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2001978-0-7043-4715-1Shelley BoveyWhat Have You Got to Lose?: The Great Weight Debate and How to Diet Successfully
  ''978-0-7043-4718-2Ellen HartThe Merchant of Venus: A Jane Lawless Thriller (A Jane Lawless mystery)
  ''978-0-7043-4719-9Ellen HartRobbers Wine: A Jane Lawless Mystery
  ''978-0-7043-4720-5Bell HooksSalvation: Black People and Love
  ''978-0-7043-4724-3Patricia GraceDogside Story
2001978-0-7043-4726-7Marcia MullerPoint Deception
2002978-0-7043-4730-4Stevie DaviesThe Element of Water
2003978-0-7043-4731-1Nicola BairdThe Toxic Home: Hidden Dangers Around the Home
2002978-0-7043-4737-3Joanna RussThe Female Man (A Women's Press Classic)
  ''978-0-7043-4739-7Erica WooffMud Puppy
  ''978-0-7043-4744-1Elizabeth HayA Student of Weather
  ''978-0-7043-4746-5Anchee MinWild Ginger
  ''978-0-7043-4751-9Katy WatsonHigh on Life
2002978-0-7043-4752-6Joan BarfootCritical Injuries
  ''978-0-7043-4753-3Sue LeesCarnal Knowledge: Rape on Trial
  ''978-0-7043-4754-0Stephanie DowrickIntimacy and Solitude: Balancing Closeness and Independence
2003978-0-7043-4768-7Joan BarfootCritical Injuries (Massmarket) Pb
  ''978-0-7043-4782-3M. ReneeThe Skeleton Woman
1987978-0-7043-4906-3Melisa C. MichaelsSkirmish
1988978-0-7043-4910-0Gwyneth JonesThe Hidden Ones
2001978-0-7043-4917-9Kate MurphyFirsts: Livewire Book of British Women Achievers
1990978-0-7043-4924-7Malorie BlackmanNot So Stupid!: Incredible Short Stories (Livewire)
2002978-0-7043-4931-5Malorie BlackmanTrust Me (Livewire Books for Teenagers)
1996978-0-7043-4934-6Leslea NewmanFat Chance! (Livewire Books for Teenagers)
  ''978-0-7043-4939-1Juliet GellatleyThe Livewire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Veggie!
1997978-0-7043-4947-6Sandra ChickI Never Told Her I Loved Her (Livewire S.)
1999978-0-7043-4961-2Sherry AshworthWhat's Your Problem? (Livewire S.)
1998978-0-7043-4962-9Paula BoockDare, Truth or Promise (Livewire)
2000978-0-7043-4966-7Carol DrinkwaterCrossing the Line: Young Women Talk About Being in Trouble with the Law
2006978-0-7043-4979-7OdriscollLet's Talk about Sex (Livewire)
2002978-0-7043-4983-4Helen HinesPerfect: Young Women Talk About Body Image
1986978-0-7043-5016-8Alice WalkerThe Color Purple (Women's Press Classics S.)
1990978-0-7043-5038-0Lucy GoodisonMoving Heaven and Earth: Symbols of Sexuality and Spirituality
1989978-0-7043-5039-7Christine BattersbyGender and Genius: Towards a Feminist Aesthetics
1991978-0-7043-5061-8Alice WalkerHer Blue Body Everything We Know: Earthling Poems, 1965-90 Complete
1994978-0-7043-5066-3   ''The Complete Stories
1998978-0-7043-5072-4Janet FrameJanet Frame: Complete Autobiography
2001978-0-7043-5077-9Alice WalkerThe Way Forward is with a Broken Heart
2001978-0-7043-5086-1Josyanne SavigneauCarson McCullers: A Life
1991978-0-7043-7005-0Will FriedwaldJazz Singing: America's Great Voices from Bessie Smith to Bebop and Beyond
  ''978-0-7043-7011-1Derek JarmanDancing Ledge
1994978-0-7043-7016-6Denys Johnson-DaviesThe Island of Animals
1992978-0-7043-7019-7Per Olov EnquistCaptain Nemo's Library
  ''978-0-7043-7020-3Esfandiary BakhtiarySoraya: The autobiography of Her Imperial Highness
  ''978-0-7043-7021-0Leni RiefenstahlSieve of Time: Memoirs of Leni Riefenstahl
1993978-0-7043-7023-4Michael KettleDe Gaulle and Algeria, 1940-60
  ''978-0-7043-7036-4Said K. AburishThe Forgotten Faithful: Christians of the Holy Land
1993978-0-7043-7042-5Annie ErnauxPassion Perfect
  ''978-0-7043-7045-6Hector TizonThe Man Who Came to a Village
  ''978-0-7043-7051-7Amin MaaloufThe First Century After Beatrice
1994978-0-7043-7055-5Charlotte Gere · John CulmeGarrard: Crown Jewellers for 150 Years
1993978-0-7043-7057-9Witold GombrowiczDiary: 1961-66 v.3: 1961-66 Vol 3
