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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-7336-0291-7Scale Of Dragon Tooth Of Wolf
1996978-0-7336-0402-7Elizabeth And Leonard, Carl DavisThe Women's Wheel of Life
1998978-0-7336-0404-1Sarah Ban BreathnachSimple Abundance: a Day Book of comfort and Joy
1997978-0-7336-0407-2Dovitch Dana De Puy CandaceThe Healing Choice
  ''978-0-7336-0408-9Mark · Nichols, Barbara HansenOut of the Blue: Delight Coming into Our Lives
1996978-0-7336-0409-6Sarah Ban BreathnachThe Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude
1997978-0-7336-0485-0PETER & RICHARD WHERRETTDESIRELINES - An unusual family memoir
1998978-0-7336-0539-0Jennice and Raymond KershEdna's Table
978-0-7336-0844-5Gillian SouterMore storybook cross-stitch
1998978-0-7336-0858-2Howard Cutler · Dalai LamaArt of Happiness A Handbook for Living
  ''978-0-7336-1036-3Gabrielle LordSalt
2000978-0-7336-1049-3Richard WherrettThe floor of heaven: My life in theatre
1999978-0-7336-1051-6Judy HoracekIf the fruit fits
  ''978-0-7336-1063-9Allegra GoodmanKaaterskill Falls
  ''978-0-7336-1072-1Valerie LawsonOut of the sky she came: The life of P.L. Travers, creator of Mary Poppins
2000978-0-7336-1140-7The Deep Field
1999978-0-7336-1151-3Libby HathornThe Blue Dress
2000978-0-7336-1164-3Libby HathornThunderwith
2000978-0-7336-1237-4Susan KurosawaCoasting: A Year by the Bay
  ''978-0-7336-1240-4Gabrielle LordFeeding the Demons
2003978-0-7336-1348-7Margaret SimonsMeeting of the Waters (The Hindmarsh Island Affair)
2000978-0-7336-1376-0Eckhart TolleThe Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
978-0-7336-1499-6Mythology: Myths, Legends and Fantasies
2002978-0-7336-1500-9Brand-millerThe Gi Factor: The New Glucose Revolution
  ''978-0-7336-1516-0Jeff WatsonSidney Cotton: The Last Plane Out of Berlin
  ''978-0-7336-1558-0James (prologue by) McBrideFamily: Moments - Intimacy - Laughter - Kinship
  ''978-0-7336-1562-7Lian HearnAcross the Nightingale Floor
2003978-0-7336-1563-4Lian HearnGrass for His Pillow: Tales of the Otori Book 2
2004978-0-7336-1564-1   ''Brilliance Of The Moon (Tales Of The Otori)
2003978-0-7336-1592-4Gabrielle LordBaby Did a Bad Bad Thing
2003978-0-7336-1761-4Mary CoustasEffie's Guide to Being Upyourself
2005978-0-7336-1767-6Kerry GreenwoodJourney to Eureka.
2004978-0-7336-1798-0Noel ToveyLittle Black Bastard: A Story of Survival
2005978-0-7336-1852-9Gabrielle LordDirty Weekend
978-0-7336-1897-0The Walker
2005978-0-7336-1929-8Jeffrey WatsonKiller Caldwell: Australia's Greatest Fighter Pilot
  ''978-0-7336-1951-9John MistoThe Devil's Companions
  ''978-0-7336-1959-5Chrissy AmphlettPleasure and pain.
  ''978-0-7336-1962-5Peter FitzSimonsKokoda
2007978-0-7336-1985-4Michael CaulfieldThe Vietnam Years: From the Jungle to the Australian Suburbs
2006978-0-7336-2074-4Penelope GreenWhen in Rome: Chasing La Dolce Vita
  ''978-0-7336-2121-5Alan ButlerKnights Templar Revealed
2006978-0-7336-2125-3Campbell MattinsonWine Hunter: The Man Who Changed Australian Wine
  ''978-0-7336-2126-0Lian HearnThe harsh cry of the heron
2007978-0-7336-2132-1Ray Chesterton100 Years of Rugby League: A Celebration of the Greatest Game of All
  ''978-0-7336-2144-4Lian HearnHeaven's Net is Wide . Tales of the Otori
2006978-0-7336-2167-3Colin ThompsonShort and Incredibly Happy Life
2008978-0-7336-2190-1Lian HearnThe Harsh Cry of the Heron
2007978-0-7336-2222-9Anne GeddesA Labour of Love: An Autobiography
978-0-7336-2255-7Petrodor (A Trial of Blood & Steel #2)
978-0-7336-2283-0Patriot Act
978-0-7336-2284-7Heaven's Net Is Wide
978-0-7336-2285-4The Ten Best Days of my Life
2008978-0-7336-2311-0Ajahn BrahmOpening the Door of Your Heart: and Other Buddhist Tales of Happiness
978-0-7336-2317-2Ceremonies and Celebrations: Vows, Tributes and Readings
2010978-0-7336-2318-9Paul ClearyThe Men Who Came Out of the Ground: A gripping account of Australia's first commando campaign - Timor 1942
1979978-0-7336-2320-2Warren ADLERBlood Ties
2008978-0-7336-2343-1IAN JONESNed Kelly: A Short Life
  ''978-0-7336-2363-9Tom FrameHMAS Sydney: Australia's Greatest Naval Tragedy
2009978-0-7336-2366-0Frank WalkerThe Tiger Man of Vietnam (Hachette Military Collection)
  ''978-0-7336-2413-1Caulfield MichaelThe Vietnam Years
2009978-0-7336-2430-8miller-harry-mHarry M.Miller: Confessions of a Not-so-secret Agent
2011978-0-7336-2489-6Larry WriterBumper: The Life and Times of Frank 'Bumper' Farrell
2009978-0-7336-2497-1Jessica WatsonTrue Spirit: The Aussie girl who took on the world
  ''978-0-7336-2632-6David MasonMarching with the Devil: Legends, Glory and Lies in the French Foreign Legion (Hachette Military Collection)
2010978-0-7336-2633-3Joel ShepherdTracato (Trial of Blood and Steel)
  ''978-0-7336-2655-5Frank WalkerThe Tiger Man of Vietnam (Hachette Military Collection)
978-0-7336-2825-2Haven (Trial of Blood and Steel)
2013978-0-7336-3044-6Colin McLarenJFK: The Smoking Gun
978-0-7336-3403-1Dragon and Kangaroo: Australia and China's Shared History from the Goldfields to the Present Day
978-0-7336-3503-8Ajahn Brahm VenerableOpening the Door of Your Heart: And other Buddhist tales of happiness
978-0-7336-3578-6The Death of Holden: The End of an Australian Dream
978-0-7336-3594-6Closing Down
978-0-7336-3735-3Bumper: The Life and Times of Frank 'Bumper' Farrell
978-0-7336-4027-8The Million Dollar Handshake: The ultimate guide to revolutionise how you connect and communicate in business and life
2020978-0-7336-4050-6Jo ThornelyZealot: A book about cults
  ''978-0-7336-4090-2Michael VeitchBarney Greatrex: From Bomber Command to the French Resistance - the stirring story of an Australian hero
  ''978-0-7336-4094-0Julie KeysThe Artist's Portrait
2020978-0-7336-4123-7Peter FitzSimonsMutiny on the Bounty: A saga of sex, sedition, mayhem and mutiny, and survival against extraordinary odds
  ''978-0-7336-4124-4   ''The Catalpa Rescue: The gripping story of the most dramatic and successful prison break in Australian history
  ''978-0-7336-4159-6Fiona PalmerMatters of the Heart

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