Lansdowne Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-7018-0017-8Mavis Thorpe ClarkPastor Doug: The story of Sir Douglas Nicholls, Aboriginal leader
1971978-0-7018-0370-4Ronald Millar · John BrackJohn Brack, etc
1975978-0-7018-0389-6David Crossley Margaret SmithThe Way out: Radical alternatives in Australia
1973978-0-7018-0408-4Spike MilliganMore Goon Show Scripts - Second Series
1980978-0-7018-0690-3Joseph Michael ForshawParrots of the World
1976978-0-7018-0990-4Impressionist Painters 1881-1930: Australian Painting Studio Series
1978978-0-7018-1003-0Bernard D'AbreraButterflies of the Australian Region
1982978-0-7018-1050-4Richard SchoddeFAIRY-WRENS a Monograph of the Maliridea By Richards Schodde
  ''978-0-7018-1051-1Richard SchoddeFairy Wrens
1983978-0-7018-1052-8Joseph M. and Cooper, William T. ForshawKingfishers & Related Birds Vol. 1: Alcedinidae (Kingfishers) - Ceryle to Cittura
1994978-0-7018-1054-2Joseph M. Forshaw · illustrated by William T. CooperKingfishers and related birds
1977978-0-7018-1309-3W., Compiled By (aka Bill Wannan ) Fearn-wannanAUSTRALIAN FOLKLORE: a Dictionary of Lore. Legends and Popular Allusions
1980978-0-7018-1330-7Jennifer IsaacsAustralian Dreaming: 40,000 Years of Aboriginal History
  ''978-0-7018-1332-1Martin McAdoo"If only I'd listened to Grandpa": Recollections of the old days in the Australian bush
1983978-0-7018-1444-1Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie Crime Collection: THE MURDER OF RICHARD ACKROYD; THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS; MRS. MCGINTY'S DEAD
1986978-0-7018-1446-5Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie Crime Collection: MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS; DEATH IN THE CLOUDS; WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS?
1984978-0-7018-1448-9   ''Agatha Christie Crime Collection: THE MURDER ON THE LINKS; A POCKET FULL OF RYE; DESTINATION UNKNOWN
1983978-0-7018-1451-9   ''Death on the Nile
1985978-0-7018-1454-0Christie AgathaAgatha Christie Crime Collection: Mystery Of The Blue Train; The Listerdale Mystery; Murder At The Vicarage
1984978-0-7018-1455-7Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie Crime Collection: MURDER 9IS EASY; DEAD MAN'S FOLLY; THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT
1983978-0-7018-1457-1   ''Agatha Christie Crime Collection: SPARKLING CYANIDE; THE SECRET OF CHIMNEYS; FIVE LITTLE PIGS
  ''978-0-7018-1460-1   ''Agatha Christie Crime Collection: The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side; They Came To Baghdad; The ABC Murders
1984978-0-7018-1464-9Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie Crime Collection: HALLOWE'EN PARTY; PASSENGER TO FRANKFURT; THE THIRTEEN PROBLEMS
1982978-0-7018-1467-0   ''Agatha Christie Crime Collection: NEMESIS; PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES; POIROT INVESTIGATES
1981978-0-7018-1499-1Stirling MacOboyColour Dictionary of Camellias
1983978-0-7018-1800-5Bruce StannardThe triumph of Australia II: The America's Cup challenge of 1983
1984978-0-7018-1847-0Kristin WilliamsonThe Last Bastion