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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-7638-0065-9Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Office Professional 97
1999978-0-7638-0125-0Instructor's Guide: Paradigm Keyboarding Sessions 1-30, 4th ed, and Keyboarding & Applications Sessions 1-60
  ''978-0-7638-0138-0Blanche Ettinger · Edda PerfettoMachine Transcription: Applied Language Skills
2000978-0-7638-0163-2Robert L. DansbyParadigm College Accounting
1999978-0-7638-0260-8Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Ann MillerCorel Wordperfect 9: Spiral (Signature Series)
2001978-0-7638-1075-7C. Norman Hollingsworth · Mary Carole HollingsworthComputer Technology: Changes, Challenges, and Choices
2002978-0-7638-1295-9Floyd FullerComputers: Exploring Concepts
2001978-0-7638-1312-3Kathy Marold · Gwynne Larsen · Kathryn A. MaroldInternet Navigation and Exploration
  ''978-0-7638-1331-4Nancy Woolridge · Dale CraigMicrosoft Windows 2000 Server
  ''978-0-7638-1441-0Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Meredith FlynnMicrosoft Excel 2002: Core & Expert Certification (Benchmark Series (Saint Paul, Minn.).)
2002978-0-7638-1442-7RutkoskyBenchmark Series Microsoft Word Core& Expert Certification 2002 Instructor's Guide
2001978-0-7638-1445-8Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Excel 2002: Core Certification (Benchmark Series)
2002978-0-7638-1449-6Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Office Xp: Core Certification: Spiral Edition (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-1450-2Microsoft Office XP Core Certification: Instructor's Guide (Benchmark Series)
2001978-0-7638-1454-0Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Powerpoint 2002: Comprehensive Certification (Benchmark Series (Saint Paul, Minn.).)
2001978-0-7638-1458-8Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2002: Core and Expert Certification (Benchmark Series (Saint Paul, Minn.).)
  ''978-0-7638-1470-0Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Denise SeguinMicrosoft Office Xp: Spiral (Marquee Series)
  ''978-0-7638-1527-1Don A. Ballington · Mary M. LaughlinPharmacology for Technicians
2002978-0-7638-1535-6Don A. BallingtonPharmacy Practice for Technicians
  ''978-0-7638-1634-6Nita Rutkosky · Nancy GraviettCorel Wordperfect 10 (Signature Series (Saint Paul, Minn.).)
2003978-0-7638-1654-4Carolee CameronWeb Design: Concepts and Best Practices (Iperformance Series)
2002978-0-7638-1703-9Timothy N. Trainor · Jeffrey A. StipesVisual Basic for Applications
2004978-0-7638-1952-1Kathleen VillaniQuickbooks Pro 2003
  ''978-0-7638-1999-6Robert L. DansbyParadigm College Accounting Chapters 1-12
2004978-0-7638-2000-8Robert L. Dansby · Burton S. Kaliski · Michael D. LawrenceParadigm College Accounting Chapters 1-18
2003978-0-7638-2001-5Robert L. Dansby · Burton S. Kaliski · Michael D. LawrenceParadigm College Accounting: Chapters 1-29
2004978-0-7638-2002-2Robert DansbyParadim College Accounting Study Guide and working papers Fourth Edition Revised (Chapters 1-12)
  ''978-0-7638-2003-9Lawrence Dansby KaliskiParadigm College Acct
2003978-0-7638-2010-7Blanche Ettinger · Alice G. EttingerMedical Transcription
  ''978-0-7638-2041-1Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Access 2003 Specialist (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2043-5Meredith FlynnMicrosoft Access 2003 Expert (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2045-9Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Meredith FlynnMicrosoft Access 2003: Specialist & Expert (Benchmark Series)
2003978-0-7638-2047-3Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Excel 2003 (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2049-7Nita Rutkosky · Meredith FlynnMicrosoft Excel 2003 Benchmark Series: Specialist and Expert
  ''978-0-7638-2051-0Meredith FlynnMicrosoft Excel 2003 Expert (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2053-4Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Office 2003: Specialist Certification (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2062-6   ''Microsoft Powerpoint 2003: Specialist (Benchmark Series)
