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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-7641-0000-0Sharon Green · Ira K., Ph.D. WolfBarron's Sat I How to Prepare for the Sat I (Barron's How to Prepare for the Sat I (Book Only))
1997978-0-7641-0001-7Peter KavanaghThe Little Prince and the Great Treasure Hunt
  ''978-0-7641-0002-4Anne J. HelgrenCat Breeds of North America
  ''978-0-7641-0003-1Gwendolyn J. SterkDivorce Step-By-Step (Barron's Legal-Ease)
  ''978-0-7641-0017-8Marcia B. DuganKeys to Living With Hearing Loss (Barron's Keys to Retirement Planning)
  ''978-0-7641-0018-5Betsy Sikora SiinoAlaskan Malamutes (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
1997978-0-7641-0023-9John Spencer · Adrian PrussThe Professional Secretary's Handbook: Communication Skills
  ''978-0-7641-0024-6John Spencer · Adrian PrussThe Professional Secretary's Handbook: Management Skills (Professional Secretary's Handbooks)
  ''978-0-7641-0025-3Thidavadee Camsong · Peter LuffeAsian Vegetarian Cooking
  ''978-0-7641-0026-0Anne Buhring · Petra RatherAyurveda: Inspired Cooking for Your Individual Well Being
1998978-0-7641-0029-1Editors of Barron's Educational SeriesGuide to the Most Competitive Colleges
1997978-0-7641-0030-7Clare BeatonOpposites Les Contraires (Bilingual First Books) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0031-4Clare BeatonOpposites/Los Contrarios (Bilingual First Books/English-Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-7641-0032-1Clare BeatonColors = Les Couleurs (Bilingual First Books) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0033-8   ''Colors/Los Colores (Bilingual First Books/English-Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0034-5   ''Numbers = Les Nombres (Bilingual First Books) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0035-2   ''Numbers/Los Numeros (Bilingual First Books/English-Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0037-6   ''Animals = Les Animaux (Bilingual First Books) (English and French Edition)
1997978-0-7641-0038-3Clare BeatonAnimals/Los Animales (Bilingual First Books/English-Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-7641-0039-0Clare BeatonClothes = Les Vetements (Bilingual First Books) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0040-6   ''Clothes/La Rops (Bilingual First Books/English-Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0041-3   ''Family = LA Famille (Bilingual First Books) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0042-0   ''Family/La Familia (Bilingual First Books/English-Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0046-8Su Chen FangHappy Birthday to You
1997978-0-7641-0051-2Monika Grubel · Bessie BlumJudaism (Crash Course Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0052-9Johannes Rademacher · Bessie Blum · Ann Jeffers-Brown · Sally SchreiberMusical Instruments (Crash Course Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0054-3Piotr O. Scholz · Bessie BlumAncient Egypt (Crash Course Series)
1998978-0-7641-0055-0Richard D. Bartlett · Patricia P. BartlettSnakes: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
1997978-0-7641-0056-7Friedhelm LessmeierThe British Shorthair Cat: Everything About Acquisitions, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, Health Care, and Breeding (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
  ''978-0-7641-0057-4Stephen CarterSuccessful Purchasing (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0058-1Matt NicholsonSuccessful Computing for Business (Barron's Business Success Guides)
1997978-0-7641-0059-8Dena Michelli · Alison StrawSuccessful Networking (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0060-4George HardySuccessfully Managing Change (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0061-1Richard G. RencklyHuman Resources (Barron's Business Library)
