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2008978-0-7139-9742-2Richard J. EvansThe Third Reich at War: How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster (Allen Lane History)
2003978-0-7139-9743-9Paul KrugmanThe Great Unravelling: From Boom to Bust in Three Scandalous Years
2011978-0-7139-9744-6T M DevineTo the Ends of the Earth: Scotland's Global Diaspora, 1750-2010 (Allen Lane History)
2005978-0-7139-9745-3John GribbinThe Fellowship: The Story of a Revolution
2004978-0-7139-9746-0Kevin PhillipsAmerican Dynasty: How the Bush Clan Became the World's Most Powerful and Dangerous Family
  ''978-0-7139-9747-7Daniel BergnerSoldiers of Light
2011978-0-7139-9749-1Robert BickersThe Scramble for China: Foreign Devils in the Qing Empire, 1832-1914 (Allen Lane History)
2012978-0-7139-9750-7George DysonTuring's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe
2007978-0-7139-9751-4Gerd GigerenzerGut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious
2004978-0-7139-9752-1David CrystalThe Stories Of English
2009978-0-7139-9753-8Carlo d'EsteWarlord: Churchill at War: 1874-1945
2010978-0-7139-9755-2Spencer WellsPandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization (Allen Lane Science)
2008978-0-7139-9757-6Robin WilsonLewis Carroll in Numberland: His Fantastical Mathematical Logical Life
2004978-0-7139-9758-3Alastair J. ReidUnited We Stand: A History of Britain's Trade Unions (Allen Lane History S.)
2006978-0-7139-9759-0Tim HarrisRevolution: The Great Crisis of the British Monarchy, 1685-1720 (Allen Lane History S.)
2008978-0-7139-9760-6Robert GildeaChildren of the Revolution: The French, 1799-1914 (Allen Lane History)
2003978-0-7139-9761-3Michael MooreDude, Where's My Country? (OM)
2005978-0-7139-9762-0Deyan SudjicThe Edifice Complex: How the Rich and Powerful Shape the World
2004978-0-7139-9764-4Timothy Garton AshFree World: Why A Crisis Of The West Reveals The Opportunity Of Our Time
  ''978-0-7139-9765-1Janet MorganThe Secrets of Rue St Roch: Intelligence Operations behind Enemy Lines in the First World War
  ''978-0-7139-9766-8Jonathan SchellThe Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People
2007978-0-7139-9767-5Henry KamenThe Disinherited: The Exiles Who Created Spanish Culture (Allen Lane History)
2005978-0-7139-9769-9Richard LayardHappiness: Lessons from a New Science (Second Edition)
2004978-0-7139-9770-5Niall FergusonColossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire
2005978-0-7139-9771-2Geza VermesUntitled on the New Testament (Allen Lane History S.)
2006978-0-7139-9773-6Stanley WellsShakespeare and Co.: Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher and the Other Players in His Story
2005978-0-7139-9774-3Ed GlinertEast End Chronicles
2014978-0-7139-9775-0Ahron BregmanCursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories
2015978-0-7139-9776-7Richard RathboneA History of Modern Africa: 1800-2000 (Allen Lane History)
2007978-0-7139-9777-4Avi ShlaimLion of Jordan: The Life of King Hussein in War and Peace
  ''978-0-7139-9782-8Christopher Bayly · Tim HarperForgotten Wars: The End of Britain's Asian Empire (Allen Lane History S.)
