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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-7407-0003-3Scott AdamsDilbert Gives You The Business
  ''978-0-7407-0004-0Bill AmendIÂ’m Flying, Jack . . . I Mean, Roger: A FoxTrot Collection
  ''978-0-7407-0005-7Brian BassetCafe Adam: An Adam Home Collection
  ''978-0-7407-0006-4Cathy GuisewiteI'd Scream Except I Look So Fabulous: A Cathy Collection
  ''978-0-7407-0007-1Scott DikkersThe Pretty Good Jim's Journal Treasury: The Definitive Collection of Every Published Cartoon (Definitive Collections)
1999978-0-7407-0008-8Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanBaby Blues: Ten Years and Still in Diapers: A Baby Blues Treasury
  ''978-0-7407-0010-1Patrick McDonnellMutts Sundays
2000978-0-7407-0013-2Jerry Scott · Jim BorgmanHumongous Zits: A Zits Treasury
1999978-0-7407-0015-6G. B. TrudeauBuck Wild Doonesbury
  ''978-0-7407-0016-3Wiley MillerNon Sequitur’s Beastly Things
  ''978-0-7407-0018-7American Ballet TheatreAmerican Ballet Theatre: A Twenty-Five Year Retrospective
  ''978-0-7407-0020-0Greg AndersonJourneys with the Cancer Conqueror: Mobilizing Mind and Spirit
1999978-0-7407-0022-4Lorraine Bodger2,001 Ways to Pamper Yourself
  ''978-0-7407-0024-8Karu F. DanielsBrandy: An Intimate Look
  ''978-0-7407-0025-5Scott DikkersYou Are Worthless: Depressing Nuggets of Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day
  ''978-0-7407-0027-9Roger EbertRoger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2000
  ''978-0-7407-0028-6Mary EngelbreitMary Engelbreit's Words To Live By
1999978-0-7407-0029-3Mary EngelbreitPAINT Techniques & Ideas Art and Inspiration
2000978-0-7407-0032-3Leland H. Gregory IIIWhat's The Number For 911?: America's Wackiest 911 Calls
1999978-0-7407-0040-8Jerrold MundisMaking Peace With Money
  ''978-0-7407-0046-0Tracy PorterTracy Porter's Inspired Gatherings
  ''978-0-7407-0050-7Amy Krouse RosenthalThe Same Phrase Describes My Marriage and My Breasts: Before the Kids, They Used to Be Such a Cute Couple (Notes While They Nap)
  ''978-0-7407-0052-1Carol Endler Sterbenz · Genevieve SterbenzThe Home Spa: Creating a Personal Sanctuary
2000978-0-7407-0054-5Olivia WuTurning 50: Fifty Personal Celebrations
2002978-0-7407-0056-9Mitchell UscherBob Marley
1999978-0-7407-0065-1ArielFor My Bridesmaid
  ''978-0-7407-0073-6Felicia WigginsMother earth, father sky: Native American wisdom by Felicia Wiggins Mother earth, father sky: Native American wisdom
1999978-0-7407-0082-8John WagnerMaxine's Guide to Aging Gracelessly
  ''978-0-7407-0090-3Sue DreamerGirl Talk: Women on Life, Love, and Getting What You Want
  ''978-0-7407-0100-9Ariel BooksThe Numerology Of Birthdays (Monterey Editions)
2000978-0-7407-0106-1Ariel Books · Monterey EditionsA Treasury Of Christmas Cheer
1999978-0-7407-0120-7Jack · Hansen, Mark Victor CanfieldChicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Uplift the Spirit
  ''978-0-7407-0199-3Lynn JohnstonThe Lives Behind the Lines: 20 Years of For Better or For Worse