  ''978-0-7641-0062-8Myrna L. PapurtSaved: A Guide to Success With Your Shelter Dog
  ''978-0-7641-0069-7Bob Norton · Cathy Smith · Inc. Barron's Educational SeriesUnderstanding Business on the Internet (Barron's Business Success Guides)
1997978-0-7641-0071-0Dena MichelliSuccessful Assertiveness (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0072-7Carol A. O'ConnorSuccessful Leadership (Barron's Business Success Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0073-4Graham Willcocks · Steve MorrisSuccessful Teambuilding (Barron's Business Success Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0074-1Liz FerdiSuccessful Direct Mail (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0075-8DVM Dan RiceAkitas (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
1998978-0-7641-0076-5Stanley A. Schultz · Marguerite J. SchultzTarantula Keeper's Guide, The
1997978-0-7641-0091-8Jane Faulkner Leonard · Sherri L. Cadenhead · Margaret E. MyersKeys to Parenting a Child With Cerebral Palsy (Barron's Parenting Keys)
1997978-0-7641-0092-5M. Christina Butler · Christina M. ButlerArchie the Ugly Dinosaur
  ''978-0-7641-0093-2Gerry Bucsis · Barbara SomervilleTraining Your Pet Ferret (Training Your Pet Series)
1998978-0-7641-0094-9Douglas A. Downing · Michael A. Covington · Melody Mauldin CovingtonDictionary of Computer and Internet Terms (Barron's Educational Series)
1997978-0-7641-0099-4Angela Roddey Holder LL.M.The Meaning of the Constitution
1998978-0-7641-0100-7Carol ChaitkinLet's Review English: English (Barron's Review Course)
1997978-0-7641-0101-4Robert W. Emerson · John W. HardwickeBusiness Law (Barron's Business Review Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0102-1Joan StimsonA New Home for Tiger
1998978-0-7641-0104-5Laila AmiryHow to Prepare for the Ap French Advanced Placement Examination
1997978-0-7641-0105-2Parramon Editorial TeamDrawing Figures (Easy Painting and Drawing,)
  ''978-0-7641-0106-9Parramon Editorial TeamTrees in Oil (Easy Painting and Drawing,)
  ''978-0-7641-0110-6Lawrence S. LeffGeometry the Easy Way (Easy Way Series)
1998978-0-7641-0113-7Dale CallenderSexual Harassment Claims Step-By-Step (Legal-Ease Series)
1997978-0-7641-0116-8Clare BeatonLet's Pretend
1997978-0-7641-0121-2Jean YatesDomine lo básico Inglés: Master the Basics English for Spanish Speakers Intermediate / Advanced (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0122-9Petra SteinNatural Health Care for Your Dog: Quick Self-Help Using Homeopathy and Bach Flowers
  ''978-0-7641-0123-6Rudolf DeiserNatural Health Care for Your Cat: Quick Self-Lhelp Using Homeopathy and Bach Flowers
1998978-0-7641-0124-3Bernard DorenkampNatural Health Care for Your Bird: Quick Self-Help Using Homeopathy and Bach Flowers
1997978-0-7641-0125-0Peter FlemingSuccessful Negotiating (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0126-7Malcolm WheatleyUnderstanding Just in Time (Barron's Business Success Guide)
  ''978-0-7641-0127-4John WelleminSuccessful Customer Care (Barron's Business Success Guides)
1997978-0-7641-0128-1Sharon Green · Michael Siemon · Lexy GreenHow to Prepare for the California High School Proficiency Exam (BARRON'S HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE CHSPE CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION)
1998978-0-7641-0129-8Rebecca Anthony · Gerald Roe101 Grade a Resumes for Teachers
  ''978-0-7641-0130-4Anne Hart · Anne CardozaWinning Resumes for Computer Personnel
1999978-0-7641-0131-1Douglas Downing · Michael A. Covington · Melody Mauldin Covington · Douglas Dictionary of Computer Terms DowningSpanish for Law Enforcement
1998978-0-7641-0133-5Jose M. Diaz · Maria NadelSpanish (Let's Review Series) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0158-8Dan RiceDogs from A to Z: A Dictionary of Canine Terms
1997978-0-7641-0159-5Martine Delaud · Jacqueline SwordFrench: With Book (Vocabulary Trainer)
