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2019978-0-7369-7474-5Brock Eastman · Kinley EastmanDaddy's Favorite Sound: What's Better Than a Woosh or a Giggle?
2018978-0-7369-7488-2Jeff KinleyUncovering the Secrets of Bible Prophecy: 10 Keys for Unlocking What Scripture Really Says
2019978-0-7369-7492-9Ruth Chou SimonsBeholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship
  ''978-0-7369-7512-4Amanda Hope HaleyMary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow: How to Trust the Bible When Truth and Tradition Collide
  ''978-0-7369-7518-6Pam Farrel · Jean E. JonesDiscovering Joy in Philippians: A Creative Devotional Study Experience
2018978-0-7369-7522-3Skip HeitzigYou Can Understand® the Book of Genesis: Experience Its Meaning and Message
2019978-0-7369-7540-7Todd HampsonThe Non-Prophet's GuideTM to the Book of Revelation: Bible Prophecy for Everyone
2020978-0-7369-7542-1Steven Collins · Joseph M. HoldenThe Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Lands: A Panoramic Survey of the History, Geography and Culture of the Scriptures
2019978-0-7369-7544-5Stormie OmartianJust Enough Light for the Step I'm On: Trusting God in the Tough Times
2020978-0-7369-7559-9Skip HeitzigYou Can Understand the Book of Revelation: Exploring Its Mystery and Message
2019978-0-7369-7568-1Bre DoucetteThe Gift of Gathering: Beautiful Tablescapes to Welcome and Celebrate Your Friends and Family
  ''978-0-7369-7584-1Ben CoursonOptimisfits: Igniting a Fierce Rebellion Against Hopelessness
  ''978-0-7369-7612-1F. LaGard SmithThe Daily Bible® (NLT)
2019978-0-7369-7614-5F. LaGard SmithThe Daily Bible® (NLT)
  ''978-0-7369-7615-2Hillary Morgan FerrerMama Bear ApologeticsTM: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies
  ''978-0-7369-7622-0Emily Jensen · Laura WiflerRisen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments
  ''978-0-7369-7626-8Wynter PittsI Am Yours: Prayers for God's Girl
2020978-0-7369-7628-2   ''You're God's Girl! Back-to-School Planner: *Organize Your Schoolwork and Activities *Dream About the Year Ahead *Discover God's Purpose for Your Life
2019978-0-7369-7632-9Harvest House PublishersBible Infographics for Kids Volume 2: Light and Dark, Heroes and Villains, and Mind-Blowing Bible Facts
  ''978-0-7369-7649-7Mary E. DeMuthOutrageous Grace Every Day: Daily Reflections on the Gospel's Hope
2019978-0-7369-7653-4Mark HitchcockHeavenly Rewards: Living with Eternity in Sight
  ''978-0-7369-7673-2Jen BabakhanDetoured: The Messy, Grace-Filled Journey from Working Professional to Stay-at-Home Mom
  ''978-0-7369-7675-6Jane AustenJane Austen's Little Book About Life
  ''978-0-7369-7696-1Danielle HitchenHoly Week: An Emotions Primer (Baby Believer®)
  ''978-0-7369-7730-2Precept Ministries InternationalThe New Inductive Study Bible Milano SoftoneTM (NASB, brown)
2019978-0-7369-7736-4Daniel Ray · Paul GouldThe Story of the Cosmos: How the Heavens Declare the Glory of God
  ''978-0-7369-7763-0Mary EakinHappy, Healthy Brain: Engage Your Brain with Puzzles, Mazes, Word Searches, and More!