1994978-0-7043-7060-9Geoff NicholsonStill Life with Volkswagens
1993978-0-7043-7061-6Andrew FordComposer to Composer: Conversations About Contemporary Music
1994978-0-7043-7066-1Ben WatsonFrank Zappa: The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play
  ''978-0-7043-7075-3Arnost LustigDita Saxova
1995978-0-7043-7078-4Beppe FenoglioJohnny the partisan
1994978-0-7043-7084-5Michael KrugerHimmelfarb
1995978-0-7043-7099-9F. M. DostoevskyA Writer's Diary: v.2: Vol 2
2006978-0-7043-7118-7Naim AttallahIn Touch with his Roots
  ''978-0-7043-7119-4David R. L. LitchfieldThe Thyssen Art Macabre
2006978-0-7043-7120-0John SwannellJohn Swannell Nudes 1978-2006
2008978-0-7043-7124-8Andrei CodrescuThe Blood Countess
2009978-0-7043-7139-2Lynn MichellWhite Lies
2008978-0-7043-7144-6Nick CowanFifty Tea Bags and a Bottle of Rum: A Memoir
  ''978-0-7043-7149-1Bernie KatzSoHo Society
2009978-0-7043-7152-1Remi KapoReap the Forgotten Harvest: An Epic Saga of Slavery
  ''978-0-7043-7157-6Paul McGeoughKill Khalid: The Failed Mossad Assasination of Khalid Mishal and the Rise of Hamas
  ''978-0-7043-7158-3James PalumboTomas
2010978-0-7043-7160-6Pam HirschThe Constant Liberal: The Life and Work of Phyllis Bottome
2009978-0-7043-7166-8Ian PlimerHeaven And Earth: Global Warming - The Missing Science
  ''978-0-7043-7167-5Nabil A. SalehThe Curse of Ezekiel
2009978-0-7043-7169-9Hardy AmiesThe Englishman's Suit
  ''978-0-7043-7173-6Rabbi Jonathan WittenbergThe Silence of Dark Water: An Inner Journey
  ''978-0-7043-7176-7Garth W. PaltridgeThe Climate Caper: With a Foreword by Christopher Walter Monckton
  ''978-0-7043-7177-4Monica PorterThe Paper Bridge: A Return to Budapest
2010978-0-7043-7182-8Claus HantYoung Hitler
2009978-0-7043-7183-5Emma TennantWaiting for Princess Margaret
2010978-0-7043-7187-3Julia Jeffries · Hazel J. JohnsonWhat Are They Doing In There?
  ''978-0-7043-7190-3Allan MassieDeath in Bordeaux
2010978-0-7043-7191-0Mads Gilbert · Erik FosseEyes in Gaza
  ''978-0-7043-7192-7Taki TheodoracopulosTaki's Noughties: The Spectator Columns 2001-9
  ''978-0-7043-7193-4Jan MarshThe Legend of Elizabeth Siddal
  ''978-0-7043-7194-1Colin BaconVivian and I
  ''978-0-7043-7201-6Monica PorterLong Lost: The Story of the Newspaper Column That Started the Reunion Industry
2010978-0-7043-7204-7Nikesh ShuklaCoconut Unlimited
2011978-0-7043-7208-5John PepperCry Downriver
  ''978-0-7043-7219-1Lauren Goldstein CroweIsabella Blow: A Life in Fashion
  ''978-0-7043-7222-1Stéphane HesselTime for Outrage!
  ''978-0-7043-7231-3Mackenzie SmithWho Pays the Piper
  ''978-0-7043-7242-9Alba ArikhaMajor / Minor
2011978-0-7043-7249-8Brian SewellOutsider: Always Almost: Never Quite
2012978-0-7043-7266-5Allan MassieDark Summer in Bordeaux
  ''978-0-7043-7267-2Brian SewellOutsider: Always Almost: Never Quite
  ''978-0-7043-7282-5   ''Naked Emperors: Criticisms of English Contemporary Art
  ''978-0-7043-7291-7   ''Outsider II: Always Almost: Never Quite
2013978-0-7043-7299-3Rupert DarwallThe Age of Global Warming: A History
2012978-0-7043-7303-7John BirdThe Necessity of Poverty
2013978-0-7043-7319-8Brian SewellOutsider II: Always Almost: Never Quite
  ''978-0-7043-7325-9   ''Sleeping with Dogs: A Peripheral Autobiography
2015978-0-7043-7360-0Brian SewellThe Man Who Built the Best Car in the World
2014978-0-7043-7365-5Grace Vane PercyVenus
2016978-0-7043-7418-8John De St. JorreDarling Baby Mine: A Son's Extraordinary Search for His Mother
2017978-0-7043-7446-1Alexander NewleyUnaccompanied Minor
2018978-0-7043-7452-2Philip A. Salem · MDDefeating Cancer: Knowledge Alone is Not Enough
  ''978-0-7043-7453-9Jeremy BendingA Listening Doctor
2019978-0-7043-7464-5Brian SewellThe Complete Outsider: Always Almost: Never Quite
1996978-0-7043-8000-4Geoff NicholsonWhat We Did on Our Holidays
