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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-7537-0000-6John R. HinnellsPersian Mythology (Library of world's myths and legends)
  ''978-0-7537-0009-9H. DollingerThe Decline and Fall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan
1998978-0-7537-0058-7David BattieSotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Porcelain
1999978-0-7537-0085-3No Author.Philip's Atlas of World History
  ''978-0-7537-0088-4Nigel CawthorneThe World's Greatest Cults
  ''978-0-7537-0089-1Nigel CawthorneWorld's Greatest Serial Killers (The Worlds Greatest)
  ''978-0-7537-0090-7   ''World's Worst Atrocities (World's Greatest)
1999978-0-7537-0091-4Nigel CawthorneWorld's Greatest Royal Scandals: 1999
  ''978-0-7537-0122-5Stefan OliverIntroduction to Heraldry
2000978-0-7537-0179-9David PiperThe Illustrated History of Art
  ''978-0-7537-0236-9Keith FarringdonHistory of Punishment and Torture
  ''978-0-7537-0263-5Patrick DelaforceMonty's Iron Sides: From the Normandy Beaches to Bremen with the 3rd Division
  ''978-0-7537-0264-2Patrick DelaforceChurchill's Desert Rats: From Normandy to Berlin with the 7th Armoured Division
1999978-0-7537-0265-9Patrick DelaforceThe Polar Bears: From Normandy to the Relief of Holland with the 49th Division
2000978-0-7537-0268-0Chris ChantThe World's Railroads: Locomotives
  ''978-0-7537-0280-2Bob CurrieGreat british Motorcycles of the Sixties
  ''978-0-7537-0304-5Norma MacmillanThe Women's Institute Book Of 650 Favourite Recipes
  ''978-0-7537-0306-9Alexander SitwellSurvival Techniques (SAS training manual)
  ''978-0-7537-0332-8George FortyBritish Army Handbook: 1939-1945
2000978-0-7537-0333-5James LucasGerman Army Handbook: 1939-1945
  ''978-0-7537-0348-9Stefan OliverPaint Your Own Illuminated Letters
  ''978-0-7537-0351-9Patrick DelaforceMonty's Marauders: Red Fox 8th Armoured Brigade
  ''978-0-7537-0352-6   ''Monty's Highlanders: 51st Highland Division in World War Two
  ''978-0-7537-0367-0Steve CrawfordSAS Encyclopedia: History, Tactics, Weapons and Equipment
2000978-0-7537-0369-4Steven KnightJack the Ripper: The Final Solution
  ''978-0-7537-0377-9Bob CurrieGreat british Motorcycles of the Thirties
  ''978-0-7537-0378-6   ''Great British Motorcycles of the 1950s
  ''978-0-7537-0379-3Patrick DelaforceMarching to the Sound of Gunfire: Northwest Europe 1944-5
  ''978-0-7537-0382-3Robin DennistonChurchill's Secret War: Diplomatic Decrypts, the Foreign Office and Turkey 1942-44
2000978-0-7537-0383-0Major Pat Reid · Maurice MichaelPrisoner of War: The inside Story of the POW from the Ancient World to Colditz and after
  ''978-0-7537-0389-2James FrazerThe Golden Bough: A History of Myth and Religion
2001978-0-7537-0408-0Chris McNabSAS Training Manual Endurance Techniques (Endurance. IQ. Stress Control. Memory)
  ''978-0-7537-0409-7Marion CallowaySurvival First Aid (Elite forces training manual)
  ''978-0-7537-0410-3Baby Names: A Complete A to Z Guide of Girls' and Boys' Names
2000978-0-7537-0411-0Peter HanningThe Leprechaun's Handbook
2001978-0-7537-0412-7David LangThe Illustrated Wild Flower Finder's Calendar (Wildflower)
2002978-0-7537-0413-4G.R.M. DevereuxEtiquette for Men: A Book of Modern Manners and Customs
  ''978-0-7537-0414-1Irene DavisonEtiquette for Women: A Book of Modern Manners and Customs
2001978-0-7537-0415-8Bob ScottThe Illustrated Birdwatchers Calendar
2001978-0-7537-0432-5UnknownThe World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries: 100 Mysteries That Intrigued the World
  ''978-0-7537-0442-4n/aTell Me How?: Answers to Hundreds of Questions
  ''978-0-7537-0443-1Robyn TempletonTell Me Why?: Answers to Hundreds of Questions
2002978-0-7537-0444-8No Known AuthorTell Me When?
  ''978-0-7537-0445-5Tell Me What?
  ''978-0-7537-0446-2AnonTell ME Where?
