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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-7069-0194-8Kuldip NayarDistant Neighbours: A Tale of the Subcontinent
1975978-0-7069-0366-9Kuldip NayarIndia after Nehru
1977978-0-7069-0523-6Vishal MangalwadiWorld of Gurus
1978978-0-7069-0544-1Barbara Nimri AzizTibetan Frontier Families
  ''978-0-7069-0595-3Som Prakash VermaArt and Material Culture in the Paintings of Akbar's Court
  ''978-0-7069-0620-2M.S. ChaturvediHistory of the Indian Air Force
  ''978-0-7069-0621-9M.O. MathaiReminiscences of the Nehru Age
  ''978-0-7069-0626-4Christian W. TrollSayyid Ahmad Khan: Reinterpretation of Muslim Theology
1978978-0-7069-0647-9Kuldip NayarIn Jail
  ''978-0-7069-0652-3Kamaladevi ChattopadhyayaTribalism in India
1979978-0-7069-0714-8K. S. DuggalTwice Born Twice Dead: A Novel
1982978-0-7069-0799-5Pritish NandyBook of Modern Indian Love Stories
  ''978-0-7069-0804-6Ahmad BarakatMuhammad and the Jews: Re-examination
1984978-0-7069-1247-0S.J. PotiQuantitative Study in Life Sciences
1982978-0-7069-1259-3K. R. SinghIran: Quest for Security
1981978-0-7069-1292-0Satish KumarCIA and the Third World: A Study in Cryptodiplomacy
1986978-0-7069-1349-1Bhabani Sen GuptaAfghan Syndrome: How to Live with Soviet Power
1982978-0-7069-1390-3A. G. NooraniPublic Law in India
  ''978-0-7069-1399-6D. D. KosambiCulture and Civilization of Ancient India in Historical Outline
1983978-0-7069-1433-7Arjun JoshiHistory & culture of Khijjingakotta under the Bhanjas
  ''978-0-7069-2128-1Khalid HasanVersions of Truth: Urdu Short Stories from Pakistan
1984978-0-7069-2474-9N.Iqbal SinghAmrita Sher-Gill: A Biography
1983978-0-7069-2495-4Benazir BhuttoPakistan: The gathering storm
1984978-0-7069-2509-8Sunanda K Datta-RaySmash and grab: Annexation of Sikkim
1984978-0-7069-2563-0Hardayal HardyStruggles and Sorrows: The Personal Testimony of a Chief Justice
  ''978-0-7069-2657-6V. P. DuttIndia's Foreign Policy
  ''978-0-7069-2692-7A. M. Khusro · Idriss Jazairy · Ariel Buira · Amir Jamal · Augustin PapicDirections for Reform: The Future of the International Monetary and Financial System
  ''978-0-7069-2694-1Joshi ChandBhindranwale: Myth and Reality
1985978-0-7069-2751-1Christian W. TrollReligion and Religious Education (Islam in India: Studies and Commentaries, Vol 2)
  ''978-0-7069-2784-9Nina PuriPolitical elite and society in the Punjab
1973978-0-7069-4753-3Anthony WestMortal Wounds
1994978-0-7069-6673-2Eckehard KulkeParsees in India
1993978-0-7069-6859-0B. AhmadGenerals of Pakistan and Bangladesh
1993978-0-7069-6963-4C.R. NagMizo Society in Transition
  ''978-0-7069-6964-1D. K. JhaTextbook on Seed Pathology
1994978-0-7069-7171-2P.R. BhattacharjeeEconomic Transition in Tripura
  ''978-0-7069-8004-2Mohammed Farah Aidid · Satya Pal RuhelaSomalia: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Modern Times
2005978-0-7069-8515-3H.C. DubeFungi, Bacteria and Viruses
1995978-0-7069-8539-9D.V. SharmaTowards Quality Secondary Education: An Agenda for 21st Century
  ''978-0-7069-8736-2M.C. KuchhalMercantile Law
  ''978-0-7069-9054-6R. S. Pandey · L. AdvaniPerspectives in Disability and Rehabilitation