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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1963978-0-7083-0000-8Leslie AlcockDinas Powys: An Iron Age, Dark Age and Early Medieval Settlement in Glamorgan: An Iron Age, Dark Age and Early Mediaeval Settlement
1972978-0-7083-0035-0Ifor WilliamsThe Beginnings of Welsh Poetry
1974978-0-7083-0114-2Aled Rhys WiliamLlyfr Iorwerth: Critical Text of Venedotian Code of Mediaeval Welsh Laws (History & Law)
1961978-0-7083-0167-8David WilliamsThomas Francis Roberts, 1860-1919
1972978-0-7083-0447-1Thomas Jones PierceMedieval Welsh society: Selected essays by T. Jones Pierce
  ''978-0-7083-0456-3Belinda HumfreyEssays on John Cowper Powys
2004978-0-7083-0504-1R. J. ThomasA Dictionary of the Welsh Language: v. 1, Parts 1-21: Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (Life Writings Frontier Women)
1974978-0-7083-0544-7Giraldus CambrensisSpeculum Duorum or A Mirror of Two Men
  ''978-0-7083-0572-0Rachel BromwichDafydd ap Gwilym (Writers of Wales)
1975978-0-7083-0579-9Glyn WilliamsThe Desert and the Dream: A Study of Welsh Colonization in Chubut, 1865-1915
1977978-0-7083-0606-2D. T. W. PriceHistory of Saint David's University College, Lampeter: To 1898 v. 1
1979978-0-7083-0622-2Keith RobbinsAbolition of War: "Peace Movement" in Britain, 1914-19: "Peace Movement" in Britain, 1914-19
1991978-0-7083-0629-1A. O. H. JarmanLlyfr Du Caerfyrddin
1988978-0-7083-0650-5Emrys George BowenSaints, Seaways and Settlements in Celtic Lands
1991978-0-7083-0690-1Rachel BromwichWelsh Triads
1978978-0-7083-0695-6Basil DeaneAlun Hoddinott (Composers of Wales)
  ''978-0-7083-0696-3Rachel Bromwich · R.Brinley JonesAstudiaethau ar yr Hengerdd
1980978-0-7083-0744-1Ifor WilliamsThe Beginnings of Welsh Poetry
  ''978-0-7083-0747-2Brynley F. RobertsEdward Lhuyd (D.J.Williams Memorial Lecture)
1981978-0-7083-0761-8John DaviesCardiff and the Marquesses of Bute (Studies in Welsh History)
1980978-0-7083-0766-3David B. Smith · Gareth W. WilliamsFields of Praise: Official History of the Welsh Rugby Union, 1881-1981
1992978-0-7083-0771-7Dafydd Jenkins · Morfydd E. OwenThe Welsh Law of Women
1989978-0-7083-0775-5Harold CarterNational Atlas of Wales
1981978-0-7083-0776-2R. Merfyn JonesThe North Wales Quarrymen, 1874-1922 (Studies in Welsh history)
1982978-0-7083-0806-6Neil CorcoranThe Song of Deeds: Study of "The Anathemata" of David Jones (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
1981978-0-7083-0813-4A. O. H. JarmanThe Cynfeirdd: Early Welsh Poets and Poetry (Writers of Wales)
1982978-0-7083-0814-1Gareth Elwyn JonesControls and Conflicts in Welsh Secondary Education, 1889-1944
1982978-0-7083-0817-2D. Simon EvansLlafar a Llyfr yn yr Hen Gyfnod (Darlith goffa G.J. Williams)
1984978-0-7083-0850-9David StephensonThe Governance of Gwynedd (Studies in Welsh History)
1991978-0-7083-0852-3Alun Richard Jones · Gwyn ThomasPresenting Saunders Lewis
1997978-0-7083-0854-7Eric RowanArt in Wales: An Illustrated History: 1850-1980
1984978-0-7083-0861-5Martin J. Ball · Glyn E. JonesWelsh Phonology: Selected Readings (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
  ''978-0-7083-0873-8M.Wynn ThomasMorgan Llwyd (Writers of Wales)
1985978-0-7083-0890-5R. R. Davies · Ralph A. Griffiths · Ieuan Gwynedd Jones · Kenneth O. MorganWelsh Society and Nationhood: Historical Essays Presented to Glanmor Williams