  ''978-0-7043-8005-9Pearl AbrahamThe Romance Reader
  ''978-0-7043-8008-0Elizabeth WurtzelProzac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - A Memoir
1999978-0-7043-8009-7L. KrasznahorkaiThe Melancholy of Resistance
1996978-0-7043-8010-3Herve GuibertParadise
  ''978-0-7043-8011-0Andrei CodrescuThe Blood Countess
1996978-0-7043-8015-8Robert BoswellMystery Ride
  ''978-0-7043-8017-2Harold BolterInside Sellafield
  ''978-0-7043-8022-6Iyer PicoCuba and the Night
  ''978-0-7043-8023-3Abd al-Rahman MunifStory of a City: A Childhood in Amman (Literature)
1998978-0-7043-8025-7Kodwo EshunMore Brilliant Than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction
1997978-0-7043-8026-4Aron AppelfeldBadenheim, 1939
  ''978-0-7043-8036-3Paul StumpThe Music's All That Matters: History of Progressive Rock
1997978-0-7043-8037-0Mohamed BerradaThe Game of Forgetting
  ''978-0-7043-8038-7Robert Crease · Charles C. MannThe Second Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Twentieth Century Physics
  ''978-0-7043-8039-4Pearl AbrahamThe Romance Reader
  ''978-0-7043-8045-5Russell LackTwenty Four Frames Under: Buried History of Film Music
  ''978-0-7043-8047-9Donna CrossPope Joan
1997978-0-7043-8048-6Lucy Sweet"Unskinny"
  ''978-0-7043-8049-3Armond WhiteRebel for the Hell of it: Life of Tupac Shakur
  ''978-0-7043-8050-9Caroline KnappDrinking: A Love Story
  ''978-0-7043-8052-3Caroline KnappAlice K's Guide to Life
  ''978-0-7043-8053-0Steve EricksonAmnesiascope
1997978-0-7043-8054-7Steve EricksonDays Between Stations
1998978-0-7043-8055-4   ''Rubicon Beach
1997978-0-7043-8058-5S. I. MartinIncomparable World
  ''978-0-7043-8065-3Ghada SammanBeirut Nightmares
1998978-0-7043-8068-4Elizabeth WurtzelBITCH.
  ''978-0-7043-8072-1Phoebe HobanBasquiat: A Quick Killing In Art
  ''978-0-7043-8074-5Paul StumpUnknown Pleasures: Cultural Biography of "Roxy Music": Cultural Biography of "Roxy Music"
  ''978-0-7043-8084-4Donna Woolfolk CrossPope Joan
1998978-0-7043-8091-2Duncan McLarenPersonal Delivery (Paperback)
  ''978-0-7043-8098-1Ulf PoschardtDJ Culture
1999978-0-7043-8101-8Gisele PineauThe Drifting of Spirits
1998978-0-7043-8102-5Ronin RoHave Gun Will Travel: Spectacular Rise and Violent Fall of Death Row Records
1999978-0-7043-8103-2Nabil A. SalehOutremer (Fiction Series)
  ''978-0-7043-8105-6John HelmerMother Tongue
  ''978-0-7043-8107-0Elizabeth WurtzelBitch: In Praise of Difficult Women
  ''978-0-7043-8108-7Simon NolanAs Good as it Gets
1999978-0-7043-8109-4Atima SrivastavaLooking for Maya
  ''978-0-7043-8111-7Caroline CoxGood Hair Days: A History of British Hairdressing
  ''978-0-7043-8113-1Rashid Al-DaifDear Mr Kawabata
  ''978-0-7043-8116-2Gary IndianaThree Month Fever
  ''978-0-7043-8117-9Peter HitchensThe Abolition of Britain
1999978-0-7043-8119-3Pearl AbrahamGiving Up America
  ''978-0-7043-8125-4Leila SebbarSherazade: Aged 17, Dark Curly Hair, Green Eyes, Missing
  ''978-0-7043-8126-1Gary IndianaResentment: A Comedy
  ''978-0-7043-8128-5Leni RiefenstahlThe Sieve of Time: Memoirs of Leni Riefenstahl
2000978-0-7043-8132-2Atima SrivastavaLooking for Maya
  ''978-0-7043-8137-7John ColapintoAs Nature Made Him
2000978-0-7043-8138-4Elizabeth WurtzelThe Bitch Rules
  ''978-0-7043-8139-1John HelmerMother Tongue
  ''978-0-7043-8140-7Peter HitchensThe Abolition of Britain
  ''978-0-7043-8141-4Nigel FarndaleA Sympathetic Hanging
  ''978-0-7043-8143-8Steve EricksonThe Sea Came in at Midnight
2004978-0-7043-8155-1Michael DarlowIndependents Struggle
2000978-0-7043-8156-8Peter HitchensMonday Morning Blues
2001978-0-7043-8159-9Simon NolanThe Vending Machine of Justice
2001978-0-7043-8162-9Christine SutherlandThe Princess of Siberia: The Story of Maria Volkonsky and the Decembrist Exiles
2002978-0-7043-8167-4Simon FordHip Priest: The Story of Mark E.Smith and the Fall