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1975978-0-7176-0000-7Great BritainHealth & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, advice to the self-employed (HSC)
  ''978-0-7176-0001-4Great BritainHealth & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, some legal aspects and how they will affect you (HSC)
  ''978-0-7176-0002-1   ''Guidance notes on employer's policy statements for health & safety at work (HSC)
1978978-0-7176-0009-0R TomlinsonEffects of slewing rate when testing intrinsically safe power supplies (Technical papers/Health and Safety Laboratories)
1979978-0-7176-0014-4D. P CutlerA fast-response two-colour pyrometer (Technical papers/Health and Safety Laboratories)
  ''978-0-7176-0016-8Health and Safety LaboratoriesFilter self-rescuers (Technical information leaflets. respiratory apparatus)
  ''978-0-7176-0017-5   ''Firedamp ignition hazard from coal and rock-cutting machines (Technical information leaflet. frictional ignitions)
1979978-0-7176-0029-8J McQuaidDispersion of heavier-than-air gases in the atmosphere: Review of research and progress report on HSE activities (Technical papers/Health and Safety Laboratories)
  ''978-0-7176-0030-4First aid at work (Consultative document/Health and Safety Commission)
  ''978-0-7176-0031-1Dangerous pathogens: Draft regulations and draft guidance notes (Consultative document/Health and Safety Commission)
  ''978-0-7176-0032-8Safety helmets on construction sites: Recommendations of the Construction Industry Advisory Committee on their provision and use (Discussion document/Health and Safety Commission)
  ''978-0-7176-0033-5Miles KiplingA Brief history of HM Medical Inspectorate
1979978-0-7176-0034-2International Labour Conference: Convention and recommendation concerning occupational safety and health in dock work (Consultative document/Health and Safety Commission)
  ''978-0-7176-0036-6Health and Safety LaboratoriesSMRE/HSL bibliography, 1969-78
1980978-0-7176-0062-5H PhillipsDecay of spherical detonations and shocks (Technical papers/Health and Safety Laboratories)
  ''978-0-7176-0063-2Great BritainCommunications, public speaking, report and letter writing: A bibliography (Bibliographical series/Health and Safety Executive, Library and Information Service)
  ''978-0-7176-0064-9G. K GreenoughThe dust helmet in mining: A review of experience and possible future developments (Research paper)
1981978-0-7176-0067-0Linda C HeritageUse of VDUs
978-0-7176-0073-1The Fire and explosions at Permaflex Ltd, Trubshaw Cross, Longport, Stoke on Trent, 11 February 1980
1981978-0-7176-0074-8Caroline MerchantSafety representatives: A reading list
  ''978-0-7176-0075-5Margaret CrawshawAbrasive wheels: A reading list (Bibliographical series/Health and Safety Executive, Library and Information Service)
1982978-0-7176-0103-5Safeguarding of woollen tape condensers
1982978-0-7176-0104-2C. Nussey · H. ThompsonA Survey of Minor Injuries Associated With Transport and Handling Accidents at Six Colleries in Ncb North Derbyshire Area
1994978-0-7176-0114-1Health and Safety ExecutiveBenzene in Air: Laboratory Method Using Charcoal Adsorbent Tubes, Solvent Desorption and Gas Chromatography (Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances)
1982978-0-7176-0121-9Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
1983978-0-7176-0131-8Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0132-5Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0133-2Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0138-7Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0139-4Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
1983978-0-7176-0140-0Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
1998978-0-7176-0150-9David WoottonManagement of Health and Safety
1983978-0-7176-0156-1Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0157-8Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0158-5Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0159-2Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
  ''978-0-7176-0160-8Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
1983978-0-7176-0161-5Sizewell B: A review by HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
1984978-0-7176-0166-0R. W LewisHer Majesty's Inspectors of Factories, 1833-1983: A select historical bibliography