2002978-0-7537-0447-9Tell ME about
2001978-0-7537-0459-2David DayA Tolkien Bestiary [Later Printing]
  ''978-0-7537-0463-9Patrick MooreAtlas of the Universe
  ''978-0-7537-0495-0Colin. LewisBonsai: Care Manual
2002978-0-7537-0496-7Joanna FarrowSimply Cadbury's Chocolate: 100 Tempting Recipes
  ''978-0-7537-0518-6Roger SweetinburghSmall Garden Planner (Gardening)
  ''978-0-7537-0537-7David A. Anderton · Bill Gunston · Francis K. MasonWarplanes & Fighters of World War II
2001978-0-7537-0542-1Hans Christian AndersonThe Complete Illustrated Stories of Hans Christian Andersen
2001978-0-7537-0544-5Kenneth MackseyTank versus Tank
  ''978-0-7537-0558-2Janet WrightReflexology and Acupressure: Pressure Points for Healing
2002978-0-7537-0581-0What a Way to Go!: Deaths with a Difference
  ''978-0-7537-0589-6Joyce RobinsThe Beauty of Britain and Ireland
  ''978-0-7537-0628-2Brunn BertelGp Ham Gde Birds Brit Eur Pb
  ''978-0-7537-0683-1Marguerite Patten OBEVictory Cookbook: Nostalgic Food and Facts from 1940 - 1954
2002978-0-7537-0696-1Neil Blandford · Bruce JonesThe World's Most Evil Men (World's Greatest)
  ''978-0-7537-0698-5Tim HealeyWorld's Greatest Trials
  ''978-0-7537-0711-1Wendy ClouseStep by Step: Acrylics (Step by Step Art School)
  ''978-0-7537-0727-2Patricia SeligmanStep by Step - Oils
2005978-0-7537-0754-8Janice Anderson · Edmund SwinglehurstThe Victorian and Edwardian Seaside
2003978-0-7537-0755-5John StrettonSteam on Shed
  ''978-0-7537-0762-3Keith FarringdonHistory of Punishment and Torture
2003978-0-7537-0766-1Madeleine MarshMiller's Collecting the 1950s
  ''978-0-7537-0767-8Madeleine MarshMiller's Collecting the 1960's
  ''978-0-7537-0768-5Katherine HigginsMiller's Collecting the 1970s
  ''978-0-7537-0794-4Louise Blair · Norma McGoughQuick Cooking for Diabetes: Great Tasting Food In 30 Minutes Or Less
  ''978-0-7537-0814-9Bounty BooksCheat's Guide to the Classics
2003978-0-7537-0820-0Christopher ChantThe Pocket Guide to Commercial Aircraft and Airline Markings
  ''978-0-7537-0861-3Amanda CrossThe Low-Carb Cookbook
2004978-0-7537-0862-0Amanda CrossMiracle Juices: 60 Juices for a Healthy Life
  ''978-0-7537-0872-9Eric TreacyGreat Railway Photographs
2003978-0-7537-0874-3Adam Ward · Trevor LewinJunior Soccer
  ''978-0-7537-0898-9Cooking for a Healthy Heart
  ''978-0-7537-0901-6Mary Wilder TilestonDaily Strengths for Daily Needs
2004978-0-7537-0902-3Patience StrongPatience Strong's Thoughts for Every Day
2006978-0-7537-0908-5David PiperThe Illustrated History of Art: Art Through the Ages, Including: Medieval and Early Renaissance Art, the Sixteenth Century, the Baroque Era, Eastern Art
2004978-0-7537-0911-5Edgar Allan PoeThe Complete Illustrated Works of Edgar Allan Poe
2004978-0-7537-0913-9Oscar WildeThe Complete Illustrated Works of Oscar Wilde
  ''978-0-7537-0915-3Lewis CarrollThe Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll
  ''978-0-7537-0916-0Kenneth MunsonFIGHTERS OF WWI
  ''978-0-7537-0918-4Kenneth MunsonBOMBERS OF WWI
  ''978-0-7537-0919-1Kenneth G MunsonBombers 1939-45 Patrol and Transport Aircraft
2010978-0-7537-0935-1Jack Buchan · Jonathan BakerNudes (Step by Step Art School)
2004978-0-7537-0945-0unknownLady Gregory's Complete Irish Mythology
2005978-0-7537-0953-5Epic Land Battles (Military)
2004978-0-7537-0955-9R. W. Brown · M.J. Lawrence · J. PopeAnimals Tracks, Trails and Signs (Hamlyn Guide)
2004978-0-7537-0956-6Bertel Brunn · Haken Delin · Lars SvenssonHamlyn Guide Birds of Britain and Europe
2005978-0-7537-0957-3C J Humphries · J R Press · D A SuttonHamlyn Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe
2004978-0-7537-0958-0Andrew CampbellHamlyn Guide Seashores and Shallow Seas
  ''978-0-7537-0971-9William Donald CampbellBirds of Town and Village
2005978-0-7537-0977-1Austen JanePride & Prejudice
  ''978-0-7537-0981-8Charlotte BronteJane Eyre
1928978-0-7537-0986-3Louisa May AlcottLITTLE WOMEN CC
