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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-0-7552-0036-8Jim LimbrickNorth Sea Divers - a Requiem
  ''978-0-7552-0051-1Bob OrdishGhost Train
  ''978-0-7552-0055-9Garrett JonesAlfred & Arthur
  ''978-0-7552-0062-7Vanessa WildMelasma: Is This the Clear Solution?
  ''978-0-7552-0064-1Chris Cadman · Halstead CraigMichael Jackson The Early Years
2003978-0-7552-0069-6John Avetaranian · Richard SchaferA Muslim Who Became a Christian
2003978-0-7552-0071-9Allan GrayHomelands
  ''978-0-7552-0072-6Lesley SleeWestlife Fan Fiction
  ''978-0-7552-0091-7Craig Halstead · Chris CadmanMichael Jackson The Solo Years
  ''978-0-7552-0093-1Salmaan DalviAdrenal Fatigue, A Desk Reference
  ''978-0-7552-0098-6Craig HalsteadJackson's Number Ones
2003978-0-7552-0105-1Dan HerchenroetherSelling Air
2004978-0-7552-0117-4Mick FriendThe Encyclopaedia for Locksmiths
  ''978-0-7552-0125-9Nigel B DouglasGolf Course Design, Modern Day Issues and Experiences
  ''978-0-7552-0143-3David MickelChronic Fatigue Syndrome, Me and Fibromyalgia. the Long Awaited Cure.
  ''978-0-7552-0156-3Anthony G WilliamsThe Foresight War
2005978-0-7552-0160-0Marguerite BellA Distant Drum
  ''978-0-7552-0162-4John EatonM.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia - The Reverse Therapy Approach
2005978-0-7552-0163-1Wendy Anne LakePhantom Seducer
  ''978-0-7552-0168-6John M. NomikosAcross the Atlantic and Beyond the Borders - A Study of Two Crisis: Yugoslav and Gulf
  ''978-0-7552-0176-1Craig Halstead · Chris CadmanABBA Gold Hits
  ''978-0-7552-0177-8Mark QuinlanRemembrance
  ''978-0-7552-0186-0   ''British War Memorials
2005978-0-7552-0189-1Yasmin KhanSimple Steps to Building Million Dollar Cosmetic Practices - Physician Business Manual
  ''978-0-7552-0190-7Joy PeachNine Men's Morris
2006978-0-7552-0196-9Keith Hinde · John HerbertThe Collections of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers - Part One - London-Made Knives and Their Marks
2005978-0-7552-0198-3Jan Ardui · Peter WryczaWhen Performance Meets Alignment - A Compass for Coaching and Mentoring
  ''978-0-7552-0203-4Roger BonifaceFighter Pilots of North Vietnam
  ''978-0-7552-0204-1Enrique RewaldImmune Crossover II - The Two Faces of Immunity - The Lost Environment
2006978-0-7552-0215-7Patrick NewleyThe Krays and Bette Davis
  ''978-0-7552-0220-1June Thomas ReedAs You Like It or a Little Bit of the Unusual
2006978-0-7552-0224-9Leo VinciAn Enochian Dictionary - GMICALZOMA
  ''978-0-7552-0226-3David BarryFlashback
  ''978-0-7552-0229-4David B. FergusonOral Bioscience
  ''978-0-7552-0235-5Kerry FletcherFrom a Dream to a Reality ...the Memories of Oulton Park
  ''978-0-7552-0248-5John GristGrace Wyndham Goldie, First Lady of Television
2006978-0-7552-0251-5Paul MarksA Book of Lists (500 Lists of 50 Things!)