  ''978-0-7176-0194-3Rosemarie ThomasHealth effects of VDUs: A bibliography
  ''978-0-7176-0213-1Great BritainControl of substances hazardous to health: Control of vinyl chloride at work: draft approved code of practice: consultative document
  ''978-0-7176-0214-8   ''Control of substances hazardous to health: Fumigation operations: draft approved code of practice: consultative document
  ''978-0-7176-0215-5   ''Control of substances hazardous to health: Draft regulations and draft approved code of practice: consultative document
1988978-0-7176-0319-0Health and Safety ExecutiveMan-made Mineral Fibre: Airborne Concentration by Phase - Contrast Light Microscopy (Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances)
1989978-0-7176-0329-9Health and Safety Executive Great BritainCoshh: An Open Learning Course
1989978-0-7176-0330-5A. L DorwardContinuing education needs of nurses who work in occupational health in Great Britain
  ''978-0-7176-0334-3Audiovisual resources in occupational health and safety: Films, videos and tape slides available from distributors in the United Kingdom
  ''978-0-7176-0336-7Noise in the textile industry: A bibliography
1997978-0-7176-0351-0Styrene in Air: Laboratory Method Using Porous Polymer Diffusive Samplers, Thermal Desorption and Gas Chromatography (Methods for the determination of hazardous substances)
1991978-0-7176-0367-1Peter AndowGuidance on Hazop Procedures for Computer-Controlled Plants
1993978-0-7176-0407-4C.M. DriscollSurvey into the Use of Tungsten Halogen Light Sources in Occupational Environments (HSE Contract research report)
  ''978-0-7176-0408-1Health and Safety ExecutiveCHIP for Everyone (HS(G))
1993978-0-7176-0409-8Health and Safety ExecutiveSafety Management of Process Faults: Human Factors in Control Design (Research Report)
  ''978-0-7176-0410-4   ''Display Screen Equipment Work: Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, 1992 - Guidance on Regulations (L, 26)
  ''978-0-7176-0411-1   ''Manual Handling: Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992 - Guidance on Regulations (Legal)
  ''978-0-7176-0412-8Great Britain: Health and Safety CommissionManagement of Health and Safety at Work: Regulations 1992 - Approved Code of Practice (Health & Safety)
1998978-0-7176-0413-5Health and Safety ExecutiveWorkplace Health, Safety and Welfare: Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (Health & Safety Commission)
1995978-0-7176-0414-2   ''Work Equipment: Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992
1993978-0-7176-0415-9   ''Personal Protective Equipment at Work: Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 - Guidance on Regulations (Hse Books)
978-0-7176-0417-3Health and Safety ExecutiveReport of Injury or Dangerous Occurences (Forms)
1994978-0-7176-0419-7   ''Safety Representatives and Safety Committees (Approved Codes of Practice)
1993978-0-7176-0420-3   ''L21-L26: Six Pack of Regulations (Health and Safety)
1989978-0-7176-0423-4   ''Abrasive Wheels Placard: Paper Version (Notices/Posters)
1993978-0-7176-0424-1   ''Writing Your Health and Safety Policy Statement: A Guide to Preparing a Safety Policy Statement for a Small Business (Health & Safety Executive)
1993978-0-7176-0425-8Health and Safety ExecutiveSuccessful Health and Safety Management (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0426-5Great Britain: Health and Safety CommissionFirst Aid at Work: Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations (1981) and Guidance (Approved Codes of Practice)
1994978-0-7176-0427-2Health and Safety ExecutiveControl of Substances Hazardous to Health and Control of Carcinogenic Substances: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 - Approved Codes of Practice (Legislation)
1993978-0-7176-0429-6G E WilliamsonSafety in Working with Lift Trucks
  ''978-0-7176-0430-2Great Britain: Health and Safety CommissionGuidance on Manual Handling of Loads in the Health Services
1995978-0-7176-0431-9Health and Safety ExecutiveDangers Arising from Use of Abrasive Wheels (Forms)
1993978-0-7176-0432-6   ''Guide to the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1985
1974978-0-7176-0433-3   ''The Woodworking Machines Regulations (Forms)
1993978-0-7176-0434-0   ''Highly Flammable Liquids, etc. (Notices/Posters)