2007978-0-7537-1001-2Undiscovered France. An insider's guide to the most beautiful villages
2004978-0-7537-1011-1AnonOn This Day
  ''978-0-7537-1024-1Lyndel CostainGluten Free Food
  ''978-0-7537-1031-9Tanya WrightAllergy Free Food
2004978-0-7537-1033-3Amanda CrossMiracle Soups
  ''978-0-7537-1038-8Chrissie Gallagher-MundyFat Burner Workout
  ''978-0-7537-1039-5Helen FosterCellulite Solutions
  ''978-0-7537-1040-1Anne-Marie MillardFirm Abs Flat Stomach in Only 30 Days
2005978-0-7537-1048-7Lenni SykesTHE NATURAL HEDGEHOG
  ''978-0-7537-1051-7Judy HallCrystal Bible (Mind Body & Spirit Bibles)
2004978-0-7537-1062-3William KoeningEpic Sea Battles
2005978-0-7537-1065-4Robert AdleyCall of Steam (Steam Railway)
2004978-0-7537-1067-8Bounty501 Must-See Movies
2005978-0-7537-1070-8John KeelOur Haunted Planet
2005978-0-7537-1071-5Martin CaidinGhosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hauntings - Bizarre Accounts of the Supernatural from the Pilots Who Lived to Tell the Tales!
  ''978-0-7537-1072-2John TennantFootball: the golden age
  ''978-0-7537-1087-6Eilean BentleyStep by Step Head Massage
  ''978-0-7537-1088-3Robert GordonElvis the King on the Road: Live On Tour 1954 to 1977
2007978-0-7537-1098-2Treasury King Arthur and His Knights
2005978-0-7537-1105-7UnnamedBeatles Recording Sessions
  ''978-0-7537-1116-3Frank SpaethMYSTERIES OF THE DEEP PB
  ''978-0-7537-1121-7Hans Christian AndersenThe Complete Illustrated Works of Hans Christian Andersen
  ''978-0-7537-1132-3Zoe MellorAdorable Knits for Tiny Tots: 25 Stylish Designs for Babies and Toddlers
  ''978-0-7537-1139-2UnknownA Celebration of Marine Art: Sixty Years of the Royal Society of Marine Artists
  ''978-0-7537-1141-5Robert OpieRemember When: A Nostalgic Trip Through The Consumer Era
2005978-0-7537-1144-6Michael WilliamsMassey Ferguson Tractors
  ''978-0-7537-1145-3W. R. HamiltonHamlyn Guide to Minerals
  ''978-0-7537-1159-0Madeleine MarshMiller's Price Guide - Collectables
  ''978-0-7537-1168-2Tony L MortimerLalique: Jewellery and Glassware. Tony L. Mortimer
2006978-0-7537-1192-7Helen FosterGI Diet Plan
  ''978-0-7537-1197-2Geoffrey BudworthThe Complete Book of Knots
2005978-0-7537-1229-0Bible Stories
978-0-7537-1235-1Brian CloseART OF JAPANESE PRINTS
2005978-0-7537-1258-0Amanda GrantThe Baby Healthy Eating Planner
2005978-0-7537-1293-1John ParkerThe Gurkhas: Inside Story of the World's Most Feared Soldiers
  ''978-0-7537-1303-7key andersonCOINCIDENCES
  ''978-0-7537-1336-5Peter. ArnoldThe Complete Book of Card Games
2006978-0-7537-1342-6David Brown · Jackum Brown · Kieran Fogarty · Rebecca Walder501 Must-Visit Destinations
  ''978-0-7537-1343-3Emma Beare501 Must-Read Books (501 Series)
  ''978-0-7537-1348-8Amanda GrantThe Toddler Healthy Eating Planner: The New Way to Feed Your 1- to 3-Year-Old a Balanced Diet Every Day, Featuring More Than 250 Recipes
2006978-0-7537-1399-0Colin GarrattSteam
  ''978-0-7537-1403-4Nigel PerrymanFIFTIES BRITAIN POSTWAR LIFE
  ''978-0-7537-1404-1Anthony BryanFrancis Frith's Windmills & Watermills
  ''978-0-7537-1415-7Emma Beare501 Must-Read Books (501 Series)
  ''978-0-7537-1416-4D Brown · J Brown · A Findlay501 Must-Visit Destinations (501 Series)
2010978-0-7537-1419-5BountyThe Crystal Deck (Card Decks)
2006978-0-7537-1443-0Julia SkinnerBritish Castles: With Photographs from the Francis Frith Collection. Compiled and Edited by Julia Skinner and Eliza Sackett
2007978-0-7537-1446-1Michael WilliamsClassic Farm Tractors
978-0-7537-1455-3Marguerite PattenMarguerite Patten's 1,000 Favourite Recipes by Marguerite Patten (1855-08-06)
2006978-0-7537-1457-7Opie RobertRemember When
2006978-0-7537-1460-7David MondeyThe Hamlyn Concise Guide to Axis Aircraft of World War Two
  ''978-0-7537-1461-4David MondeyThe Hamlyn Concise Guide to American Aircraft of World War II
  ''978-0-7537-1462-1   ''The Hamlyn Concise Guide to British Aircraft of World War II.
