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1990978-0-7333-0023-3Ross BowdenBeing Aboriginal: Comments, observations, and stories from Aboriginal Australians
1992978-0-7333-0115-5Tracee HutchisonYour name's on the door: 10 years of Australian music
1991978-0-7333-0142-1Greg GrowdenThe Fleetwood-Smith Story: A Wayward Genius
  ''978-0-7333-0144-5Karl KruszelnickiLatest Great Moments in Science (ABC books)
  ''978-0-7333-0195-7Egan JackThe story of cricket in Australia
1997978-0-7333-0210-7Karl KruszelnickiBizarre Moments in Science (ABC books)
1992978-0-7333-0263-3Michael GleesonAn act of corruption?
1993978-0-7333-0273-2Bill BunburyRag Sticks & Wire; Australians Taking to the Air
2000978-0-7333-0321-0Rick SmithAustralian Test Cricketers
1993978-0-7333-0327-2Angela GoodeWorking Dogs: Stories from round Aust Pb
1994978-0-7333-0329-6Alan WhitickerRugby league test matches in Australia
  ''978-0-7333-0407-1Karl KruszelnickiAbsolutely fabulous moments in science
1995978-0-7333-0449-1Jack PollardHome and away: A complete record of Australian cricket tours
  ''978-0-7333-0450-7SandmanSandman's Advice To The Unpopular
1995978-0-7333-0456-9Karl KruszelnickiSensational Moments in Science
1996978-0-7333-0485-9Jemima GarrettIsland exiles
1995978-0-7333-0492-7Marc DawsonQuick singles: Cricket's famous feats and fascinating facts and figures
1996978-0-7333-0537-5James DunnTimor: A people betrayed
1997978-0-7333-0570-2Richard and Worthington, Leonie TullochThe Dinner Party: Bananas In Pyjamas
2000978-0-7333-0573-3Richard TullochNews Bananas (Bananas in Pyjamas)
1997978-0-7333-0574-0Caroline JonesAustralian Story Australian Lives
  ''978-0-7333-0576-4Bruce SimpsonIn Leichhardt's Footsteps: More Stories from the Packhorse Drover
  ''978-0-7333-0578-8Tom GleisnerThe Warwick Todd Diaries
1999978-0-7333-0579-5The SandmanTHE SANDMAN: Observations from a Moving Vehicle (Sandy Goes Up the coast)
  ''978-0-7333-0620-4Gillian RossIs there life before death? Reflections on our spiritual awakening
1998978-0-7333-0650-1Bill BunburyUnfinished business: Reconciliation, the republic, and the constitution
2000978-0-7333-0671-6Jeanette RoweWhose Feet? (Whose? series)
  ''978-0-7333-0884-0Malcolm AndrewsAustralia at The Olympics
2000978-0-7333-0899-4Charles DavisThe best of the best: A new look at the great cricketers and their changing times
2001978-0-7333-1024-9Warwick as told to Tom Gleisner ToddGoes the Tonk. Australia's cricket legend hits out again
2002978-0-7333-1057-7Andrew FordUndue Noise; Words About Music
  ''978-0-7333-1107-9Wayne with Crawley, Steve BennettDon't Die with the Music in You
  ''978-0-7333-1130-7Ford AndrewIllegal Harmonies: Music in the 20th Century
  ''978-0-7333-1156-7Moloney JamesBoys And Books
2004978-0-7333-1241-0James CockingtonHistory Happened Here: Strange but True Stories from Australian Suburbia
978-0-7333-1282-3The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Rugby: The Definitive Illustrated Guide to World Rugby Union
2005978-0-7333-1297-7Martin and Ford, Martin BuzacottSpeaking in Tounges: The Songs of Van Morrison
2004978-0-7333-1298-4Geoff DaviesEconomia: New Economic Systems to Empower People and Support the Living World
  ''978-0-7333-1299-1Arthur BeetsonBig Artie: The Autobiography
2004978-0-7333-1301-1Ben O'Donoghue · Curtis StoneSurfing the Menu Two Chefs, One Journey: A Fresh-food Adventure
2019978-0-7333-1314-1Glenda MillardThe Naming of Tishkin Silk (The Kingdom of Silk)
2004978-0-7333-1315-8Steven Jay (general editor) Schneider1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
  ''978-0-7333-1377-6Serge DansereauThe Bathers' Pavillion Cafe Cookbook
  ''978-0-7333-1412-4Jack with Tom Gilling HerbertThe Bagman: Final Confessions of Jack Herbert
  ''978-0-7333-1433-9Julianne SchultzGriffith REVIEW 4: Making Perfect Bodies
  ''978-0-7333-1436-0Richard GloverThe Dag's Dictionary - The Book of Words That Should Exist But Don't
2004978-0-7333-1463-6Brian WalpoleMy War: An Australian Commando in New Guinea and Borneo 1943-1945