  ''978-0-7176-0435-7   ''Avoiding Danger from Underground Services (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0436-4Education Service Advisory CommitteeThe Responsibility of School Governors for Health and Safety
978-0-7176-0437-1Health and Safety ExecutiveRecords for Inspection of Scaffolding (Forms)
978-0-7176-0438-8Health and Safety ExecutiveBuilding Operations: Records of Inspections, Examinations and Special Tests (Forms)
1993978-0-7176-0439-5   ''Cost of Accidents at Work (HS(G))
1987978-0-7176-0440-1   ''First Aid at Work: General Guidance for Inclusion in First Aid Boxes (Leaflet Packs)
1993978-0-7176-0441-8   ''Guide to the Health and Safety at Work, etc.Act 1974
  ''978-0-7176-0442-5   ''Electricity at Work: Safe Working Practices (HS(G))
1996978-0-7176-0443-2Health and Safety ExecutiveRegister and Certificates of Shared Welfare Arrangements (Forms)
1995978-0-7176-0447-0   ''The Safe Disposal of Clinical Waste
1998978-0-7176-0448-7Safe Use of Portable Electrical Equipment
1994978-0-7176-0451-7Health and Safety ExecutiveThe Control of Legionellosis, Including Legionnaires' Disease (Guidance Booklets)
978-0-7176-0452-4   ''General Register for Building Operations and Works Engineering Construction (Forms)
978-0-7176-0453-1   ''Record of Test and Examination of Lifting Plant (Forms)
1989978-0-7176-0454-8   ''Noise at Work: Legal Duties of Designers, Manufacturers, Importers and Suppliers to Prevent Damage to Hearing Noise Guide No.1 (Health & Safety)
978-0-7176-0455-5Health and Safety ExecutiveReport of a Case of Disease (Forms)
1993978-0-7176-0457-9   ''Prevention and Control of Legionellosis: Including Legionnaires Disease
  ''978-0-7176-0461-6   ''Petrol Filling Stations: Construction and Operation (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0466-1   ''Safety in the Use of Abrasive Wheels: Adjusting Ring to Compensate for Wheel Wear (HS(G))
1994978-0-7176-0467-8   ''Lighting at Work (HS(G))
1993978-0-7176-0468-5Health and Safety ExecutiveRerord of Thorough Examination of Lifting Plant (Forms)
1994978-0-7176-0472-2   ''Human Factors in Industrial Safety (Guidance Booklets)
1988978-0-7176-0474-6   ''Rider Operated Lift Trucks: Operator Training - Approved Code of Practice and Supplementary Guidance (Approved Codes of Practice)
1995978-0-7176-0475-3   ''Work Related Upper Limb Disorders: A Guide to Prevention (Guidance Booklets)
978-0-7176-0477-7Safety of Pressure Systems
978-0-7176-0479-1Health and Safety ExecutiveReport of Thorough Examinations, etc. of Power Presses (Forms)
1993978-0-7176-0481-4   ''The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers (HS(G))
1990978-0-7176-0483-8Health and Safety ExecutiveHealth and Safety in Motor Vehicle Repair
1991978-0-7176-0484-5   ''Guide to the Factories Act 1961
1993978-0-7176-0488-3   ''Guide to the Lifting Plant and Equipment (records of Test and Examination, etc.) Regulations 1992
1995978-0-7176-0489-0   ''Guide to Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers Regulations 1989 (Regulations Booklets)
1993978-0-7176-0491-3   ''Health Surveillance Under COSHH: Guidance for Employers
978-0-7176-0492-0Health and Safety ExecutiveHealth and Safety in Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas
1994978-0-7176-0497-5   ''Health and Safety System in Great Britain
  ''978-0-7176-0498-2   ''Compressed Air Safety (Guidance Booklets)
978-0-7176-0501-9   ''General Register for Factories: (General) and (First Aid) Pts. 1 & 7 (Forms)
978-0-7176-0505-7   ''Certificate of Exemption: Excavators, Loaders, etc. (Forms)
1995978-0-7176-0507-1Health and Safety ExecutiveDust: General Principles of Protection (Guidance Notes)
1994978-0-7176-0508-8   ''Protection of Persons Against Ionising Radiation Arising from Any Work Activity (Legal)
1993978-0-7176-0509-5   ''General Methods for the Gravimetric Determination of Respirable and Total Inhalable Dust (MDHS)
1989978-0-7176-0511-8   ''Mounted Wheels and Points - Notice (Notices/Posters)
978-0-7176-0513-2   ''Report of Thorough Examination of Lifting Plant (Forms)
978-0-7176-0518-7Health and Safety ExecutiveMaximum Permissible Speed - Certificate of Exemption (Forms)
1994978-0-7176-0520-0   ''Quantified Risk Assessment: Its Input to Decision Making
978-0-7176-0523-1   ''Machinery Attendants Card (Forms)
