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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-7434-9739-8C. David HeymannAmerican Legacy: The Story of John and Caroline Kennedy
2006978-0-7434-9743-5Marlo Thomas · Bruce Kluger · Carl Robbins · David TabatskyThe Right Words at the Right Time Volume 2: Your Turn!
2007978-0-7434-9744-2Marlo Thomas · Bruce Kluger · Carl Robbins · David TabatskyThe Right Words at the Right Time Volume 2: Your Turn!
2004978-0-7434-9745-9Jude DeverauxHolly
2006978-0-7434-9746-6Dan BrownDeception Point
  ''978-0-7434-9747-3Diann ValentineWeddings Valentine Style: Rich Inspiration for Every Woman's Dream Day
2005978-0-7434-9749-7Gena ShowalterAwaken Me Darkly (Alien Huntress, Book 1)
2006978-0-7434-9750-3Gena ShowalterEnslave Me Sweetly (Alien Huntress, Book 2)
2005978-0-7434-9751-0David KentThe Blackjack Conspiracy (Department Thirty)
2006978-0-7434-9752-7David KentThe Triangle Conspiracy (Department Thirty)
2005978-0-7434-9753-4Nick RedfernBody Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story
  ''978-0-7434-9755-8John ShirleyConstantine
2006978-0-7434-9761-9Loren D. EstlemanDr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes
2010978-0-7434-9771-8Jack VanceThe Dragon Masters
2007978-0-7434-9772-5Tom De HavenThe Orphan's Tent
  ''978-0-7434-9773-2Mel GildenTubular Android Superheroes: The Adventures of Zoot Marlowe, Book2
2004978-0-7434-9774-9Steven A. RomanX-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy
  ''978-0-7434-9775-6Jack VanceEmphyrio
2004978-0-7434-9779-4Tom De HavenWalker of Worlds: Chronicles of the King's Tramp, Book 1 (Bk 1)
978-0-7434-9782-4Neon Mirage: A Nathan Heller Mystery (Nathan Heller Novels)
2004978-0-7434-9783-1Elizabeth MassieSineater
  ''978-0-7434-9784-8Roger ZelaznyThis Immortal
  ''978-0-7434-9785-5J. Michael StraczynskiTribulations
  ''978-0-7434-9786-2Gregory Benford · Martin GreenbergWhat Might Have Been: Vol 3: Alternate Wars
2007978-0-7434-9787-9Poul AndersonBrain Wave
2004978-0-7434-9789-3John LutzNightlines: The First Alo Nudger Mystery (Alo Nudger Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7434-9791-6David CianThe Transformers Legends
2004978-0-7434-9793-0Richard DalbyMystery For Christmas
2006978-0-7434-9794-7Princeton Lnaguage InstituteNever Misspell That Word Again!: The 21st Centruy Misspellers Dictionary
2004978-0-7434-9801-2Robert SilverbergPhases of The Moon: Stories of Six Decades
  ''978-0-7434-9803-6Bram StokerThe Essential Dracula
  ''978-0-7434-9806-7Mary ShelleyThe Essential Frankenstein
2007978-0-7434-9807-4Arthur C. ClarkeFrom Narnia to Space Odyssey: The War of Letters between Arthur C. Clarke and C.S. Lewis
  ''978-0-7434-9808-1Paul DawlingThe Official Forensic File Casebook Book 2
2004978-0-7434-9809-8Elizabeth LynnThe Watchtower (Chronicles of Tornor Trilogy)
2005978-0-7434-9811-1Christopher J. PriestGreen Lantern: Sleepers, Book 2
  ''978-0-7434-9821-0John Gregory BetancourtHorrorscape: New Masterpieces of Horror, Vol. 1 (New Materpieces of Horror) (v. 1)
2004978-0-7434-9824-1Michael HardwickThe Revenge of the Hound: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
2004978-0-7434-9825-8Alan Dean FosterSpellsinger: Book 1
  ''978-0-7434-9826-5Paul PreussArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime
2005978-0-7434-9827-2William ChristieThe Blood We Shed: A Novel of Marine Combat
2004978-0-7434-9828-9Paul PreussArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime 2
