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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-7394-7681-9Stephen KingMisery
2006978-0-7394-7685-7Leslie GouldScrap Everything
  ''978-0-7394-7703-8Mercedes LackeyDiana Tregarde Investigates (Children of the Night, Burning Water, & Jinx High)
  ''978-0-7394-7704-5David BrinStartide Rising (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection Edition)
  ''978-0-7394-7705-2Troy DenningTempest; Star Wars Legacy of the Force
2007978-0-7394-7708-3Andy BreckmanMr. Monk and The Blue Flu
2006978-0-7394-7713-7Marisha PesslSPECIAL TOPICS IN CALAMITY PHYSICS
2007978-0-7394-7758-8Lee GoldbergMr Monk & the Blue Flu
2006978-0-7394-7793-9Robert E. Howard · Justin SweetKull: Exile of Atlantis
  ''978-0-7394-7813-4Linda HowardDROP DEAD GORGEOUS
2006978-0-7394-7821-9Barbara Taylor BradfordThe Ravenscar Dynasty (House of Deravenel, Book 1)
  ''978-0-7394-7823-3When Push Comes to Shove
2007978-0-7394-7861-5Kate DouglasWolf Tales III (Aphrodisia)
  ''978-0-7394-7898-1Shayla BlackWicked Ties
  ''978-0-7394-7917-9Amanda AshleyDead Sexy
  ''978-0-7394-7918-6Lynsay SandsBite Me If You Can (The Argeneu Vampires, Book Four) (The Argeneu Vampires, Book Four)
2007978-0-7394-7921-6James Patterson & Michael LedwidgeStep on a Crack - Large Print Edition
  ''978-0-7394-7926-1Joe R. LansdaleLost Echoes
  ''978-0-7394-7928-5Sherrilyn KenyonThe Dream - Hunter
  ''978-0-7394-7943-8John BirminghamFinal Impact (Axis of Time, Volumn 3)
  ''978-0-7394-7945-2wendy-williams-karen-hunterIs the Bitch Dead, or What? (The Ritz Harper Chronicles #2)
2007978-0-7394-7947-6Christine FeehanDeadly Game (GhostWalkers, Book 5)
2006978-0-7394-7969-8Jed RubenfeldThe Interpretation of Murder
  ''978-0-7394-7980-3Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers
  ''978-0-7394-8013-7Joel LevyLost Histories; Exploring the World's Most Famous Myusteries
  ''978-0-7394-8016-8Keith Lee JohnsonLittle Black Girl Lost 3
2007978-0-7394-8032-8J. R. WardLover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, 4)
2006978-0-7394-8039-7Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris
1960978-0-7394-8040-3Paul (1897-1976) GallicoMrs. 'arris Goes to New York. Drawings by Mircea Vasiliu
2007978-0-7394-8049-6Karen RoseCount to Ten
2006978-0-7394-8059-5Kendra Norman-BellamyThree Fifty-Seven A.M.: Timing Is Everything
2007978-0-7394-8065-6Alyssa Day"Atlantis Rising" the Warriors of Poseidon
  ''978-0-7394-8076-2Karen KingsburyForever (Firstborn series-Baxter 2, Book 5)
2006978-0-7394-8079-3P. N. ElrodThe Vampire Files Volume Two (The Vampire Files, Volume 2)
2007978-0-7394-8102-8lara adrianKiss of Midnight [Hardcover] (midnight breed, 1)
2007978-0-7394-8104-2Clare G. HarveyNew Encyclopedia Of Flower Remedies - Definitive Practical Guide To All Flower Remedies, Their Making And Uses
  ''978-0-7394-8112-7Charles StrossOn Her Majesty's Occult Service
  ''978-0-7394-8126-4Danielle SteelBungalow 2 by Danielle Steel
2006978-0-7394-8134-9Ray BradburyFarewell Summer
  ''978-0-7394-8148-6David S. & Noah D. Oppenheim KidderThe Intellectual Devotional: Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class
