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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-0-7088-0000-3Bill WallaceHuman Trafficking: Slavery, Racism and Human Abuse
  ''978-0-7088-0001-0Victoria BakerPrison Life: Retribution Behind Closed Doors
  ''978-0-7088-0002-7Ben HubbardSamurai: The Way of the Warrior
978-0-7088-0003-4Commanders: History's Greatest Military Leaders and their Triumphs
2012978-0-7088-0004-1Bill WallaceBounty Hunters: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
  ''978-0-7088-0005-8Gordon KerrMad Dogs: The Most Vicious Men Who Ever Lived
  ''978-0-7088-0006-5John PembertonEmperors: Monarchs, Oligarchs, Despots and Potentates
2012978-0-7088-0007-2Bill WallaceTyrants: Absolute Power, Murder and Corruption
2009978-0-7088-0059-1Janice AndersonWomen of the War Years: Women in Britain During 1939 to 1945
2008978-0-7088-0074-4Mccall Smith aEspresso Tales B Special
2010978-0-7088-0077-5Ricky TomlinsonRicky Tomlinson - Funny Man -3 Books Collection Set Pack (Football My Arse, Cheers My Arse, Celebrities My Arse!)
2008978-0-7088-0113-0VariousBroken Lives 5 Title Set
  ''978-0-7088-0114-7Cannings DaviesCherished B Special
2004978-0-7088-0115-4Lapotaire JaneTime Out of Mind B Special
978-0-7088-0135-2Dreamland Double Pure luxury Soft Fleece Electric Underblanket Single Control
1993978-0-7088-0144-4Edith PargeterMost Loving Mere Folly
2009978-0-7088-0162-8Gordon KerrLeaders Who Changed The World
  ''978-0-7088-0164-2Rodney CastledenEncounters That Changed The World
  ''978-0-7088-0171-0Phil Clarke · Gordon KerrHostages: Dramatic Accounts of Real Life Events
2008978-0-7088-0186-4Carter AngelaPassion of New Eve B Pbp
  ''978-0-7088-0187-1Gould JudithTime to Say Goodbye Moment Pbp a
2009978-0-7088-0206-9Phil ClarkeHostages
2009978-0-7088-0208-3Bill WallaceMass Killers: Compelled to Destroy
  ''978-0-7088-0209-0Gordon KerrFugitives: Life on the Run
  ''978-0-7088-0210-6   ''Evil Psychopaths
1994978-0-7088-0216-8The Virgin in the Ice
978-0-7088-0237-3DANIELLE STEEL 3 TITLE SET
2008978-0-7088-0332-5James Siegel · Andy Remic · Craig Thomas · Brendan Dubois · Duncan FalconerAdventure Pack - Five Gripping Novels
  ''978-0-7088-0364-6Gordon KerrProfessional Killers
2000978-0-7088-0365-3Anne Williams · Vivian HeadInfamous Scandals
  ''978-0-7088-0366-0Phil Clarke · Liz Hardy · Anne WilliamsExecutioners
2000978-0-7088-0367-7Gordon KerrRats and Squealers
2008978-0-7088-0368-4Janice AndersonChildren Of The War Years
978-0-7088-0434-6AuthorTrue Crime Box Set - Assassinations and Consiracies by Rodney Castleden; Terr...