  ''978-0-7434-9829-6Alan Dean FosterSpellsinger: Book 2: The Hour of The Gate (The Spellsinger Saga)
  ''978-0-7434-9832-6Mark W. TiedemannChimera: Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery (Robot Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7434-9834-0Richard HatchBattlestar Galactica: Paradis
2004978-0-7434-9836-4Gaston LerouxThe Essential Phantom of The Opera
2005978-0-7434-9838-8Juan Diaz-CanalesBlacksad 3: The Sketch Files (v. 3)
  ''978-0-7434-9839-5Marv WolfmanCrisis on Infinite Earths
978-0-7434-9841-8Howard FastThe Jews: Story Of A People
2010978-0-7434-9842-5Steve BrownColor Me Evil
2005978-0-7434-9844-9Deborah MitchellSexual Vigor for Life
  ''978-0-7434-9848-7Priscilla RoyalWine of Violence (Poisoned Pen Press Mysteries)
2003978-0-7434-9851-7Charles BenoitRelative Danger
2005978-0-7434-9853-1Edgar Rice BurroughsA Princess of Mars (John Carter of Mars)
2004978-0-7434-9858-6Sandra BrownWhite Hot
2006978-0-7434-9862-3Zane · Eileen M. Johnson · V. Anthony RiversLove Is Never Painless: Three Novellas
  ''978-0-7434-9865-4KaplanKaplan SAT 2400, 2006 Edition (Kaplan New Sat 2400)
2007978-0-7434-9866-1Robert HarrisImperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome
2006978-0-7434-9870-8Jeff LongThe Wall
2004978-0-7434-9871-5Wen SpencerTinker (Elfhome, Book 1)
2005978-0-7434-9872-2David WeberBolo!
  ''978-0-7434-9873-9Fred SaberhagenRogue Berserker (Berserker Series)
2005978-0-7434-9875-3C.J. Cherryh · Mercedes Lackey · Nancy Asire · Leslie FishThe Sword of Knowledge
2004978-0-7434-9876-0James P. HoganThe Anguished Dawn
2005978-0-7434-9877-7Leo Frankowski · Dave GrossmanThe War with Earth
2004978-0-7434-9878-4Fred SaberhagenBerserker Man (Berserker, Bk. 4)
2005978-0-7434-9880-7John RingoInto the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, Book 1)
  ''978-0-7434-9881-4David Weber · John RingoWe Few (March Upcountry)
  ''978-0-7434-9882-1David DrakeThe Way to Glory
  ''978-0-7434-9884-5John RingoAgainst the Tide (The Council Wars)
  ''978-0-7434-9885-2Edward M. LernerMoonstruck
2005978-0-7434-9886-9Fred SaberhagenBerserker Death (The Berserker)
  ''978-0-7434-9887-6T.K.F. WeisskopfCosmic Tales: Advantures in Far Futures
  ''978-0-7434-9888-3Robert Asprin · Esther FriesnerE. Godz
  ''978-0-7434-9889-0Mercedes Lackey · Roberta GellisThis Scepter'd Isle (The Doubled Edge, Book 1)
  ''978-0-7434-9890-6Mercedes Lackey · Roberta GellisIll Met by Moonlight (The Doubled Edge, Book 2)
2005978-0-7434-9891-3Steve WhiteThe Prometheus Project
  ''978-0-7434-9892-0Christopher AnvilInterstellar Patrol II: The Federation of Humanity
  ''978-0-7434-9893-7Eric Flint · K.D. WentworthThe Course of Empire
  ''978-0-7434-9894-4Hal ColebatchMan-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War
  ''978-0-7434-9895-1Steve WhiteForge of the Titans
2005978-0-7434-9896-8Travis TaylorThe Quantum Connection
  ''978-0-7434-9897-5Harry TurtledoveAlternate Generals III (v. 3)
  ''978-0-7434-9898-2Andre NortonDark Companion (2 Novels: Dark Piper and Dread Companion)
  ''978-0-7434-9899-9David Weber · Eric FlintCrown of Slaves (Honor Harrington)
  ''978-0-7434-9900-2Howard MyersThe Creatures of Man
2005978-0-7434-9901-9Jack L. ChalkerThe Return of Nathan Brazil (Well World)
  ''978-0-7434-9902-6James P. HoganMission to Minerva (Giants)
  ''978-0-7434-9903-3Keith LaumerImperium
  ''978-0-7434-9904-0Harry TurtledoveThe Enchanter Completed
  ''978-0-7434-9905-7Mercedes Lackey · Rosemary EdghillMad Maudlin (Bedlam's Bard)