2007978-0-7394-8166-0Aaron AllstonExile (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force) (Hardcover HC) (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force)
  ''978-0-7394-8177-6Kresley ColeIf You Desire (MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy)
2007978-0-7394-8181-3Sibella GiorelloThe Stones Cry Out
  ''978-0-7394-8183-7Brian MalloyBrendan Wolf
  ''978-0-7394-8204-9Mary GentleRats and Gargoyles
  ''978-0-7394-8212-4Tracie HowardGold Diggers
  ''978-0-7394-8223-0Eloisa JamesDesperate Duchesses
2006978-0-7394-8264-3Cormac McCarthyThe Road
2006978-0-7394-8269-8Steven Levitt · Stephen DubnerFreakonomics Revised and Expanded
2007978-0-7394-8275-9Edgar Rice BurroughsTales of Mars: Llana of Gathol, and John Carter of Mars (Barsoom # 10 & #11)
  ''978-0-7394-8276-6Carrie VaughnLong-Time Listener, First-Time Werewolf (Kitty Norville Series)
2006978-0-7394-8289-6David CrystalHow Language Works: How Babies Babble, Words Change Meaning, and Languages Live
2007978-0-7394-8326-8kate-douglasWolf Tales IV (Wolf Tales)
2006978-0-7394-8328-2Daniel StashowerThe Beautiful Cigar Girl
2007978-0-7394-8344-2Jim ButcherWizard Under Fire: Proven Guilty / White Night (The Dresden Files, Nos. 8-9)
  ''978-0-7394-8354-1Mariah StewartLast Look
  ''978-0-7394-8357-2Mariah StewartLast Words
  ''978-0-7394-8402-9Johnny DiazBoston Boys Club
2007978-0-7394-8425-8Kim SchaeferA Cozy Quilted Christmas (90 Designs, 17 Projects to Decorate Your Home) by Kim Schaefer (2007-05-03)
  ''978-0-7394-8457-9Carolyn JourdanHeart in the Right Place (Large Print)
  ''978-0-7394-8467-8Mildred Armstrong KalishLittle Heathens: Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression
  ''978-0-7394-8470-8James and Ledwidge, Michael PattersonThe Quickie
  ''978-0-7394-8483-8Lesley KagenWhistling in the Dark
2005978-0-7394-8489-0Lisa LeeSnow Flower And The Secret Fan - A Novel
2007978-0-7394-8490-6louis-mcmaster-bujoldThe Sharing Knife (Volume #1 Beguilement & Volume #2 Legacy)
2007978-0-7394-8491-3Kevin J. Anderson · A. E. van VogtSlan & Slan Hunter
  ''978-0-7394-8498-2Almost Dead
  ''978-0-7394-8509-5Ian K., M.D. SmithExtreme Fat Smash Diet
  ''978-0-7394-8516-3Carlene ThompsonLast Seen Alive
  ''978-0-7394-8543-9Bride Island
2007978-0-7394-8573-6MONTE FRANCISBy Their Father's Hand: The True Story of the Wesson Family Massacre
2004978-0-7394-8616-0Anthony S. Mercatante · James R. DowThe Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend (2 Volumes) (Facts on File Library of Religion and Mythology)
2007978-0-7394-8630-6Ishmael BeahA Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
2008978-0-7394-8696-2JoAnna CarlThe Chocolate Jewel Case
2007978-0-7394-8706-8lorraine-heathJust Wicked Enough
  ''978-0-7394-8726-6Sydney CroftRiding the Storm
2007978-0-7394-8765-5John VarleySteel Beach. (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection)
  ''978-0-7394-8789-1John GrishamPlaying for pizza
  ''978-0-7394-8791-4fern-michaelsFree Fall (Doubleday Large Print Home Library Edition)
  ''978-0-7394-8794-5Cindy WoodsmallWhen the Morning Comes (Sisters of the Quilt, Book Two)
2007978-0-7394-8807-2Keith Lee JohnsonHell Has No Fury
978-0-7394-8825-6Dangerous Book for Boys (2007 publication) [Taschenbuch] by Conn Iggulden, Ha...