  ''978-0-7641-0160-1Claudia GuderianSpanish: With Book (Vocabulary Trainer)
  ''978-0-7641-0161-8Beatrice Rovere-FenatiVocabulary Trainer - Italian (Barron's Vocabulary Trainer Series)
1997978-0-7641-0162-5Gudrun KuperVocabulary Trainer - German (Barron's Vocabulary Trainer Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0163-2Barry E. McNamara · Francine J. McNamaraKeys to Dealing With Bullies (Barron's Parenting Keys)
  ''978-0-7641-0164-9Murray Bromberg · Julius LiebbEnglish You Need to Know, The
  ''978-0-7641-0166-3Lisa StubbsSonny's Beloved Boots
  ''978-0-7641-0167-0James John JurinskiProbate and Settling an Estate: Step-By-Step (Barron's Legal-Ease)
1997978-0-7641-0168-7M.A. Leslie PressonDictionary of Homophones
1998978-0-7641-0169-4Albert S. TarendashLet's Review: Chemistry (Barron's Review Course)
  ''978-0-7641-0170-0Jae K. Shim · Joel G. SiegelManagerial Economics (Barron's Business Review Series)
1997978-0-7641-0172-4Caroline MacPhersonSugar Gliders (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
1998978-0-7641-0173-1Anita Jones-Lee · Melanie CallenderThe Complete Guide to Eldercare
  ''978-0-7641-0174-8Dan RiceDictionary of Canine Terms
  ''978-0-7641-0175-5Betsy Sikora SiinoSamoyeds (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
1997978-0-7641-0176-2Mattie Sue AthanGuide to the Quaker Parrot
  ''978-0-7641-0181-6Sabinne Segoviano · Sabine SegovianoVocabulary Trainer - Russian (Barron's Vocabulary Trainer Series)
1997978-0-7641-0184-7David MinarsPartnerships Step-By-Step (Barron's Legal-Ease)
1998978-0-7641-0185-4CPA Nick DauberHow to Prepare for the Certified Public Accountant Exam (BARRON'S HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT EXAMINATION CPA)
  ''978-0-7641-0186-1Shirley O. HockettBarron's Ap Calculus Advanced Placement Examination: Review of Calculus Ab and Calculus Bc (Barron's How to Prepare for Ap Calculus Advanced Placement Examination)
1997978-0-7641-0198-4Ruth J. Silverstein · Allen Pomerantz · Heywood WaldSpanish Now! Level One Teacher's Manual
  ''978-0-7641-0199-1Elisabeth Bourquin LeeteLearn French the Fast and Fun Way: With French-English English-French Dictionary (French Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0205-9Gene HammittLearn Spanish (Espanol) the Fast and Fun Way with Book (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0210-3Marcel Danesi · Heywood WaldLearn Italian (Italiano) the Fast and Fun Way/With Barron's Italian-English English-Italian Dictionary
1997978-0-7641-0216-5Paul GravesLearn German the Fast and Fun Way with Book (Barron's Fast and Fun Way Language Series) (German Edition)
1998978-0-7641-0221-9Martin SternsteinBarron's A P Statistics: Advanced Placement Test in Statistics
  ''978-0-7641-0222-6Dan RiceThe Well-Mannered Cat: A Practical Guide to Feline Behavior Modification
1997978-0-7641-0225-7D. Caroline CoileAfghan Hounds: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
1998978-0-7641-0227-1D. Caroline CoileCavalier King Charles Spaniel (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0228-8Eli HinkelTOEFL Test Strategies: With Practice Tests
  ''978-0-7641-0236-3Robert L. LehrmanPhysics: The Easy Way
1997978-0-7641-0237-0Ted Rothstein · Isaac DrukerSmall Claim Court: Step-By-Step (Legal-Ease Series)
1998978-0-7641-0238-7Katherine S. HoganBarron's Ged Writing Workbook
1997978-0-7641-0239-4Barron's Editorial TeamLearning to Paint in Oil (Barron's Art Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0240-0Parramon's Editorial TeamLearning to Paint in Watercolor (Barron's Art Guides)
1997978-0-7641-0241-7Parramon Editorial TeamLearning to Paint in Pastel (Barron's Art Guides: Learning to Paint)
1998978-0-7641-0242-4Iris M. YobKeys to Interfaith Parenting (Barron's Parenting Keys)
1997978-0-7641-0243-1Willfried BaatzPhotography (Crash Course Series)
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1998978-0-7641-0250-9Bob McGrathOOPS! Excusse Me Please!