2003978-0-7638-2064-0Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2003 Specialist (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2066-4   ''Microsoft Word 2003: Specialist & Expert (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2068-8   ''Microsoft Word 2003 Expert (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2074-9Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Denise SeguinMicrosoft Office 2003: Spiral Edition (Marquee Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2078-7Nita Rutkosky · Denise SeguinMicrosoft Brief Office 2003 (Marquee Series)
2004978-0-7638-2080-0Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Denise SeguinMicrosoft Powerpoint 2003 (Marquee Series)
2003978-0-7638-2084-8Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2003 (Signature Series)
2004978-0-7638-2099-2Daphne PressAdvanced Computer Applications: An Information Technology Approach
2005978-0-7638-2154-8Denise SeguinMicrosoft Outlook 2003
2005978-0-7638-2182-1Joanne Arford · Judy BurnsideAdvanced Microsoft Word 2003: Desktop Publishing (Signature Series)
  ''978-0-7638-2210-1Mary M. LaughlinPharmacology for Technicians (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-7638-2213-2Don A. Ballington · Mary M. LaughlinPharmacology for Technicians, 3rd edition Workbook
2007978-0-7638-2219-4Don A. Ballington · Tova Wiegand GreenPharmacy Calculations for Technicians
2006978-0-7638-2223-1Don A. Ballington · Robert J. AndersonPharmacy Practice for Technicians
  ''978-0-7638-2259-0john-marshall-bakerInternet Systems and Applications
2005978-0-7638-2266-8Kathleen Villani · James B. RosaComputerized Accountingwith Quickbooks Pro 2005 with CD
2007978-0-7638-2273-6Alice G. EttingerMedical Terminology for Health Careers
978-0-7638-2280-4Biotechnology Science for the New Millennium
2007978-0-7638-2282-8Ellyn DaughertyBiotechnology: Science for the New Millennium
2006978-0-7638-2333-7Suzanne Salimbene · Charlotte C. Eason · Pamala F. Burch · Jeanne Pfeiffer-EwensWhat Language Does Your Patient Hurt In? (Medical Assisting: A Commitment to Service-Administrative and Clinical compEtencies)
2007978-0-7638-2337-5Brian R. ShmaefskyApplied Anatomy and Physiology: A Case Study Approach
  ''978-0-7638-2342-9Brian R. ShmaefskyApplied Anatomy and Physiology Workbook
2007978-0-7638-2902-5Ellyn DaughertyBiotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, Lab Manual w/CD
  ''978-0-7638-2911-7Nita RutkoskyUsing Computers in the Medical Office: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2003
  ''978-0-7638-2915-5William Mitchell SirKeyboarding in the Medical Office: Sessions 1-60
  ''978-0-7638-2922-3Faithe WempenWindows Vista
  ''978-0-7638-2927-8Floyd FullerComprehensive Computers, Understanding Technology! 3rd Edition
2008978-0-7638-2929-2   ''Computers: Understanding Technology, 3e - Brief - Textbook Only
2008978-0-7638-2935-3Floyd Fuller · Brian LarsonComputers: Understanding Technology
  ''978-0-7638-2936-0Floyd Fuller · Brian LarsonComputers: Understanding Technology: Introductory
2007978-0-7638-2958-2Nita Rutkosky · Denise Seguin · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Office 2007: With Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.0
2000978-0-7638-2959-9Rutkosky RutkoskyMicrosoft Office 2007: With Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.0
2008978-0-7638-2964-3Microsoft Office 2007 Marquee Series - Windows XP Version with Cd
  ''978-0-7638-2986-5RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2007, Windows XP, Levels 1 and 2 -Text ONLY
  ''978-0-7638-2999-5Nita Rutkosky · Audrey Rutokosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Office 2007 Windows XP edition (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-3000-7Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2007, Level 1 - With CD
2008978-0-7638-3001-4Nita RutkoskyBenchmark Series: Microsoft Word 2007 Level 2 - Windows XP Version-W/CD
  ''978-0-7638-3002-1Denise SeguinMicrosoft Access 2007