1990978-0-7176-0525-5   ''Surveillance of People Exposed to Health Risks at Work: Principles and Practice for the Surveillance of People Exposed to Physical, Chemical and Biological Health Risks (Health and Safety Guidance)
  ''978-0-7176-0539-2   ''Violence to Staff in the Education Sector
1990978-0-7176-0540-8Health and Safety ExecutiveManaging Occupational Stress: A Guide for Managers and Teachers in the Schools Sector
1995978-0-7176-0542-2   ''The Safe Use of Pesticides for Non-agricultural Purposes: Approved Code of Practice
1987978-0-7176-0545-3   ''Programmable Electronic Systems in Safety Related Applications: General Technical Guidelines
1992978-0-7176-0550-7   ''Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks: A Code of Safe Practice (Guidance Booklets)
1995978-0-7176-0551-4   ''Ventilation of the Workplace (Guidance Notes)
1993978-0-7176-0564-4Health and Safety ExecutiveDesign and Construction of Vacuum Operated Road Tankers Used for the Carriage of Hazardous Wastes: Road Traffic (Carriage of Dangerous Substances in 1992 - Approved Code of Practice (Legal)
1990978-0-7176-0570-5   ''Assessment of Exposure to Fumes from Welding and Allied Processes (Guidance Notes)
  ''978-0-7176-0574-3   ''The Control of Exposure to Fumes from Welding, Brazing and Similar Processes (Guidance note)
1994978-0-7176-0591-0   ''Sick Building Syndrome: A Review of the Evidence on Causes and Solutions (HSE Contract Research Report)
978-0-7176-0594-1Storage of LPG at Fixed Installations
1987978-0-7176-0603-0Health and Safety ExecutiveStandards of Training in Safe Gas Installation (Approved Codes of Practice)
1993978-0-7176-0607-8   ''Self-Reported Work-Related Illness Survey
1994978-0-7176-0608-5Health and Safety ExecutiveGeneral Methods for Sampling Airborne Gases and Vapours (Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances)
  ''978-0-7176-0609-2   ''Reading Rail Accident (Incident Report)
  ''978-0-7176-0610-8   ''Taplow Rail Accident: October 1989
1993978-0-7176-0611-5   ''Offshore Installations Guidance on Design, Construction and Certification: Amendment No.2
978-0-7176-0612-2   ''Record of Weekly Thorough Examination of Excavations, etc. (Forms)
1993978-0-7176-0613-9Health and Safety ExecutiveFatigue Life Enhancement of Tubular Joint by Grout Injection (OTH)
  ''978-0-7176-0614-6   ''Hydrogen Cracking of Legs and Spudcans on Jack-up Drilling Rigs: A Summary of Results of an Investigation (OTH)
978-0-7176-0615-3Great Britain. Health and Safety ExecutiveCompressed Air Health Register (Forms)
1994978-0-7176-0616-0Health and Safety ExecutiveDrilling Machines: Guarding of Spindles and Attachments (Guidance Booklets)
1993978-0-7176-0617-7   ''First Aid at Mines
  ''978-0-7176-0618-4   ''The Management and Administration of Safety and Health at Mines
  ''978-0-7176-0619-1   ''Explosives at Coal and Other Safety Lamp Mines: Coal and Other Safety Lamp Mines (Explosives) Regs 1993 (Legal)
1993978-0-7176-0620-7Health and Safety ExecutiveThe Prevention of Inrushes at Mines
  ''978-0-7176-0621-4   ''Coal Mines (Owner's Operating Rules) Regulations 1993: Guidance on Regulations
  ''978-0-7176-0622-1   ''Getting to Grips with Handling Problems
  ''978-0-7176-0630-6   ''Safe Operation of Ceramic Kilns
1994978-0-7176-0631-3   ''The Keeping of LPG in Cylinders and Similar Containers (Guidance Notes)
1993978-0-7176-0632-0Health and Safety ExecutiveHealth and Safety in Horse Riding Establishments (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0633-7   ''The Development of a Model to Incorporate Management and Organizational Influences in Quantified Risk Assessment (HSE Contract Research Report)
1994978-0-7176-0634-4   ''Methods of Determining Hazardous Substances: Cristobalite in Respirable Airborne Dust - Laboratory Method Using X-Ray Diffraction (Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances)
  ''978-0-7176-0635-1   ''Protocol for Assessing the Performance of a Diffusive Sampler (MDHS)
1993978-0-7176-0636-8   ''Vibration of Pipeline Spans (Offshore technology information)
1993978-0-7176-0637-5Health and Safety ExecutiveOilfield Reservoir Souring (OTH)
  ''978-0-7176-0638-2   ''Assessment of Pressure of Hot Water Explosion Suppression System (Research Report)
  ''978-0-7176-0639-9   ''Structural Analysis of Pipeline Spans (Offshore technology information)