2007978-0-7537-1509-3Tarot Card Deck
  ''978-0-7537-1513-0Marguerite Patten OBESpam The Cookbook
  ''978-0-7537-1529-1David Twiston DaviesThe Daily Telegraph Book Of Military Obituaries
2007978-0-7537-1534-5Marguerite PattenMarguerite Patten's Family Cookbook: Over 700 recipes from the 'Cookery Queen'
  ''978-0-7537-1552-9Chris GrahamChoosing and Keeping Chickens
  ''978-0-7537-1557-4Mel RolfeBomber Boys
  ''978-0-7537-1558-1RWF SampsonSpitfire Offensive
  ''978-0-7537-1578-9Gordon Ramsay with Roz DennyGordon Ramsay's Passion for Flavour
2008978-0-7537-1579-6Gordon Ramsay with Roz DennyGordon Ramsay's Passion for Seafood
2007978-0-7537-1580-2James MartinEating In With James Martin
  ''978-0-7537-1581-9James MartinJames Martin's Great British Dinners
  ''978-0-7537-1586-4Steve PartnerCoarse Fishing Basics: A Beginner's Guide
  ''978-0-7537-1591-8D. Brown · J. Brown · A. Findlay501 Must-See Natural Wonders
2000978-0-7537-1592-5NA501 Must-take Journeys
2007978-0-7537-1603-8D. Brown · J. Brown · A. Findlay501 Must-Visit Cities
2008978-0-7537-1604-5D Brown · J Brown · A Findlay501 Must-Visit Cities (501 Series)
  ''978-0-7537-1615-1No AuthorOn This Day - Past Times Sku
2007978-0-7537-1637-3Michael BatemanStreet Cafe Brazil
2008978-0-7537-1694-6Emma (ed) Beare501 Must-Visit Islands (501 Series)
2008978-0-7537-1746-2Cara Frost-SharrattHeinz Baked Beanz Recipes, History, Trivia and More
  ''978-0-7537-1766-0D Brown · J Brown · A Findlay501 Must-Take Journeys (501 Series)
2009978-0-7537-1767-7Paul Donnelley501 Most Notorious Crimes (True Crime)
2010978-0-7537-1771-4Arthur Findlay · Et Al501 Must-Be-There Events (501 Series)
2009978-0-7537-1773-8Paul Donnelley501 Most Notorious Crimes (501 Series)
2010978-0-7537-1795-0Norman FranksTon-Up Lancs
2009978-0-7537-1827-8David Brown · Arthur Findlay · Jackum Brown501 Great Days Out in the UK and Ireland
  ''978-0-7537-1863-6501 Must-Know Speeches (501 Series)
  ''978-0-7537-1873-5Fid Backhouse · Kieran Fogarty · Sal Oliver501 Must-Drive Cars
2010978-0-7537-1887-2David Brown · Arthur Findlay501 Days Out for Kids in the UK and Ireland
2009978-0-7537-1923-7Wonderful Wordsearch: Volume 1
  ''978-0-7537-1924-4DattaWonderful Wordsearch 2
2009978-0-7537-1954-1Rob Hill · Ann Lloyd · Chris Darke501 Must-See Movies
2011978-0-7537-1955-8Malcolm GreenhalghFreshwater Fish of Britain and Europe
2010978-0-7537-1958-9Fid Backhouse · Sal Oliver501 Most Devastating Disasters
  ''978-0-7537-1986-2David Crook · Tim VigorsSpitfire Pilot (Transport)
2011978-0-7537-2014-1Jackum Brown · Fid Backhouse · Arthur Findlay501 Must-Visit Wild Places
2010978-0-7537-2045-5VariousMy First Book of Bible Stories and Prayers
  ''978-0-7537-2062-2HamlynCooking with Kids
2011978-0-7537-2107-0Andrew WilsonThe Book of Garden Plans
2010978-0-7537-2114-8Max ArthurThe Faces of World War I: The Great War in words & pictures
978-0-7537-2123-0Astrology Bible
