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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-7090-6523-4Lindsay TownsendChasing Rachel
2000978-0-7090-6550-0Peter HainingA Dictionary of Vampires
1999978-0-7090-6559-3Frans LantingOkavango: Africa's Last Eden
2000978-0-7090-6563-0Janet and Stewart Farrar · Gavin BoneHealing Craft
  ''978-0-7090-6568-5Eric CrowhurstAcol Index: The Uncontested Auction
2008978-0-7090-6619-4Gordon BruceWebley Air Pistols: Their History and Development
2000978-0-7090-6643-9Nicholas RheaConstable Around the Houses
  ''978-0-7090-6680-4E.S. WilliamsCold War, Hot Seat: A Western Defence Attache in the Soviet Union
  ''978-0-7090-6683-5Francis SelwynThe Hangman's Child: A Sergeant Verity Novel
2001978-0-7090-6703-0Keith Ducklin · John WallerSword Fighting: A Manual for Actors and Directors
2000978-0-7090-6735-1Jay DavidThe Life and Humour of Robin Williams
  ''978-0-7090-6795-5Paul HarrisonThe Encyclopaedia of the Loch Ness Monster
2002978-0-7090-6799-3Robert A. HeinleinMethuselah's Children
2001978-0-7090-6801-3Robert A. HeinleinRed Planet
2001978-0-7090-6814-3David ClarkeSupernatural Peak District
  ''978-0-7090-6816-7Margaret FrazerThe Reeve's Tale
  ''978-0-7090-6876-1Derek ManneringMario Lanza: Singing to the Gods
  ''978-0-7090-6884-6Rae BethLamp of the Goddess
  ''978-0-7090-6890-7Brian ClarkeThe Pursuit of Stillwater Trout
2001978-0-7090-6906-5Amanda GrangeAnything But a Gentleman
  ''978-0-7090-6913-3Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarSpells and How They Work
  ''978-0-7090-6914-0Elmore LeonardThe Big Bounce
  ''978-0-7090-6919-5Roderick MartineEdinburgh Military Tattoo
2002978-0-7090-6946-1Vanessa CurtisVirginia Woolf's Women
2006978-0-7090-6998-0Peter BrandonSussex
2002978-0-7090-7033-7Mary StreetA Husband for Helen
  ''978-0-7090-7039-9Gareth Owen · Oliver BayanRoger Moore: His Films and Career
2002978-0-7090-7045-0Donald E. WestlakeBad News
  ''978-0-7090-7056-6Beryl MatthewsAn Onerous Duty
  ''978-0-7090-7061-0Margaret MaronUp Jumps the Devil (A Judge Deborah Knott mystery)
  ''978-0-7090-7064-1Lois BourneConversations with a Witch
  ''978-0-7090-7066-5John GrayLawyers' Latin: A Vade-mecum
2002978-0-7090-7073-3Amanda GrangeRebecca's Refusal
  ''978-0-7090-7082-5Paul HarrisonSea Serpents and Lake Monsters of the British Isles
  ''978-0-7090-7087-0Jim LawlessBloody Trail to Dorado (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7093-1Evan McGormanLife in the French Foreign Legion
  ''978-0-7090-7097-9Julian LittenThe English Way of Death: The Common Funeral Since 1450
2002978-0-7090-7110-5David FriedmanA Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis
2003978-0-7090-7118-1Richard Rome · Hamish YoungFine Art Metal Casting: An Illustrated Guide to Mould Making and Lost Wax Processes
  ''978-0-7090-7122-8Peter LapsleyRiver Fly-fishing: The Complete Guide
2005978-0-7090-7125-9Stan HeadleyThe Loch Fisher's Bible
2002978-0-7090-7127-3Janet WoodsFrom This Day Forth
  ''978-0-7090-7138-9Robert A. HeinleinBetween Planets
2003978-0-7090-7139-6   ''Podkayne from Mars
2002978-0-7090-7171-6Margaret FrazerThe Clerk's Tale
2003978-0-7090-7172-3Michael De LarrabeitiFrench Leave
2002978-0-7090-7224-9Simon P. ClarkStranger