2007978-0-7394-8836-2Liz Curtis HiggsSlightly Bad Girls of the Bible
  ''978-0-7394-8837-9Shayla BlackDecadent
  ''978-0-7394-8842-3Naomi NovikEmpire of Ivory
1900978-0-7394-8849-2Dick Francis · Felix FrancisDead Heat
2007978-0-7394-8893-5UnknownThe Next Killing
  ''978-0-7394-8894-2Michael SwanwickThe Iron Dragon's Daughter (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection #39)
2006978-0-7394-8900-0Lillian TooFeng Shui: Soluciones Para La Vida
2007978-0-7394-8913-0Stacy Hawkins AdamsWatercolored Pearls
2007978-0-7394-8915-4Daniel AbrahamThe Long Price: Shadow & Betrayal (A Shadow in Summer & A Betrayal in Winter) (The Long Price Quartet, (Vol. 1 & 2))
2008978-0-7394-8962-8nora robertsThe Hollow (Book Two of the Sign of Seven Trilogy) Large Print
2007978-0-7394-8972-7rosemary-rogersA Daring Passion
  ''978-0-7394-8973-4Sherrilyn KenyonUpon The Midnight Clear
  ''978-0-7394-8978-9Tracy Anne WarrenMy Fair Mistress
  ''978-0-7394-8984-0Jodi ThomasTexas Princess: A Whispering Mountain Novel
  ''978-0-7394-8985-7Kinley MacGregorthe Warrior
2007978-0-7394-8987-1Lucy MonroeDeal With This
  ''978-0-7394-8989-5Tracy Anne WarrenThe Accidental Mistress
  ''978-0-7394-8990-1   ''His Favorite Mistress
2008978-0-7394-9015-0Stephen KingDuma Key: A Novel
  ''978-0-7394-9018-1Marie / PatternMaker ClaytonMake Your Own Clothes - 20 Custom Fit Patterns to Sew --2008 publication. by Marie / PatternMaker Clayton (2008-05-03)
2007978-0-7394-9052-5Alyssa DayAtlantis Awakening (The Warriors of Poseidon, 2nd)
2006978-0-7394-9056-3Ruth DownieMedicus: A Novel of the Roman Empire
2007978-0-7394-9065-5mark-r-levinRescuing Sprite, A Dog Lover's Story of Joy &Anguish - 2007 publication
  ''978-0-7394-9069-3Fern MichaelsHide And Seek
1975978-0-7394-9089-1John Dickson CarrLocked Rooms: The Three Coffins; To Wake the Dead; The Skeleton in the Clock (Mystery Guild Lost Classics Omnibus)
2007978-0-7394-9091-4Vernor VingeA Fire Upon the Deep (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection)
2007978-0-7394-9115-7Ted KerasoteMerle's Door - Lessons from a Freethinking Dog
  ''978-0-7394-9121-8Lara AdrianMidnight Awakening
2008978-0-7394-9142-3Meesha Mink and De'Nesha DiamondDesperate Hoodwives
  ''978-0-7394-9156-0Hannah HowellHighland Wolf
  ''978-0-7394-9158-4Janet ChapmanSecrets of the Highlander
  ''978-0-7394-9159-1Lynsay SandsVampires are Forever (An Argeneau Novel)
2007978-0-7394-9160-7Gaelen FoleyHer Secret Fantasy
2008978-0-7394-9179-9Catherine CoulterWizard's Daughter
2008978-0-7394-9191-1Jacquelyn FrankElijah (The Nightwalkers, Book 3)
  ''978-0-7394-9195-9Lynsay SandsThe Accidental Vampire (Argeneau Vampires, Book 7)
  ''978-0-7394-9198-0kate-douglasWolf Tales V
  ''978-0-7394-9206-2Beverly BartonThe Murder Game - Large Print Edition
  ''978-0-7394-9213-0Jessica Fletcher · Donald BainMurder She Wrote: Murder on Parade (Large Print)
2008978-0-7394-9228-4Mary Higgins ClarkWhere Are You Now?