  ''978-0-7083-0893-6J. Gwynn WilliamsThe University College of North Wales: Foundations
  ''978-0-7083-0906-3Harold Carter · John AitchisonWelsh Language, 1961-81: An Interpretative Atlas
1986978-0-7083-0925-4T. Charles-Edwards · Morfydd E. Owen · Douglas B. WaltersLawyers and Laymen
1998978-0-7083-0933-9David WilliamsThe Rebecca Riots: A Study in Agrarian Discontent
1994978-0-7083-0936-0T. J. Morgan · Prys MorganWelsh Surnames
1986978-0-7083-0938-4D.Simon EvansMediaeval Religious Literature (Writers of Wales)
  ''978-0-7083-0942-1F. G. CowleyThe Monastic Order in South Wales, 1066-1349 (Studies in Welsh History)
1987978-0-7083-0961-2John Wyn RobertsMediaeval Welsh Monasteries (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
1987978-0-7083-0963-6Leslie AlcockEconomy, Society and Warfare Among the Britons and Saxons, C.400-c.800 AD
  ''978-0-7083-0965-0D. T. W. PriceEsgob Burgess a Choleg Llanbedr: Bishop Burgess and Lampeter College (St.David's Day)
1988978-0-7083-0971-1Trevor Herbert · Gareth Elwyn JonesTudor Wales (Welsh history & its sources)
  ''978-0-7083-0972-8Geraint Lewis JonesHanes Prydain, 1914-64
1987978-0-7083-0973-5M.E. ChamberlainLord Palmerston (Political Portraits)
  ''978-0-7083-0974-2Owen EdwardsEamon De Valera (Political Portraits)
1988978-0-7083-0975-9Glyn Mills AshtonRhyddiaith Gymraeg Y Drydedd Gyfrol: Detholion O Lyfrau Printiedig, 1750-1850: 3 cyf.
  ''978-0-7083-0976-6Rachel Bromwich · D. Simon EvansCulhwch ac Olwen
2004978-0-7083-0981-0Gareth A. BevanA Dictionary of the Welsh Language: v. 2, Parts 22-36: Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (Dictionary of the Welsh Language - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru)
1990978-0-7083-1007-6David H. WilliamsAtlas of Cistercian Lands in Wales
1988978-0-7083-1011-3Pamela BacarisseThe Necessary Dream: Study of the Novels of Manuel Puig
1998978-0-7083-1014-4Gwyn WilliamsThe Merthyr Rising
1989978-0-7083-1027-4D.Gareth EvansA History of Wales, 1815-1906 (Welsh history text books)
1996978-0-7083-1028-1D.Gareth EvansA History of Wales, 1815-1906
1989978-0-7083-1030-4Helen FultonDafydd Ap Gwilym and the European Context
1990978-0-7083-1032-8Thomas Charles-EdwardsThe Welsh Laws (Writers of Wales)
1989978-0-7083-1039-7John Gwynfor JonesWales and the Tudor State: Government, Religious Change and the Social Order 1534-1603
1989978-0-7083-1049-6Bruce GriffithsSaunders Lewis (Writers of Wales)
1990978-0-7083-1062-5D.T.W. PriceA History of Saint David's University College, Lampeter: 1889-1971 v. 2 (History of Saint David's University College, Lampeter)
1991978-0-7083-1064-9A. D. CarrOwen of Wales: The End of the House of Gwynedd
  ''978-0-7083-1078-6Ryland WallaceOrganize! Organize! Organize!: Study of Reform Agitations in Wales, 1840-86 (Studies in Welsh History)
1992978-0-7083-1092-2Patrick K. FordYstoria Taliesin
2007978-0-7083-1094-6J.E.Caerwyn Williams · Patrick K. FordIrish Literary Tradition (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
1991978-0-7083-1104-2Osian EllisThe Story of the Harp in Wales
  ''978-0-7083-1115-8Derec Llwyd MorganKate Roberts (Writers of Wales)
2006978-0-7083-1118-9Trefor M. OwenThe Customs and Traditions of Wales (Pocket Guides)
1991978-0-7083-1120-2Angela V. JohnOur Mothers' Land: Chapters in Welsh Women's History, 1830-1939 (University of Wales - Pocket Guide)
