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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-7153-9185-3Eve HarlowAnchor Book of Crewel Embroidery Stitches
1992978-0-7153-9187-7Tony ClementsAfrican Violets
1989978-0-7153-9189-1Jennifer Berman · Carole LazarusGlorafilia Needlepoint Collection (A David & Charles craft book)
1988978-0-7153-9215-7Bruce QuarrieHitler: The Victory That Nearly Was (A David & Charles Military Book)
1989978-0-7153-9232-4Brian P. MartinTales of the Old Gamekeepers
1988978-0-7153-9253-9Roger BurrowsWild Fox (Country Matters)
  ''978-0-7153-9262-1Donald FeatherstoneFeatherstone's Complete Wargaming
1989978-0-7153-9264-5Anthony BurtonThe Great Days of the Canals
1988978-0-7153-9275-1Fran RoseCross Stitch Design Manual
1991978-0-7153-9289-8Venus DodgeThe Doll's Dressmaker: The Complete Pattern Book
1989978-0-7153-9296-6Crawford LittleThe Great Salmon Beats
1988978-0-7153-9299-7Roy JenkinsGallery of Twentieth Century Portraits
  ''978-0-7153-9300-0Kenneth S. PhillipsShipwrecks of the Isle of Wight
1989978-0-7153-9301-7Ron RansonBig Brush Watercolour
1988978-0-7153-9305-5Rik MayallBastard File
  ''978-0-7153-9306-2Ralph Lewis · Keith S. GardnerSir William Russell Flint
1989978-0-7153-9311-6Peter GarnierThe Motor Cycling Club
  ''978-0-7153-9312-3Michael JeffersonLeaves
1989978-0-7153-9313-0Nevill Drury · Susan DruryIllustrated Dictionary of Natural Health
1988978-0-7153-9337-6Ronald KesslerSpy Versus Spy
1989978-0-7153-9338-3Ron RansonWatercolour Impressionists
  ''978-0-7153-9342-0Jane GreenoffCross Stitch Castles and Cottages (A David & Charles Craft Book)
  ''978-0-7153-9346-8Jeremy MallinsonTravels in Search of Endangered Species
  ''978-0-7153-9356-7Allan HainesThe Complete Book of Float Fishing
  ''978-0-7153-9359-8Jean Greenhowe45 Great Gifts to Make (A David & Charles craft book)
1989978-0-7153-9364-2John AllenJohn Allen's Treasury of Machine Knitting Stitches (A David & Charles craft book)
1990978-0-7153-9367-3Jean GreenhoweTeddy Bears, Toys and Tales
1989978-0-7153-9394-9Tony BuzanSpeed Reading
1990978-0-7153-9395-6John YoungThe Aviation Paintings of John Young
1986978-0-7153-9404-5Don BreckonCountry Connections
1991978-0-7153-9408-3Keith SugdenWalking the Pilgrim Ways
1989978-0-7153-9421-2E.D. SmithThe Battles for Cassino (Battle standards)
1991978-0-7153-9441-0Leroy ThompsonDirty Wars (A David & Charles military book)
1989978-0-7153-9446-5Adrian Vincent100 Years of Traditional British Painting
1991978-0-7153-9447-2J. C. Jeremy HobsonCultivating a Shoot
1990978-0-7153-9453-3Chris TurnbullBig Fish from Famous Waters
  ''978-0-7153-9481-6Peter WoodThe Tree: A Celebration of Our Living Skyline
1989978-0-7153-9485-4Jo VersoPicture it in Cross Stitch (A David & Charles craft book)
1993978-0-7153-9488-5Tony BuzanMemory Vision
1991978-0-7153-9490-8Tom QuinnTales from the Water's Edge
1990978-0-7153-9491-5Jenny ChippindaleChristmas Stitchery (A David & Charles craft book)
  ''978-0-7153-9493-9Philip DennisGibraltar and Its People (Illustrated)
