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1969978-0-7162-0125-0D.W.Cleverley FordPreaching Today (Declaring the Faith)
  ''978-0-7162-0128-1John VickersThomas Coke: Apostle of Methodism (Lecture / Wesley Historical Society)
1972978-0-7162-0202-8William H. MackintoshDisestablishment and Liberation: Movement for the Separation of the Anglican Church from State Control
1973978-0-7162-0226-4Martin SchmidtJohn Wesley: A theological biography
1976978-0-7162-0263-9Mora DicksonInseparable Grief: Margaret Cargill of Fiji
1979978-0-7162-0270-7J.F. CollangeEpistle of Paul to the Philippians
1976978-0-7162-0280-6Rupert E. DaviesMethodism
1977978-0-7162-0288-2Robert Buick KnoxReformation Conformity and Dissent: Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Nuttall
  ''978-0-7162-0289-9John StaceyGroundwork of Theology
1944978-0-7162-0369-8John WesleyJohn Wesley's Forty-Four Sermons
1982978-0-7162-0386-5John C.A. BarrattFamily Worship in Theory and Practice (Refresher courses for Methodist local preachers)
1983978-0-7162-0390-2Morna D. HookerThe Message of Mark
1944978-0-7162-0392-6Norman H. SnaithDistinctive Ideas of the Old Testament
1984978-0-7162-0399-5Richard G. JonesGroundwork of Christian Ethics
1986978-0-7162-0418-3David A. PailinGroundwork of Philosophy of Religion
  ''978-0-7162-0421-3Kenneth CracknellTowards a New Relationship: Christians and People of Other Faiths
1987978-0-7162-0434-3Diarmaid MacCullochGroundwork of Christian History
  ''978-0-7162-0435-0Philip S. BagwellOutcast London - A Methodist Response: West London Mission, 1887-1987
1989978-0-7162-0458-9Terence CopleyDoves in the Rat Race: Christian Life-style Today
1990978-0-7162-0467-1Kenneth GraystonThe Gospel of St.John (Epworth Commentary S.)
1990978-0-7162-0468-8Cyril S. RoddThe Book of Job (Epworth Commentary S.)
1991978-0-7162-0474-9Paul EllingworthThe Epistle to the Hebrews (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0475-6Harry MowvleyThe Books of Amos and Hosea (Epworth Commentary S.)
1992978-0-7162-0480-0William R. G. LoaderThe Johannine Epistles (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0485-5Howard MarshallThe Epistle to the Philippians (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0486-2J. A. ZieslerThe Epistle to the Galatians (Epworth Commentary S.)
1993978-0-7162-0487-9Nigel WatsonThe Second Epistle to the Corinthians (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0491-6David StaceyIsaiah 1-39 (Epworth commentary series)
1993978-0-7162-0492-3Roy YatesThe Epistle to the Colossians (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0493-0Christopher RowlandRevelation (Epworth commentary series)
1994978-0-7162-0496-1Ivor H. JonesThe Gospel of Matthew (Epworth Commentary S.)
1995978-0-7162-0499-2Barrie TabrahamThe Making of Methodism (Exploring Methodism)
1994978-0-7162-0500-5Michael J. TownsendEpistle of James (Epworth Commentary S.)
1995978-0-7162-0501-2Kenneth CracknellJustice, Courtesy and Love
1996978-0-7162-0504-3Margaret DaviesThe Pastoral Epistles: I and II Timothy and Titus (Epworth commentary series)
  ''978-0-7162-0505-0Charles R. BiggsThe Book of Ezekiel (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0506-7James D. G. DunnThe Acts of the Apostles (Epworth Commentary S.)
1997978-0-7162-0510-4Susan J. WhiteGroundwork of Christian Worship
  ''978-0-7162-0511-1Kenneth GraystonThe Epistle to the Romans (Epworth Commentary S.)
1998978-0-7162-0512-8John Munsey TurnerModern Methodism in England, 1932-96 (Exploring Methodism S.)
1997978-0-7162-0515-9L. Joseph KreitzerThe Epistle to the Ephesians (Epworth Commentary S.)
1997978-0-7162-0516-6Judith LieuThe Gospel of Luke (Epworth Commentary S.)
1998978-0-7162-0518-0Cyril S. RoddWhy Evil and Suffering? (Thinking Things Through S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0523-4David G. HorrellEpistles Of Peter and Jude (Epworth Commentary S.)
1999978-0-7162-0525-8Gordon S. WakefieldMethodist Spirituality (Exploring Methodism S.)
1998978-0-7162-0526-5Henry McKeatingThe Book of Jeremiah (Epworth Commentary S.)
2000978-0-7162-0536-4R.J. CogginsThe Book of Exodus (Epworth Commentary S.)