  ''978-0-7083-1124-0Kenneth O. MorganWales in British Politics, 1868-1922
1992978-0-7083-1127-1Rachel Bromwich · D. Simon EvansCulhwch and Olwen
  ''978-0-7083-1138-7Edward Lewis EllisT.J.: Life of Doctor Thomas Jones, CH
1991978-0-7083-1139-4Trefor Alan DaviesThe Welsh Dresser/Ddresel Gymreig
1992978-0-7083-1144-8Nora TempleThe Road to 1789: From Reform to Revolution in France (Past in Perspective)
1994978-0-7083-1160-8Charles ThomasAnd Shall These Mute Stones Speak? Post-Roman Inscriptions in Western Britain.
1995978-0-7083-1163-9Ioan Bowen ReesThe Mountains of Wales: An Anthology in Verse & Prose
1998978-0-7083-1176-9Glyn JonesThe Island of Apples
2003978-0-7083-1186-8Bruce Griffiths · Dafydd Glyn JonesThe Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary
1994978-0-7083-1187-5R.Geraint GruffyddGwaith Meilyr Brydydd A'i Ddisgynyddion (Cyfres Beirdd Y Tywysogion)
1993978-0-7083-1194-3Saunders LewisSelected Poems of Saunders Lewis
1994978-0-7083-1206-3J.E.Caerwyn WilliamsThe Poets of the Welsh Princes (Writers of Wales)
1994978-0-7083-1236-0Harold Carter · J.W. Aitchison · J.W. AichisonA Geography of the Welsh Language, 1961-1991 (University of Wales Press - Histories of Wales)
  ''978-0-7083-1238-4A.Cynfael LakeGwaith Lewys Daron
  ''978-0-7083-1242-1Hywel Wyn OwenThe Place-names of East Flintshire
1995978-0-7083-1246-9Glyn DaviesA History of Money: From Ancient Times to the Present Day
2004978-0-7083-1247-6Jane Aaron · Teresa Rees · Sandra Betts · Moira VincentelliOur Sisters' Land: Changing Identity of Women in Wales (University of Wales Press - Histories of Wales)
1994978-0-7083-1259-9Winifred V. Davies · M. Mair Parry · Rosalind A.M. TempleThe Changing Voices of Europe: Social and Political Change and Their Linguistic Repercussions, Past, Present and Future
1998978-0-7083-1265-0Dafydd R. JohnstonLiterature of Wales (Pocket Guides)
1995978-0-7083-1275-9Leslie Alcock · S.J. Stevenson · C.R. MussonCadbury Castle, Somerset: The Early Medieval Archaeology
2008978-0-7083-1287-2Oliver DaviesCeltic Christianity in Early Medieval Wales: The Origins of the Welsh Spiritual Tradition
1996978-0-7083-1290-2Elissa R. HenkenNational Redeemer: Owain Glyndwr in Welsh Tradition
1995978-0-7083-1295-7Michael John FranklinSir William Jones (Writers of Wales)
  ''978-0-7083-1296-4Beryl James · David Ian AllsobrookFirst in the World: Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales
2008978-0-7083-1307-7Rachel BromwichThe Arthur of the Welsh: Arthurian Legend in Mediaeval Welsh Literature (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales) (Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages)
2005978-0-7083-1345-9Peter Wynn ThomasGramadeg Y Gymraeg
1997978-0-7083-1351-0Glyn DaviesA History of Money: From Ancient Times to the Present Day
1996978-0-7083-1352-7C.C. EldridgeDisraeli and the Rise of a New Imperialism (Past in Perspective)
  ''978-0-7083-1356-5Dafydd ap GwilymGwaith Dafydd Ap Gwilym
1997978-0-7083-1365-7Paul Cloke · Paul MilbourneRural Wales: Community and Marginalization
2004978-0-7083-1367-1David Russell DaviesSecret Sins: Sex, Violence and Society in Carmarthenshire, 1870-1920
1996978-0-7083-1372-5Malcolm BoydGrace Williams
1997978-0-7083-1374-9JOHN THOMAS KOCHThe Gododdin of Aneirin: A Text from Dark-Age North Britain
1998978-0-7083-1383-1Meic StephensThe New Companion to the Literature of Wales (Cymru-Contemporary German Writers)