  ''978-0-7407-0200-6Lynn JohnstonSunshine and Shadow: A For Better or For Worse Collection
1999978-0-7407-0201-3Mary EngelbreitPlates: Mary Engelbreit
  ''978-0-7407-0202-0   ''Something to Color the Whole Year Through
  ''978-0-7407-0203-7   ''A Very Mary Christmas: A Collection of Holiday Art
  ''978-0-7407-0204-4   ''When a Child Is Born, So Is a Grandmother (Main Street Editions Gift Books)
  ''978-0-7407-0207-5IIene SegloveList Your Self For Kids: Listmaking as Fun Way to Get to Know Yourself
1999978-0-7407-0208-2Ilene SegaloveList Your Creative Self: Listmaking As the Way to Unleash Your Creativity
  ''978-0-7407-0287-7Catherine MorrisCindy Sherman (Essential Series)
  ''978-0-7407-0288-4Ingrid SchaffnerAndy Warhol
  ''978-0-7407-0314-0Kimberlee Carlson · Ltd Lionheart BooksDinner & A Movie Cookbook
  ''978-0-7407-0322-5Gary Mason · Ltd Lionheart BooksGuardians: The Secret Life of Goalies
1999978-0-7407-0323-2Ltd Lionheart BooksThe Hand Of God: A Collection of Thoughts and Images Reflecting the Spirit of the Universe
2000978-0-7407-0357-7Thomas J. StanleyThe Millionaire Mind
1999978-0-7407-0407-9Andrews McMeel PublishingLawyers: Jokes, Quotes, and Anecdotes
  ''978-0-7407-0421-5Michael-Anne JohnsBritney Spears
2000978-0-7407-0453-6Scott AdamsRandom Acts Of Management:A Dilbert Book
  ''978-0-7407-0454-3Bill AmendThink Ifruity: A Foxtrot Collection
  ''978-0-7407-0455-0Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanLift and Separate
  ''978-0-7407-0456-7Patrick McDonnellOur Mutts Five
2000978-0-7407-0457-4Mark O'HareCitizen Dog Collection 3: D Is for Dog
  ''978-0-7407-0459-8Tom WilsonGet Ziggy With It
  ''978-0-7407-0469-7Cader BooksThat's Really Funny
  ''978-0-7407-0474-1Rohan CandappaThe Little Book Of Stress
  ''978-0-7407-0475-8Rohan CandappaThe Little Book Of Wrong Shui
2000978-0-7407-0481-9Bradley Trevor GreiveThe Blue Day Book
  ''978-0-7407-0482-6Grout · Pam GroutArt and Soul
  ''978-0-7407-0484-0Cyndi Haynes2,002 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them
  ''978-0-7407-0485-7Elizabeth HirschmanHeroes, Monsters, and Messiahs
  ''978-0-7407-0502-1Peter Press · Al TapperA Guy Goes Into A Bar...
2000978-0-7407-0503-8Al Tapper · Peter PressA Minister, a Priest, and a Rabbi (Joe King Books)
  ''978-0-7407-0506-9Ilene SegaloveThe Write Mood: A Journal for All Your Feelings, Frenzies, Rants and Celebrations
  ''978-0-7407-0507-6Ilene Segalove · Paul Bob VelickRisk Your Self: Listmaking the Ultimate Path for Personal Change
  ''978-0-7407-0531-1Scott AdamsDilbert - A Treasury Of Sunday Strips: Version 00
  ''978-0-7407-0532-8Bill AmendAssorted Foxtrot
2000978-0-7407-0551-9MQ Publications · Lauren WhiteSpells For A Perfect Love Life
  ''978-0-7407-0552-6MQ Publications · Lauren WhiteSpells For Self-Improvement
  ''978-0-7407-0554-0Pat BradyThe Irresistible Rose Is Rose
  ''978-0-7407-0555-7Cathy GuisewiteShoes: Chocolate For The Feet - A Cathy Collection
  ''978-0-7407-0556-4Lynn JohnstonThe Big 5-0: A For Better Or For Worse Collection
2000978-0-7407-0557-1Rick Kirkman · Jerry ScottI Shouldn't Have To Scream More Than Once!