  ''978-0-7153-9774-9Michael DewarA Day in the Life of the British Army (A David & Charles military book)
1991978-0-7153-9778-7Vivien NoakesThe Painter Edward Lear
1989978-0-7153-9783-1W.B. HerbertRailway Ghosts and Phantoms
1991978-0-7153-9790-9Nigel VineyImages of Wartime: British Art and Artists of World War I
  ''978-0-7153-9791-6Ray Campbell SmithFresh Watercolour: Bring Light and Life to Your Painting
1990978-0-7153-9796-1Louis L. SnyderHitler's Elite
1989978-0-7153-9816-6Hazel PopeMachine Knitter's Handbook
1992978-0-7153-9825-8Roger HicksSuccessful Black-and-white Photography: A Practical Handbook
1992978-0-7153-9828-9Jane GreenoffVictorian Cross Stitch :
1991978-0-7153-9841-8Linda OsbandVictorian House Style: An Architectural and Interior Design Source Book
1990978-0-7153-9845-6Ron RansonThe Art of John Yardley
1991978-0-7153-9848-7Brian NickollsMaking Dolls' Houses: In 1/12 Scale (A David & Charles craft book)
1990978-0-7153-9854-8Patrick Whitehouse · David St.John Thomas · David St John ThomasBritish Rail in the Eighties
1992978-0-7153-9890-6Brian P. MartinTales of the Old Countrymen
  ''978-0-7153-9900-2Edward Wake-WalkerRNLI Gold Medal Rescues
1991978-0-7153-9903-3Brian BowerLeica Reflex Photography
1992978-0-7153-9908-8Allan HainesThe Complete Book of Match Fishing
1994978-0-7153-9909-5Sue AtkinsonMaking & Dressing Dolls' House Dolls: " In 1/12 Scale" :
1993978-0-7153-9910-1John AllenJohn Allen's Treasury of Machine Knitting Stitches (David & Charles craft book)
  ''978-0-7153-9911-8Caroline FoxStanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School
1991978-0-7153-9913-2Sylvia ClaytonEdward Piper
  ''978-0-7153-9918-7John HumphreysPoachers' Tales
1992978-0-7153-9920-0Vivienne CouldreyAlfred Sisley: The English Impressionist
  ''978-0-7153-9926-2Valerie JanitchThe Complete Pattern Book of Soft Dolls
1992978-0-7153-9932-3Barrie Rickards · Colin Dyson · Martin GaySuccess with Pike
  ''978-0-7153-9944-6Kathryn BrennandVictorian Canvaswork
  ''978-0-7153-9945-3Helen M. StevensThe Embroiderer's Countryside
  ''978-0-7153-9947-7Susan McBaneThe Illustrated Guide to Horse Tack
1993978-0-7153-9957-6Angela King55 Crochet Gifts for the Home
  ''978-0-7153-9960-6Julia HickmanTapestry and Beadwork: Canvaswork Projects for the Home
1991978-0-7153-9962-0Jean GreenhoweParty Costumes for Kids
1991978-0-7153-9963-7Venus Dodge · Martin DodgeMaking Miniatures
1994978-0-7153-9972-9Hazel PopeThe Machine Knitter's Design Book
1993978-0-7153-9973-6Graham Rice · Elizabeth StrangmanThe Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores
  ''978-0-7153-9976-7Janet LorchFrom Foal to Full-grown
  ''978-0-7153-9983-5Brenda KeyesAlphabets and Samplers: 40 Cross Stitch and Charted Designs
1992978-0-7153-9984-2Beth RussellBeth Russell's Traditional Needlepoint
1993978-0-7153-9985-9Barbara ChaineyThe Essential Quilter: Tradition, Techniques, Design, Patterns and Projects
  ''978-0-7153-9988-0Jona SpareyIcelandic Patterns in Needlepoint: Over 40 Easy-to-Stitch Designs from the Land of Ice and Fire