2007978-0-7139-9783-5R. F. FosterLuck and the Irish: A Brief History of Change 1970-2000
2008978-0-7139-9784-2Philip BobbittTerror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-first Century
2005978-0-7139-9785-9Philip AugarThe Greed Merchants: How the Investment Banks Played the Free Market Game
2004978-0-7139-9787-3David LaneBerlusconi's Shadow: Crime, Justice and the Pursuit of Power
2009978-0-7139-9788-0Robert FergusonThe Hammer and the Cross: A New History of the Vikings
2006978-0-7139-9789-7Daniel C. DennettBreaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon
2003978-0-7139-9790-3Al FrankenLies (and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them)
2011978-0-7139-9791-0Simon Baron-CohenZero Degrees of Empathy: A new theory of human cruelty
2005978-0-7139-9792-7Philippe SandsLawless World
2010978-0-7139-9793-4Richard MilesCarthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization (Allen Lane History)
  ''978-0-7139-9794-1Richard MilesAncient Worlds: The Search for the Origins of Western Civilization (Allen Lane History)
2006978-0-7139-9795-8Chris StringerHOMO BRITANNICUS: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain
2007978-0-7139-9796-5Robert DallekNixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power
2006978-0-7139-9797-2Greg PalastArmed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, The Best Legal Whorehouse in Texas, No Child's Behind Left and Other Tales of Class Combat in a Dying Regime
2007978-0-7139-9799-6Lee SmolinThe Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science and What Comes Next
2005978-0-7139-9800-9Jeffrey SachsThe End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time
  ''978-0-7139-9801-6Geoffrey WheatcroftThe Strange Death of Tory England
  ''978-0-7139-9802-3Steven JohnsonEverything Bad is Good for You: How Popular Culture is Making Us Smarter
  ''978-0-7139-9806-1Steven D. Levitt · Stephen J. DubnerFreakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
2004978-0-7139-9807-8George GallowayI'm Not The Only One
2005978-0-7139-9809-2Al FrankenThe Truth with Jokes
2006978-0-7139-9811-5Susan WilliamsColour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation
2007978-0-7139-9815-3P D SmithDoomsday Men: The Real Dr Strangelove and the Dream of the Superweapon
2012978-0-7139-9817-7Jesse J. PrinzBeyond Human Nature: How Culture and Experience Shape Our Lives
2009978-0-7139-9818-4Miri RubinMother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary
2004978-0-7139-9819-1David ReynoldsIn Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War
2004978-0-7139-9820-7John Kenneth GalbraithThe Economics of Innocent Fraud: Truth For Our Time
2013978-0-7139-9821-4Martin ReesWhat We Still Don't Know
2004978-0-7139-9822-1Geoffrey BlaineyA Very Short History Of The World
2007978-0-7139-9823-8Dana ThomasDeluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre
2006978-0-7139-9825-2Charles FishmanThe Wal-Mart Effect: How an Out-of-town Superstore Became a Superpower
2011978-0-7139-9826-9Robert TriversDeceit and Self-Deception: Fooling Yourself the Better to Fool Others
2004978-0-7139-9827-6Jacquie McNish · Sinclair StewartThe Fall of Conrad Black
  ''978-0-7139-9828-3Bryan BurroughPublic Enemies [Film Tie-in]: The True Story of America's Greatest Crime Wave
2007978-0-7139-9830-6Peter ClarkeThe Last Thousand Days of the British Empire: The Demise of a Superpower, 1944-47
2006978-0-7139-9831-3Dominic DromgooleWill and Me: How Shakespeare Took Over My Life
2008978-0-7139-9832-0Jonathan FenbyThe Penguin History of Modern China: The Fall and Rise of a Great Power, 1850-2008
2005978-0-7139-9833-7Leo TolstoyWar And Peace (Penguin Hardback Classics)
2004978-0-7139-9834-4Alistair CookeLetter from America: 1946-2004
2005978-0-7139-9835-1Qian ZhongshuFortress Besieged
  ''978-0-7139-9836-8Rupert SmithThe Utility of Force: The Art of War in the Modern World
2010978-0-7139-9837-5C. J. ChiversTHE GUN: The AK-47 and the Evolution of War
2005978-0-7139-9839-9Phil BainesPenguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005
2011978-0-7139-9840-5David StevensonWith Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918
2008978-0-7139-9841-2Samantha PowerChasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World
  ''978-0-7139-9843-6Ahmed RashidDescent into Chaos: How the War Against Islamic Extremism is Being Lost in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia
2005978-0-7139-9844-3Malcolm GladwellBlink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (TPB) (EE)
2004978-0-7139-9845-0Seymour M. HershChain Of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib
2005978-0-7139-9846-7Kevin StarrCoast of Dreams: A History of Contemporary California
  ''978-0-7139-9847-4Richard P FeynmanDon't You Have Time to Think?
2007978-0-7139-9848-1Ryszard KapuscinskiTravels with Herodotus
2009978-0-7139-9852-8Tristram HuntThe Frock-Coated Communist: The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels
2005978-0-7139-9853-5Robin Lane FoxThe Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian
2004978-0-7139-9854-2Michael MooreWill They Ever Trust Us Again?: Letters from the War Zone to Michael Moore
2005978-0-7139-9855-9Chris PattenNot Quite the Diplomat: Home Truths About World Affairs
2008978-0-7139-9856-6Chris PattenWhat Next?: Surviving the Twenty-first Century
2007978-0-7139-9857-3John GribbinThe Universe: A Biography
2005978-0-7139-9863-4David McCullough1776: America and Britain at War
2005978-0-7139-9865-8Chris PattenNot Quite the Diplomat: Home Truths About World Affairs
2009978-0-7139-9866-5Michael MooreHere Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life
2012978-0-7139-9868-9Anne ApplebaumIron Curtain: the Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-56
2009978-0-7139-9869-6Diarmaid MacCullochA History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years
2015978-0-7139-9870-2Niall FergusonKissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist
2010978-0-7139-9871-9   ''High Financier: The Lives and Time of Siegmund Warburg
2008978-0-7139-9873-3Richard SennettThe Craftsman
2012978-0-7139-9874-0Richard SennettTogether: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation
2018978-0-7139-9875-7   ''Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City
2005978-0-7139-9877-1Jaroslav PelikanWhose Bible Is It?: A History of the Scriptures through the Ages
  ''978-0-7139-9878-8Thomas FriedmanThe World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
2006978-0-7139-9879-5Alistair CookeAlistair Cooke's American Journey: Life on the Home Front in the Second World War
2007978-0-7139-9880-1Liza MundyEverything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction is Changing Men, Women and the World
2005978-0-7139-9881-8VoltaireCandide, or Optimism
2006978-0-7139-9882-5Geoff MulganGood and Bad Power: The Ideals and Betrayals of Government
  ''978-0-7139-9883-2Paul DaviesThe Goldilocks Enigma: Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life?