  ''978-0-7407-0573-1SonyJeopardy! Quiz Book 2
  ''978-0-7407-0579-3Jerry Van amerongenMinnows In The Bath And Other Doggie Treats (Ballard Street Collection)
  ''978-0-7407-0580-9Kawakami · Tim KawakamiGolden Boy
  ''978-0-7407-0598-4Claudia L. OsbornOver My Head: A Doctor's Own Story of Head Injury from the Inside Looking Out
2000978-0-7407-0599-1Dave CoverlySpeed Bump
  ''978-0-7407-0600-4Dave BarryDave Barry's Book of Bad Songs
1999978-0-7407-0601-1Rebecca WellsDivine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Calendar
2000978-0-7407-0605-9Boswell · Michael Anne-JohnsJennifer Lopez
  ''978-0-7407-0607-3G. B. TrudeauDuke 2000: Whatever It Takes
  ''978-0-7407-0609-7Aaron McGruderBoondocks: Because I Know You Don't Read The Newspaper
  ''978-0-7407-0613-4John McPhersonClose To Home Uncut
2000978-0-7407-0615-8Rich TennantDownloaded: The Third Collection of the 5th Wave
978-0-7407-0620-2Fern Fragments Laser-Cut Frame
2000978-0-7407-0649-3Joan Walsh Anglund · Joan Walsch AnglundThe Brave Cowboy
  ''978-0-7407-0664-6Elaine St. James · Vera ColeSimplify Your Life With Kids: 100 Ways to Make Family Life Easier and More Fun
  ''978-0-7407-0670-7Kim LevinWhy We Really Love Dogs
  ''978-0-7407-0672-1Roger EbertI Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie
  ''978-0-7407-0681-3Elaine St. James365 Simple Reminders: Ways to Keep Life Simple
2000978-0-7407-0684-4Mary Engelbreit · Smallwood & Stewart · Vitta PoplarMary Engelbreit's Home Companion: Collections
1999978-0-7407-0725-4Darren Crosdale · Patty RiceDawson's Creek: The Official Companion
2000978-0-7407-0744-5Holly CamerlinckJeopardy! Quiz Book 1
  ''978-0-7407-0773-5Catherine Murphy · Ariel BooksChristina Aguilera (2000 publication)
  ''978-0-7407-0808-4Richard CarlsonDon't Sweat the Small Stuff: And It's All Small Stuff
  ''978-0-7407-0857-2Kennedy · John H. KennedyA Course Of Their Own: A History Of African American Golfers
  ''978-0-7407-0876-3Mary EngelbreitThe More The Merrier: A Little Book Library (Take 4)
1999978-0-7407-0877-0Roger Stewart · Laurie StewartThe Wizard's Companion: An Unofficial Guide to the Books of J.K. Rowling
2000978-0-7407-0878-7Charlie JonesYou Go Girl! (journal)
2000978-0-7407-0879-4Anne GeddesAnne Geddes Photofolio: Until Now
  ''978-0-7407-0992-0Judy BrownJoke Stew 1,349 More Hilarious Servings
  ''978-0-7407-0996-8Dick Enberg · Brian Morgan · Wendy MorganDick Enberg's Humorous Quotes For All Occasions
2002978-0-7407-0999-9Mary Engelbreit · Vitta Poplar · Barbara Elliott MartinFabric Projects And Creative Decorating Ideas
2000978-0-7407-1002-5Bob FensterDuh! The Stupid History Of The Human Race
2001978-0-7407-1013-1David OuelletThe Collected Wonderword Volume 16
2000978-0-7407-1014-8M. Scott PeckAbounding Grace An Anthology Of Wisdom
2001978-0-7407-1020-9Simon Reynolds365 Ways to Live to 100
2000978-0-7407-1021-6John RosemondTeen-Proofing Fostering Responsible Decision Making in Your Teenager
2001978-0-7407-1024-7Carol StricklandThe Annotated Arch: A Crash Course in the History Of Architecture
  ''978-0-7407-1025-4Ted VanCleaveTotally Absurd Inventions: America's Goofiest Patents
2000978-0-7407-1026-1Bob WalkerCrazy Cats
2001978-0-7407-1065-0Jerry Van AmerongenKick Butt and Other Advice on Aging
2000978-0-7407-1089-6Roger EbertRoger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2001
  ''978-0-7407-1090-2Kim Doren · Charlie JonesBe The Ball Golf Instruction Book For The Mind
2000978-0-7407-1097-1Larry GuestThe Payne Stewart Story Hardback
2001978-0-7407-1126-8Mort WalkerMort Walker's Private Scrapbook
2000978-0-7407-1128-2Mary EngelbreitSweetest Heart Mary Engelbreit
  ''978-0-7407-1141-1Jack CanfieldPet Lovers Collection of Chicken Soup for the S (Chicken Soup for the Soul (Mini))
  ''978-0-7407-1166-4Jerry Scott · Jim BorgmanDon't Roll Your Eyes At Me, Young Man! A Zits Sketchbook 3
  ''978-0-7407-1169-5Lawrence Schimel · Michael-Anne JohnsJessica Simpson (Little Books)
  ''978-0-7407-1170-1Gary Mason · Barbara Gunn · Gunn · BarbaraThe Coolest Guys 2
2002978-0-7407-1182-4Ariel Books Howard PublishingHugs for Friends (Little Book of Hugs)
2000978-0-7407-1185-5caron lovelessa little book of hugs for teachers
2000978-0-7407-1214-2SonyJeopardy!...What Is Quiz Book 3?