  ''978-0-7090-7227-0Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarA Witches' Bible: The Complete Witches' Handbook
2003978-0-7090-7233-1Noah LukemanThe Plot Thickens
2002978-0-7090-7289-8Michael LegatUnderstanding Publishers' Contracts
2003978-0-7090-7295-9Paul MarsdenBender's Edge (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7309-3John BattleThe Dog Men (Black Horse Western)
2002978-0-7090-7320-8C. J. BoxOpen Season
2003978-0-7090-7321-5C. J. BoxSavage Run
2003978-0-7090-7328-4Janet WoodsAgainst the Tide
  ''978-0-7090-7331-4Dean EdwardsSkull Canyon (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7332-1Jeffrey MeyersGary Cooper: American Hero
  ''978-0-7090-7341-3Amanda GrangeThe Silverton Scandal
1983978-0-7090-7344-4Colette MansellThe Collector's Guide to British Dolls Since 1920
2003978-0-7090-7366-6Margaret MaronSlow Dollar
  ''978-0-7090-7369-7Marcia MullerThe Cheshire Cat's Eye
2005978-0-7090-7372-7J Barrington-JohnsonZoo: The Story of London Zoo
2003978-0-7090-7383-3Rae BethThe Hedge Witch's Way: Magical Spirituality for the Lone Spellcaster
2003978-0-7090-7403-8Christian BaillyAutomata: The Golden Age 1848-1914
2005978-0-7090-7408-3Darren A. HeskethPenny-in-the-Slot Automata and the Working Model
2003978-0-7090-7410-6Roderick MartineSupernatural Scotland
  ''978-0-7090-7413-7Ronald WolfeWriting Comedy
2004978-0-7090-7440-3John WyattCumbria: The Lake District and Its County
  ''978-0-7090-7441-0Peter HoughSupernatural Lancashire
2003978-0-7090-7462-5Richard StarkBreakout
  ''978-0-7090-7466-3Nicholas RheaConstable in the Wilderness
  ''978-0-7090-7468-7Amanda QuickLate for the Wedding
2003978-0-7090-7474-8Jan BurkeNine
  ''978-0-7090-7475-5David M. FriedmanA Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis
  ''978-0-7090-7505-9Tim DorseyThe Stingray Shuffle
2005978-0-7090-7512-7Vanessa CurtisThe Hidden Houses of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell
2004978-0-7090-7523-3Wendy PerriamVirgin in the Gym and Other Stories
  ''978-0-7090-7529-5Margaret FrazerThe Bastard's Tale
  ''978-0-7090-7533-2Derek ManneringMario Lanza: A Life in Pictures
2004978-0-7090-7551-6James R. BabbCrosscurrents: A Fly Fisher's Progress
2003978-0-7090-7552-3James R. BabbRiver Music: A Fly Fisher's Four Seasons
2004978-0-7090-7567-7Leo RuickbieWitchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History
  ''978-0-7090-7579-0David Stuart DaviesThe Veiled Detective
  ''978-0-7090-7588-2Caleb RandBlood Legs (Black Horse Western)
2005978-0-7090-7589-9Andrew Graham-StewartThe Salmon Rivers of the North Highlands and the Outer Hebrides
2004978-0-7090-7592-9Harold RobbinsHeat of Passion
  ''978-0-7090-7600-1C. J. BoxWinterkill
2005978-0-7090-7626-1Anne HaydenThe Cork Guide
  ''978-0-7090-7640-7Hank J. KirbyTennessee Renegade (Black Horse Western)
2005978-0-7090-7641-4Frederick H. ChristianBeyond the Bandlands (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7644-5Frederick H. ChristianBorder Bravados (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7665-0Ed GormanWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
  ''978-0-7090-7666-7Derek RutherfordVengeance at Tyburn Ridge (Black Horse Western)
2004978-0-7090-7672-8Donald E. WestlakeMoney for Nothing