2009978-0-7139-9885-6Christopher AndrewThe Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5
2005978-0-7139-9886-3Antonia Fraser · Brenda Buchanan · David Cannadine · David Cressy · Justin Champion · Mike Jay · Pauline CroftGunpowder Plots: A Celebration of 400 Years of Bonfire Night
  ''978-0-7139-9887-0Samuel JohnsonDr Johnson's Dictionary
2006978-0-7139-9888-7Barbara SmitPitch Invasion: Adidas & the Making of Modern Sport
2009978-0-7139-9889-4Richard P BentallDoctoring the Mind
2007978-0-7139-9890-0Charles NichollThe Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street
2008978-0-7139-9893-1Simon JenkinsWales: Churches, Houses, Castles
2005978-0-7139-9894-8Ben Karlin · David Javerbaum · Jon StewartThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction
2011978-0-7139-9895-5Manning MarableMalcolm X: A Life of Reinvention
2006978-0-7139-9896-2Jason BurkeOn the Road to Kandahar: Travels Through Conflict in the Islamic World
2012978-0-7139-9898-6Jared DiamondThe World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?
2007978-0-7139-9899-3Naomi KleinThe Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
  ''978-0-7139-9900-6Ed GlinertWest End Chronicles: 300 Years of Glamour and Excess in the Heart of London
2005978-0-7139-9901-3John L. AllenOpus Dei: Secrets and Power Inside the Catholic Church
2009978-0-7139-9902-0Adrian Wooldridge · John MicklethwaitGod is Back: How the Global Rise of Faith is Changing the World
2009978-0-7139-9903-7Eugene RoganThe Arabs: A History
2016978-0-7139-9904-4Gareth Stedman JonesKarl Marx: Greatness and Illusion
2005978-0-7139-9905-1Michael WhiteA Teaspoon and an Open Mind: What would an alien look like? Is time travel possible? and other intergalactic conumdrums from the world of Doctor Who: The Science of Doctor Who
  ''978-0-7139-9906-8Christopher AndrewThe Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World (TPB) (Group)
2008978-0-7139-9907-5Irmgard KeunChild of All Nations (Penguin Modern Classics)
2005978-0-7139-9908-2Stephen J. Dubner · Steven D. LevittFreakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (TPB) (Group)
2006978-0-7139-9909-9Joseph StiglitzMaking Globalization Work: The Next Steps to Global Justice
  ''978-0-7139-9912-9John Lewis GaddisThe Cold War
2007978-0-7139-9913-6Boris CyrulnikTalking of Love on the Edge of a Precipice
2006978-0-7139-9914-3James LovelockThe Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth is Fighting Back and How We Can Still Save Humanity
2007978-0-7139-9915-0John GrayBlack Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia
2009978-0-7139-9916-7Daniel BergnerThe Other Side of Desire: Four Journeys into the Far Realms of Lust and Longing
2007978-0-7139-9917-4David ReynoldsSummits: Six Meetings that Shaped the Twentieth Century
2011978-0-7139-9918-1David EdgertonBritain's War Machine: Weapons, Resources and Experts in the Second World War
2008978-0-7139-9919-8Jeffrey SachsCommon Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet
2007978-0-7139-9920-4Fidel CastroMy Life
2006978-0-7139-9921-1Tim FlanneryThe Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change
2008978-0-7139-9922-8Leonard MlodinowThe Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives
2006978-0-7139-9923-5George MonbiotHeat: How to stop the planet burning
  ''978-0-7139-9924-2George MonbiotHeat: How to stop the planet burning
2007978-0-7139-9925-9Leszek KolakowskiWhy Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?: 23 Questions from Great Philosophers
2016978-0-7139-9927-3Daniel TodmanBritain's War: Into Battle, 1937-1941
2005978-0-7139-9929-7Truman CapoteSummer Crossing
2006978-0-7139-9930-3Tim FlanneryThe Weather Makers (TPB - Airside): The History and Future Impact of Climate Change
2008978-0-7139-9931-0Tom VanderbiltTraffic: Why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us)
  ''978-0-7139-9932-7Tom VanderbiltTraffic: Why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us)
2019978-0-7139-9933-4Jonathan RéeWitcraft: The Invention of Philosophy in English
2011978-0-7139-9934-1David AbulafiaThe Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean
2008978-0-7139-9935-8Neil ShubinYour Inner Fish: The amazing discovery of our 375-million-year-old ancestor: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion-Year History of the Human Body
2009978-0-7139-9936-5Christopher CaldwellReflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West
2008978-0-7139-9937-2Parag KhannaThe Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order
2006978-0-7139-9938-9Amartya SenIdentity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny
2007978-0-7139-9940-2Brett KahrSex & The Psyche: Revealing the true nature of our secret fantasies from the largest ever survey of its kind
2006978-0-7139-9941-9Kwame Anthony AppiahCosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers
2012978-0-7139-9942-6Christopher ClarkThe Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914
2006978-0-7139-9948-8Gustave FlaubertPenguin Designer Classics: Madame Bovary (Penguin Designer Classics S.)