  ''978-0-7407-1215-9   ''Jeopardy!...What Is Quiz Book 4?
2001978-0-7407-1216-6Bill StantonMaggie's Way
  ''978-0-7407-1224-1B.J. GallagherWitty Words From Wise Women
2000978-0-7407-1247-0Jim ToomeyThe Illustrated Guide To Shark Etiquette: The Third Sherman's Lagoon Collection
  ''978-0-7407-1248-7Sarah LuggThe Objects Of My Affection
  ''978-0-7407-1255-5Anne Geddes10 in the Bed
2000978-0-7407-1259-3Phillip C., Ph.D. McGrawLife Strategies (Calendar)
  ''978-0-7407-1286-9Bill AmendSincerely Foxtrot: A Foxtrot Treasury
  ''978-0-7407-1299-9LLC Andrews McMeel Publishing · Signatures NetworkYou Drive Me Crazy Pocket Video Britney Spears
  ''978-0-7407-1300-2Signatures NetworkSometimes Pocket Video Britney Spears
2000978-0-7407-1301-9Signatures NetworkBaby... One More Time Pocket Video Britney Spears (Collector's Flipbook Series)
  ''978-0-7407-1302-6   ''From Bottom Of My Heart Pocket Video Britney Spear
  ''978-0-7407-1303-3LLC Andrews McMeel Publishing · Signatures NetworkBorn To Make You Happy Pocket Video Britney Spears
2001978-0-7407-1390-3Scott AdamsExcuse Me While I Wag: A Dilbert Book
  ''978-0-7407-1391-0Bill AmendDeath By Field Trip
  ''978-0-7407-1392-7Darby ConleyThe Dog Is Not a Toy: House Rule #4
2001978-0-7407-1393-4Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanMotherhood Is Not For Wimps
  ''978-0-7407-1394-1Patrick McDonnellA Little Look-See: Mutts 6
  ''978-0-7407-1395-8Aaron McGruderFresh For '01... You Suckas: A Boondocks Collection
  ''978-0-7407-1396-5Ted RallSearch And Destroy
  ''978-0-7407-1397-2Jim Borgman · Jerry ScottAre We an US? (A Zits Sketchbook Collection, No. 4)
2001978-0-7407-1402-3Stark BooksLawyers Jokes, Quotes And Anecdotes
  ''978-0-7407-1403-0   ''Teachers Jokes Quotes And Anecdotes
  ''978-0-7407-1415-3John RosemondJohn Rosemond's New Parent Power!
