quick Guide to Discipline for Children's Ministry: 101 Good Ideas for Bad Behavior
2009978-0-7644-4005-2Group Children's Ministry Resources · Group PublishingKids' Travel Guide to the 23rd Psalm
2010978-0-7644-4015-1Josh HuntMake Your Group Grow: Simple Stuff That Really Works
2009978-0-7644-4051-9Rick Chromey · Stephanie Caro · Group PublishingThriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches: Secrets for Cultivating a Dynamic Youth Ministry
2010978-0-7644-4134-9Kurt Johnston · Tim LevertThe 9: Best Practices for Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-4231-5Bryan BelknapActing Out: 20 Skits for Teenagers to Illustrate God's Word
  ''978-0-7644-4680-1Joshua Griffin · Doug Fields · Group Youth Ministry Resources · Group Publishing99 Thoughts for Small Group Leaders: Tips for Rookies & Veterans on Leading Youth Ministry Small Groups
2011978-0-7644-4704-4Katie Brazelton · Group PublishingThe Way I'm Wired Devotional: Discovering who GOD made ME to be
  ''978-0-7644-4705-1Katie Brazelton · Group PublishingHow Your Teenager is Wired: Discovering who GOD made YOUR TEENAGER to be
  ''978-0-7644-4708-2Dwayne MooreHeaven's Praise: Hearing God Say,"Well Done"
2010978-0-7644-4869-0Walt Mueller · Group Publishing99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers
2010978-0-7644-4944-4Lois Keffer · Group Children's Ministry Resources · Group PublishingAll-in-One Sunday School for Ages 4-12 (Volume 1): When you have kids of all ages in one classroom
  ''978-0-7644-4945-1   ''All-in-One Sunday School for Ages 4-12 (Volume 2): When you have kids of all ages in one classroom
2010978-0-7644-4946-8Lois Keffer · Group Children's Ministry Resources · Group PublishingAll-in-One Sunday School for Ages 4-12 (Volume 3): When you have kids of all ages in one classroom
  ''978-0-7644-4947-5   ''All-in-One Sunday School for Ages 4-12 (Volume 4): When you have kids of all ages in one classroom
  ''978-0-7644-4955-0Neely McQueen · Group Publishing99 Things Every Girl Should Know: Practical Insights for Loving God, Yourself, and Others
2009978-0-7644-6054-8Grapple Group Preteen Pak Summer 2009 DVD and Book
2008978-0-7644-6215-3Chuck Bomar · Group Publishing99 Thoughts for College-Age People: Insightful Tips for Life After High School
2009978-0-7644-6232-0Katie Edwards · Kurt Johnston99 Thoughts about Girls: For Guys' Eyes Only
  ''978-0-7644-6233-7Group Publishing99 Thoughts about Guys: For Girls' Eyes Only
  ''978-0-7644-6298-6Doug Fields · Group PublishingCreative Times With God: Discovering New Ways to Connect With the Savior (Simply for Students)
2009978-0-7644-6301-3Joshua Griffin99 Thoughts for Youth Workers: Random, Insightful Tips for Anyone in Youth Ministry
  ''978-0-7644-6302-0Group PublishingThe $5 Youth Ministry: Low-Cost Ideas for Effective Ministry
2012978-0-7644-6947-3   ''VBS-Babylon-Bringing It Home: Family Faith Bldr (10 Pack)
2011978-0-7644-6991-6Mark L. Waltz · Group PublishingHow to Wow Your Church Guests
  ''978-0-7644-7013-4Group Children's Ministry Resources · Group PublishingKids' Travel Guide to the Parables
2012978-0-7644-8461-2Mark Oestreicher · Group PublishingA Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains: Why They Act the Way They Do
  ''978-0-7644-8619-7Jonathan McKee · Thomas W. McKee · Group Youth Ministry Resources · Group PublishingThe New Breed: Second Edition: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer
2013978-0-7644-8844-3Thom Schultz · Joani SchultzWhy Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore: And How 4 Acts of Love Will Make Your Church Irresistible