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2009978-0-7459-5367-0Philip JenkinsThe Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
  ''978-0-7459-5368-7Michael SchluterThe Relational Manager: Transform Your Workplace and Your Life
  ''978-0-7459-5370-0Pat Alexander · David AlexanderThe Lion Handbook to the Bible (Lion Handbooks)
  ''978-0-7459-5371-7John C. LennoxGod's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?
  ''978-0-7459-5373-1Kate MiddletonStress: How to De-Stress Without Doing Less
2009978-0-7459-5374-8Thomas MertonThomas Merton: A Life in Letters
  ''978-0-7459-5375-5Tanith CareyHow to be an Amazing Mum When You Just Don't Have the Time: The Ultimate Handbook for Hassled Mothers
2010978-0-7459-5379-3Roger BakerUnderstanding Trauma: How to Overcome Post Traumatic Stress
2009978-0-7459-5380-9Julia OgilvyTurning Points: Stories to Change Your Life
  ''978-0-7459-5381-6Jonathan HillThe New Lion Handbook: History of Christianity (Lion Handbooks)
  ''978-0-7459-5382-3G.R. EvansThe History of Christian Europe
2010978-0-7459-5383-0Rob ParsonsThe Sixty Minute Family: An Hour To Transform Your Relationships Forever
2011978-0-7459-5384-7Trevor BarnesSongs of Praise: Celebrating 50 Years
2009978-0-7459-5386-1Peter WalkerIn the Steps of Jesus (In the Steps of series)
  ''978-0-7459-5393-9Michael PooleThe 'New' Atheism: 10 Arguments That Don't Hold Water?
2009978-0-7459-5395-3Shimon GibsonThe Final Days of Jesus: The Archaeological Evidence
2010978-0-7459-5397-7John McMahonFirst Steps out of Problem Drinking (First Steps series)
2011978-0-7459-5401-1Dean Nelson · Karl GibersonQuantum Leap: How John Polkinghorne Found God in Science and Religion
2009978-0-7459-5501-8Bear GryllsWith Love, Papa
  ''978-0-7459-5502-5Shara GryllsMarriage Matters
2011978-0-7459-5503-2John DraneIntroducing the Old Testament
2010978-0-7459-5504-9John DraneIntroducing the New Testament
  ''978-0-7459-5506-3Stephen BackhouseThe Compact Guide to Christian History (Compact Guides)
  ''978-0-7459-5508-7Brian DraperLabyrinth: Illuminating the Inner Path
  ''978-0-7459-5510-0Kate KirkpatrickPraying Through Grief: Poems and Meditations for Healing
2010978-0-7459-5513-1Sue AtkinsonFirst Steps out of Depression (First Steps series)
  ''978-0-7459-5515-5John McMahonBottled Up
  ''978-0-7459-5519-3Kate MiddletonFirst Steps out of Anxiety (First Steps series)
  ''978-0-7459-5520-9   ''First Steps Out of Eating Disorders (First Steps series)
2011978-0-7459-5522-3Jane WilliamsFaces of Christ: Jesus in Art
2012978-0-7459-5526-1Mike BeaumontThe New Lion Bible Encyclopedia
2011978-0-7459-5528-5Margaret SilfLandscapes of Prayer: Finding God in the World and Your Life
2012978-0-7459-5532-2Paul LawrenceThe Lion Concise Atlas of Bible History
2011978-0-7459-5535-3Sue MayfieldFirst Steps Through Bereavement (First Steps series)
  ''978-0-7459-5539-1Walter WangerinThe Book of God: The Bible as a Novel
2011978-0-7459-5540-7Keith WardIs Religion Irrational?
  ''978-0-7459-5541-4Margaret SilfOne Hundred Wisdom Stories: From Around the World
  ''978-0-7459-5542-1Tanith CareyWhere Has My Little Girl Gone?
  ''978-0-7459-5543-8Robert BanksAnd Man Created God: Is God a Human Invention?
  ''978-0-7459-5544-5Jane SmithThe Parent's Guide to Eating Disorders: What Parents Need to Know
2011978-0-7459-5545-2Roger BakerUnderstanding Panic Attacks: and Overcoming Fear
  ''978-0-7459-5546-9Ben FreethMugabe and the White African
  ''978-0-7459-5549-0John C. LennoxGod and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design is it Anyway?
