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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-7226-5007-3Richard Adams · Max HooperNature Through the Seasons
  ''978-0-7226-5061-5Charles KeepingCockney Ding Dong
1976978-0-7226-5093-6Leon Garfield · Edward BlishenThe God Beneath the Sea
1978978-0-7226-5184-1Madeleine L'EngleA Wrinkle in Time
1976978-0-7226-5185-8Clive KingMe and My Million
  ''978-0-7226-5195-7Jan MarkThunder and Lightnings
  ''978-0-7226-5197-1Richard AdamsWatership Down
1980978-0-7226-5242-8Grant Uden · Richard CooperDictionary of British Ships and Seamen
1978978-0-7226-5279-4Brian Alderson · Antony Maitland · Andrew LangGreen Fairy Book
1977978-0-7226-5304-3Marjorie DarkeThe First of Midnight
1978978-0-7226-5345-6Jane CurryThe Birdstones
1977978-0-7226-5347-0Jan MarkUnder the Autumn Garden
  ''978-0-7226-5350-0Jenny WagnerJOHN BROWN ROSE AND THE MIDNIGHT CAT
1978978-0-7226-5359-3Richard AdamsNature Day And Night
1977978-0-7226-5372-2Grant UdenA Dictionary of Chivalry
1978978-0-7226-5418-7Sleigh BarbaraCarbonel And Calidor
1978978-0-7226-5437-8Jane Louise CurryThe Bassumtyte Treasure
1980978-0-7226-5438-5Barbara WillardA Flight of Swans (Mantlemass novels)
1974978-0-7226-5466-8John Rowe TownsendWritten for Children: an Outline of English Language Children's Literature: An Outline of English-Language Children's Literature
1978978-0-7226-5477-4Jan MarkThe Ennead
1979978-0-7226-5481-1Anita HarperHow We Play (Viking Kestrel picture books)
1978978-0-7226-5485-9Marjorie DarkeA Long Way to Go
1979978-0-7226-5487-3H.C. Andersen · Illus. Errol Le Cain Hans AndersenThe Snow Queen (Viking Kestrel Picture Books)
1980978-0-7226-5489-7Neil GrantThe Savage Trade
1979978-0-7226-5531-3Ian SerraillierThe Road to Canterbury
1981978-0-7226-5598-6Robert CrowtherTHE MOST AMAZING HIDE-AND-SEEK COUNTING BOOK
1979978-0-7226-5618-1John F. GordonThe Spitfire Grave and Other Stories
  ''978-0-7226-5674-7Rien Poortvliet · Wil HuygenThe Pop-up Book of Gnomes (Viking Kestrel picture books)
1980978-0-7226-5677-8Jan MarkNothing to be Afraid of
  ''978-0-7226-5684-6Brian ThompsonTHE STORY OF PRINCE RAMA
1981978-0-7226-5701-0Michelle MagorianGoodnight Mister Tom
1982978-0-7226-5704-1Helen PiersLONG NECK AND THUNDER FOOT
1981978-0-7226-5728-7Jan MarkHairs in the Palm of the Hand
1978978-0-7226-5757-7Coates AnneDinosaurs Don't Die
1982978-0-7226-5763-8Jill MurphyA Bad Spell For the Worst Witch
  ''978-0-7226-5793-5Jan MarkAquarius
  ''978-0-7226-5804-8Mary NortonThe Borrowers Avenged
1982978-0-7226-5810-9Morton RhueThe Wave
1983978-0-7226-5839-0Jan MarkFeet and Other Stories
  ''978-0-7226-5857-4   ''Handles
1974978-0-7226-6048-5Barbara WillardHarrow and Harvest
1975978-0-7226-6130-7Clive KingThe Night the Water Came
  ''978-0-7226-6266-3Anne-Catharina VestlyAurora and Socrates
  ''978-0-7226-6475-9Barbara SleighCarbonel
  ''978-0-7226-6803-0Douglas BottingShadow in the Clouds (Explorer)

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