2006978-0-7088-0441-4A Teenager's Journey: Surviving Adolescence
2007978-0-7088-0445-2Evelyn Hood · Emma Blair · Elizabeth WaiteVoices from The Sea, Moonlit Eyes, Wheeling and Dealing x 3 Boxed Set
2008978-0-7088-0485-8Rodney CastledenDiscoveries That Changed The World
  ''978-0-7088-0488-9   ''Conflicts That Changed The World
  ''978-0-7088-0491-9Phil Clarke · Liz Hardy · Anne Williams · Phil Robin ClarkeExecutioners: Taking a Life for a Life
  ''978-0-7088-0492-6Anne Williams · Vivian HeadInfamous Scandals: Real Life Stories from the sleazy world of celebrity
  ''978-0-7088-0493-3Gordon KerrProfessional Killers: Cold-blooded murderers programmed to kill
2008978-0-7088-0494-0Gordon KerrRats And Squealers: Moles, Grasses and Whistleblowers dishing the dirt
2006978-0-7088-0526-8Elizabeth ChadwickDaughters of the Grail
2007978-0-7088-0527-5Emma BlairEmma Blair Collection
  ''978-0-7088-0528-2Nicholas SparksNicholas Sparks Collection
  ''978-0-7088-0545-9Abigail Bosanko · Candace Bushnell · Sarah Mason · Martina ReillyLadies Fiction Box-Set
  ''978-0-7088-0575-6Rodney CastledenPeople Who Changed The World
  ''978-0-7088-0576-3   ''Events That Changed the World
2005978-0-7088-0590-9Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne Extreme: My Autobiography
2007978-0-7088-0594-7Daphne Du MaurierThe Parasites
2007978-0-7088-0611-1Anne Williams · Vivian Head · Sebastian C. ProothCriminal Masterminds
  ''978-0-7088-0612-8Ray Black · Rodney Castleden · Gordon KerrKillers in Cold Blood
  ''978-0-7088-0613-5Rodney CastledenGreat Unsolved Crimes
2012978-0-7088-0620-3Keane MollyMolly Keane 5 Title Set Special
2007978-0-7088-0634-0R CastledenAssasinations and Conspiracies - Plotting for Power
  ''978-0-7088-0637-1Janice · Williams, Anne · Head, Vivian = AndersonWar Crimes and Atrocities: Horrific Crimes Committed Under the Guide of War
2007978-0-7088-0670-8Rodney CastledenSerial Killers
  ''978-0-7088-0671-5Ray BlackBorn To Be Killers
  ''978-0-7088-0674-6Gordon KerrTime Line: History Of The World
  ''978-0-7088-0677-7Janice AndersonWorking Life In Britain
  ''978-0-7088-0680-7Janice Anderson · Edmund SwinglehurstFamily Life In Britain: 1900 to 1950
1992978-0-7088-0717-0ShostakovichShostokovich Romance from the Gadfly Suite (Cello & Piano)
2007978-0-7088-0725-5Anne Williams · Vivian Head · Sebastian C. Prooth · Amy WilliamsFiendish Killers: Perpetrators of the Worst Possible Evil
978-0-7088-0735-4String quintet c minor opus.38 The Bullet: for 2 vl, va, 2 vc
2006978-0-7088-0737-8Sylvia Fraser, Anne Robinson, Joyce Storey and Richard Pelzer Sabine DardenneBroken Childhoods set of 5 novels
2007978-0-7088-0738-5Richard B. PelzerA Brother's Journey
2000978-0-7088-0742-2PackagesCrime Busters
2007978-0-7088-0743-9Janice AndersonThe War Years: Life in Britain During 1939-1945
2006978-0-7088-0745-3Rodney CastledenThe World's Most Evil People (World's Worst)
2006978-0-7088-0746-0UnnamedBoxed Set
2003978-0-7088-0771-2Great Tales from English History: Cheddar Man to the Peasants' Revolt
2004978-0-7088-0772-9Robert LaceyGreat Tales from English History. CHAUCER TO THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION 1387-1688
2006978-0-7088-0773-6Robert LaceyGreat Tales from English History. The battle of the Boyne to DNA
2007978-0-7088-0780-4Williams AnneFreedom Fighters
  ''978-0-7088-0782-8Rodney CastledenAssassinations And Conspiracies
  ''978-0-7088-0783-5Anne Williams · Vivian HeadTerror Attacks: The Violent Expression of Desperation
  ''978-0-7088-0784-2Rodney Castleden · Janice Anderson · Anne Williams · Vivian HeadWar Crimes And Atrocities
  ''978-0-7088-0785-9Rodney CastledenNatural Disasters That Changed The World
2007978-0-7088-0786-6Rodney CastledenInventions That Changed The World
  ''978-0-7088-0787-3   ''Great Unsolved Crimes
  ''978-0-7088-0788-0Ray Black · Rodney Castleden · Gordon Kerr · Claire WelchKillers In Cold Blood
  ''978-0-7088-0789-7Anne Williams · Vivian Head · Sebastian C. ProothCriminal Masterminds
  ''978-0-7088-0791-0PackagesTerror Attacks
2003978-0-7088-0846-7Anne HollandHunting - A Portrait
2005978-0-7088-0897-9Paul AdamSleeper
2004978-0-7088-0933-4Kimberly RayeKiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice
1997978-0-7088-0951-8Edwina. CurrieSHE'S LEAVING HOME.