2006978-0-7139-9949-5Fyodor DostoyevskyPenguin Designer Classics: Crime and Punishment
  ''978-0-7139-9950-1F. Scott FitzgeraldPenguin Designer Classics: Tender is the Night: A Romance
  ''978-0-7139-9951-8D. H. LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover (Penguin Designer Classics) Special Edition of 1000, Designed by Sir Paul Smith
  ''978-0-7139-9952-5Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-7139-9953-2Thomas E. RicksFiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq
2007978-0-7139-9955-6Primo LeviA Tranquil Star: Unpublished Stories
2007978-0-7139-9957-0Norman LebrechtMaestros, Masterpieces and Madness: The Secret Life and Shameful Death of the Classical Record Industry
2006978-0-7139-9958-7Thomas E. RicksFiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq
  ''978-0-7139-9959-4Jonny GellerYes, But is it Good for the Jews?
2007978-0-7139-9960-0Tariq RamadanThe Messenger: The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad
  ''978-0-7139-9961-7Laura BarberPenguin's Poems for Life (Penguin Hardback Classics)
2016978-0-7139-9962-4Frank TrentmannEmpire of Things: How We Became a World of Consumers, from the Fifteenth Century to the Twenty-First
2011978-0-7139-9964-8Lizzie CollinghamThe Taste of War: World War Two and the Battle for Food
2006978-0-7139-9965-5DostoyevskyPenguin Designer Classics: The Idiot
2007978-0-7139-9966-2Ciaran CarsonThe Tain: A New Translation of the Taain Bao Cauailnge
2008978-0-7139-9967-9Christopher SomervilleBritain and Ireland's Best Wild Places: 500 Ways to Discover the Wild
2006978-0-7139-9968-6VirgilThe Aeneid (Penguin Hardback Classics)
2008978-0-7139-9969-3Andrew RobertsMasters and Commanders: How Roosevelt, Churchill, Marshall and Alanbrooke Won the War in the West
2009978-0-7139-9970-9Andrew RobertsThe Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War
2008978-0-7139-9971-6Ed GlinertThe Manchester Compendium: A Street-by-Street History of England's Greatest Industrial City
2006978-0-7139-9973-0Lawrence WrightThe Looming Tower: Al Qaeda's Road to 9/11
  ''978-0-7139-9974-7Steven JohnsonThe Ghost Map: A street, an epidemic and the two men who battled to save Victorian London
  ''978-0-7139-9975-4Thomas HardyPoems of Thomas Hardy
2011978-0-7139-9978-5Brian GreeneThe Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
2008978-0-7139-9980-8Robin Lane FoxTravelling Heroes: Greeks and their myths in the epic age of Homer
2007978-0-7139-9982-2Alan GreenspanThe Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World
2007978-0-7139-9984-6Elaine Pagels · Karen L. KingReading Judas: The Truth Behind the Notorious Gospel of Judas Iscariot
2008978-0-7139-9989-1Clay ShirkyHere Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
2009978-0-7139-9990-7Stephen J. Dubner · Steven D. LevittSuperfreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
  ''978-0-7139-9991-4   ''Superfreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
2008978-0-7139-9992-1Michio KakuPhysics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration of the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation and Time Travel
  ''978-0-7139-9993-8Sudhir VenkateshGang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Crosses the Line
  ''978-0-7139-9994-5Sudhir VenkateshGang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Crosses the Line
2007978-0-7139-9995-2Nassim Nicholas TalebThe Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable
  ''978-0-7139-9996-9Alistair CookeThe Marvellous Mania: Alistair Cooke on Golf
2007978-0-7139-9997-6Judith HerrinByzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire
2008978-0-7139-9998-3Jasper BeckerCity of Heavenly Tranquillity: Beijing in the History of China