  ''978-0-7176-0640-5   ''Survivability of Occupants of Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (OTH)
  ''978-0-7176-0641-2   ''Evaluation of Vortex Shedding Frequency and Dynamic Span Response (Offshore technology information)
1993978-0-7176-0642-9P. Sincock · N. SandhiDrag Anchors for Floating Systems (OTH)
  ''978-0-7176-0643-6Health and Safety ExecutiveInfluence of Waves and Current on Separation and Forces (OTH)
1993978-0-7176-0644-3Health and Safety ExecutiveA Review of Factors Affecting Mooring Loads from the Point of View of Applying a Reliability (Offshore technology information)
  ''978-0-7176-0645-0A.L. DorwardManagers' Perceptions of the Role and Continuing Education Needs Of Occupational Health Nurses (Research paper/Health and Safety Executive)
1995978-0-7176-0646-7Health and Safety ExecutiveList of Authorised Explosives 1992
1993978-0-7176-0647-4   ''Safety in the Design and Use of Gamma and Electron Irradiation Facilities (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0648-1   ''Control of Noise in Quarries (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0649-8   ''Liquid Petroleum and Gas
  ''978-0-7176-0650-4   ''Railway Accident at Huddersfield: A Report on a Collision That Occurred on 6 November 1989
1993978-0-7176-0651-1Health and Safety ExecutiveRailway Safety: Report on the Safety Record of the Railways in Great Britain During 1992/93
  ''978-0-7176-0652-8Great Britain: Health and Safety CommissionHealth and Safety Executive 1992-93: Annual Report
1993978-0-7176-0653-5Great Britain: Health and Safety CommissionHealth and Safety Executive: Statistical Supplement: Annual Report
  ''978-0-7176-0654-2Health and Safety ExecutiveCentral Index of Dose Information: Summary of Statistics for 1989 (Annual report)
  ''978-0-7176-0655-9   ''Central Index of Dose Information: Summary of Statistics for 1990 (Annual report)
  ''978-0-7176-0656-6   ''Central Index of Dose Information: Summary of Statistics for 1991 (Annual report)
  ''978-0-7176-0657-3   ''Occupational Exposure to Ionising Radiation, 1986-1991: Analysis of Doses Reported to the Health and Safety Executives Central Index of Dose Information
1993978-0-7176-0658-0Health and Safety ExecutiveFeasibility of Computer Simulated Launch of Free Fall Lifeboats (OTH)
  ''978-0-7176-0659-7   ''HSE Investigation of Leukaemia and Other Cancers in the Children of Male Workers at Sellafield 1993
1994978-0-7176-0660-3Great Britain: Health and Safety CommissionPlan of Work: 1994/95 and Beyond (Annual report)
  ''978-0-7176-0661-0Health and Safety ExecutivePreventing Asthma at Work: How to Control Respiratory Sensitisers (Legal)
1993978-0-7176-0662-7Health and Safety ExecutiveMerstham Train Accident
978-0-7176-0663-4   ''Register for Purpose of Power Presses Regulations (Forms)
1994978-0-7176-0666-5   ''The Costs to the British Economy of Work Accidents and Work-related Ill Health
  ''978-0-7176-0668-9   ''A Pain in Your Workplace?: Ergonomic Problems and Solutions (Guidance Booklets)
  ''978-0-7176-0669-6   ''Phosphorus Compounds (TR)
1993978-0-7176-0670-2Health and Safety ExecutiveComputer Simulation of the Performance of Life Jackets: An Offshore Research Report
2003978-0-7176-0672-6   ''Commercial Ultra-Violet Tanning Equipment (GS)
1993978-0-7176-0673-3   ''Health and Safety in Residential Care Homes (HS(G))
  ''978-0-7176-0674-0   ''Safe Use of Belt Conveyors in Mines
1994978-0-7176-0676-4   ''Cadmium and Inorganic Compounds of Cadmium in Air: Laboratory Method Using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry or Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (MDHS)
1994978-0-7176-0677-1Health and Safety ExecutiveAsbestos in Bulk Materials: Sampling and Identification by Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) (MDHS)
  ''978-0-7176-0678-8   ''Formaldehyde in Air (MDHS)
1993978-0-7176-0679-5   ''Research into the Behaviour of Offshore Piles: Field Experiments in Sand and Clay
1997978-0-7176-0680-1Great Britain: Health and Safety ExecutiveThe safe use of compressed gases in welding, flame cutting and allied processes (Health and safety guidance)
1993978-0-7176-0681-8Health and Safety ExecutiveThe Protection of Outside Workers Against Ionising Radiations
1994978-0-7176-0682-5   ''Diet, Health and the Offshore Worker (Research Report)