year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-7014-0005-7New Universal Library Yearbook 1971
  ''978-0-7014-0006-4New Universal Encyclopaedia Yearbook 1971
  ''978-0-7014-0007-1Chambers Encyclopaedia Yearbook 1971
1973978-0-7014-0009-5B.A. WorkmanNew Caxton Encyclopaedia
  ''978-0-7014-0013-2M.D. Law · M.V. DixonChambers Encyclopedia 1973
  ''978-0-7014-0016-3Chambers Encyclopaedia Yearbook 1973
1973978-0-7014-0021-7Ruth MidgleyEurope
1974978-0-7014-0022-4Patrick. ScrivenorA YEAR OF YOUR LIFE: A YEARBOOK COVERING THE EVENTS OF 1973.
  ''978-0-7014-0023-1L. HamiltonCollections and Collecting (Family 2000)
  ''978-0-7014-0024-8P. Swinglehurst · N. D'ArblayPlants and Flowers (Family 2000)
  ''978-0-7014-0025-5D. KhanPreserving and Bottling (Family 2000)
1975978-0-7014-0026-2Patrick ScrivenorThe Year in Pictures 1973-1974
  ''978-0-7014-0028-6   ''New Caxton Encyclopaedia 1975: Yearbook
1975978-0-7014-0029-3New Caxton Encyclopaedias 1975 Complete with Year Book Vols I to 20
  ''978-0-7014-0035-4Ivan Venedikov · Todor GerassimovThracian art treasures
  ''978-0-7014-0036-1Caxton Atlas
1976978-0-7014-0038-5Patrick. ScrivenorA YEAR OF YOUR LIFE: A YEARBOOK COVERING THE EVENTS OF 1975.
1977978-0-7014-0039-2B.A. WorkmanNew Caxton Encyclopaedia
1976978-0-7014-0040-8J.P.Brasier- Creagh · B.A. WorkmanCaxton Colour Dictionary
  ''978-0-7014-0041-5C. T. OnionsOxford Universal Dictionary
1977978-0-7014-0042-2Patrick ScrivenorNew Caxton Encyclopaedia 1977: International Yearbook
1978978-0-7014-0053-8   ''International Year Book 1978
  ''978-0-7014-0055-2Caxton Atlas of the Earth
1979978-0-7014-0056-9Graham ClarkeNew Caxton Encyclopaedia
1979978-0-7014-0058-3Patrick ScrivenorInternational Year Book 1979
1980978-0-7014-0059-0Erich GyslingInternational Yearbook 1980: A Year of Your Life
1999978-0-7014-1221-0Miracles and Parables of Our Lord Volume 3 Spurgeon
2009978-0-7014-2222-6Alfred LansingEndurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Unabridged
978-0-7014-5016-8CrothersAmerican Built Clipper Ship 1850-1856 Characteristics, Construction, Details
1999978-0-7014-5541-5C.H. SpurgeonThe Life and Work of Our Lord Volume 1 Spurgeon
1971978-0-7014-5693-1William WillcoxThe Age of Aristocracy 1688-1830
978-0-7014-9054-6W P CummingDiscovery of North America
978-0-7014-9696-8The Chronicles of Narnia Complete 7 Volume Set by C.S. Lewis (2002-01-01)

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