2006978-0-7394-9241-3William GibsonSpook Country
2007978-0-7394-9249-9The Last days of the Incas
2008978-0-7394-9254-3stephanie-perry-mooreWearing My Halo Tilted
  ''978-0-7394-9271-0Jodi & DeWanna Pace & Linda L. Broday &Give Me A Texan: Amarillo by Morning, A Shade of Sunrise; The Love Letterand No Time for Love
  ''978-0-7394-9273-4Amanda AshleyDead Perfect
  ''978-0-7394-9278-9Lynsay SandsVampire, Interrupted (Argeneau Vampires, Book 9)
  ''978-0-7394-9319-9Lora LeighDawn's Awakening
2008978-0-7394-9320-5Luann McLaneTrick My Truck but Don't Mess with My Heart
  ''978-0-7394-9332-8Gaelen FoleyHer Every Pleasure
  ''978-0-7394-9333-5Angela Knight · Lora Leigh · Alyssa Day · Virginia KantraShifter
  ''978-0-7394-9343-4Christine FeehanPredatory Game
2007978-0-7394-9366-3Edwidge DanticatBrother, I'm Dying
  ''978-0-7394-9428-8Junot DiazThe Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
2008978-0-7394-9497-4Lara AdrianMidnight Rising (Midnight Breed Series, Book 4)
2008978-0-7394-9532-2UnknownBAWDY BEDTIME STORIES
2007978-0-7394-9579-7Diane AckermanThe Zookeeper's Wife
2008978-0-7394-9580-3Julia QuinnThe Lost Duke of Wyndham
  ''978-0-7394-9587-2Nora RobertsThe Hollow (book club)
  ''978-0-7394-9588-9Melissa GlazerThe Cracked Pot
  ''978-0-7394-9607-7Amy Zerner & Monte FarberThe Mystic Messenger Psychic Meditation Kit By Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
  ''978-0-7394-9617-6Victoria Christopher MurrayToo Little, Too Late
2008978-0-7394-9653-4Fern MichaelsFast Track - Large Print Edition
  ''978-0-7394-9658-9J. R. WardLover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6)
  ''978-0-7394-9670-1Rachel GibsonNot Another Bad Date
  ''978-0-7394-9692-3Marie BrennanMidnight Never Come
  ''978-0-7394-9738-8Eloisa JamesDuchess By Night
2008978-0-7394-9740-1Emily BrightwellMrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump
2007978-0-7394-9774-6Elyn SaksThe Center Cannot Hold
2006978-0-7394-9791-3Jodi PicoultPor La Vida De Mi Hermana
2008978-0-7394-9834-7Joan Elizabeth LloydThe Madam of Maple Court
  ''978-0-7394-9839-2Christina DoddInto the Shadow
  ''978-0-7394-9857-6brooks-geraldinePeople of the Book
  ''978-0-7394-9858-3lora-leighWild Card
  ''978-0-7394-9865-1Jayne CastleDark Light
2008978-0-7394-9871-2Lora LeighMercury's War (Feline Breeds)
  ''978-0-7394-9875-0Josh Kilmer-PurcellCandy Everybody Wants
  ''978-0-7394-9878-1ZaneZane's Sex Chronicles
2007978-0-7394-9918-4Muhammad YunusCreating a World Without Poverty
2008978-0-7394-9932-0J. M. C. BlairThe Excalibur Murders
  ''978-0-7394-9937-5Stephanie LaurensThe Edge of Desire
  ''978-0-7394-9961-0David SheffBeautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction
2007978-0-7394-9962-7Nic SneffTweak - Growing up on Methamphetamines
2008978-0-7394-9979-5Bentley LittleThe Academy
2007978-0-7394-9991-7LISA SAMSONEmbrace ME