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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2005978-0-7219-0128-2N/AGARNER'S LOCAL LAND CHARGES ED13
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2002978-0-7219-0563-1John Greenhill · Brian Fraser HarrisonThe Work of a Magistrate
1975978-0-7219-0620-1Jasper RidleyLaw of the Carriage of Goods by Land, Sea and Air
2007978-0-7219-0624-9Carole MurrayRidley's Law of the Carriage of Goods by Land, Sea and Air
2001978-0-7219-0802-1Julian PalmerAnimal Law
2004978-0-7219-1063-5Brian Jones · Julian Palmer · Angela SydenhamCountryside Law
2007978-0-7219-1332-2Michael OrlikAn Introduction to Highway Law
1992978-0-7219-1350-6John GreenhillFamily Proceedings: The Magistrates' Guide
1999978-0-7219-1441-1Catherine Bond · Mark Solon · Suzanne BurnThe Expert Witness in Court: A Practical Guide
2007978-0-7219-1442-8Catherine Bond · Mark Solon · Penny Harper · Gill DaviesThe Expert Witness: A Practical Guide
2005978-0-7219-1450-3Suzanne BurnSuccessful Use of Expert Witnesses
1996978-0-7219-1460-2Anthony WoodHeraldic Art and Design
2006978-0-7219-1558-6Owen WellsNapo Probation Directory 2006
  ''978-0-7219-1590-6Neil Hawke · Brian Jones · Neil Parpworth · Katherine ThompsonPollution Control: The Powers and Duties of Local Authorities
2001978-0-7219-1620-0Nigel StoneA Companion Guide to Sentencing: General Issues and Provisions Pt. 2 (The Companion Guides)
2003978-0-7219-1621-7Nigel StoneA Companion Guide to Mentally Disordered Offenders (Companion Guides)
2008978-0-7219-1622-4Nigel Stone · Revised by Neil StoneA Companion Guide to Life Sentences
2010978-0-7219-1623-1Neil StoneStone's Companion Guide to Sentencing: Specific Offenders Pt. 1
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2004978-0-7219-1640-8Brian Jones · Neil ParpworthEnvironmental Liabilities
2005978-0-7219-1650-7Christopher N PennLocal Authority Health & Safety Enforcement
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2006978-0-7219-1661-3   ''Police and Constabulary Almanac 2006 (Police & Constabulary Almanac)
2007978-0-7219-1662-0Helen GoughPolice and Constabulary Almanac (Police & Constabulary Almanac) (Police & Constabulary Almanac S.)
2009978-0-7219-1664-4Helen GoughPolice and Constabulary Almanac 2009 (Police & Constabulary Almanac)
2010978-0-7219-1665-1   ''Police and Constabulary Almanac, 2010 (Police & Constabulary Almanac)
2005978-0-7219-1670-5David BellamyConflicts in the Countryside: The New Battle for Britain
2006978-0-7219-1690-3David Chambers · Roger ButterfieldAlcohol and Entertainment Licensing: A Practical Guide
  ''978-0-7219-1700-9Philip Whitehead · Roger StrathamThe History of Probation: Politics, Power and Cultural Change, 1876-2005
2008978-0-7219-1720-7Roger ButterfieldGambling and Gaming Licensing: A Practical Guide
2009978-0-7219-1751-1Owen WellsThe Probation Directory, 2009: Incorporating Offender Management and Interventions (formerly Napo Probation Directory)