Tilde Publishing and Distribution

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-0-7346-0800-0Alison Dean · Vivienne Gibson-ThomasThe Building Blocks of Marketing: From Application to Theory (Tilde Business)
2016978-0-7346-0827-7Carol DalglishSmall Business Training: Developing Entrepreneurs in the Informal Sector (Tilde Business)
2013978-0-7346-1104-8Laurence DickieHigher Degree by Research: All the Tools You Will Need in Once Place
  ''978-0-7346-1148-2Kirsty Williamson · Graeme JohansonResearch Methods: Information, Systems and Contexts
  ''978-0-7346-1159-8Susanne BahnOHS Management: Contemporary Issues in Australia
2020978-0-7346-1173-4Ray W. CookseyConducting Convincing Research: Multiple Pathways for Understanding Human Systems (Tilde Research)
2014978-0-7346-1186-4Peter BowdenIn the Public Interest: Protecting Whistleblowers and Those Who Speak Out (Tilde Business)
2017978-0-7346-1225-0Tim Mazzarol · Sophie ReboudEntrepreneurship and Innovation
2022978-0-7346-1226-7Tim Mazzarol · Sophie ReboudSmall Business Management: Workbook
2020978-0-7346-1227-4   ''Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Workbook
2015978-0-7346-1244-1Stephen HartleyProfessional Project Management: Bridging Complexity, Uncertainty and Change (Tilde Textbooks)
  ''978-0-7346-1245-8Ern PrenticeLeaders - Hired, Admired, Fired: How to Become a Leader (Tilde Business)
2020978-0-7346-1251-9Peter CarterData Analysis in Business: Statistics for a Brave New World
2017978-0-7346-1252-6Callie HarveyFoundations of Australian Law (TUP Textbooks)
2020978-0-7346-1258-8Ian BirtLegal Compliance and Risk Management in Small Business (Tilde Business)
  ''978-0-7346-1259-5Sebastian IoppoloImport/Export: Guidelines for International Trade (Tilde Business)
2022978-0-7346-1261-8Peter DemediukCommunity Engagement: Better Government, Better Decisions and Stronger Communities (TUP Research)
2020978-0-7346-1262-5Anona Armstrong · Inez Dusseyer · Bitra Suyatno · Keith ThomasGovernance of Whistleblowing: Just Do It (TUP Research)
2020978-0-7346-1263-2Dale Miller · Bill MerrileesRetailing for the 21st Century: Creating Great Brand Experiences for Customers (TUP Textbooks)
2022978-0-7346-1264-9Anona Armstrong · Yongqiang LiConstraints on SMEs: The Challenges of Finance, Taxation and Regulation (TUP Research)
2017978-0-7346-1270-0Simon Moss · Christopher ShenWrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness
2019978-0-7346-4117-5Simon Moss · Christopher ShenWrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness
2020978-0-7346-4130-4Carol Dalglish · Peter MillerSeeing the Leader in You: The Personal Qualities of a Leader
  ''978-0-7346-4131-1Carol Dalglish · Peter MillerUnderstanding the Leader in You: Roles for Leaders and Followers
2019978-0-7346-4132-8   ''Developing the Leader in You: Concepts in Leadership
2020978-0-7346-4133-5   ''Improving the Leader in You: Learning Leadership Skills
  ''978-0-7346-4134-2Simon MossThe Moonlight Effect: Debunking Business Myths to Improve Wellbeing
  ''978-0-7346-4135-9   ''Where Should I Work?: Using Psychology to Get Your Dream Job
  ''978-0-7346-7003-8Robin WillcourtThe Last Custodians: From Anthrax to Zika