2011978-0-7537-2124-7Patricia MercierChakra Bible
  ''978-0-7537-2143-8LarousseLarousse Desserts, Cakes & Pastries
2012978-0-7537-2171-1Kenneth MunsonBombers 1914-1919: Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft
  ''978-0-7537-2173-5   ''Fighters 1914-1919: Attack and Training Aircraft
2011978-0-7537-2273-2Thomas HardyTess Of The D'urbervilles
2011978-0-7537-2288-6Bill GunstonClassic World War II Aircraft Cutaways (Transport)
2013978-0-7537-2365-4Phil EllisMiller's Collecting Sci-Fi & Fantasy
978-0-7537-2448-451 Game Changing Glasses
978-0-7537-2449-151 Game Changing Bags
978-0-7537-2450-751 Game Changing Shoes
2013978-0-7537-2451-4J. C. TrewinThe Pocket Companion to Shakespeare's Plays
  ''978-0-7537-2523-8Pat Henshaw · Audrey HannaColour Me Beautiful Make-up Manual: Choosing your best colours, creating great looks
2014978-0-7537-2589-4Enid BlytonMr Pink-Whistle's Party (Enid Blyton: Happy Days)
  ''978-0-7537-2695-2Arthur Findlay501 Must-Be-There Events (501 Series)
  ''978-0-7537-2697-6Bounty501 Must-Read Books (501 Series)
  ''978-0-7537-2712-6Martin Manser · John GrisewoodThe Complete Dictionary and Thesaurus
2014978-0-7537-2723-2Charles MacleanMalt Whisky
  ''978-0-7537-2763-8Mick WalkerMotorcycle: Evolution; Design; Passion
  ''978-0-7537-2786-7Patrick MoorePhilip's Atlas of the Universe
  ''978-0-7537-2796-6David DayA Dictionary of Tolkien
  ''978-0-7537-2821-5Henry JamesThe Classic Works of Henry James
2014978-0-7537-2822-2Mark TwainThe Classic Works of Mark Twain
  ''978-0-7537-2827-7David DayA Dictionary of Tolkien
2015978-0-7537-2937-3   ''Tolkien: An Illustrated Atlas
  ''978-0-7537-2970-0BountyThe Hound of the Baskervilles (Classic Works)
2016978-0-7537-2976-2J. Brown501 Must-See Movies (501 Series)
2015978-0-7537-2998-4Tony BlackmanVulcan Test Pilot (Transport)
  ''978-0-7537-2999-1David Crook · Tim VigorsSpitfire Pilot (Transport)
  ''978-0-7537-3012-6BountyGreat British Cars
2015978-0-7537-3020-1Mauro Mazzara · Andrea PiparoTolkien's World: A Colouring Book
2016978-0-7537-3021-8Grub Street PublishingThe Pathfinder Companion
  ''978-0-7537-3098-0Mauro Mazzara · Andrea Bianchi CarnevaleDay of the Dead: Colouring Book
  ''978-0-7537-3109-3David DayThe Battles of Tolkien
2017978-0-7537-3247-2   ''The Heroes of Tolkien
2018978-0-7537-3280-9Classic Stories of World War II
  ''978-0-7537-3308-0Joseph Et Al ConradClassic Stories of World War I
  ''978-0-7537-3319-6Women who Changed the World: The most remarkable women of the last 100 years
2018978-0-7537-3320-2The Presidents Speak: A Collection of Speeches from each of the Preseidents of the United States
  ''978-0-7537-3333-2Women who Changed the World: The most remarkable women of the last 100 years (Feminism)
2019978-0-7537-3380-6David DayThe Illustrated World of Tolkien
2020978-0-7537-3382-0Charlie RyrieThe Healing Energies of Water
2019978-0-7537-3393-6David DayA Dictionary of Sources of Tolkien