  ''978-0-7552-0253-9Nick FullerCall Me Bud - Jack Lemmon On Film
2007978-0-7552-0267-6Chris Cadman · Craig HalsteadMichael Jackson: For the Record
  ''978-0-7552-0293-5A. HencoInternational Biotechnology Economics and Policy: Science, Business Planning, and Entrepreneurship; Impacts on Agricultural Markets and Industry; Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector
  ''978-0-7552-0304-8Michael BeardFC United of Manchester - An Unofficial Guide to the North West Counties Years
  ''978-0-7552-0396-3Elizabeth R. MatthewsFrom the Canadian Arctic to the President's Desk HMS Resolute and How She Prevented a War: From the Canadian Arctic to the Presidents Desk and How She Prevented a War
2007978-0-7552-0398-7Mark QuinlanSculptors and Architects of Remembrance
2008978-0-7552-0411-3John CarsonBristol Pottery 1784 - 1972
  ''978-0-7552-0417-5Y I LeeThrough A Glass Darkly
  ''978-0-7552-0448-9Roy WigginsShort Mat Bowling (2nd Edition) - An illustrated guide to this challenging sport
2009978-0-7552-0461-8Paul TobinThe Rejection of Pascal's Wager: A Skeptic's Guide to the Bible and the Historical Jesus
  ''978-0-7552-0462-5Robert D CrawfordEast of West and West of East
  ''978-0-7552-0478-6Chris Cadman · Craig HalsteadMichael Jackson For The Record - 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded
2009978-0-7552-0489-2Alan MurrayAstro-navigation from Square One 2010 Edition
2004978-0-7552-0500-4S. C. LomaxThe Case of Barry George
2005978-0-7552-0503-5   ''Who Killed Jill Dando?: The Case of Barry George, A Shocking Miscarriage of Justice
2010978-0-7552-0603-2Martin BaumOi, Mate, Gimme Some More!
2011978-0-7552-0640-7Louisa MarshSupernatural Survivors: A Counsellor's Ghost Story
  ''978-0-7552-0648-3Alan MurrayAstro-navigation from Square One to Ocean-master
  ''978-0-7552-0659-9John Uwins · Rory UwinsRugby Backs Moves
  ''978-0-7552-0665-0Craig HalsteadDonna Summer: For the Record
2013978-0-7552-0720-6Tim WanderMarconi on the Isle of Wight
2014978-0-7552-0738-1Alexandra PopeThe Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation
2004978-0-7552-1015-2Hazel RobertsHazel's Homegrown
2005978-0-7552-1023-7Brian Leo LeeBouncey the Elf and Friends - Bedtime Stories
2007978-0-7552-1043-5Mick RennisonDiesel Rose
2006978-0-7552-1046-6Eve JacksonGertie's Day Out
2007978-0-7552-1061-9Jonathan T. ScottOn Wings
  ''978-0-7552-1074-9Richard SeedhouseCoaching the Coach - A Complete Guide How to Coach Soccer Skills Through Drills
2008978-0-7552-1082-4Martin BaumTo Be or Not To Be, Innit
2008978-0-7552-1086-2Louise WatesA Girls' Guide to India - A Survivor's Handbook
2009978-0-7552-1116-6Roy HarrisIntegrationist Notes and Papers 2006 - 2008
  ''978-0-7552-1132-6Yasmin KhanSimple Steps to Building Successful Cosmetic Practices
  ''978-0-7552-1157-9Victor BertolacciniFrom Beyond Space and Time
  ''978-0-7552-1166-1Hugh McGregor RossIntroducing the Gospel of Thomas
  ''978-0-7552-1167-8David CowleyHow We'd Talk If the English Had Won in 1066
2009978-0-7552-1203-3Balakrishnan RajendranThe God's Verses
2010978-0-7552-1234-7Neil NixonWith Love - 121 Young Carers
  ''978-0-7552-1268-2Hugh McGregor RossSpirituality in the Gospel of Thomas
  ''978-0-7552-1271-2Chloe GovanMisunderstood - The Brian Molko Story
  ''978-0-7552-1278-1Craig HalsteadWhitney Houston: For the Record
2011978-0-7552-1330-6Susan YeatesLearning Linocut: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Relief Printing Through Linocut
  ''978-0-7552-1355-9Tim FrancisWhat Was It All About?
2011978-0-7552-1356-6David SatchelHerbert Street
  ''978-0-7552-1402-0Rob LoweThe Eccentric Universe
2012978-0-7552-1414-3Stuart MorleyThe Musical Director's Handbook
  ''978-0-7552-1484-6Patrick E. RobertshawNo Smoking Gun
2005978-0-7552-1500-3Rekha WaheedThe A-Z Guide to Arranged Marriage
2013978-0-7552-1564-5Alexandra PopeThe Woman's Quest
2014978-0-7552-1629-1Robert MarshallThe Second Coming