2012978-0-7459-5551-3Brian DraperLess is More: Spirituality For Busy Lives
2011978-0-7459-5552-0Rebecca MitchellNew Shoes: Stepping Out of the Shadow of Sexual Abuse and Living Your Dreams
2012978-0-7459-5555-1Peter WalkerIn the Steps of Saint Paul (In the Steps of Series)
2011978-0-7459-5562-9Keith WardThe Philosopher and the Gospels: Jesus Through the Lens of Philosophy
2012978-0-7459-5563-6Anthony SeldonHappiness: Why We Should Put Our Happiness First and How to Do it
2013978-0-7459-5566-7Charles H. HortonStretcher Bearer: Fighting for Life in the Trenches
  ''978-0-7459-5568-1Stephen TomkinsDavid Livingstone: The Unexplored Story
2012978-0-7459-5571-1David McCaslandEric Liddell: Pure Gold: The Olympic Champion Who Inspired Chariots of Fire
  ''978-0-7459-5572-8Russell StannardScience and Belief: The Big Issues
2013978-0-7459-5573-5Rachel WaddiloveSleep Solutions: Quiet Nights For You And Your Child: From Birth To Five Years
2013978-0-7459-5575-9Nick PageInstant Expert: The Bible
  ''978-0-7459-5582-7Peter WalkerThe Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History
  ''978-0-7459-5586-5Colin DuriezThe A-Z of C.S.Lewis: An Encyclopaedia of His Life, Thought and Writings
2012978-0-7459-5601-5Bear GryllsTo My Sons: Lessons for the Wild Adventure Called Life
2013978-0-7459-5602-2Andrew GoddardRowan Williams: His Legacy
2014978-0-7459-5604-6Bex LewisRaising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying The Best And Avoiding The Worst
  ''978-0-7459-5605-3Dan Cohn-Sherbok · Dawoud El-Alami · George D. ChryssidesWhy Can't They Get Along?: A Conversation Between a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian
  ''978-0-7459-5618-3Randy LewisNo Greatness Without Goodness: How a Father's Love Changed a Company and Sparked a Movement
2017978-0-7459-5630-5Jeff Anderson · Siku · Richard ThomasLion Hero Bible
2014978-0-7459-5641-1Nick PageInstant Expert: Jesus
2014978-0-7459-5664-0Mair Russell-JonesMy Secret Life in Hut Six: One Woman's Experiences At Bletchley Park
  ''978-0-7459-5779-1Randy LewisNo Greatness without Goodness: How One Father's Love is Changing the Modern Workforce
  ''978-0-7459-5798-2John DraneThe World of the Bible: Understanding the World's Greatest Bestseller
2006978-0-7459-6005-0Alex AyliffeMy Very First Bible and Prayers
2008978-0-7459-6012-8Charlotte RytonLion Book of Five-Minute Parables
2007978-0-7459-6013-5Sarah ToulminBaby Prayers
2008978-0-7459-6014-2Sophie PiperPrayers for Each and Every Day: A Special Gift
2007978-0-7459-6016-6Caroline Jayne ChurchBaby Jesus Touch and Feel
2006978-0-7459-6020-3Steve TurnerDon't Take Your Elephant to School: All Kinds of Alphabet Poems
  ''978-0-7459-6021-0Andrew Fusek PetersMad, Bad and Dangerously Haddock: The Best from the Very Tall Poet
2007978-0-7459-6022-7Bob HartmanThe Three Billy Goats' Stuff (with CD)
2006978-0-7459-6024-1Lois RockMy Very First: In the Beginning (My Very First Big Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6025-8Lois RockThe Lost Sheep (My Very First Bible Stories)
2007978-0-7459-6027-2   ''Jonah and the Whale (My Very First Bible Stories)
2007978-0-7459-6028-9Lois RockDaniel and the Lions (My Very First Bible Stories) (My Very First Board Book)
  ''978-0-7459-6030-2   ''The Good Samaritan (My Very First Bible Stories) (My Very First Board Book)
  ''978-0-7459-6034-0   ''My Very First Christmas Carols
2007978-0-7459-6045-6Lois RockPrayers for Your Confirmation