  ''978-0-7369-7767-8David Holder · Karin Holder · Larry DuggerRaised HuntingTM: True Stories of Faith, Family, and the Adventure of Hunting
  ''978-0-7369-7775-3Walt Larimore · Phillip BishopFit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You
  ''978-0-7369-7787-6Robert D. Lesslie · Robert M. AlexanderAsk the Family Doctor: Practical Answers for Medical Situations Every Parent Faces
2020978-0-7369-7795-1Todd HampsonNon-Prophet's Guide(tm) to Spiritual Warfare
2020978-0-7369-7800-2Phylicia MasonheimerStop Calling Me Beautiful: Finding Soul-Deep Strength in a Skin-Deep World
  ''978-0-7369-7817-0Hand Lettering God's Word: Connect with Scripture in a Beautiful Way
2019978-0-7369-7819-4Lisa HennessyKnit, Pray, Share: Over 50 Creative Projects You Can Make to Bless Others
2020978-0-7369-7843-9Ed Hindson · Mark Hitchcock · Tim LaHayeThe Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Prophecy: A Comprehensive Survey from the World's Foremost Experts
  ''978-0-7369-7846-0David ChadwickMoving Beyond Anxiety: 12 Practical Strategies to Renew Your Mind
2019978-0-7369-7852-1Tony EvansMotivational Prayers for Men
2020978-0-7369-7875-0Donna VanLiereThe Time of Jacob's Trouble
  ''978-0-7369-7877-4Phil WaldrepBeyond Betrayal: Overcome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Again
2019978-0-7369-7883-5Stormie OmartianThe Power of a Praying® Wife Planner
2020978-0-7369-7892-7Lisa Qualls · Karyn PurvisParenting with Trust and Connection: Real Life Strategies for Parenting Your Adopted Child
  ''978-0-7369-7896-5Christi GraceMy Hair-Raising and Heartwarming Adventures as a Pet Sitter: A Life of Fun, Fur, and Faith
2020978-0-7369-7899-6Janna Arndt · Kay ArthurJesus, Who Are You?: Names of Jesus (Beginner Inductive Bible Study)
  ''978-0-7369-7909-2Daniel J McCoyHarvest HandbookTM of World Religions
  ''978-0-7369-7915-3Titus M KennedyHow Archaeology Confirms the Story of the Bible: 101 Great Discoveries and What They Mean to Us
2019978-0-7369-7918-4Mary E. DeMuthWe Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis
  ''978-0-7369-7920-7Ruth Chou SimonsBeholding and Becoming: A Guided Companion
  ''978-0-7369-7921-4Precept Ministries InternationalThe New Inductive Study Bible (ESV, burgundy)
2020978-0-7369-7922-1Phil CallawayUnder Par: Celebrating Life's Great Moments On and Off the Golf Course
2019978-0-7369-7932-0Julie ErtzChase Your Dreams: How Soccer Taught Me Strength, Perseverance, and Leadership
2020978-0-7369-7944-3Danielle HitchenJesus Heals: An Anatomy Primer (Baby Believer®)
2020978-0-7369-7961-0Wynter PittsFor Girls Like You Coloring Book
  ''978-0-7369-7977-1Ryan StevensonEye of the Storm: Experiencing God When You Can't See Him
  ''978-0-7369-7981-8PLJ Communications101 Amazing Things About Christmas: A Celebration of God's Gift to Us All
  ''978-0-7369-7995-5Randy AlcornIt's All About Jesus: A Treasury of Insights on Our Savior, Lord, and Friend
  ''978-0-7369-8003-6F. LaGard SmithThe Daily Bible® Experience: 365 Life-Changing Interactive Readings to Make God's Word Personal
2020978-0-7369-8007-4Bruce Wilkinson · Heather HairPrayers of Blessing over My Adult Children
  ''978-0-7369-8025-8Todd HampsonThe Non-Prophet's GuideTM to the End Times Workbook
  ''978-0-7369-8029-6F. LaGard SmithThe Daily Bible® NIV
  ''978-0-7369-8030-2   ''The Daily Bible® NIV
  ''978-0-7369-8060-9Tsh OxenreiderShadow and Light: A Journey into Advent
2020978-0-7369-8064-7Danielle HitchenWe Believe: An Alphabet Primer (Baby Believer®)
  ''978-0-7369-8092-0Ruth Chou SimonsIn Our Home Guestbook
  ''978-0-7369-8100-2Crystal StineQuieting the Shout of Should: How a Life of Less Can Lead to More
  ''978-0-7369-8102-6Stormie Omartian · Rachel Anne RidgeThe Power of a Praying® Wife Illuminated Prayers
  ''978-0-7369-8105-7Amir TsarfatiThe Day Approaching: An Israeli's Message of Warning and Hope for the Last Days
2020978-0-7369-8109-5Amir TsarfatiThe Day Approaching Study Guide
  ''978-0-7369-8117-0Jenny RandleGetting to Know God's Voice: Discover the Holy Spirit in Your Everyday Life (A 31-Day Interactive Journey)
  ''978-0-7369-8133-0Shirley Raye RedmondBrave Heroes and Bold Defenders: 50 True Stories of Daring Men of God
2019978-0-7369-8137-8Stormie OmartianThe Power of a Praying® Wife Large Print
  ''978-0-7369-8155-2   ''The Power of a Praying® Woman Large Print
  ''978-0-7369-8157-6   ''The Power of a Praying® Husband Large Print
2020978-0-7369-8183-5Dannah Gresh · Suzy WeibelA Girl's Guide to Understanding Boys (True Girl)
2020978-0-7369-8185-9Dannah Gresh · Suzy WeibelIt's Great to Be a Girl!: A Guide to Your Changing Body (True Girl)
2020978-0-7369-8199-6Dannah Gresh · Suzy WeibelA Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls (True Girl)
  ''978-0-7369-8262-7Lysa TerKeurstIs God Speaking to Me?: How to Discern His Voice and Direction (Harvest Pocket Books)