  ''978-0-7638-3003-8SequinMicrosoft Access 2007, Windows XP Edition, Level 2
2007978-0-7638-3004-5Nita Rutkosky · Denise Sequin · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Access 2007 Windows XP Edition Levels 1 & 2 (Benchmark Series)
2008978-0-7638-3005-2Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Excel 2007, Level 1, Student Edition by Rutkosky, Nita (2008) Paperback
2008978-0-7638-3006-9Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Excel 2007 Windows XP Level 2 with CD: Student Edition
2007978-0-7638-3007-6Nita Rutkosky · Denise Seguin · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampExcel 2007 XP Level 1 & 2 (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-3008-3Nita RutkoskyPowerpoint 2007 XP (Benchmark Series)
2008978-0-7638-3016-8Denise SeguinMicrosoft Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista
  ''978-0-7638-3026-7Rutkosky RutkoskySignature MS Word 2007: Win XP Ed (W/CD)
  ''978-0-7638-3031-1jim-mazza-gary-chavezComputerized Accounting with Peachtree 2007
2007978-0-7638-3039-7Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2007 XP Level 1 & 2 (Benchmark Series)
2008978-0-7638-3044-1Kathleen VillaniComputer Accounting with QuickBooks Pro 2007 -With CD by Kathleen Villani (2008-05-03)
2007978-0-7638-3061-8Nita Rutkosky · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Office 2007: Windows Vista Edition (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-3064-9   ''Microsoft Word 2007: Level 1 & 2: Windows Vista Edition (Benchmark)
2008978-0-7638-3065-6Rutkosky/RutkoskyMicrosoft Excel 2007, Level 1
2007978-0-7638-3067-0Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Excel 2007 Levels 1&2-windows Vista Version (Benchmark Series)
2007978-0-7638-3070-0Nita RutkoskyMicrosoft Access 2007 Levels 1&2-windows Vista Version (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-3071-7   ''Microsoft Powerpoint 2007: Windows Vista Version (Benchmark)
978-0-7638-3099-1Microsoft Word 2007: Windows Vista Edition
2009978-0-7638-3106-6Alice G EttingerMedidcal Transcription: Techniques, Technologies and Edtiing Skills
  ''978-0-7638-3109-7Alice G. Ettinger · Blanche EttingerMedical Transcription: Techniques, Technologies, and Editing Skills
2007978-0-7638-3118-9Joanne ArfordAdvanced Microsoft Word 2007: Desktop Publishing, Windows Vista (Signature Series)
2008978-0-7638-3135-6Rutkosky RutkoskyMarquee: MS Office 2007 (Win Vista Etc)(W/CD)
2009978-0-7638-3159-2Rutkosky · SeguinBench Excel 07 Windows XP Edition Levels 1&2-XP Text+CD+SNA Package
2007978-0-7638-3193-6Alec Fehl · John BakerInternet: Sytems and Applications
2008978-0-7638-3215-5Rutkosky RutkoskyMicrosoft Word 2007: Windows Vista Edition (Signature Series)
2007978-0-7638-3379-4UnknownBiotechnology Science for the New Millennium
2009978-0-7638-3397-8Linda Young LandesmanEmergency Preparedness for Health Professionals
  ''978-0-7638-3448-7MazzaComputerized Accounting With Peachtree 2008 - With CD
  ''978-0-7638-3451-7Computerized Acctg w/Quickbooks Pro 2008 (w/CD)
2009978-0-7638-3460-9Don A. Ballington · Robert J. AndersonPharmacy Practice for Technicians: Mastering Community and Hospital Competencies
2010978-0-7638-3465-4Don BallingtonPharmacy Calculations for Technicians: Succeeding in Pharmacy Math
  ''978-0-7638-3479-1Don A. BallingtonPharmacology for Technicians Workbook
  ''978-0-7638-3481-4   ''Pharmacology for Technicians: Understanding Drugs and Their Uses
2009978-0-7638-3486-9Jason SparksPharmacy Labs for Technicians: Building Skills in Pharmacy Practice
2010978-0-7638-3491-3Dansby DansbyCollege Accounting (Sg
2009978-0-7638-3495-1   ''College Accounting (Ch 1-12)(W/CD) 5th
  ''978-0-7638-3569-9Jim MazzaComputerized Acctg W/Peachtree 2009 (W/CD)
2009978-0-7638-3571-2Villani VillaniComputerized Acctg W/QuickBooks Pro 2009 (W/2 CDs)
2010978-0-7638-3620-7Jeff MaduraIntroduction to Business
  ''978-0-7638-3728-0Floyd Fuller · Brian LarsonComputers Understanding Technology
2011978-0-7638-3731-0Floyd FullerCOMPUTERS:UNDERSTAND.TECH.,BRIEF-W/CD
2011978-0-7638-3732-7Faithe WempenMicrosoft Windows 7