2001978-0-7162-0543-2Ronald E. ClementsThe Book of Deuteronomy (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0545-6Gordon S. WakefieldGroundwork of Christian Spirituality
  ''978-0-7162-0546-3Patrick StreiffReluctant Saint?: A Theological Biography of Fletcher of Madeley
  ''978-0-7162-0550-0Michael E. W. ThompsonBook of Isaiah 40-66 (Epworth Commentary)
2014978-0-7162-0552-4Henry D. RackReasonable Enthusiast: John Wesley and the Rise of Methodism
2013978-0-7162-0554-8Geoff MilburnPrimitive Methodism (Exploring Methodism)
2002978-0-7162-0556-2John Munsey TurnerJohn Wesley: The Evangelical Revival and the Rise of Methodism in England
2003978-0-7162-0558-6Anthony ReddieNobodies to Somebodies: A Practical Theology for Education and Liberation
2002978-0-7162-0559-3Philip Luscombe · Esther ShreeveWhat is a Minister?
2003978-0-7162-0562-3John A. NewtonSusanna Wesley and the Puritan Tradition in Methodism
2003978-0-7162-0573-9Geoffrey Stead · Margaret SteadThe Exotic Plant: A History of the Moravian Church in Britain 1742-2000
  ''978-0-7162-0575-3Neil DixonWonder, Love and Praise: A Companion to the Methodist Worship Book
2004978-0-7162-0577-7R.G. HarrisMission in the Gospels
  ''978-0-7162-0579-1Roger GraingerResponse and Responsibilty: Secularisation as a Chance for the Church
  ''978-0-7162-0580-7Rod GarnerFacing the City: Urban Mission in the 21st Century
2005978-0-7162-0581-4Dagmar WinterIn the Footsteps of Jesus: A Thoughtful Guide for Pilgrims to the Holy Land (Thinking Things Through)
2006978-0-7162-0583-8Emmanuel Yartekwei LarteyPastoral Theology in an Intercultural World
2004978-0-7162-0584-5Clare AmosGenesis (Epworth Commentary S.)
2005978-0-7162-0585-2Adrian H. W. CurtisPsalms: Epworth Commentary (Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0590-6John Munsey TurnerWesleyan Methodism (Exploring Methodism S.)
2005978-0-7162-0591-3Angela Shier-JonesA Work in Progress: Methodists Doing Theology
  ''978-0-7162-0592-0David B. ClarkBreaking the Mould of Christendom: Kingdom Community, Diaconal Church and the Liberation of the Laity
  ''978-0-7162-0593-7Nigel WatsonFirst Epistle to the Corinthians: Epworth Commentary (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0594-4Cyril S. RoddGospel of Mark (Epworth Commentary S.)
  ''978-0-7162-0595-1Ivor H. JonesThessalonians (Epworth Commentary S.)
2012978-0-7162-0596-8David CampbellTales to Tell
2006978-0-7162-0602-6Stephen BurnsWorship in Context: Liturgical Theology, Children and the City
2007978-0-7162-0607-1Kenneth G.C. NewportCharles Wesley, Life, Literature and Legacy
2005978-0-7162-0609-5Leslie Francis · Mandy RobbinsUrban Hope and Spiritual Health: The Adolescent Voice
2010978-0-7162-0612-5Barrie TabrahamThe Making of Methodism (Exploring Methodism)
2006978-0-7162-0614-9John M. Haley · Lesley J. FrancisBritish Methodism: What Circuit Ministers Really Think
2006978-0-7162-0615-6Gary BestCharles Wesley: A Biography
2007978-0-7162-0616-3Michael J. TownsendThinking About Preaching
  ''978-0-7162-0619-4Angela Shier-JonesChildren of God: Towards a Theology of Childhood
2006978-0-7162-0624-8Diarmaid MacCullochChristian History: An Introduction
2007978-0-7162-0630-9John WesleyA Plain Account of Christian Perfection
  ''978-0-7162-0631-6Angela Shier-Jones · Kim Dunnam ReismannForty-four Sermons to Serve the Present Age
  ''978-0-7162-0632-3Geoffrey WainwrightEmbracing Purpose: Essays on God, the World and the Church
  ''978-0-7162-0633-0Leslie J. Francis · Philip J. RichterGone for Good?: Church Leaving and Returning in the 21st Century
2008978-0-7162-0638-5Peter C. JuppDeath Our Future: Christian Theology and Funeral Practice
2008978-0-7162-0639-2Paul H. BallardThe Church at the Centre of the City
2009978-0-7162-0648-4Roger WaltonThe Reflective Disciple
  ''978-0-7162-0651-4Luke CurranMethodist Present Potential
2010978-0-7162-0668-2Martyn AtkinsResourcing Renewal: Shaping Churches for the Emerging Future
978-0-7162-6590-0Kirsteen KimJoining in With the Spirit