2005978-0-7090-7673-5Frederick H. ChristianRetribution at Wilderness (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7675-9Chap O'KeefeThe Rebel and the Heiress (Black Horse Western)
2005978-0-7090-7699-5Tim DorseyCadillac Beach
2004978-0-7090-7706-0Margaret FrazerThe Hunter's Tale
2005978-0-7090-7707-7Sara R. ShaberSnipe Hunt
2004978-0-7090-7712-1Katherine Hall PageThe Body in the Bouillon
  ''978-0-7090-7715-2Dorothy Baden-PowellThey Also Serve: An SOE Agent in the WRNS
  ''978-0-7090-7723-7Rae BethSpellcraft for Hedge Witches: A Guide to Healing Our Lives
2005978-0-7090-7735-0Chap O'KeefeRide the Wild Country (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7743-5Hank J. KirbyGraveyard Gold (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7748-0Donald E. WestlakeThe Road to Ruin
2005978-0-7090-7750-3Dick CadyThe Executioner's Mask
  ''978-0-7090-7754-1Connery ChappellIsland of Barbed Wire: The Remarkable Story of World War Two Internment on the Isle of Man
  ''978-0-7090-7758-9Joanna ErleThe Choice
  ''978-0-7090-7763-3Annie MarksRosemary's Garden
  ''978-0-7090-7777-0Frank DevlinLove in All the Wrong Places
2005978-0-7090-7779-4Dean EdwardsManhunters (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7798-5Richard StarkNobody Runs Forever
  ''978-0-7090-7813-5Faith MartinOn the Straight and Narrow (Hillary Greene)
  ''978-0-7090-7814-2Colin D. PeelThe Rosenberg Principle
  ''978-0-7090-7819-7Simon P. ClarkHotel Midnight
2005978-0-7090-7830-2Katherine Hall PageThe Body in the Kelp
  ''978-0-7090-7834-0Loren D. EstlemanSinister Heights
2006978-0-7090-7841-8Chap O'KeefeGhost Town Belles
2005978-0-7090-7847-0Rory BlackIron Eyes Must Die (Black Horse Western)
  ''978-0-7090-7860-9Amanda GrangeDarcy's Diary
  ''978-0-7090-7867-8Margaret FrazerThe Bishop's Tale
  ''978-0-7090-7884-5Gareth Owen · Oliver BayanRoger Moore: His Films and Career
2005978-0-7090-7887-6David EverettBuying and Restoring Old Property in France
2006978-0-7090-7908-8Margaret FrazerThe Widow's Tale
  ''978-0-7090-7950-7Keith M. SouterDoctors' Latin: A Miscellany of Latin and Greek Phrases
  ''978-0-7090-7958-3Joseph E. RoeschBoudica, Queen of the Iceni
  ''978-0-7090-7967-5Faith MartinNarrow is the Way (Hillary Greene)
  ''978-0-7090-7968-2Jenny RandlesSupernatural Isle of Man
2006978-0-7090-8002-2Simon P. ClarkThe Tower
  ''978-0-7090-8003-9Derek RutherfordYellow Town
2008978-0-7090-8007-7Alex AuswaksSherlock Holmes in Russia
2006978-0-7090-8025-1Margaret MaronRituals of the Season
  ''978-0-7090-8035-0Storm Constantine · Eloise CoquioBast and Sekhmet: Eyes of Ra
  ''978-0-7090-8036-7Clayton NashTrail Wolves
  ''978-0-7090-8038-1Aaron J. ElkinsWhere There's a Will
2006978-0-7090-8052-7Katherine Hall PageThe Body in the Attic
  ''978-0-7090-8053-4   ''The Body in the Snowdrift
  ''978-0-7090-8055-8Peter G. CooksleyFlying Bomb
  ''978-0-7090-8070-1Bill SayerRowing and Sculling: The Complete Manual
  ''978-0-7090-8074-9Lois BourneDancing with Witches
2007978-0-7090-8088-6Sandra HeathA Matter of Duty
2006978-0-7090-8098-5Domenic StansberryChasing the Dragon
2006978-0-7090-8107-4Wendy PerriamLaughter Class: And Other Stories
  ''978-0-7090-8108-1Derek ManneringMario Lanza: Singing to the Gods
  ''978-0-7090-8129-6Gordon NimseThe Interpreter
