Pelham Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1964978-0-7207-0062-6Bernard Charles Arthur TurnerImprove Your Wine Making
1970978-0-7207-0106-7Jeff AstleStriker!
1969978-0-7207-0149-4Frank McLintock · Terry McNeillThat's The Way The Ball Bounces
  ''978-0-7207-0283-5Joe RoyleRoyle Flush
  ''978-0-7207-0299-6Phil DrabbleBadgers at My Window
  ''978-0-7207-0300-9Eddie WaringRugby League: The Great Ones
  ''978-0-7207-0313-9Dick HewittForeign Cruising (B.P.Yachting Books)
1969978-0-7207-0314-6Briscoe MooreFrom Forest to Farm
1970978-0-7207-0378-8Reg HayterCricket Stars of Today
1971978-0-7207-0494-5Eustace ChesserBeginner's Guide to Sex ([Pelham's beginner's guides])
  ''978-0-7207-0519-5Phil DrabbleMy Beloved Wilderness
  ''978-0-7207-0542-3Don Schollander · Duke SavageDeep Water
1972978-0-7207-0544-7Philip BristowBook of Motor Cruisers 1972
1973978-0-7207-0560-7Terry KeeganThe Heavy Horse: Its Harness and Harness Decoration
1972978-0-7207-0594-2Ray RobinsonWildest Tests, The
  ''978-0-7207-0605-5John MotsonSecond to None: Great Teams of Post-war Soccer
1973978-0-7207-0620-8Dennis CastleBeginner's Guide to Amateur Acting
  ''978-0-7207-0671-0Nancy PhelanBeginner's Guide to Yoga
1973978-0-7207-0695-6Gilbert OddHeavyweight Boxing (Great Moments in Sport)
  ''978-0-7207-0706-9Phil DrabbleDesign for a Wilderness
  ''978-0-7207-0725-0Ivan Mauger · Peter OakesWorld Speedway Book
  ''978-0-7207-0726-7Rosie SwaleRosie Darling
1974978-0-7207-0741-0R.S. WhitingtonIllustrated History of Australian Cricket
1975978-0-7207-0746-5Stanley WellsPeriod Lighting
1974978-0-7207-0775-5Gilbert OddBoxing: Cruisers to Mighty Atoms (Great Moments in Sport)
  ''978-0-7207-0779-3Phil DrabblePhil Drabble's Country Scene
1975978-0-7207-0790-8Henry CooperBoxing (Pelham pictorial sports instruction series)
1975978-0-7207-0803-5Jacob Grimm · Wilhelm GrimmBriar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty
  ''978-0-7207-0845-5Gilbert OddAli, the Fighting Prophet (A sporting print)
  ''978-0-7207-0871-4Gary PlayerGary Player, World Golfer: His Autobiography
1976978-0-7207-0872-1Carol A. BryantHockey for Schools
978-0-7207-0873-8Jacques ThibertJohan Cruyff superstar
1975978-0-7207-0874-5Michael Parkinson · Willis HallFootball Final
1976978-0-7207-0875-2Max KingMotor Cycle Trials Riding
  ''978-0-7207-0876-9Anders BodelsenOperation Cobra
  ''978-0-7207-0877-6Joan TateThe New House
1976978-0-7207-0878-3Joan TateBilloggs (Young Mermaids)
  ''978-0-7207-0879-0Stanley LoverAssociation Football Laws Illustrated ([The Pelham pictorial sports instruction series])
  ''978-0-7207-0890-5Jack Taylor · David JonesJack Taylor - World Soccer Referee
  ''978-0-7207-0926-1Joanna RussellAll About Gazehounds
  ''978-0-7207-0927-8Gilbert OddThe Fighting Blacksmith: The Story of Bob Fitzsimmons
1987978-0-7207-0930-8Otto S. SvendTim & Trisha
1976978-0-7207-0941-4Peter Snow · Maria SnowGreetings Cards: How to make them
1977978-0-7207-0979-7Derek PiggottDelta Papa: A Life of Flying
1977978-0-7207-1015-1Alan Hardaker · Bryon ButlerHardaker of the League
  ''978-0-7207-1026-7Gilbert OddLen Harvey: Prince of Boxers
1978978-0-7207-1041-0Lucinda Prior-PalmerUp, Up and Away
  ''978-0-7207-1064-9Jean GouldAll About Dog Breeding for Quality and Soundness
  ''978-0-7207-1066-3Mike Brearley · Dudley DoustReturn of the Ashes
  ''978-0-7207-1096-0Peter TatlowWorld of Gymnastics
1978978-0-7207-1100-4Janet W. MacDonald · Valerie FrancisRiding Side-saddle (Pelham horsemaster series)
  ''978-0-7207-1105-9Gilbert OddThe Woman in the Corner: Her Influence on Boxing
1979978-0-7207-1150-9Roy AshleyMatchstick Modelling
  ''978-0-7207-1163-9Eric Hosking · Kevin MacdonnellEric Hosking's Birds
1988978-0-7207-1218-6Mary Roslin-WilliamsAll About the Labrador (All About Series)
1980978-0-7207-1238-4Lucinda Prior-PalmerFour Square: A Tribute to Be Fair, Wide Awake, George and Killaire
1983978-0-7207-1257-5Michael De LarrabeitiJeeno, Heloise and Igamor the Long Long Horse
1980978-0-7207-1259-9Marie AngelCottage Flowers
  ''978-0-7207-1282-7Sallie WalrondLooking at Carriages
1988978-0-7207-1323-7David CavillAll About Mating, Whelping & Weaning (All About Series)
1981978-0-7207-1326-8Mike ProcterMike Procter and Cricket
1987978-0-7207-1351-0Bob AndersonStretching (Pelham practical sports)