2008978-0-7459-6048-7Elena PasqualiSafely Through the Night
2007978-0-7459-6051-7Lois RockOur Father (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6052-4   ''Daniel and the Lions (My Very First Bible Stories)
2011978-0-7459-6054-8Mary JoslinSimon and the Easter Miracle: A Traditional Tale For Easter
  ''978-0-7459-6058-6Mary JoslinSimon and the Easter Miracle
2008978-0-7459-6061-6Brian Sibley50 Favourite Bible Stories
2007978-0-7459-6068-5Claire HenleyBaby Jesus and the Noisy Stable (All Join in Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6070-8Claire HenleyThe Lost Sheep and the Scary Day (All Join in Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6071-5   ''Noah and the Flood (All Join in Bible Stories)
2006978-0-7459-6076-0Geraldine MccaughreanThe Jesse Tree
2008978-0-7459-6082-1Lois RockThe Easter Story: My Very First BIG Bible Stories
2008978-0-7459-6086-9Christina GoodingsLift-the-Flap Bible Stories (Lift the Flap)
2007978-0-7459-6092-0Geraldine McCaughreanThe Nativity Story
2009978-0-7459-6094-4Bob HartmanThe Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
2008978-0-7459-6095-1Murray WattsThe Lion Bible for Children
  ''978-0-7459-6103-3Pat AlexanderThe Lion First Bible
  ''978-0-7459-6104-0Christina GoodingsMy Little Prayer Board Book
  ''978-0-7459-6109-5Bob HartmanStories From the Stable
2009978-0-7459-6110-1Caroline Jayne ChurchCreation Touch and Feel (Touch & Feel Book) (Touch and Feel Books (Lion Hudson))
  ''978-0-7459-6111-8   ''Lost Sheep Touch and Feel (A Touch and Feel Book)
2013978-0-7459-6116-3Mary JoslinThe Story of Christmas
2009978-0-7459-6118-7Elizabeth GoudgeThe Little White Horse: Filmed As The Secret Of Moonacre
2008978-0-7459-6126-2Elizabeth GoudgeThe Little White Horse
2008978-0-7459-6130-9Joyce DenhamSaint Francis of Assisi
2009978-0-7459-6133-0Rebecca WinterThe Lion Book of Prayers for Children
  ''978-0-7459-6137-8Rachel RivettAre You Sad, Little Bear?: A book about learning to say goodbye
978-0-7459-6141-5The Easter Angels
2012978-0-7459-6149-1Lois RockMy Very First Prayers
2010978-0-7459-6157-6Kenneth StevenStories for a Fragile Planet: Traditional Tales About Caring for the Earth
  ''978-0-7459-6159-0Elena PasqualiIt's My World Too: Discover Endangered Animals and Their Habitats
2009978-0-7459-6165-1Su BoxMy Rainbow Book of Bedtime Prayers
  ''978-0-7459-6166-8Su BoxMy Rainbow Book of Everyday Prayers (Thumb Tabbed Book)
2011978-0-7459-6170-5Elena PasqualiThe Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale
2009978-0-7459-6205-4Sarah ToulminBaby's Tiny Bible and Prayers (Baby Bible)
2011978-0-7459-6208-5Rachel RivettI Imagine...: A Child's Book of Prayers
2010978-0-7459-6210-8Elena PasqualiThe Tale of Baboushka: A Traditional Christmas Story
  ''978-0-7459-6213-9Lois RockMy Very First Christmas Story Sticker Book: My Very First Sticker Book (My Very First Sticker Books)
2010978-0-7459-6231-3Lois RockThe Lion Book of 1000 Prayers for Children
  ''978-0-7459-6234-4   ''My Very First Bible (My Very First BIG Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6235-1Rebecca ElliottJust Because
  ''978-0-7459-6245-0David SelfThe Lion Encyclopedia of World Religions
  ''978-0-7459-6247-4Keith WardMore Than Matter?: What Humans Really Are
2013978-0-7459-6263-4Julia StoneOne Sparkly Christmas Night
2011978-0-7459-6269-6Rebecca ElliottSometimes
2011978-0-7459-6270-2Rebecca ElliottZoo Girl