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1997978-0-7641-0257-8Gareth LewisUnderstanding Business Statistics (Business Success Series) (English and Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-7641-0259-2Judith HodgeDolphins (Animals of the Oceans)
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  ''978-0-7641-0261-5Judith HodgeWhales (Animals of the Oceans)
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  ''978-0-7641-0265-3Jo LodgeGetting Up with Dog
1997978-0-7641-0266-0Parramon Editorial TeamComplementary Themes for Painting Techniques (Complete Course on Painting and Drawing)
  ''978-0-7641-0267-7Barron's passware
1998978-0-7641-0268-4Robert D. PostmanHow to Prepare for Msat: Multiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers
  ''978-0-7641-0276-9Gary Joseph Grappo · Adele LewisHow to Write Better Resumes
  ''978-0-7641-0278-3Andrea B. GeffnerBusiness English: A Complete Guide to Developing an Effective Business Writing Style
  ''978-0-7641-0279-0Gladys C. LiptonFrench Bilingual Dictionary (Beginning Bilingual Dictionaries)
1998978-0-7641-0281-3Gladys C. Lipton · Olivia MunozSpanish Bilingual Dictionary (Beginning Bilingual Dictionaries)
  ''978-0-7641-0282-0Gladys C. Lipton · John ColaneriItalian Bilingual Dictionary (Beginning Bilingual Dictionaries)
  ''978-0-7641-0284-4Henry Strutz501 German Verbs (501 Verbs Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0285-1Roland A. Lange501 Japanese Verbs, Fully Conjugated in All the Forms (501 Verbs Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0286-8Steven H. GifisDictionary of Legal terms
1998978-0-7641-0287-5Donald J. Schroeder · Frank A. LombardoBarron's Court Officer Exam: (Including Bailiff, Sheriff, Marshall, Courtroom Attendant, and Courtroom Deputy)
  ''978-0-7641-0288-2Joan Hustace WalkerSaint Bernards (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0289-9Cheryl S. SmithPudgy Pooch, Picky Pooch: A Pet Owner's Guide to Dog Food and Canine Nutrition
1997978-0-7641-0290-5David SpenceRembrandt and Dutch Portraiture (Great Artists Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0291-2David SpenceMonet and Impressionism (Great Artist Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0292-9   ''Van Gogh: Art and Emotion (Great Artist Series)
1997978-0-7641-0293-6David Spence · Pablo PicassoPicasso: Breaking the Rules of Art (Great Artists)
  ''978-0-7641-0295-0David SpenceManet: A New Realism (Great Artists Series)
1997978-0-7641-0296-7David SpenceMichelangelo and the Renaissance (Great Artists Series)
1998978-0-7641-0297-4Rebecca S. Elliott · James Elliott M.A.Painless Research Projects (Painless Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0298-1Chrystal De FreitasKeys to Your Child's Healthy Sexuality (Barron's Parenting Keys)
2003978-0-7641-0299-8Ed. D. David A. StewartAmerican Sign Language the Easy Way
1998978-0-7641-0300-1Peter StadelmannAdventure Aquarium: Creating and Observing
  ''978-0-7641-0301-8Ute LehmannYour Kitten (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0302-5Gunter HuthThe Dog: A Child's Best Friend: Expert Advice on Mutual Adjustment of Child and Dog
2017978-0-7641-0303-2Karin Sternberg · Robert J. Sternberg · Andrew H. BodyBarron's Math Study Dictionary
1998978-0-7641-0304-9Thomas R. Beyer501 English Verbs (501 Verbs Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0305-6Bob Norton · Cathy SmithUnderstanding the Virtual Organization (Barron's Business Success Guides)
1998978-0-7641-0306-3Mark YoxonSuccessful Environmental Management (Barron's Business Success Guides)
  ''978-0-7641-0307-0Dorothy M. MinerAiredale Terriers (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
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  ''978-0-7641-0309-4Candida De Carlo Tondo-Thie · Reiner ThieQuickcheck Italian (Barron's Quickcheck Series) (Italian and English Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0310-0Olga Juan LazaroQuickcheck Spanish (Barron's Quickcheck Language Series) (English, Spanish and Spanish Edition)
1998978-0-7641-0311-7Murray Bromberg · Cedric GaleVocabulary Success
  ''978-0-7641-0312-4D. Caroline CoileWhippets (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0314-8Andrea B. GeffnerBusiness Letters the Easy Way (Easy Way Series)