2006978-0-7083-1386-2Rachel BromwichTrioedd Ynys Prydein: The Triads of the Island of Britain
1997978-0-7083-1398-5Roderick Macdonald · Huw ThomasNationality and Planning in Scotland and Wales
1998978-0-7083-1401-2Professor Malcolm CrookNapoleon Comes to Power: Democracy and Dictatorship in Revolutionary France, 1795-1804 (Past in Perspective)
1996978-0-7083-1407-4Ifor WilliamsPedeir Keinc y Mabinogi Allan o Lyfr Gwyn Rhydderch
2009978-0-7083-1414-2Sioned DaviesThe Horse in Celtic Culture: Medieval Welsh Perspectives
1997978-0-7083-1415-9Glanmor WilliamsWales and the Reformation
2000978-0-7083-1416-6N.Kershaw ChadwickThe Druids (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
2001978-0-7083-1418-0Geraint H. JenkinsThe Welsh Language Before the Industrial Revolution (Social History of the Welsh Language)
1997978-0-7083-1433-3David JenkinsShipowners of Cardiff: A Class by Themselves
1997978-0-7083-1438-8Gwendolen WebsterKurt Merz Schwitters: Biographical Study
  ''978-0-7083-1442-5Nicholas CrickhowellOpera House Lottery: Zaha Hadid and the Cardiff Bay Project
1999978-0-7083-1447-0David BaskerUwe Timm (Contemporary German Writers)
1998978-0-7083-1448-7Malcolm SmithDemocracy in a Depression: Britain in the 1920s and 1930s: Britain in the 1920s and 1930s (Past in Perspective)
2000978-0-7083-1458-6Hywel Wyn OwenA Pocket Guide to the Place-Names of Wales (Pocket Guides)
1998978-0-7083-1460-9Geraint H. JenkinsStatistical Material Relating to the Welsh Language 1801-1911 (Social History of the Welsh Language)
  ''978-0-7083-1467-8   ''Language and Community in the Nineteenth Century (Social History of the Welsh Language)
  ''978-0-7083-1473-9Chris WilliamsCapitalism, Community and Conflict: South Wales Coalfield, 1898-1947 (Past in Perspective)
2001978-0-7083-1474-6J.Beverley SmithLlywelyn Ap Gruffudd: Prince of Wales
2011978-0-7083-1484-5Brigid HainesHerta Mueller (Contemporary German Writers)
1999978-0-7083-1488-3Alexander Buckingham · Richard FrameAlexander Cordell: Valiant for Truth
1998978-0-7083-1491-3John Graham JonesThe History of Wales (Pocket Guides)
2004978-0-7083-1496-8Peter LordThe Industrial Society (Visual Culture of Wales)
2000978-0-7083-1516-3Janet DaviesWelsh Language (Pocket Guides)
2004978-0-7083-1530-9P. J. DonovanA Dictionary of the Welsh Language: v. 3, Parts 37-50: Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (Cymru - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymu)
2000978-0-7083-1532-3Miranda Aldhouse-Green · Ray HowellCeltic Wales (Pocket Guides)
1999978-0-7083-1536-1Mari Williams · Gwenfair ParryThe Welsh Langauge and the 1891 Census (Social History of the Welsh Language)
2010978-0-7083-1563-7B.L. CoombesThese Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner in South Wales
1999978-0-7083-1576-7Stephen Le Fleming · William HarrisonIntermediate Russian Grammar
2004978-0-7083-1587-3Peter LordImaging the Nation (Visual Culture of Wales)
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2000978-0-7083-1646-7Ifor WilliamsCanu Taliesin
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2002978-0-7083-1663-4Mark AthertonCelts and Christians: New Approaches to the Religious Traditions of Britain and Ireland (Religion, Culture & Society Series)
2000978-0-7083-1665-8David BaskerHermann-Peter Piwitt (Contemporary German Writers)
