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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-7463-0517-1Elizabeth KingThe School Library: Responding to Change (Resources in education)
  ''978-0-7463-0540-9M. Hempshell101 Great Money Making Ideas
1990978-0-7463-0584-3John R. Hodgson · Valerie Preston-DunlopRudolf Laban: An Introduction to His Work and Influence
1992978-0-7463-0638-3Don Wright · Wally ValentineThe Business of Banking and Financial Services
2008978-0-7463-0717-5Helen CarrJean Rhys (Writers & Their Work)
1994978-0-7463-0718-2Kate FlintElizabeth Gaskell (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-0725-0Lyn PykettThe Sensation Novel: From the "Woman in White" to the "Moonstone" (Writers & Their Work S.)
  ''978-0-7463-0727-4Lorna SageAngela Carter (Writers & Their Work) (Writers & Their Work S.)
2000978-0-7463-0728-1Kimberley ReynoldsChildren's Literature: In the 1890s and 1990s (Writers & Their Work S.)
2001978-0-7463-0729-8John LucasJohn Clare (Writers and their Work)
1994978-0-7463-0735-9Kevin McCarronWilliam Golding (Writers & Their Work S.)
1996978-0-7463-0736-6Stan SmithW.H.Auden (Writers & Their Work)
1994978-0-7463-0742-7Kiernan RyanIan McEwan (Writers & Their Work S.)
1996978-0-7463-0750-2Colin BurrowEdmund Spenser (Writers and their Work)
1995978-0-7463-0755-7Bernard BergonziDavid Lodge (Writers and their Work)
1996978-0-7463-0758-8Peter MudfordGraham Greene (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-0765-6Ann Thompson · Neil TaylorWillian Shakespeare's "Hamlet" (Writers & Their Work S.)
2000978-0-7463-0774-8Jeremy RidgemanDavid Hare (Writers and their Work)
2017978-0-7463-0779-3   ''David Hare (Writers and their Work)
1996978-0-7463-0780-9Ian HaywoodWorking Class Fiction: from Chartism to Trainspotting (Writers and their Work)
1996978-0-7463-0789-2Joe KelleherTony Harrison (Writers & Their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-0792-2Richard ToddA.S.Byatt (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0803-5Peter ConradiAngus Wilson (Writers & Their Work): 1 (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-0813-4Harriet Harvey WoodSir Walter Scott (Writers & Their Work): 1 (Writers and their Work)
2000978-0-7463-0818-9Paul HamiltonPercy Bysshe Shelley (Writers and their Work)
2018978-0-7463-0822-6Ann Pasternak-SlaterEvelyn Waugh (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0827-1Janet MontefioreRudyard Kipling (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
1997978-0-7463-0834-9Stevie DaviesEmily Bronte (Writers and their Work)
2000978-0-7463-0861-5Cynthia F. WongKazuo Ishiguro (Writers & Their Work S.)
  ''978-0-7463-0872-1E. J. CleryWomen's Gothic from Clara Reeve to Mary Shelley (Writers & Their Work S.)
2001978-0-7463-0877-6Julie SandersCaroline Dramatists: Massinger, Ford, Shirley, Brome (Writers & Their Work S.) (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-0879-0Andrew Michael RobertsGeoffrey Hill (Writers and Their Work)
2010978-0-7463-0881-3Anthony JohnsonBen Jonson (Writers and their Work)
2003978-0-7463-0885-1Nahem YousafChinua Achebe (Writers and their Work)
2001978-0-7463-0887-5John LucasIvor Gurney (Writers and their Work)
2000978-0-7463-0888-2Germaine GreerEarl of Rochester (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-0896-7Anne JanowitzWomen Romantic Poets (Writers and their Work)
2001978-0-7463-0898-1Janet BeerEdith Wharton (Writers and their Work)
2014978-0-7463-0900-1Sharon MonteithPat Barker (Writers & Their Work)
2002978-0-7463-0908-7Andrew BennettKatherine Mansfield (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2000978-0-7463-0912-4Alison MarkVeronica Forrest-Thomson and Language Poetry (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2005978-0-7463-0919-3Seamus PerryAlfred Tennyson (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0922-3Betty JayAnne Bronte (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2001978-0-7463-0940-7Mark BattyHarold Pinter (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0948-3Dennis WalderAthol Fugard (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2002978-0-7463-0951-3Ruvani RanasinhaHanif Kureishi (Writers and their Work)
2003978-0-7463-0952-0Isobel Armstrong · Andrzej GasiorekWyndham Lewis and Modernism (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0955-1Sarah Lawson WelshGrace Nichols (Writers and their Work)
2001978-0-7463-0963-6Elaine AstonCaryl Churchill (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-0964-3Deryn Rees-JonesCarol Ann Duffy (2nd ed) (Writers & Their Work S.)
2003978-0-7463-0967-4Amanda GreenwoodEdna O'Brien (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0969-8Catherine MaxwellSwinburne (Writers & Their Work) (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-0975-9Daniel BrownGerard Manley Hopkins (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-0976-6H. Gustav KlausJames Kelman (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-0978-0Matthew PatemanJulian Barnes (Writers & Their Work S.) (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2008978-0-7463-0983-4Elaine Yee Lin HoAnita Desai (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-0987-2William StephensonJohn Fowles (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2003978-0-7463-0989-6J.B. PickNeil Gunn (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-0992-6Ailsa CoxAlice Munro (Writers and their Work)
2005978-0-7463-0996-4Richard SalmonWilliam Makepeace Thackeray (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-1018-2Andrew Michael RobertsGeoffrey Hill (Writers and their Work)
2005978-0-7463-1030-4Richard SalmonWilliam Makepeace Thackeray (Writers and their Work)
2008978-0-7463-1040-3Janet WilsonFleur Adcock (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2003978-0-7463-1063-2Anthony JohnsonBen Jonson (Writers and their Work)
2010978-0-7463-1071-7Alasdair D. F. MacraeNorman MacCaig (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-1106-6Catherine MaxwellSwinburne (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-1130-1HigginsBrian Friel (Writers and Their Work)
2005978-0-7463-1137-0Laurence LernerPhilip Larkin (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-1142-4Cynthia F. WongKazuo Ishiguro (Writers & Their Work) (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-1145-5Lorna SageAngela Carter (2nd edition) (Writers & Their Work) (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2008978-0-7463-1147-9Anita PachecoCoriolanus (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-1154-7Robert SheppardIain Sinclair (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2005978-0-7463-1156-1Linda AshleyDance Sense: Theory and Practice for GCSE Dance Students: Theory and Practice for Dance Schools
2012978-0-7463-1163-9Helen CarrJean Rhys (Writers and their Work)
2004978-0-7463-1168-4Sally LedgerHenrik Ibsen (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2007978-0-7463-1172-1Gerard CarruthersRobert Burns (Writers & Their Work) (Writers and their Work)
2010978-0-7463-1199-8Deryn Rees-JonesCarol Ann Duffy (Writers and Their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-1208-7Elaine AstonCaryl Churchill (Writers and their Work)
2019978-0-7463-1216-2Ann RoweIris Murdoch (Writers and their Work)
2018978-0-7463-1296-4Kenneth K. BrandtJack London (Writers and their Work)
  ''978-0-7463-1297-1   ''Jack London (Writers and their Work)