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1998978-0-7641-0319-3Lynette LongOne Dollar: My First Book About Money
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  ''978-0-7641-0323-0Dan HarrisonWatercolor Troubleshooter
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1997978-0-7641-0328-5Jacqueline Gonthier · Crispin GeogheganVoila (The New Course in French for Adult Beginners)
1998978-0-7641-0331-5Joseph A. MascettaBarron's How to Prepare for the SAT II Chemistry (6th ed)
  ''978-0-7641-0332-2Mattie Sue Athan · Dianalee DeterGuide to the Senegal Parrot and Its Family
  ''978-0-7641-0333-9Fabiola Franco · Karl C. SandbergSpanish for Reading: A Self-Instructional Course
  ''978-0-7641-0337-7Melanie CoronetzSchipperkes (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0338-4Corinne Grimes · Sandra SwickHow to Prepare for the Nursing School Entrance Exams (BARRON'S HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE NURSING SCHOOL ENTRANCE EXAMS)
1998978-0-7641-0340-7Gladys C. Lipton · Renata LosoncyGerman Bilingual Dictionary (Beginning Bilingual Dictionaries)
  ''978-0-7641-0342-1Kim Campbell ThorntonBloodhounds (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0343-8Meg ZweibackKeys to Toilet Training (Barron's Parenting Keys)
1999978-0-7641-0345-2Henry StrutzDictionary of French Slang and Colloquial Expressions
1998978-0-7641-0365-0Karen Leigh DavisTurkish Angora Cats: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, Grooming, and Showing (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
  ''978-0-7641-0367-4David M. SchleserNorth American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium
  ''978-0-7641-0368-1Curt LaderHow to Prepare for the Ap U.S. Government and Politics Advanced Placement Examination (BARRON'S HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE AP US GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS ADVANCED PLACEMENT EXAMINATION)
1998978-0-7641-0369-8Barron's Educational SeriesTravel Wise: Croatian (Travel Wise Language Learning Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0371-1Holger Von RauchBarron's Travel Wise Japanese (Travel Phrase Books) (Japanese Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0373-5Barron's Educational SeriesTravel Wise: Chinese (Travel Wise Language Learning Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0376-6   ''Travel Wise: Spanish (Travel Wise Language Learning Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0378-0   ''Travel Wise: Italian (Travel Wise Language Learning Series)
1992978-0-7641-0379-7Barbara Huter · Serena KeastelTravel Wise Italian: Five Dialogues (Barron's)
1998978-0-7641-0380-3Barron's Educational SeriesTravel Wise: French (Travel Wise Language Learning Series)
1998978-0-7641-0382-7Agnes Polgar · Geza KoczohBarron's Travelwise Hungarian (English, Hungarian and German Edition)
  ''978-0-7641-0384-1Alena Walter · Karen Von KunesBarron's Travelwise Czech (English and Czech Edition)
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  ''978-0-7641-0388-9Holger Von RauchRussian (Travelwise) (English, Russian and German Edition)
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1998978-0-7641-0394-0Barron's Educational SeriesArabic (Barron's Travel Wise)
1999978-0-7641-0399-5Pamela J. SharpeBarron's How to Prepare for the Toefl Test: Test of English As a Foreign Language (BARRON'S HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE TOEFL TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE (BOOK ONLY))
1998978-0-7641-0400-8Danielle C. LappMaximizing Your Memory Power (Barron's Business Success Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0401-5Steve MoidelSpeed Reading for Business (Barron's Business Success Series)
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1999978-0-7641-0432-9Daniela GobettiDictionary of Italian Slang and Colloquial Expressions
1998978-0-7641-0433-6Samuel C. Brownstein · Max Peters · Ira Wolf · Johanna Bolton · Murrary, Ph.D. RockowitzBarron's How to Prepare for the Ged: High School Equivalency Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Ged High School Equivalency Exam (Book Only))
  ''978-0-7641-0435-0Volker GebhardtThe History of Art (Crash Course Series)
  ''978-0-7641-0436-7Rudiger BeringMusicals (Crash Course Series)

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