  ''978-0-7083-1666-5   ''Hermann-Peter Piwitt (Contemporary German Writers)
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2001978-0-7083-1683-2W.R.J. BarronThe Arthur of the English: The Arthurian Legend in English Life and Literature (Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages)
  ''978-0-7083-1691-7Watkin TenchLetters from Revolutionary France
  ''978-0-7083-1693-1Glyn JonesThe Dragon Has Two Tongues
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2001978-0-7083-1697-9Emrys JonesThe Welsh in London
  ''978-0-7083-1698-6S.B. Edgington · Sarah LambertGendering the Crusades
  ''978-0-7083-1709-9J. Beverley Smith · Llinos Beverley SmithA History of Merioneth: Middle Ages v.2: Middle Ages Vol 2
  ''978-0-7083-1712-9Christopher DeacyScreen Christologies: Redemption and the Medium of Film (Religion, Culture & Society)
2010978-0-7083-1717-4Glyn DaviesHistory of Money: From Ancient Times to the Present Day
2001978-0-7083-1719-8Deian R. Hopkin · Duncan Tanner · Chris WilliamsThe Labour Party in Wales 1900-2000
2002978-0-7083-1726-6Mari A. WilliamsA Forgotten Army: The Female Munitions Workers of South Wales, 1939-1945 (Studies in Welsh History)
  ''978-0-7083-1730-3John DaviesCardiff (Pocket Guides)
2002978-0-7083-1734-1Steve Clark · Martin Hoban · Antonina Mendola · Derith PowellCommunity Development in South Wales
2008978-0-7083-1736-5Carol WilliamsWhat's the Word For...?: Beth Yw'r Gair Am...?
2003978-0-7083-1739-6Richard RawlingsDelineating Wales: Constitutional, Legal and Administrative Aspects of National Devolution (Politics & Society in Wales)
2002978-0-7083-1752-5Miranda Aldhouse-Green · Peter WebsterArtefacts and Archaeology: Aspects of the Celtic and Roman World
  ''978-0-7083-1755-6John FordhamJames Hanley: Modernism and the Working Class
2003978-0-7083-1759-4Neil Evans · Paul O'LearyA Tolerant Nation?: Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Wales
2002978-0-7083-1769-3Carolyn Stewart · Eric RowanAn Elusive Tradition: Art and Society in Wales 1870-1950
2003978-0-7083-1772-3Anthony O'MahonyThe Christian Communities of Jerusalem and the Holy Land: Studies in History, Religion and Politics
2002978-0-7083-1773-0Glyn DaviesA History of Money
  ''978-0-7083-1775-4Cennard DaviesCryno-ddysg Y Cymry: An Introduction to Commonly Used Proverbs, Idioms and Idiomatic Phrases for Welsh Learners
  ''978-0-7083-1776-1Silvia Ranawake · Harry JacksonThe Arthur of the Germans: The Arthurian Legend in Medieval German Literature and Life (Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages)
2003978-0-7083-1779-2Ralph MaudWhere Have the Old Words Got Me?: Explications of Dylan Thomas's Collected Poems, 1934-1953
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2003978-0-7083-1783-9Hazel PierceMargaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury 1473-1541: Loyalty, Lineage and Leadership
  ''978-0-7083-1797-6Teresa P. ReedShadows of Mary: Reading the Virgin Mary in Medieval Texts (Religion & Culture in the Middle Ages)
  ''978-0-7083-1798-3Teresa ReedShadows of Mary: Reading the Virgin Mary in Medieval Texts (Religion & Culture in the Middle Ages)
2006978-0-7083-1800-3Tony BrownR. S.Thomas (Writers of Wales)
2003978-0-7083-1801-0Peter LordMedieval Vision (Visual Culture of Wales)