  ''978-0-7459-6282-5Lois RockMy Very First Easter Story Sticker Book (My Very First Sticker Book) (My Very First Sticker Books)
  ''978-0-7459-6286-3Peter AtkinsonThe Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible
  ''978-0-7459-6289-4Elena PasqualiThe Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale
  ''978-0-7459-6300-6Su BoxYou are Very Special
2011978-0-7459-6301-3Pat AlexanderThe Lion First Bible
  ''978-0-7459-6304-4Lois RockIn the Beginning (My Very First Bible Stories)
2011978-0-7459-6305-1Lois RockNoah and the Ark (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6307-5   ''Brave David (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6308-2   ''Jonah and the Whale (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6309-9   ''Daniel and the Lions (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6310-5   ''The First Christmas (My Very First Bible Stories)
2011978-0-7459-6311-2Lois RockJesus and the Storm (My Very First Bible Stories)
2011978-0-7459-6312-9Lois RockThe Good Samaritan (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6313-6   ''The Lost Sheep (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6314-3   ''Our Father (My Very First Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-7459-6315-0   ''The Easter Story (My Very First Bible Stories)
2012978-0-7459-6332-7   ''My Very First Story of Jesus Sticker Book: My Very First Sticker Book (My Very First Sticker Books)
  ''978-0-7459-6386-0Kenneth StevenStories For a Fragile Planet
2014978-0-7459-6391-4Antonia JacksonThe Easter Story
2013978-0-7459-6430-0Rachel RivettAre You Sad, Little Bear?: A Book About Learning To Say Goodbye
2013978-0-7459-6433-1Bob HartmanThe Lion Storyteller Bible
2015978-0-7459-6446-1Bob HartmanThe Lion Storyteller Book of Parables
2016978-0-7459-6545-1Peter MartinThe Lion Picture Puzzle Bible
2015978-0-7459-6552-9Lois RockTiny Tots Prayers (Candle Tiny Tots)
  ''978-0-7459-6554-3Sophie PiperBible Promises for Baby's Baptism
2017978-0-7459-6557-4Lois RockThe Good Samaritan and Other Parables of Jesus
2016978-0-7459-6858-2Rachel WaddiloveThe Baby Book: How to Enjoy Year One
  ''978-0-7459-6877-3Sharon Grenham-ThompsonJail Bird: The Inside Story of the Glam Vicar
2017978-0-7459-6885-8Harry BensonWhat Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know)
2008978-0-7459-6900-8Dorothy M. StewardIt's Hard to Hurry When You're a Snail
2009978-0-7459-6911-4Lois RockMy Very First Nativity Story
  ''978-0-7459-6912-1Trevor DennisThe Book of Books: The Bible Retold
2010978-0-7459-6913-8Sophie PiperThank You God: Daytime and Night-time Prayers for Little Children
  ''978-0-7459-6916-9Bob HartmanThe Lion Storyteller Christmas Book
2009978-0-7459-6920-6Angela Elwell HuntThe Tale of Three Trees
2009978-0-7459-6921-3Meryl DoneyThe Very Worried Sparrow
  ''978-0-7459-6926-8John GoodwinLion Book of Five-Minute Christmas Stories
2014978-0-7459-7001-1Nick PageThe One-Stop Bible Atlas (The One-Stop Guides)
2015978-0-7459-7022-6Andrew WhiteMy Journey So Far
  ''978-0-7459-7030-1Walter E. YoungWalter's War: A Hidden Memoir of the Great War 1914-1918
  ''978-0-7459-7620-4Sophie PiperBible Promises for Baby's Christening
2018978-0-7459-7678-5Antonia WoodwardThe Extra Special Baby: The Story of the Christmas Promise
2017978-0-7459-8005-8James Newman GrayColour in Hope: A Reflective Journey (Colouring Books)
  ''978-0-7459-8011-9Brenda Hale · Rachel FarmerI Married A Soldier