  ''978-0-7407-1419-1Steve SilvermanEinstein's Refrigerator and Other Stories from Flip Side Of
  ''978-0-7407-1422-1SophiaLittle Book Of Money Spells
2001978-0-7407-1426-9Allan ZulloAstonishing But True Golf Facts
2002978-0-7407-1433-7Ariel BooksThe Gemini Woman (Astrology for Women)
2003978-0-7407-1446-7Taro GoldOpen Your Mind, Open Your Life: A Little Book of Eastern Wisdom
2001978-0-7407-1453-5Lynn JohnstonWags and Kisses A for Better or for Worse Little Book
  ''978-0-7407-1454-2Dorothy Johnston Lynn · O'BrienA Perfect Christmas: A for Better or for Worse Little Book (For Better or for Worse Little Books)
  ''978-0-7407-1460-3FRANCES MOONEY' 'BOB WALKERCurious Cats
  ''978-0-7407-1465-8M. Scott PeckWisdom from the Road Less Traveled
  ''978-0-7407-1470-2Natasha Tabori Fried · Lena TaboriA Little Book Of Love Poems And Letters
2001978-0-7407-1491-7Ariel BooksPassion
  ''978-0-7407-1503-7Mary EngelbreitWords for Friends to Live
  ''978-0-7407-1504-4et al Mary EngelbreitMother O' Mine: A Mother's Treasury
  ''978-0-7407-1525-9Dave BarryThe Greatest Invention In The History Of Mankind Is Beer And Other Manly Insights From Dave Barry
  ''978-0-7407-1526-6   ''My Teenage Son's Goal In Life Is To Make Me Feel 3,500 Years Old and Other Thoughts On Parenting From Dave Barry
2001978-0-7407-1528-0Bradley Trevor GreiveDear Mom Thank You For Everything
  ''978-0-7407-1554-9G. B. TrudeauAction Figure: The Life and Times Of Doonesbury's Uncle Duke
978-0-7407-1556-3Gb Who Moved My Cheese Little Nibbles Of Cheese
2001978-0-7407-1574-7Gary LarsonThe Far Side "Rarely Seen" 2002 Desk Calendar
  ''978-0-7407-1605-8Tom WilsonZiggy's Friends For Life: A 30th Anniversary Tribute To Zig From All Of His Friends
  ''978-0-7407-1652-2Mary Engelbreit · Andrews McMeel PublishingPaper Pals: 2002 Paper Doll Activity Calendar
  ''978-0-7407-1682-9Terry StickelsMindStretch 2002 Day-To-Day Calendar
2001978-0-7407-1713-0Hunter S. FulghumDad's Survival Guide to Babies
  ''978-0-7407-1752-9Harry Potter Movie 2002 Engagement Calendar
  ''978-0-7407-1782-6Anne GeddesAnne Geddes Birthday Calendar
  ''978-0-7407-1806-9   ''Anne Geddes: My First Five Years
  ''978-0-7407-1808-3LLC Andrews McMeel PublishingAnne Geddes Wild Roses Address Book
2001978-0-7407-1809-0Anne GeddesAnne Geddes Wild Roses Little Address Book
2001978-0-7407-1811-3Anne GeddesAnne Geddes Sunflowers: Birthdays & Anniversaries
  ''978-0-7407-1812-0LLC Andrews McMeel PublishingAnne Geddes Sunflowers Little Birthdays & Anniversaries Book
  ''978-0-7407-1837-3Bradley Trevor GreiveLooking For Mr. Right
2000978-0-7407-1839-7Scott AdamsWhen Did Ignorance Become A Point Of View
2001978-0-7407-1842-7Steve Dickenson · Todd ClarkOld Age Isn'T For Sissies
  ''978-0-7407-1844-1Lynn JohnstonGraduation: A Time For Change A For Better Or For Worse Collection
  ''978-0-7407-1845-8John McPhersonThe Scourge Of Vinyl Car Seats: A Close To Home Collection
2001978-0-7407-1846-5Pat OliphantWhen We Can't See the Forest for the Bushes
  ''978-0-7407-1847-2G. B. TrudeauThe Revolt Of The English Majors: A Doonesbury Book
  ''978-0-7407-1848-9Dan PiraroLife Is Strange And So Are You: A Bizarro Sunday Treasury
  ''978-0-7407-1850-2Bill AmendEncyclopedias Brown and White: A FoxTrot Collection
  ''978-0-7407-1852-6Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanButt Naked Baby Blues: A Baby Blues Treasury
2001978-0-7407-1853-3Patrick McDonnellSunday Mornings A Mutt Treasury
  ''978-0-7407-1854-0Jerry Scott · Jim BorgmanBig Honkin' Zits: A Zits Treasury
2002978-0-7407-1856-4Margaret Tempero · Sean MulvihillEveryone'S Guide To Cancer Therapy 4th Edition
2001978-0-7407-1857-1Leland GregoryWhat'S The Number For 911 Again?
  ''978-0-7407-1858-8Thomas J. StanleyThe Millionaire Mind
  ''978-0-7407-1859-5David B. SteinUnraveling The Add/Adhd Fiasco
  ''978-0-7407-1861-8Roger EbertRoger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2002
2001978-0-7407-1864-9Kim Levin · John O'NeillWhy We Love Cats
  ''978-0-7407-1865-6Steve AltesIf You Jam The Copier, Bolt!
  ''978-0-7407-1866-3Leslie RuleCoast To Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America
  ''978-0-7407-1867-0Marnie Winston-MacauleyA Little Joy, A Little Oy