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2004978-0-7083-1806-5Gareth A. Bevan · P. Donovan · University of Wales PressA Dictionary of the Welsh Language: Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (4 Vol Set)
2003978-0-7083-1807-2Gareth Elwyn Jones · Gordon W. RoderickA History of Education in Wales (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
  ''978-0-7083-1808-9   ''A History of Education in Wales
2003978-0-7083-1810-2Tom Cheesman · Karin YesiladaZafer Senocak (Contemporary German Writers)
  ''978-0-7083-1811-9Tom Cheeseman · Karin YesiladaZafer Senocak (Contemporary German Writers)
2004978-0-7083-1816-4Robert StradlingWales and the Spanish Civil War: The Dragon's Dearest Cause
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2003978-0-7083-1822-5Bettina Bildhauer · Robert MillsThe Monstrous Middle Ages
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2008978-0-7083-1830-0Laura McAllisterDafydd Ellis Thomas: A Biography
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2006978-0-7083-1845-4John HickeyUrban Catholics: The Irish Settlement in Cardiff, 1811-2000
  ''978-0-7083-1851-5Graham Day · Andrew Thompson · David DunkerleyCivil Society in Wales: Policy, Politics and People
2005978-0-7083-1856-0Jane Aaron · Chris WilliamsPostcolonial Wales
  ''978-0-7083-1857-7Vincent GillespieLooking in Holy Books: Essays on Late-Medieval Religious Writing in England (Religion & Culture in the Middle Ages)
2005978-0-7083-1858-4Vincent GillespieLooking in Holy Books: Essays on Late-Medieval Religious Writing in England (Religion & Culture in the Middle Ages)
  ''978-0-7083-1864-5Porter · RobertIdeology: Explorations in Contemporary Social, Political and Cultural Theory (Political Philosophy Now)
2004978-0-7083-1874-4Ceri DaviesDr John Davies of Mallwyd: Welsh Renaissance Scholar
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2007978-0-7083-1901-7Matthew CragoeWales and War: Society, Politics and Religion in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  ''978-0-7083-1902-4Kenneth J. TillerLayamon's Brut and the Anglo-Norman Vision of History
2005978-0-7083-1903-1Mark NeocleousThe Monstrous and the Dead: Burke, Marx, Fascism: Burke, Marx, Fascism (Political Philosophy Now)
2006978-0-7083-1905-5Louise MiskellIntelligent Town: An Urban History of Swansea, 1780-1855 (Studies in Welsh History)
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2007978-0-7083-1917-8Anwen JonesNational Theatres in Context: France, Germany, England and Wales
2004978-0-7083-1930-7Edward Lewis EllisThe University College of Wales,Aberystwyth: 1872-1972
2006978-0-7083-1931-4David Hanley · John LoughlinSpanish Political Parties (University of Wales Press - Writing Wales in English)
2005978-0-7083-1933-8Russell DaviesHope and Heartbreak: A Social History of Wales, 1776-1871
2007978-0-7083-1934-5David George · John LondonSpanish Film, Theatre and Literature in the Twentieth Century (University of Wales Press - Writing Wales in English)
2005978-0-7083-1936-9Deborah FisherPrincesses of Wales (Pocket Guide)
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2005978-0-7083-1941-3Glanmor WilliamsOwain Glyndwr (Pocket Guide)
2008978-0-7083-1942-0Osian EllisThe History of the Harp in Wales (Pocket Guide)
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2005978-0-7083-1946-8Martin JohnesThe History of Sport in Wales (Pocket Guide)
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