2002978-0-7088-0952-5Hard Landing
2002978-0-7088-0954-9Patricia CornwellIsle of Dogs
2006978-0-7088-0958-7Sarah WatersThe Night Watch (Waterstone's)
  ''978-0-7088-0959-4Trudi CanavanThe Black Magician Trilogy Omnibus
978-0-7088-0969-3Ben EltonGridlock
1977978-0-7088-0977-8F.J.G. HewittSailing a Small Boat
  ''978-0-7088-0978-5C.E.F. PryorVegetables All the Year Round
  ''978-0-7088-0979-2R.G. BellingerChess for Beginners
  ''978-0-7088-0980-8Robert TattersallHandywoman
1977978-0-7088-0981-5Phoebe HichensWine Man's Bluff
1981978-0-7088-0982-2Glenn WilsonKnow Your Child's Iq (Pocket guides)
1977978-0-7088-0983-9Eve DiskinYoga (Pocket guides)
  ''978-0-7088-0984-6Jean H. LunnDrawing (Pocket Guides)
1978978-0-7088-0985-3Paul DouglasPlay Tennis
1977978-0-7088-0986-0Frederick AldersonCycling
  ''978-0-7088-0987-7C.P. AgelastoRiding
  ''978-0-7088-0990-7Eamonn FingletonMaking the Most of Your Money (Pocket Guides)
1978978-0-7088-0995-2Skiing For Beginners
2009978-0-7088-1031-6Steven DiamondWhen Anxiety Attacks - 4 CD Audio Set
1994978-0-7088-1104-7Saint Peter's Fair
  ''978-0-7088-1112-2Ellis PetersThe Raven in the Foregate
1995978-0-7088-1193-1No Medals for the Major
1976978-0-7088-1291-4George MacBethThe Samurai
1978978-0-7088-1300-3Jennifer WildeDare to Love (Troubadour Books)
1978978-0-7088-1301-0Edwyn GrayFighting Submarine
1988978-0-7088-1303-4Joyce HaberUsers
1978978-0-7088-1304-1Arabella RandolpheVampire Tapes
  ''978-0-7088-1305-8Thomas GiffordCavanaugh Quest
  ''978-0-7088-1306-5Margaret MayhewMaster of Aysgarth
  ''978-0-7088-1307-2Theresa De KerpelyArabesque
  ''978-0-7088-1308-9John KellyWooden Wolf
1978978-0-7088-1309-6Mollie HardwickAtkinson Heritage (Troubadour Books)
  ''978-0-7088-1310-2Thomas TessierThe Fates
  ''978-0-7088-1312-6Walter WagerTime of Reckoning
  ''978-0-7088-1313-3Anthony Charles H. SmithEdward and Mrs. Simpson
978-0-7088-1314-0Cecile Mileto with Dave FisherLouie's Widow: One Womans Vengeance against the Underworld
1978978-0-7088-1315-7Hank SearlsOverboard
  ''978-0-7088-1317-1Emma DrummondScarlet Shadows (A Troubadour spectacular)
1978978-0-7088-1318-8Leo KesslerWolf
  ''978-0-7088-1319-5Evelyn Stewart ArmstrongValdoro's Mistress
  ''978-0-7088-1320-1George RomeroMartin
  ''978-0-7088-1321-8Gwyneth Cravens · John S. MarrBlack Death
1979978-0-7088-1322-5Jay J. ArmesJay J.Armes, Investigator: World's Most Successful Private Eye
  ''978-0-7088-1323-2Richard PriceBloodbrothers
1978978-0-7088-1324-9Joyce VerretteDawn of Desire (Troubadour Books)
1978978-0-7088-1325-6David ButlerDisraeli: The Adventurer v. 1
  ''978-0-7088-1326-3Anne WillardWinds of Fate (Troubadour Books)
  ''978-0-7088-1327-0Clare DarcyElyza
1979978-0-7088-1328-7Diane Du PontFrench Passion (Troubadour Books)
1978978-0-7088-1329-4Yehudi MenuhinUnfinished Journey
  ''978-0-7088-1330-0Leo KesslerBlood Mountain (Storm troop)
  ''978-0-7088-1331-7Phillip GlasierAs the Falcon Her Bells
1978978-0-7088-1332-4Peter CushingTales of a Monster Hunter
  ''978-0-7088-1334-8Norma KleinIt's O.K. If You Don't Love Me
1981978-0-7088-1335-5x AnonymousLetters Of An Indian Judge To English Gentlewoman