2005978-0-7434-9906-4Keith LaumerA Plague of Demons: & Other Stories
  ''978-0-7434-9908-8Martin ScottThraxas and the Sorcerers
  ''978-0-7434-9909-5Mercedes Lackey · Eric Flint · Dave FreerThis Rough Magic (Heirs of Alexandria)
  ''978-0-7434-9910-1Murray LeinsterLogic Named Joe
  ''978-0-7434-9911-8Andre NortonGods and Androids
2005978-0-7434-9912-5David Weber · Steve WhiteThe Stars at War II (Starfire) (Bk. 2)
  ''978-0-7434-9913-2Dave FreerA Mankind Witch (The Shadow of the Lion)
2006978-0-7434-9914-9Joel RosenbergPaladins II: Knight Moves
2005978-0-7434-9915-6Robert A. HeinleinExpanded Universe
  ''978-0-7434-9916-3John Ringo · Linda EvansThe Road to Damascus (Bolo)
  ''978-0-7434-9917-0Spider RobinsonNight of Power
  ''978-0-7434-9918-7John Ringo · Tom KratmanWatch on the Rhine (Posleen War Series #7)
2005978-0-7434-9919-4Eric Flint · Andrew Dennis1634: The Galileo Affair (The Ring of Fire)
  ''978-0-7434-9920-0Tom KratmanA State of Disobedience
  ''978-0-7434-9921-7Joan MedlicottA Covington Christmas (Ladies of Covington)
2004978-0-7434-9922-4Bethany Hamilton · Rick BundschuhSoul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board
2005978-0-7434-9923-1Libby StreetHappiness Sold Separately
2006978-0-7434-9924-8Libby StreetAccidental It Girl
2005978-0-7434-9926-2Cecelia Ahern · Patricia Scanlan · Gemma O'ConnorIrish Girls Are Back in Town
2010978-0-7434-9927-9ZaneThe Hot Box
2011978-0-7434-9928-6   ''The Hot Box: A Novel
2009978-0-7434-9929-3   ''Total Eclipse of the Heart
2010978-0-7434-9930-9   ''Total Eclipse of the Heart: A Novel
2004978-0-7434-9933-0Ewan McGregor · Charley BoormanLong Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World
2005978-0-7434-9934-7Ewan McGregor · Charley BoormanLong Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World
2004978-0-7434-9935-4Colm A. KelleherBrain Trust: The Hidden Connection Between Mad Cow and Misdiagnosed Alzheimer's Disease
  ''978-0-7434-9938-5Sister SouljahThe Coldest Winter Ever
2005978-0-7434-9940-8Kathleen O'ReillyThe Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul
2006978-0-7434-9941-5Kathleen O'ReillyLooking for Mr. Goodbunny
2005978-0-7434-9942-2Cara LockwoodDixieland Sushi
2006978-0-7434-9943-9Cara LockwoodI Did (But I Wouldn't Now)
  ''978-0-7434-9948-4Adrian McKintyThe Dead Yard: A Novel
2007978-0-7434-9949-1Adrian McKintyThe Bloomsday Dead: A Novel (Dead Trilogy)
2005978-0-7434-9950-7Bill MillerCash: An American Man
2006978-0-7434-9951-4Donn CortezHarm for the Holidays: Misgivings (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)
2007978-0-7434-9952-1Donn CortezHarm for the Holidays: Heart Attack (CSI: Miami)
2008978-0-7434-9953-8   ''CSI: Miami: Cut and Run
2008978-0-7434-9954-5Jeff MariotteCSI Miami: Right to Die
2007978-0-7434-9955-2J.M. DillardResistance (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
2006978-0-7434-9957-6Susan MalleryThe Marcelli Bride (The Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road, Book 4)
2007978-0-7434-9958-3Susan MalleryThe Marcelli Princess (The Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road, Book 5)
2006978-0-7434-9959-0Beth KendrickFashionably Late
  ''978-0-7434-9960-6Beth KendrickNearlyweds
1998978-0-7434-9970-5JUDITH NCNAUGHTNight Whispers
2005978-0-7434-9975-0Patrick A. DavisThe Shattered Blue Line
2006978-0-7434-9976-7Patrick A. DavisDeception Plan
2005978-0-7434-9977-4Jeff GordonJeff Gordon: Racing Back to the Front--My Memoir
2007978-0-7434-9985-9Jude DeverauxThe Mulberry Tree