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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-7377-4527-6David M. HaugenIslam (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-4533-7David M HaugenThe Middle East (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-4536-8Stefan KiesbyeBeauty Pageants (At Issue Series)
  ''978-0-7377-4537-5Stefan KiesbyeBeauty Pageants (At Issue Series)
2010978-0-7377-4540-5Louise I GerdesPolitical Campaigns (Opposing Viewpoints)
2009978-0-7377-4543-6Christine WatkinsSports and Athletes (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-4550-4Jacqueline LangwithAlcoholism (Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders)
2009978-0-7377-4561-0Laurie WillisWeb 2.0 (Social Issues Firsthand)
  ''978-0-7377-4563-4Lauri S FriedmanGangs (Writing the Critical Essay)
  ''978-0-7377-4566-5Gail B. StewartMark Zuckerberg (Innovators)
  ''978-0-7377-4619-8Dedria BryfonskiViolence in William Golding's Lord of the Flies (Social Issues in Literature)
2010978-0-7377-4652-5Noah BerlatskyPiracy on the High Seas (At Issue: International Politics)
  ''978-0-7377-4653-2Noah BerlatskyPiracy on the High Seas (At Issue)
2010978-0-7377-4761-4Scott BarbourCensorship (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-4772-0David M HaugenGlobalization (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-4793-5Louise I. Gerdes9/11 Perspectives on Modern World History
  ''978-0-7377-4878-9Stefan KiesbyeDoes the Internet Increase Crime? (At Issue)
  ''978-0-7377-4887-1   ''Is Media Violence a Problem? (At Issue)
2010978-0-7377-4937-3Lauri S. FriedmanAnimal Rights (Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-4944-1   ''Terrorism (Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints)
2011978-0-7377-4987-8Karen MillerRace Relations (Opposing Viewpoints)
2010978-0-7377-5019-5Dedria BryfonskiMental Illness in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Social Issues in Literature)
  ''978-0-7377-5083-6Lauri S. FriedmanObesity (Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints)
2011978-0-7377-5140-6Shirley Raye RedmondOak Island Treasure Pit (Mysterious Encounters)
  ''978-0-7377-5189-5Christina FisanickDiscrimination (Global Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-5216-8Roman EspejoChemical Dependency (Opposing Viewpoints)
2011978-0-7377-5226-7David M. HaugenIllegal Immigration (Opposing Viewpoints)
2010978-0-7377-5421-6Barbara Sheen BusbyFoods of Chile (A Taste of Culture)
2012978-0-7377-5731-6Louise I. GerdesJuvenile Crime (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-5732-3   ''Juvenile Crime (Opposing Viewpoints)
2011978-0-7377-5817-7Claudia Durst JohnsonWar in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five (Social Issues in Literature)
2013978-0-7377-6294-5Amanda HiberGangs (Issues That Concern You)
  ''978-0-7377-6363-8Sylvia EngdahlThe Bolshevik Revolution (Perspectives on Modern World History)
2014978-0-7377-6369-0Jeff HayThe Munich Olympics Massacre (Perspectives on Modern World History)
  ''978-0-7377-6848-0Debra A. MillerPiracy on the High Seas (At Issue)
  ''978-0-7377-6849-7Debra A. MillerPiracy on the High Seas (At Issue)
2014978-0-7377-6965-4David HaugenOrganized Crime (Opposing Viewpoints)
  ''978-0-7377-6966-1David HaugenOrganized Crime (Opposing Viewpoints)
2013978-0-7377-6969-2   ''Russia (Opposing Viewpoints)
2014978-0-7377-7153-4Amy FrancisBiological and Chemical Weapons (At Issue)
2014978-0-7377-7154-1Amy FrancisBiological and Chemical Weapons (At Issue)
2015978-0-7377-7217-3Noah BerlatskyGangs (Current Controversies)
  ''978-0-7377-7218-0   ''Gangs (Current Controversies)
  ''978-0-7377-7306-4Julie GarbusThe Assassination Bin Laden (Perspectives on Modern World History)