1994978-0-7638-3742-6Linda R. LyleLegal Transcription
2009978-0-7638-3750-1Jon Gordon · Karen Lankisch · Nancy Muir · Denise Seguin · Anita VernoOur Digital World: Introduction to Computing (Text Only)
2011978-0-7638-3768-6Rutkosky RutkoskyMarquee: MS Office 2010 (Without CD)
  ''978-0-7638-3770-9Rutkosky SeguinMICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 BRIEF-TE
  ''978-0-7638-3771-6Nita Rutkosky · Denise Seguin · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Office 2010 (Marquee Series)
  ''978-0-7638-3772-3Nita RutkoskyMarquee Series: Microsoft Office 2010-Brief Edition
2010978-0-7638-3792-1Kathleen Villani · James B RosaComputerized Accounting with QuickBooks Pro 2010
2011978-0-7638-3806-5Wempen WempenWindows 7: Brief
  ''978-0-7638-3811-9Nita Rutkosky · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampBenchmark Series: Microsoft Office 2010
2011978-0-7638-3890-4Joanne ArfordAdvanced MS Word 2010 Desktop
  ''978-0-7638-3927-7Computers: Understanding Technology, Introductory
  ''978-0-7638-4260-4Nancy MuirGuidelines for Microsoft Office 2010
2010978-0-7638-4266-6ParadigmMicrosoft Excel 2010 Levels 1 and 2
2012978-0-7638-4284-0Ellyn DaughertyBiotechnology: Science for the New Millennium
2011978-0-7638-4295-6Nita Hewitt RutkoskySignature Microsoft Word 2010 W/ CD
  ''978-0-7638-4299-4Nita RutkoskyBenchmark Microsoft Word 2010 Levels 1 and 2
  ''978-0-7638-4300-7Nita Rutkowsky & Audrey Rutkowski RoggenMICROSOFT WORD 2010 LEVEL 1
2011978-0-7638-4301-4Nita Rutkosky · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Word 2010, Level 2
  ''978-0-7638-4305-2Nita Rutkosky · Audrey RutkoskyBENCHMARK SERIES: MICROSOFT(R)ACCESS LEVELS 1 AND 2
  ''978-0-7638-4306-9Rutkosky/RutkoskyBenchmark Series Microsoft Access 2010, Level 1
  ''978-0-7638-4309-0Rutkosky RutkoskyMicrosoft Powerpt. 2010: Benchmark.. - With CD
2001978-0-7638-4313-7Nita Hewitt Rutkosky · Denise Seguin · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Excel 2010, Levels 1 & 2 (Benchmark (Paradigm))
2011978-0-7638-4314-4Nita Rutkosky · Audrey Rutkosky RoggenkampMicrosoft Excel 2010: Level 1 (Benchmark Series)
  ''978-0-7638-4315-1SeguinBENCHMARK SERIES: MICROSOFT(R)EXCEL 2010 LEVELS 2
2013978-0-7638-4756-2Karen Lankisch · Nancy Muir · Denise Seguin · Anita Verno · Jon GordonOur Digital World
2013978-0-7638-5181-1Densie SeguinComputer Concepts (Computer Concepts and Applications)
  ''978-0-7638-5199-6Nita RutkoskyMICRSFT.WORD 2013,SIGNATURE-W/
2012978-0-7638-5233-7Don A. BallingtonPHARMACOLOGY FOR TECHNICIANS-P
2013978-0-7638-5258-0Nancy MuirGuidelines for Microsoft Office 2013
2014978-0-7638-5265-8Nita Hewitt RutkoskyMicrosoft Office 2013 (Marquee)
  ''978-0-7638-5346-4Nita Rutkosky · Denise Seguin · Jan Davidson · Audrey RoggenkampMicrosoft Excel 2013: Levels 1 and 2
978-0-7638-5519-2AuthorSnap 2013 Training & Assessment Activation Code
2014978-0-7638-5729-5Darline FoltzExploring electronic health records
978-0-7638-5862-9Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health: Text with Course Navigator
978-0-7638-5863-6Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health: Instructor's Guide (Print and CD)
2015978-0-7638-6071-4Sue Biedermann · Donna OlsonINTRO.HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
978-0-7638-6089-9Introduction to Health Information Management: CD Package
978-0-7638-6091-2Introduction to Health Information Management: Text and Course Navigator (Code via Mail)
2015978-0-7638-6257-2Suzanne SalimbeneWhat Language Does Your Patient Hurt In?: A Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Patient Care: Text
978-0-7638-7264-9Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2016: Text with Workbook
978-0-7638-8058-3Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health: Text, eBook and Navigator (code via mail)
978-0-7638-8142-9Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals, Text (Health Careers)
978-0-7638-8150-4Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals, Text, eBook (code via mail) (Health Careers)

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