  ''978-0-7333-1476-6general editor Steven Jay Schneider1001 movies you must see before you die
2005978-0-7333-1480-3Steve AbbottSandman in Siberia: Steve and His Mum Find Out What They're Not Looking For
  ''978-0-7333-1482-7Andrew McGarryThe Snowtown Murders. The real story behind the bodies-in-the-barrels killings
  ''978-0-7333-1502-2James CockingtonBanned: Tales from the Bizarre History of Australian Obscenity
978-0-7333-1517-6The A-Z of Bradman: Every Fact You Ever Wanted to Know about the Don and Many You Had Never Imagined
2005978-0-7333-1540-4Kel and The Macquarie Dictionary RichardsThe Word Map: What words are used where in Australia
2007978-0-7333-1561-9Craig SchuftanThe Culture Club: Modern Art, Rock and Roll, and Other Things Your Parents Warned You About
2005978-0-7333-1594-7Andrew FordIn Defence of Classical Music
  ''978-0-7333-1644-91001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
2006978-0-7333-1646-3dunmore-johnWhere Fate Beckons: The Life of Jean-Francois de la Perouse
2006978-0-7333-1654-8general editor · Peter Boxall · preface by Jennifer Byrne1001 books you must read before you die
2005978-0-7333-1671-5Julianne SchultzGriffith REVIEW 9: Up North - Myths, Threats & Enchantment
  ''978-0-7333-1691-3chief consultant: Tony Rodd · foreword: Peter CundallFlora's trees & shrubs: illustrated A-Z of over 8500 plants
  ''978-0-7333-1713-2Moffat OxenbouldTiming is Everything: A Life Backstage at the Opera
2006978-0-7333-1759-0lunn-hughLost for Words: A Collection of Words and Phrases That Have Drifted Out of Everyday Usage
  ''978-0-7333-1898-6Trevor ThompsonOne Fantastic Goal: A Complete History of Football in Australia
  ''978-0-7333-1946-4Malcolm AndrewsThe ABC of Rugby League
2006978-0-7333-1956-3Christine HoganLook at Me!: Behind the Scenes of Australian TV with the Women Who Made It: 50 Years
  ''978-0-7333-1982-2Gabrielle CareySo many selves
2008978-0-7333-2008-8Anni HeinoFrom Kinky to Karlheinz: 170 musicians get vocal on The Music Show
978-0-7333-2096-5A Man Among Mavericks: Lester Brain - Australia's Greatest Aviator
2007978-0-7333-2108-5Alan ParkinsonMaralinga: Australia's Nuclear Waste Cover-Up
2009978-0-7333-2114-6First Tests
978-0-7333-2121-41001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
978-0-7333-2469-7Look at That! 50 Great Inventions from the New Inventors
2018978-0-7333-2789-6Marc FennellThat Movie Book: Awesome, Weird and Wonderful Flicks for Every Weekend of Your Year
  ''978-0-7333-2954-8Zoe BoccabellaMezza Italiana: An Enchanting Story About Love, Family, La Dolce Vita and Finding Your Place in the World
2015978-0-7333-3086-5Tony DavisTotal Lemons
2014978-0-7333-3136-7G WhateleyBlack Caviar
978-0-7333-3137-4Black Caviar Illustrated
2015978-0-7333-3343-9Daniel McIntoshOutback Stations: Life on the Land By the People Who Live There
2016978-0-7333-3344-6Tony DavisTotal Leadfoot: Motoring backfires, burnouts, rattletraps and rarities
  ''978-0-7333-3408-5Marc FennellPlanet According to the Movies: Awesome, Weird and Wonderful Flicks FromFour Corners of the Globe
  ''978-0-7333-3410-8First Dog on the MoonA Treasury of Cartoons
2016978-0-7333-3418-4Anthony Bennett · James CarrollVillage Vets
2018978-0-7333-3419-1Anthony Bennett · James CarrollCalving Straps and Zombie Cats (Village Vets)
2016978-0-7333-3472-6Nick CumminsTales of the Honey Badger
2017978-0-7333-3476-4Ken DoneKen Done: A Life Coloured In
2016978-0-7333-3525-9Richard FidlerGhost Empire
2020978-0-7333-3596-9Benny-Morrison · AvaThe Lost Girls
  ''978-0-7333-3787-1Kim BeachBeach Fit: From the health and fitness expert who's helped thousands of women eat well, lose weight and get healthy
978-0-7333-3855-7Ghost Empire
2019978-0-7333-3857-1Adam CourtenayThe Ship That Never Was: The Greatest Escape Story Of Australian Colonial History
  ''978-0-7333-3918-9Alex CearnsPerfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits Of Resilience And Love
  ''978-0-7333-3924-0   ''For The Love Of Greyhounds: Adopted Greyhounds and their Happy Ever Afters
2020978-0-7333-3967-7Natalie IsaacsEvery Woman's Guide To Saving The Planet