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1996978-0-7198-0030-6Donald De CarlePractical Watch Repairing
2008978-0-7198-0033-7Kenneth BlakemoreThe Retail Jeweller's Guide
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1999978-0-7198-0050-4Donald de CarlePractical Watch Adjusting
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1975978-0-7198-0060-3Donald de CarleWatch & Clock Encyclopedia
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1995978-0-7198-0090-0Donald de CarleComplicated Watches and Their Repair
  ''978-0-7198-0092-4James E. HicklingJewellery Making for Profit
1993978-0-7198-0131-0Robert WebsterPractical Gemmology
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1998978-0-7198-0291-1Robert WebsterGemmologists' Compendium
2001978-0-7198-0301-7Walter SchumannGemstones of the World
2005978-0-7198-0310-9Laurie PenmanCarriage Clock: A Repair and Restoration Manual
  ''978-0-7198-0311-6Michael O'DonoghueArtificial Gemstones
2006978-0-7198-0321-5Basil Anderson · James PayneThe Spectroscope and Gemmology
  ''978-0-7198-0330-7Brian LoomesWatchmakers & Clockmakers of the World: Complete 21st Century Edition
2007978-0-7198-0331-4Michael O'DonoghueArtificial Gemstones
2004978-0-7198-0340-6Tony MercerChronometer Makers of the World
2008978-0-7198-0341-3Michael O'DonoghueGems
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2008978-0-7198-0371-0Michael O'DonoghueSynthetic, Imitation and Treated Gemstones
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  ''978-0-7198-0400-7   ''The Verge Pocket Watch: Its History, Development and Maintenance
2012978-0-7198-0620-9Dan LatusOut of the Night
2014978-0-7198-0669-8Oliver BuddMasters of Mosaic
2013978-0-7198-0698-8Felicity Bertin · Emma Ogden-HooperYummy Discoveries: The Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book
2013978-0-7198-0718-3Patrick DaleLive Long Live Strong
  ''978-0-7198-0826-5Stephen SmithStop! Armed Police!: Inside the Met's Firearms Unit
2014978-0-7198-0912-5Rebekah HiggittMaskelyne: Astronomer Royal
2013978-0-7198-0913-2Roy LewisBreaths of Suspicion
2017978-0-7198-1000-8Jane SampsonScreenprinting
2014978-0-7198-1041-1Christopher S. BarrowAmerican Pocketwatch
2013978-0-7198-1081-7Robert BlochPsycho
2014978-0-7198-1259-0Hank J. KirbyDark Mesa (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7198-1297-2Patrick HulbertBowls: Making the Most of Your Game
  ''978-0-7198-1417-4John KerrCardigan Bay
  ''978-0-7198-1422-8Joan LockThe British Policewoman
2017978-0-7198-1496-9Paul JefferyA Player's Guide to Chamber Music
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2017978-0-7198-2228-5Kate BendelowThe Real CSI: A Forensics Handbook for Crime Writers
1990978-0-7198-2610-8L. WoolleySanitation Details: Series 1
2018978-0-7198-2869-0Patricia CrowtherCovensense
2019978-0-7198-2975-8Keith AlldrittEngland Resounding: Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Britten and the English Musical Renaissance
2020978-0-7198-3053-2Kirsty F WilkinsonFinding Your Scottish Ancestors: Techniques for Solving Genealogy Problems

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