  ''978-0-7090-8142-5Stan HeadleyThe Loch Fisher's Bible
2007978-0-7090-8148-7Ken ToutBy Tank - D to VE Days
2006978-0-7090-8150-0Nicholas RheaConstable on the Coast
  ''978-0-7090-8161-6Bert Randolph SugarBoxing's Greatest Fighters
2006978-0-7090-8163-0Will ThomasTo Kingdom Come
  ''978-0-7090-8189-0Simon P. ClarkDeath's Dominion
  ''978-0-7090-8197-5Malcolm D. WelshmanPets in Prospect
2007978-0-7090-8201-9Amanda GrangeStormcrow Castle
2006978-0-7090-8206-4Sue HenryThe Tooth of Time
  ''978-0-7090-8207-1Faith MartinBy a Narrow Majority
2007978-0-7090-8209-5Sister Carol Anne O'MarieMurder at the Monk's Table
2006978-0-7090-8210-1Sister Carol Anne O'MarieA Novena for Murder
2007978-0-7090-8229-3Aaron J. ElkinsUnnatural Selection
2006978-0-7090-8231-6C. J. BoxIn Plain Sight
  ''978-0-7090-8232-3Will ThomasThe Limehouse Text
2007978-0-7090-8236-1H. H. CodyDesert Crossing
2007978-0-7090-8249-1Paul D. GilbertThe Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-0-7090-8255-2Margaret MaronWinter's Child
  ''978-0-7090-8259-0Edward D. CampbellEncyclopedia of Palmistry
  ''978-0-7090-8276-7Joan M. MoulesThe Straw Halter
2006978-0-7090-8277-4John GrayLawyer's Latin
2007978-0-7090-8281-1Amanda GrangeCaptain Wentworth's Diary
  ''978-0-7090-8287-3Colin D. PeelThe Third Way
2007978-0-7090-8290-3William BernhardtCapitol Murder
  ''978-0-7090-8291-0William BernhardtDeath Row
  ''978-0-7090-8292-7Mary De LaszloA Kind of Legacy
  ''978-0-7090-8301-6Scott MarianiThe Fulcanelli Manuscript
  ''978-0-7090-8305-4Faith MartinThrough a Narrow Door
2007978-0-7090-8306-1Jane K. ClelandConsigned to Death
  ''978-0-7090-8309-2Katherine Hall PageThe Body in the Vestibule
  ''978-0-7090-8312-2Sandra WilsonFashion's Lady
  ''978-0-7090-8321-4C. J. BoxOut of Range
  ''978-0-7090-8329-0Harry Myers · John Willis · Gareth OwenPictures and Premieres
2007978-0-7090-8330-6Katherine Hall PageThe Body in the Cast
2008978-0-7090-8331-3   ''The Body in the Big Apple
2007978-0-7090-8332-0   ''The Body in the Bookcase
  ''978-0-7090-8333-7Mike DooganLost Angel
  ''978-0-7090-8334-4Trisha AshleyLord Rayven's Revenge
  ''978-0-7090-8344-3Simon ClarkMidnight Bazaar - A Secret Arcade of Strange and Eerie Tales
  ''978-0-7090-8354-2Gerd de LeyErotic Wit: Quotations, One-liners and Aphorisms
2009978-0-7090-8364-1Rupert MatthewsRAF Bomber Command at War
2007978-0-7090-8365-8Anne WhitfieldA Noble Place
2007978-0-7090-8367-2Sandra WilsonThe Absent Wife
  ''978-0-7090-8369-6Doreen ValienteThe Rebirth of Witchcraft
  ''978-0-7090-8370-2Aaron J. ElkinsLittle Tiny Teeth
  ''978-0-7090-8377-1Wendy PerriamThe Biggest Female in the World
  ''978-0-7090-8402-0Jenny Randles · Peter HoughSpontaneous Human Combustion
2007978-0-7090-8403-7James D. LaddSAS Operations: More Than Daring
2009978-0-7090-8405-1David Batten-Hill · Fiona Batten-HillMotorhomes: The Complete Guide
2007978-0-7090-8417-4Nicholas RheaConstable on View
  ''978-0-7090-8420-4Bill CorfieldThe Pilgrim File
  ''978-0-7090-8435-8Dave AustinMan on the Border (Black Horse Westerns)
  ''978-0-7090-8443-3Faith MartinWith a Narrow Blade (Hillary Greene Series)
2009978-0-7090-8449-5Howard M. BeckPapua New Guinea: Tales from a Wild Island
2008978-0-7090-8456-3Chap O'KeefeGunfight Too Many