1978978-0-7088-1336-2Phyllis LeonardWarrior's Woman (Troubadour Books)
  ''978-0-7088-1337-9H. V. MortonH.V.Morton's England
  ''978-0-7088-1339-3Joe BalhamRegan and the Venetian Virgin
  ''978-0-7088-1341-6Mary NorwakToffees, Fudges, Chocolates and Sweets
1978978-0-7088-1342-3Ian NiallOne Man and His Dogs
  ''978-0-7088-1343-0N.J. CrispThe Odd Job Man
1981978-0-7088-1344-7Terry BrooksThe Sword Of Shannara: The Shannara Chronicles
1978978-0-7088-1345-4Stuart SternPoison Tree
  ''978-0-7088-1346-1David B. NixonWalk Soft in the Fold
  ''978-0-7088-1348-5Laurie McBainMoonstruck Madness (A Troubadour spectacular)
  ''978-0-7088-1349-2Leo KesslerCounterattack
1978978-0-7088-1351-5Donald SeamanTerror Syndicate
  ''978-0-7088-1352-2Kathleen E. WoodiwissShanna (Troubadour spectaculars)
  ''978-0-7088-1353-9Walter WagerWarhead
  ''978-0-7088-1354-6Gavin YoungReturn to the Marshes: Life with the Marsh Arabs of Iraq
  ''978-0-7088-1355-3Ken FollettStorm Island
1978978-0-7088-1356-0Mary HemingwayHow it Was
  ''978-0-7088-1357-7Peter HornbyThe Official Irish Joke Book: No. 3
1982978-0-7088-1358-4Joseph HowardOmen 2-Damien: Omen II
1978978-0-7088-1359-1Ken PayneThe Coup
  ''978-0-7088-1361-4Robert BlackThe Satanists
1981978-0-7088-1362-1Larry Niven · Jerry PournelleLucifer's Hammer
1978978-0-7088-1363-8Edwin TorresQ.& A.
  ''978-0-7088-1365-2Bernard GittelsonBiorhythm 1978-80: A Personal Science
  ''978-0-7088-1366-9James McVeanBloodspoor
1978978-0-7088-1368-3Peter CaveFoxbat
  ''978-0-7088-1369-0Marilyn GranbeckCelia (Troubadour Books)
1979978-0-7088-1370-6Angela MackEnglish for Businessmen
1978978-0-7088-1373-7Keith ChiversThe Shire Horse: A History of the Breed, the Society and the Men
1991978-0-7088-1374-4Colleen McCulloughThe Thorn Birds (Troubadour Books)
1978978-0-7088-1376-8Maurice GriffithsThe Magic of the Swatchways
1979978-0-7088-1377-5James Andrew HallEnemy at the Door
1989978-0-7088-1379-9Peter StraubIf You Could See Me Now
1978978-0-7088-1380-5Theresa ConwayGabrielle (Troubadour Books)
  ''978-0-7088-1382-9John TarrantRommel Plot
  ''978-0-7088-1383-6David IrvingTrail of the Fox: Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
  ''978-0-7088-1384-3Martin Cruz SmithNightwing
1979978-0-7088-1385-0Gene ThompsonLupe
1979978-0-7088-1386-7Philippe Van RjndtBlueprint
  ''978-0-7088-1387-4William HowardGore Vidal's Caligula: A Novel Based on Gore Vidal's Original Screenplay
1978978-0-7088-1388-1Vance PackardPeople Shapers
  ''978-0-7088-1389-8Joe BalhamThe Blag
1981978-0-7088-1390-4Joseph WambaughBlack Marble
1978978-0-7088-1391-1Leo KesslerHellfire (Panzer/Wotan)
  ''978-0-7088-1392-8Paul VictorWarlords of Atlantis
  ''978-0-7088-1393-5Norma KleinSunshine Christmas
1978978-0-7088-1394-2Hans RueschThe Arab
  ''978-0-7088-1396-6Therese MartiniTo Love and Beyond (Troubadour Books)
  ''978-0-7088-1397-3George MellyRum, Bum and Concertina
  ''978-0-7088-1398-0A. C. H. SmithThe Jericho Gun
  ''978-0-7088-1399-7John W. EpplerOperation Condor: Rommel's Spy
1979978-0-7088-1401-7David HirstThe Gun and the Olive Branch
1978978-0-7088-1402-4Gwyn WilliamsLand Remembers: View of Wales
1978978-0-7088-1403-1Anne CummingLove Habit