1982978-0-7207-1413-5David FarmerSwansea City, 1912-82
1983978-0-7207-1430-2Eric Hosking · W. G. HaleEric Hosking's WADERS
1988978-0-7207-1449-4Kevin Ashurst · Colin GrahamThe Encyclopaedia of Pole Fishing (Pelham practical sports)
  ''978-0-7207-1452-4Evelyn M. BoothAll About the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (All About Series)
1983978-0-7207-1471-5Lucinda GreenRegal Realm: A World Champion's Story
1983978-0-7207-1489-0Imran Khan · Patrick MurphyImran: Autobiography of Imran Khan
1984978-0-7207-1532-3Eric MorecambeEric Morecambe on Fishing
  ''978-0-7207-1561-3Stanley Dangerfield · Elsworth HowellInternational Encyclopaedia of Dogs
1987978-0-7207-1601-6Eric Hosking · Jim FleggEric Hosking's Owls (Mermaid Books)
1985978-0-7207-1606-1David W. MacdonaldThe Complete Book of the Dog
  ''978-0-7207-1608-5Bernard Charles Arthur TurnerHomemade Wines and Beers
1987978-0-7207-1629-0James DouglasThe Complete Guide to Training Gundogs
  ''978-0-7207-1631-3Arnold SchwarzeneggerEncyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding (Pelham Practical Sports)
1985978-0-7207-1633-7Alan MulleryAlan Mullery
1995978-0-7207-1640-5Jane AsherJane Asher's Party Cakes
1988978-0-7207-1688-7Albert Jackson · David DayThe Modelmaker's Handbook (Pelham Practical Sports)
1986978-0-7207-1701-3Nigel Starmer-Smith · Bill MitchellThe Rugby Annual
1988978-0-7207-1755-6Diana SpringallDesign For Embroidery: A Fine Art Approach
1987978-0-7207-1775-4Marie AngelAn Alphabet of Garden Flowers
1988978-0-7207-1777-8Anthony CrossleyDressage: The Seat, Aids And Exercises (Pelham practical sports)
  ''978-0-7207-1786-0John F. GordonAll About the Cairn Terrier (All About Series)
1990978-0-7207-1805-8Fyffe Allen & Peter IanHandbook of Climbing (Pelham practical sports)
1988978-0-7207-1845-4Robert ClarkMasters' Jiu-Jitsu (Pelham Practical Sports)
1990978-0-7207-1861-4Bruce FogleThe Dog's Mind
1988978-0-7207-1863-8Peter Hayter · Ian Wooldridge · Chris Smith · John Tennant · Daley Thompson · Steve PowellVisions of Sport: Celebrating Twenty Years of Allsport The International Picture Agency
1989978-0-7207-1878-2Phil DrabbleOne Man And His Dog (Pelham Dogs)
1989978-0-7207-1886-7Terry Griffiths · Julian WorthingtonGriff - the autobiography of Terry Griffiths
1993978-0-7207-1887-4Steve Smith-Eccles · Alan Lee · Steve Smith EcclesThe Last of the Cavaliers
1990978-0-7207-1901-7Jonathan AgnewBenson and Hedges Cricket Year, September 1989 to September 1990
1991978-0-7207-1908-6Phil DrabbleA Voice in the Wilderness: An Autobiography of Phil Drabble
1990978-0-7207-1917-8Ivor HerbertSpot the Winner (Pelham practical sports)
1992978-0-7207-1923-9Richard BurridgeThe Grey Horse: The true story of Desert Orchid (Illustrated)
1989978-0-7207-1930-7Barry WatersTotally Piste: A Survival Guide to Skiing: Ultimate Guide to Survival Skiing (Pelham Practical Sports)
1991978-0-7207-1941-3Alan LeeFred Winter - the Authorised Biography: Authorized Biography of Fred Winter
  ''978-0-7207-1961-1Anne Princess Royal · Ivor HerbertRiding Through my Life
1992978-0-7207-1964-2Bruce FogleThe Dog's Mind
1991978-0-7207-1979-6David GowerCricket Year 1991 (Benson and Hedges)
  ''978-0-7207-1994-9Tom WeirExploring Scotland with Tom Weir
  ''978-0-7207-1995-6Alfred GoverThe Long Run: An Autobiography
1992978-0-7207-2010-5Paul DouglasThe Handbook of Tennis (Pelham Practical Sports)
  ''978-0-7207-2016-7Bob BondThe Handbook of Sailing (Pelham Practical Sports)
1992978-0-7207-2017-4Martin LemanMartin Leman's Just Bears
  ''978-0-7207-2018-1Christopher SmartMy Cat Jeoffry
1993978-0-7207-2019-8Andrew J. Lees · Ray KennedyRay of Hope: The Ray Kennedy Story
1994978-0-7207-2034-1Steve BollenTraining for Rock Climbing
1995978-0-7207-2042-6Bruce FogleFirst Aid For Dogs: What to do when Emergencies Happen
  ''978-0-7207-2043-3   ''First Aid For Cats: What to do when Emergencies Happen
  ''978-0-7207-2050-1   ''The Cat's Mind: Understanding Your Cat's Behaviour
1997978-0-7207-2054-9Allen Fyffe · Iain PeterThe Handbook of Climbing
1996978-0-7207-2060-0Paul TrevillionThe Art of Putting: Trevillion's Method of Perfect Putting (Pelham Practical Sports)
1997978-0-7207-2065-5Charlie Parkes · John ThornleyFair Game: The Law of Country Sports And the Protection of Wildlife